Monday, October 31, 2011

Ultimate Frisbee Toowoomba

Just in case you're looking for some Ultimate in Toowoomba at the moment (late 2011), there's at least one regular player looking for a throw - Christopher "SA Spesh" Davis zero4three8 035 186 or christopherdavis at live dot com dot au

Sunday, October 30, 2011

As requested

"Where did you get those shoes!?!"

"They're my brothers."

Big Sky 11

Alas, JdR the Terrible has regained his dominance, reclaiming much of his kingdom and forcing me into exile. But I've escaped my bermunda triangle shaped lead cave where the internet is neither all around one or within one. I have time for one brief announcement.

Although most readers would already be aware, it would be remiss of us not to mention the most spirited and loving tournament on the Queensland calender. We're not talking about the past - Lovefest, or the future, Queue Hat, this tournament is upon us.

And it's mostly full - I'd say there are two half full teams, and I'm not sure what their plans are, but if you're interested, I'd get on the I need a team list.

Of course, the tournament is Big Sky 11, a tournament that has been run annually to support a much loved couple in our community, Stacey and Mike Neild. Head over to the dedicated blog to check out what it's all about.

And if you're as crazy as I am, you'll be playing the next day as well (Nov 6th), at either Firestarters or Women's development day. Jmacs post a few scrolls down should have some of that info, I hope. This marks the beginning of the nationals season.

Friday, October 28, 2011

BUML 17 - Grand Final Preview - We ARE the Walking Dead!

Well, unlike graphic novel series The Walking Dead (now a TV show), who’s titles we’ve been using for each of our previews this season, this particular season of Monday Night mixed Ultimate must end. But it shall end with a bang with two great-looking Grand Finals for all and sundry to get along to the Griffith University Nathan oval on Monday night, as they battle it out to get their names onto the BUML Hall of Fame Board (are you on it?), and of course have the esteem of the people FOREVER.

Division 2 Grand Final - What the Huck? vs Discheads

Well, this certainly wasn’t on the cards. Everyone expected the Orange juggernaut to be here. But something happened last week in the wilds of the Gap, the Agents went down 8-10, and when you think about it, if anyone was going to a) know of any weakness in AO’s offence and b) be willing to lie doggo for a lot of the season before springing for the throat, then the unfancied, unattractive and surprisingly uncoordinated Discheads were it.

Wait a minute – after ignoring them earlier in the season, are we here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion now opening up a bagging front on the Dischead’s asses? Well, that’s a bit rough, so let’s use the softer end of the pineapple and talk them up a bit. Yes, we can make jokes about their having dish-shaped heads, but their front tow of Craig, Seb and Zombie Starkey provide some solid grey that allows Jess, Electra and the Thompsons to run riot when the opportunity arises. Yay, Discheads!

However, the Discheads’ old-school happy-fun-times approach to Ultimate will be up for a challenge against the hard-nosed multi-sport-edged tanglers from What the Huck? who saw off a rallying but ultimately uneven Disc-Iples 11-9. The Huckers are very very mobile and love to score off the turnover. They’re also very motivated, having already asked JdR to have the carpark gate open by 4.45pm so they can commence a warmup that includes one thousand throws with burpees and raw egg shakes and rat-meat pies for those who stop (as they obviously need the protein, or maybe just need to get more fired up). In terms of talent writeup, its hard to say anything as there are no individuals in this team, and hence nobody to mention, aside from TJ because you need someone to flip the disc with the opposition and of course earn loads of money, have number one hit records and pull chicks and stuff. Yes, we are TJ fans from way back here, we don’t try to hide it. Go WTH?!

Our tip: This promises to be a very tight final, something the BUML fatcats desperately needs after a few easy ones recently. The Discheads will be relying on their pals from within the heroic Ultimate collective to fire their self-belief, and every Hucker will be there, along with their families, workmates and countrymen. We know reps from both of these teams are regular readers of these here previews, and we thank them for it. It also makes this game very very hard to tip … one team gets happiness, and the other team gets something to be angry about. With a game as in the balance as this one, even a tip by a blogger can make a difference on the field. Hmm, well, we like fairy-tales, so let’s tip What the Huck? by 1.

