Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to Brisbane Ultimate - February 2010

Lots of new people seem to be finding out about Ultimate Frisbee in Brisbane at the moment, and finding this little website on their way.

So welcome to the Brisbane Ultimate Disc blog. Here we talk about ... Ultimate Frisbee in Brisbane. We do a range of news, views and just plain silly stuff, depending on the whims of the main poster. Yes, there's a few in jokes, and on occasion it ventures well beyond the limits of Brisbane and/or Ultimate Frisbee. Don't take it too seriously.

Here's the real info you need to get into Ultimate in Brisbane at the moment.

Ultimate is an easy, cheap and fun way to get fit.

New Leagues are starting all over Queensland, and in most cases new players are always welcome and able to get onto teams. Just get in touch with the organisers. You can usually learn on the go!

Brisbane Monday Night Mixed League – Greenslopes and Nathan –
Brisbane Tuesday Night Women’s League – Toowong – blog
Gold Coast Wednesday Night Mixed League – Miami – website
Brisbane Wednesday Night Uni League – St Lucia – website
Townsville Wednesday Night Mixed League – JCU – blog
Brisbane Thursday A-Grade Open League – Greenslopes – blog

For most of these leagues its smoothest to get in touch with the volunteer organiser via email to help get onto a team. It's also worth dropping by the fields at the right time to say g'day and have a look.

A number of special Learn to Play sessions are planned over the next few months. This is a great and free way to have a go and get your skills up before venturing to League. For information on these sessions, contact

Wednesday 24 February – St Lucia – UQ Oval 7 (Coleridge St) from 6pm
Wednesday 24 February – Townsville - JCU AFL Field from 7pm
Wednesday 3 March – St Lucia – UQ Oval 7 (Coleridge St) from 6pm
Saturday 6 March – Nathan – Griffith AFL Field (Kessels Rd) from 10am
Monday 8 March – Nathan – Griffith AFL Field (Kessels Rd) from 7pm
Sunday 21 March – Clayfield – Kalinga Park (Diggers Rd) from 3pm
Sunday 11 April – Clayfield – Kalinga Park (Diggers Rd) from 3pm

For getting into Ultimate, bring along a filled waterbottle (there’s lots of running!), shoes for sport on grass, and a dark shirt and a light shirt.


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