Friday, September 28, 2012

BUML - The road to the finals

With only a handful of games remaining in the season, we look at the run home for all the teams and try and figure out how they will fair heading into the finals. The predicted finish is for the ladder, not who will win the comp. So without further ado, it’s crystal ball time!

Division 1

The run home: Cadillac, Bermuda Triangle, UQ AUG
Dyspnoeics have arguably the easiest run home of the top four. Possible semi final opponent Cadillac should prove the toughest assignment, while you would think the Blue D’s Brains Trust have pencilled in Ws for the last 2 games. With their finals berth assured, how Dyspnoeics handle the week off before the semis is the biggest question over this team.
Predicted Finish: 1st

The run home: Drop Bears, UQ AUG, Cadillac
Poachers are a team that run on momentum. If they can win 3 from 3 heading into the semi finals they will be a very hard team to beat. They should beat Drop Bears and UQ, but Cadillac will prove a real test of their championship credentials.
Predicted Finish: 2nd

The run home: Dyspnoeics, Drop Bears, Poachers
Cadillac have the hardest run home of the contenders, having to play all the other finals bound teams. If they can string some wins together they will enter the finals battle hardened and with plenty of momentum. If they drop a few games they may lose confidence and struggle in the semis.
Predicted Finish: 3rd

Drop Bears
The run home: Poachers, Cadillac, Bermuda Triangle, UQ AUG
In a strange twist, the last 4 games for the Bears mirrors that of Dyspnoeics, which will be a good indicator of where the Drop Bears are at. Wins in the final 2 rounds should come easily and provide plenty of momentum. Having a game the week before the finals start should also act in their favour.
Predicted Finish: 4th

The run home: Bermuda Triangle, Poachers, Dyspnoeics, Drop Bears
How this team responds after their AUG jaunt is anyone’s guess. They have the potential to cause some major headaches for teams above them if they can get in the right headspace. If UQ can stay healthy, and more importantly get a full line-up, they can spring an upset equal to the proportions of Atlas’s ceps and lats.
Predicted Finish: 5th

Bermuda Triangle
The run home: UQ AUG, Dyspnoeics, Drop Bears
The game against UQ should be their chief focus as it will likely decide who takes home the wooden spoon. After that they have 2 tough assignments against teams full of handlers. Not ideal when zone defence is your major weapon.
Predicted Finish: 6th

Division 2

The Ghost Who Walks
The run home: What The Huck?, UQ Fluttershy, Tsunami
If Ghost can get past WTH?, then I see no reason why they can’t finish the season 3-0. UQ and Tsunami will provide a good chance to finetune any kinks (barring the ones related to Jangles in the bedroom), giving Ghost plenty of confidence.
Predicted Finish: 1st

The run home: UQ Fluttershy, What The Huck?, Agents
Chimichangas have the easiest run home of the top 3. UQ and Agents should provide large boosts to their points differential which could be key in deciding ladder position.
Predicted Finish: 2nd

What The Huck?
The run home: The Ghost Who Walks, Chimichangas, Heroes, UQ Fluttershy
The next 2 games will likely decide where they finish. It will also give a good indicator of their championship credentials. The final 2 games should give the Huckers plenty of steam heading into the semis.
Predicted Finish: 3rd

Griffith A-Team
The run home: Agents, Tsunami, UQ Fluttershy, Heroes
Griffith are in a similar position to Heroes, with 2 games against other teams battling for that last finals berth. Assuming they beat Agents & UQ, 1 win from their other 2 games should probably tie up 4th spot.
Predicted Finish: 4th
The run home: Heroes, Griffith A-Team, The Ghost Who Walks
Tsunami have the hardest final 3 games of the teams fighting for a finals berth. If they drop a game to either Heroes or Griffith, even an upset over Ghost might not be enough.
Predicted Finish: 5th

The run home: Tsunami, Agents, What The Huck?, Griffith A-Team
Whether or not Heroes make the finals is ultimately in their hands. If they can beat Tsunami and Griffith they should make the final four with ease. Lose those games and Mad Monday will come a week early than hoped for.
Predicted Finish: 6th
The run home: Griffith A-Team, Heroes, Chimichangas
My crystal ball doesn’t see much love for the Agents. Playing the 2 mid tier teams is their best chance for a win. If they can gee themselves up for the Heroes game similar to how Goose gees himself up for a haircut, they may have a shot at taking something positive away from the season.
Predicted Finish: 7th