Division 1 Grand Final – UQ Ultimate Lovers vs Co-Mingled

Speaking of what the f**k, how is it that we’re not typing the Dyspnoeics names in here? All we can think of is that the move of Neighbours from Channel 10 to Channel 11 has definitely left the Dysponeics off balance, although nobody could have predicted that they’d have gone down so badly in last week’s semi. Of course, it could be that Co-Mingled finally pulled what it can do when pushed out of their collective pants and started waving it about for all to see.

And about damn time too, as the story of Division 1 this season has been UQ slapping stuff down and dragging said stuff back to its cave for dismemberment or conversion into furniture. The Poachers apparently make a nice occasional table and matching ottoman, after the Semi 13-8 last week.

The brute force on display when old gringos Gref, TomSteve or Megs have the disc in hand is truly intimidating, while their younger and more innocent players like Lex, Connie and Bonnie have been drilled within an inch of their lives. Heck, even JJ isn’t having brain explosions that trip the richter scale like he used to. It must be the calming influence of the regular DAK DAK DAK of BW providing the engine at the back. Yeah LOVERS!

The UQ Lovers have swept all before them this season, but if there’s a team that’s going to beat them on Monday night, it’s the talented Co-Mingled which has been gelling (and turning up) under finals pressure. With Abra, Stu and Brianna, this team will seemingly swim like fish through the air, while Dr Buzz and Prof MattB provide a long experience of ‘schooling student chumps’. Go Minges!

Our tip: This promises to be a very tight final, something the BUML fatcats desperately needs after a few easy ones recently. The Co-Mingled will be relying on the many many fans of Maylin and Molly to fill their sideline, but UQ won’t care as popularity is for people without partially completed degrees. We DO know that some folks from both of these teams are love a good heckling so make sure you bring your champagne along if you’re going to sit on the sidelines for this one. This also makes this game very very hard to tip. With a game as in the balance as this one, even a tip by a blogger can make a difference on the field. Hmm, well, we like fairy-tales, so let’s tip Co-Mingled by 1.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heroes - BPL Minor Premiers?

Stu has been lamenting the lack of BPL action here on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog, and has cast his eye over the form guide with three weeks to go.
Those players that have been closely inspecting the league table and the draw for the next three weeks, may have noticed that Heroes have a good chance of winning the minor premiership in BPL!
The standings at the moment are:
1. MBB - 25pts (+54gd)
2. SFC - 25pts (+43gd)
3. Dojo - 25pts (+30gd)
4. Heroes - 21pts (+11gd)
However Heroes have a game in hand over the top three teams and in the next 3 weeks will play Bandidos, Blitz and Cobras. Which if they continue on their recent form could see them gaining 9 points and finishing on 30pts.
Whereas in the next three weeks, MBB, SFC and Dojo all have a bye and have to play one another. So one of these teams would have to win both of their games in order to stop Heroes from taking the tittle, which is no easy feat.
It would certainly be a big step up for Heroes, who so far haven't made the semi-finals (I think ??). Although being a Bug at heart my predictions for final placings are:
1. MBB - 31pts
2. Heroes - 30pts
3. SFC - 29pts
4. Dojo - 27pts
Come on the Bugs!!
MBB #13

Monday, October 24, 2011

BUML17-Finals Week 1

Far out man! And then suddenly, most teams were staring down the barrel of their last game of the season! And its only October. Well, that's the flukey lack of total rainouts for you (UQ Sport woosiness aside). So its Semis for the top four in each division, to see who gets to play in the Finals next week, while all the rest have a final playoff game. Alas, there is so little time to prepare the preview.

Division 1

Semi finals
UQ (1) vs Poachers (4) - UQ7A

Well, all the money will be on UQ tonight - they're only lost one match all season and have cruised through most of their recent games ... except that one game where the Poachers took it to them before going down by only a couple of points. Exams, thesis submissions, assignments, all that stuff are also playing upon the minds of at least some of the students. This one will be closer than most people think, and we're tipping an upset!

Our tip: Poachers by 2

Co-mingled (2) vs Dyspnoeics (3) - Annerley 3A

This should be a cracker, with two very competitive teams, both believing a slot in the Grand Final is rightfully theirs. Co-mingled will want to send Stu and May off to Melbourne with the very best of memories, but the Blue D's got the win in the matchup a month ago 12-11. The finals experience of Suze will probably count for a lot.

Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 1.

Placing games
Wuxi Finger Hold (5) vs Heroes (6) - Gap 2

Wuxi will be looking back at those three draws this season, and wondering what might have been if they'd squeezed another few points out.

Our tip: Wuxi by 4.

Ghost Who Walks (7) vs Bermuda Triangle (8) - Griffith 3

Two of our favourite teams, who have toughed it out in Division 1 against some pretty high level opposition, yet they kept coming back week after week. There will no doubt be some heckling relating to "desire for relegation" every time there's an error tonight, but in reality both these teams will be desperate to go home a winner.

Our tip: Ghost Who Walks by 1.

Division 2

Semi finals
Agent Orange (1) vs Discheads (4) - Gap 1

Its madness, I tell you, that one of the most anticipated games of the season will be hidden from prying eyes at The Gap. But that's the way they roll out in Orangetown. The game back in Round 6 was very close, but its hard to tip against the solid discipline of the Agents.

Our tip: Agent Orange by 4.

What the Huck? (2) vs Disc-iples (3) - Annerley 3B

Dark horses WTH? looked like they were going to miss out on finals action earlier though the season, but seven wins straight sees them go into the finals series placed second. And which was the last team to defeat them? The Disc-Iples! So mouth watering that we expect both teams to be over at the Bowls Club for a few settlers (they have a pie and pint deal, apparently) both before and after the match. Very hard to call, as both teams will really want this, and know how to lift for big games.

Our tip: What the Huck? by 1

Placing games
Chimichangas (5) vs Tsunami (6) - UQ7B

Heading up the Division 2 "íf only's" are the well petrigreed Chimichangas and Tsunami. The Chimis had a massive hit-out last week against the Griffith Go-Go's, who threw everything they had at them, so will be feeling good going into tonight. The split round seemed to disrupt the Tsunami's wave, with recent losses to the QUTies and Discheads disrupting Erik's master-plan. Let's hope UQ Sport don't decide to close the fields for the Queen's visit.

Our tip: Tsunami by 1.

Mellow Yellow (8) vs QUTies (7) - Annerley 5A

Could there be two different teams? Mellow Yellow have the depth and talent, but QUTies have a killer instinct post-AUGs.

Our tip: QUTies by 2.

Griffith Go-Go's (9) vs Plastic Scourgery (10) - Griffith 1

The Go-Go's started their late season run of quality with a win over the Scourgeons, but with playmaker JdR on the sick list and playmaker Notty presumably back for the duration, tonight could be quite different. Still, we do have a very favourite team who we've tipped most of the season.

Our tip: Griffith Go-Go's by 2

Griffith Oh-Yeahs (11) vs Slipped Discs (12) - Griffith 2

Very hard to call - really it will come down to who shows and who blows. Both teams have had plenty of splashes of brilliance this season. We'll have to go with tipping the gang that won last time.

Our tip: Griffith Oh-Yeahs by 4

See you later in the week for our Grand Final Previews!

Johnny Mac Does Our Work for Us

Johnny Mac recently emailed everyone he could with useful information, kind of what this blog tries to do sometimes. Good work John!


Guys and girls,

This email is all about what's happening in Ultimate! It's going out to those playing in current Brisbane leagues; these are ending soon, and tourneys are coming up over summer, so it's a good time! The first half is about knowing how to get information, and the second half is just a quick list of things coming up (summarising some other info flying around).


In general, Ultimate players live on the internet; pretty much everything happens on email groups and/or websites. To stay informed, you'll need to join some email groups.
For those concerned about copping an email barrage if they sign up to more groups, you can set them to "daily digest", where it's only 1 email per group per day :-)

TO JOIN A YAHOOGROUP: Add "-subscribe" to the email address and just send it a blank email, e.g. email
Alternately, if you've got a Yahoo ID, go to and join from there, e.g.