UQ Fluttershy
The run home: Chimichangas, The Ghost Who Walks, Griffith A-Team, What The Huck?
UQ are yet to win a game and unfortunately I don’t see that changing. Playing the top 3 teams and last season’s Div 3 champions is a tough ask for this young team.
Predicted Finish: 8th

Division 3

Ultimate Apostles
The run home: Dump and Burn, Mellow Yellow, Griffith Go-Yeahs
The Apostles haven’t spoken first all season and there’s no reason to think they will over the final few rounds. The fact they play the other finals bound teams should give them a mental edge, assuming they get the win.
Predicted Finish: 1st

Mellow Yellow
The run home: Griffith Aunties, Ultimate Apostles, Dump and Burn
The tricky final round clash against Dump and Burn is a definite danger game for the Bananas. Over 2 games this season only 3 points have separated the teams. A win there should guarantee 2nd spot.
Predicted Finish: 2nd

Griffith Go-Yeahs
The run home: Slipped Discs, Griffith Aunties, Ultimate Apostles
The Go-Yeahs should get the lollies in the next 2 weeks. UA is a tough last round assignment, but a good showing against the top dogs in the division should provide confidence heading into the finals.
Predicted Finish: 3rd

Dump and Burn
The run home: Ultimate Apostles, Slipped Discs, Mellow Yellow
Unfortunately for the Dumpers (or should that be Burners?), I am tipping only 1 win over their final 3 games. If they can win against Mellow Yellow they might be able to avoid the Apostles in week 1 of the finals.
Predicted Finish: 4th

Griffith Aunties
The run home: Mellow Yellow, Griffith Go-Yeahs, Slipped Discs
If they can get up for the intra-club battle against the Go-Yeahs, they could end the season on a very positive note. It’s the final round match against Slipped Discs which the Aunties will have their eyes on. All they’ll need is a draw to avoid the wooden spoon.
Predicted Finish: 5th

Slipped Discs
The run home: Griffith Go-Yeahs, Dump and Burn, Griffith Aunties
Like the Aunties, the final round is the most important game for the Slippers in terms of ladder position. They haven’t had much luck this season and unfortunately I’m tipping them for the spoon.
Predicted Finish: 6th

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BPL Preveiw Week 6

We are nearing the half way point of the competition and teams are scrambling to put wins on the board early to avoid the dreaded must win games to make the finals. After the first few weeks the teams are starting to find form and play to their potential making for some hard fought games.

 Field 1: Cobras (4 -1) v Heroes (3 - 1)
This could be a cracker of a game or a real blowout. Cobras have got their venom back on offense with a full team attack that refuses to give the disc back to weak defenses. Wetnose has given some leadership back to a team that flailed under its former pre-teen captain. Expect the starting 7 to run the bulk of the points and Rookies to provide tactical subs when needed.

Heroes are cursed with a large team of mid level players. They show against the buggers that their top players will get the job done, however the thing that will kill them against Cobras will be the number of turns. If Heroes can limit the amount of disc they give back the Cobras they will cause some headache with their tall and athletic line. 

Key players: George (Heroes) - will need to shoulder a load on both O and D
                     Brian (Cobras) - expect him to get some D's and then throw plenty of bombs on the turn

Jangles Tip: Cobras by 4

 Field 2: Bugs (1 -3) v Slamtown (2 - 2)
Both these teams have struggled a bit early with some form. Bugs got the wake up they needed and responded with a solid win over the less experienced Blitz. The older buggers line will continue to struggle on defense, however the tweaks they made against Blitz on offence saw a return to the bugger of old with buzz in control of the handling line. For the bugs to get up they will need a big game from the likes of Mat Ryan and Trev to shut down the key players on the slamtown line.

The boys in orange will probably expect to win this one and I would agree with them. However this is no guarantee and the Slammers will need to stick to their guns to win this one. The strong handling line should have no problem with a Bugs Zone and younger legs should see them home on man. I guess the real question is of the large rotating roster of slamtown who will show up this week?

Key players: Al Don (Slamtown) - The laconic handler will hit the open every time however shut Al down and you go a long way to stalling the slammers flow.
                   Buzz (Bugs) - The linch pin to the bugs offence Buzz's ability to find the Bugs key receivers will determine the outcome of this game. 

Jangles Tip: Slammers by 5 (Yes, tipping against myself)

 Field 3: Dojo (2 -2) v Lovers (0 - 4)
 On paper this should be an easy game for the Dojo. Chuck a zone on and wait for the UQ boys to had over the disc. With Pete Allen deep you need to have some accurate throwers and some smart cutters to get any easy scores. UQ have the ability to score plenty of points against a zone with legs having some great running handlers however it will be the composure on the disc that could stop a majority of their turns.