- The Brisbane Ultimate announcement group:
- The Queensland Ultimate announcement group:
- The Brisbane Ultimate Blog:
These will give you information on local events and things happening nearby.

- The Australian Flying Disc Association website (especially the tournament calendar):
- The Australian Ultimate announcement group:
For news on events and happenings across the country, check these out. Interstate tournaments are a great way to see Australia and meet a bunch of people.

There's obviously all sort of local competitions going on, both in Brisbane and elsewhere. Contact info for these (as far as I can find):
- BUML (Monday nights) announcement group:
- BUML website:
- UQ (Wednesday nights):
- BPL (Thursday nights):
- WUFL (Thursday nights):
- Email the guys at
- Check out the blog:
- Check out the blog:
If you're playing in a comp, getting on the list is generally a good thing, especially for things like field closures (though note this isn't effective if you're on daily digest).


Various emails have been going around, so I just want to quickly summarise these, while I'm doing an information-type email.
Get involved! Tournaments are the best way to experience Ultimate, hands down, and are also a great way to meet other people that also play this crazy sport :-)


FINALS TIME (various dates/venues)
All the leagues are coming up to finals soon, which means there'll be some great Ultimate for spectators. Unfortunately, I don't know exact dates... but if you're on the buda-ultimate announcement group (as above), you'll probably find out!

ACE RACE (Sun 30 Oct, Bray Park)
A disc golf event for anyone keen to try something different:

BIG SKY (Sat 5 Nov, The Gap Soccer Club)
There are two things that I think make this tournament stand out: 1) the purpose of the day, acting as a fundraiser; 2) the consistently high standard of organisation.
But hey, that's just me. Come play, and make up your own mind! Rego is filling up fast:
Tournament website:

CAIRNS HAT (Sat 5 - Sun 6 Nov, Cairns)
Fresh off the press, Cairns will be holding their first tournament. For those up north and not attending Big Sky/development clinics, this is the place to be. I don't have contact details handy; try the Cairns Ultimate blog?

DEVELOPMENT CLINICS (Sun 6 Nov, The Gap Soccer Club)
Firestorm and Black Betty, the Brisbane men's and women's clubs, are running a development day.
Not sure about the women's plans; more info on the Firestarter is at:

QUEENSLAND HAT (Sat 26 - Sun 27 Nov, Annerley Junior Soccer Club)
Though rumours and rego pages have been around for a while, the official announcement is still fresh and warm. For the first time, you can get your hat on right here in Brissy in November for two days.
Get your rego on at:
The tournament site can be found at:


HEROES & VILLAINS HAT (Sat 19 - Sun 20 Nov, Sydney)
This follows on from last year's Harry Potter Hat, and with this name, it's like it was made for Queenslanders...
Choose your allegiance at:

THE MELBOURNE HAT (Sat 10 - Sun 11 Dec, Melbourne)
What more can be said about this tournament? It's a stalwart of Australian Ultimate, which deserves a pilgrimage at least once in your frisbee life.
Rego hasn't opened yet, but keep an eye on the email groups, as it tends to fill up fast, and you don't want to miss that cut-off...

THE LONGEST DAY/WEEKEND (Sat 17 - Sun 18 Dec, Sydney)
The Melbourne Hat of beach Ultimate (except that it's teams... and in Sydney). Another regular fixture on the tournament calendar which really blends all the ideal elements of Australia, summer and frisbee...
Team registration opens on Thursday 17 November at 8:30am (Sydney time). You'd want to make some kind of plan by then.
Check the website for info:

Ladies and gents, I hope this has been a useful email.
If not, the delete button is a wonderful thing...


Friday, October 14, 2011

BUML 17-11 Preview: Fear the Hunters

The last week of the ‘home and away’ (not Neighbours, Mansauce) series (for those teams with a home). And just in time it seems as the Queensland storm season seems to be settling in. BUML has somehow miraculously avoided a full rainout this season, so everyone you’re your fingers, toes and Strelan’s crossed and make the appropriate sacrifices to keep this run going for three more Mondays.

Everyone of course gets a Semi-Final or playoff game to play next week, and then the week after is Grand Finals time, where all the best hecklers come out to celebrate champagne Ultimate.

Speaking of time, we’re short of it as usual, so lets get through the draw.

Division 1

Bermuda Triangle vs Poachers - Annerley 3A
Bermuda Triangle are of course one of our favourite teams, but its been a long hard season of Division 1 for them, and they’ll be looking across to Field 3B to see a bit of Division 2 play and imagine themselves slapping leather there in 2012. This will be particularly the case as the Poachers will be going all out to win 15-0, as its possible their entry to the Semi-Finals this season will come down to the goal difference.
Our tip: Poachers by 7.

Co-mingled vs Wuxi Finger Hold - The Gap 1
Because its Wuxi or Poachers who are going to take the fourth Semi-Final slot in Division 1 (we don’t know officially, but assume based on the excellent weekly tabling work of the BUML webmaster that goal difference will count … although the TD’s may want to make an official announcement after having a look at the AFDA Tiebreaker information available over at:

Of course, with Poachers are the favourites over Bermuda, the Fingers have to get over the Mingers’s first, and that’s a tough ask. Really, its Finals Ulti for Wuxi from here on in. Co-mingled we think would rather not play UQ in the Semi, and hence that’s extra motivation to take the points and second place in this game.

Really, we expect this to be a HUGE game, and a great preview for the Finals series. The spectator's choice.
Our tip: Co-mingled by 2.

The Ghost Who Walks vs Dyspnoeics - Griffith 1
The GWW are so hardcore, that barely hours after the team’s parental units were out of hospital with the new child last Monday, than they were down at Griffith taking on the lost tribe of Lovers. Dyspnoeics need to be careful here and not be thinking too much about next week … we all know how easily Andy can drift off into his ‘imagination’ state. Still, there’s fair reason the Blue D’s are currently equal second on the ladder, and the purple-suited ones equal seventh.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 6.

UQ Ultimate Lovers vs Heroes - UQ Field 7A
Its post-Mixed Nats and post-AUGs for many of these players. The hangovers may have worn off, but exams are in sight. Anything could happen, but most likely it’ll be Gref hucking long.
Our tip: UQ by 5.

Division 2

Mellow Yellow vs Disc-iples - Annerley 3B
MY are pretty much top of the bottom half of Division 2, which means their job now is to spoil spoil spoil, and the Disc-Iples have been looking a bit shakey over the last couple of weeks, with their anticipated march to the Grand Final now looking like an early out in the Semis. Should be a good game with both teams looking to stretch themselves. We smell an upset.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 2.

Discheads vs Plastic Scourgery - Annerley 5A
The Discheads will be more desperate than … well, a very desperate thing to win this game and assure themselves a Semi-Final slot. Plastic Scourgery meanwhile continue to be focused on a good time, not a long time.
Our tip: Discheads by 7.

Agent Orange vs Slipped Discs - Gap 2
The unbeaten and likely minor premiers Agent Orange take on the brave but likely wooden-spooners Slipped Discs. The temptation for Captain Gav of course will be to rest key players like himself and protect them from injuries, but isn’t that risking losing momentum?
Our tip: Agent Orange by 12

What The Huck? Griffith Oh Yeahs Griffith 2
The second placed dark horses and officially ‘wittiest team name in the League’ What the Huck? take on the brave but likely second last placed Griffith Oh Yeahs. The temptation for the Pie-man of course will be to rest key players like himself and protect them from injuries, but isn’t that risking losing momentum? A worry too is TJ looking ahead to promotion to Division 1, whatever the outcomes from the Finals, and spending his time looking around the free agent market instead of on the field. The difference of course for the Question-Marked Ones this week is that the youthful Oh Yeahs do have the speed to keep up with them.
Our tip: What the Huck by 8.

Chimichangas vs Griffith Go-Go's - Griffith 3
Bags our team gets to wear our red shirts.
Our tip: Chimi’s by 4.

Tsunami vs QUTies – UQ Field 7B
The QUTies will certainly come out firing for this one, now that they’re fully comfortable in their blue and orange ringed outfits, and with the prospect of jumping a ladder spot or two with a few late season wins. Of course, Tsunami are still mathematical possibilities for the Semi-Finals if other games go their way, although they’re no doubt still lamenting recent close losses to the Discheads and What the Huck?
Our tip: Tsunami by 4.

If any of our readers would like to contribute to our team-by-team season round up for next week, email us. Your comments on your teams or others will of course make a great improvement from our usual rambling falsehoods and such.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The long awaited, much anticipated battle between Good and Evil for the state of Queensland was finally fought in the dying hours of day 2, AMUC 2011, Melbourne.

The teams took a moment to stare each other down, before 7 of the bravest, most powerful Heroes, members of the Justice League, took the line, facing the nastiest, most cunning Villians - The Injustice League (lame.. but see wiki).

The Villians struck first (disclaimer - I'm making some of these details up), putting two on the board. Heroes responded, but Hugh Osborne made it his personal business to stop all good work done by the women and men in white (Heroes away outfit, chosen to represent light in the battle against darkness). Hugh got horizontal on many occasion, attacking from behind to steal the disc away.

Townsville's male line was massive, all over 6'. Becky and ..... were the known pickups, but homegrown Villian Dee was most impressive in her first AMUC, again, laying out and catching everything.

Heroes managed to hang on, the Villians taking half, 8-7. Captain H was caught spying on the Justice League at half time, and was immediately captured and escorted back to his camp, not being executed in cold blood, you know, code things. One anonymous Heroes member said at half time "For the rest of the game, we're in this no matter what happens now."

What happened then is the Villians marched in a few more points, taking the score to 13-9, frustrating the Heroes who were not using their super powers when the end zone was in question (mismatch).

I believe it was at this point that a contested call was made on an end-zone bid. The disc went back to 20m out and quicker than the speed of light, Jo had cut and received the disc.

There was a glimmer of hope. The city of Melbourne and the state of Queensland was in peril. A bunch of no-bodies came to look on. With the MIB(/WIB)crying out for a Hero, the Justice League lifted. The Elongated Man, James, was seen marking his man harder than everyone had ever seen before. He was reaching to grab the disc in field whilst it had sailed way out. Along with Bevan and MVP Sophie, these Heroes dominated the field. Hugh gave it his all til the death, but came up "injured" and relucant to leave the field.

Gavin wandered on to the field and this humble blogger let him. We are glad that he did, because it was Gavin who received the disc from Keisha$$#@ sophie (not bell) to win... time is up.

Cairns Fame

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AMUC Summary

The Woe of John Doe - Abra states that the chalk was marked around the corpse as early as game 1 day 1. JD had an explosive start, putting a 6 points on the board to the response of just 1. The opposition took half at 8-7 and the "Unknowns" of QLD only managed one more point, going down 11-8 at time cap.

They managed to win one game in the first two days, and a victory before cross-overs saw them narrowly avoiding the bottom pool. Cola put it quite poignantly, when he said "I got 25, maybe 30 D's this tournament, but only 10 were lay-out D's.... and still... we lose."

John Doe looked comfortable at the party, donning Snuggies (they were assigned a theme of "S", which made cheeky goon smuggling a synch. It was only Buzz who looked uncomfortable, the respectable elderly gentleman obviously unimpressed with this bloggers outfit.

Heroes - were having similar difficulties, with Bevan laying out for everything and the others failing to covert on the scoreboard. The Justice League (theme of "J") were up 5-3 in the first half against BUUF before the boys and girls from Ballarat switched on, their hucks coming off and their zone effective. Heroes O looked good in parts but the error came far to often, with a high possession game increasing those chances.

Villians - A short chat with Hugh confirmed that Villians had won a game in the first round. They looked strong in the cross-over game, the women looking incredible, but went down narrowly. The legend of rookie youngster "Dee" has been told - she lived up to her name, with a lay-out to collect a Callahan in her first tourney. The Villians demise came at the hands of the Heroes, which will be blogged about shortly.

John Doe won their remaining games to finish 17th and Heroes were flat on Monday, losing winnable games and coming in at 21. Villians finished in the lower pool.

Sophie Stewart won MVP, which was predicted by this blogger but not mentioned to Kaitlin, who promised a night of drinks for me if Bevan won male MVP.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its All Happening Up North - Cairns and Townsville

It's all happening up North this week.

Townsville is hosting its annual Royalty Hat this weekend.
Rego and info:
Facebook and shennanigans: http://https//

Cairns Ultimate League on Tuesdays (aka CULT) starts tonight! Check out the preview on the new Cairns Ultimate Blog, and get your tips in. Brisbane folks will look closely at the squads lead by ex-Cobra Wetnose, and ex-Dojo Jay, while people who were up for Northerns in March will be estimating the growth of the likes of Alecha and Jamie.

Friday, October 07, 2011

BUML 17-9B Preview: Here We Remain Again

And we’re back into the split round this week, which means byes for many and Mansauce getting to spend yet another night on the couch catching up with some Neighbours, Everybody Loves Raymond, Junior Masterchef, and of course Media Watch, while all the top, I mean, flight-affording players from the Heroes/Discheads/Agent Orange consortium recover from three days of pleasuring people at in the Pool of DEATH (yes, DEATH!) at the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships (check out Simmo’s previews over here: Anyway, on with our local previews.

The Ghost Who Walks vs UQ Ultimate Lovers – UQ 7A
Your mission, GWW, if you choose to accept it, is to fly deep deep deep into enemy territory, and take a pummelling from UQ. Your best chance is to distract them into talking about how huge AUGs was, or ask them to show you their medal, just before you bust long, or remind them that its nearly exam time and they’re probably done sweet FA all semester and are going to be failed out of Uni and forced into employment where they fart in the bathtub so old men can enjoy a spa. Achieve that, and it’ll be closer than most people think.
Our tip: UQ by 4.

Chimichangas vs Mellow Yellow – Griffith 1
These two teams are currently running neck and neck on the Division 2 ladder, but they’ve left their runs too late in the season to threaten the Semi-Finals it seems. Which is a bugger, as they are two very entertaining teams to socialise with. On the field it’s a slightly more predictable manner, with the Chimis continuing their long tradition of playing huck-n-fetch, while Mellow Yellow stick with generating smooth flow down the open side. The absence of a couple of Mixed Nats players from the Chimis lineup, plus Rob’s return from overseas (drinking with foreigners always fires him up for some Ulti) may tip the balance towards Dr Good’s Old Timey Favourites Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 2.

Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 2
Speaking of DEATH, that’s almost the stakes that are being played for, here in the second ever face to face match up between the two Griffith teams. Way back in Season 1 2011, the youthful Oh Yeahs took charge and won the battle of the T-Reds, and have been making the most of the bragging rights ever since then (dubbing themselves ‘the A-Team’). Of course, everyone knows how psychologically vulnerable and fragile JdR is, so no doubt this he has been rubbed hard in an uncomfortable spot every time he’s seen Angus or Aiden’s cheery faces at the fields. Casey meanwhile has spent the last five weeks in Europe, planning on how he’s going to win this game single-handedly, and then carve himself a Mr T style Mohawk and beard, so that he can mutter to himself about being on the A-Team. Special shout out to JoeyDan, Big Dan and Mystery Dan, who all deserve more recognition.
Our tip: Griffith by 3.

Slipped Discs vs QUTies – Griffith 3
Both these teams were forced to forfeit last week. Some say its fatigue over a long season, where injuries are slowly starting to back up. We say they’re probably just softies who didn’t like the idea of playing when the fields were a little bit wet. Yep, that’s it Slippers and QUTies, the BUB is calling YOU out! Of course, it’s a chance for a rare win for both teams, so they’ll no doubt be there in numbers this week.
Our tip: QUTies by 4 (if they show up)

Oh, hang on, before we go its about time we analysed our most recent poll!

Which just shows that people think Agent Orange are gonna win it. Hmmm.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Quick AUGs2011 Notes

All Queensland teams went into Division 2.

University of Queensland - Gold - won their final 15-12
QUT - 8th
Griffith - 13th
Bond - 15th
ACU - 18th

AUGs press -

Start saving those pennies to get to Adelaide next year!