Key Players: BW (Lovers) - At his peak fitness BW will run the disc through most zones with plenty of passes and killer acceleration.
                    Fatty (Dojo) - Fatty continues to be the bane of plenty of handlers with a massive wing span fast hands and smart marking he is often overlooked as causing most of Dojos turns in their Zone.

Jangles Tip: Dojo by 8

Monday, September 24, 2012

BUML Preview Round 8

Div 1 – JT

Bermuda Triangle v Cadillac
Both teams have lost their last 3. A loss here will spell the end of Bermudas title hopes. I’m not sure what’s going on with Cadillac but I expect them to make a statement in this game. Even if it's "No comment".
Cadillac by 7

Drop Bears v UQ AUG
Are the Uni Games team even back from RADelaide? If this game happens I think the Bears will be too strong, even taking into account their best player, Sophie Stewart, is out. The best part of this game will be hearing stories of Goose related debauchery from the City of Churches.
DB by 9

Dyspnoeics v Poachers
If the ladder is anything to go by this should be a top quality match. The only thing separating these teams on the ladder is points difference. Poachers are the scoringest team in the div while Dyspnoeics have the stingiest D. These 2 teams played out a draw last time so I think this one should also come down to the wire. Lankowski v Blacklock will be the match-up the crowd will be most eager to see.
Poachers by 1

Div 2 – Clay

Chimichangas v Ghost Who Walks
Another top of the table clash! This will really be a case of Chimi’s O v Ghost’s D. Expect lots of zone, lots of cross field hammers and plenty of long points. These 2 teams played in round 1 and Chimis stole a 1 point win. Justin v Geoff should be a good match-up.
Ghost by 1

Griffith A-Team v Heroes
This game could go a long way to deciding which of these teams makes the finals. If prized Heroes off-season recruit and BUML mercenary Chris Brown is ever going to make his mark on this team, the time is now. Without a big game from Brisbane’s No. 1 goat aficionado, Heroes will struggle.
Heroes by 3

Agents v Tsunami
Tsunami will be wanting to get some momentum heading into the finals and tonight should be a perfect opportunity. Agents haven’t had the best season and have struggled to score points. I expect Tsunami to throw on some junk and keep up the trend.
Tsunami by 6.

UQ Fluttershy v What The Huck?
Considering how slapdash the team was at the start of the season, I think UQ have performed admirably this season. No doubt Tomsteve is moulding them into a solid table disc unit that will be reaping the rewards of hard work in seasons to come. I’d like to see Trevor dress up like Nicolas Cage at a WTH? end of season fancy dress party.
WTH? by 8

Div 3 – Jax

Mellow Yellow v Slipped Discs
I smell an upset here. It could be my love of puns or my hatred of bananas, but I think the Slippers have a shot. My only suggestion would be to keep the keep the disc away from Rolo. That guy is a hectic beast.
Slipped Discs by 2

Griffith Go Yeahs v Dump and Burn
3 v 4 with a lot to play for entering the run home. The Go Yeahs should have too much firepower with the disc here. Players to watch out for: Tiffany Tang, Ciarron Beggs, Angus McCall, Sally O'Neissy, Daria Joura and Sam Evans.
Go Yeahs by 3

Ultimate Apostles v Griffith Aunties
It’d be hard to tip against Apostles in this game. At least if I don’t want to be flamed in the comments by their tech savvy leader. So I won’t. In Griffiths favour is the fact their defence has been ok this season. Going against them is their offensive record. They haven’t scored more than 11 this season. If UA can score 12 they’ll win.
UA by 5

Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments

Thursday, September 20, 2012

WUFL Week 2

The longest held secret in WUFL history is out of the bag. Yes the Mysterious woman blogger is the only the only, "Jess Mumford". Here is her preview of tonight's week 2 games.  

Purple People Eaters vs. Tea Bags.
Go-Go will be looking to bomb it long to Starky for the Purple People Eaters, and while both teams have their favourite Junior World’s players out with cankle injuries, only one team has the MVP of Lovefest to help bring it home (YEEEEAAH Mezz!). Add to that a B. Fyffe WUFL comeback and Teabags are unlikely to lose this clash. Tea bags by 3.

Dominoes vs. Pleasure Zone
With both teams out to put a win on the board it will come down to Pleasure Zones speed vs Dominoes solid handling line tonight. Dominoes will have to stick it long on O to their newly aquired Mellow recievers and put on some sick D to shut down the Young/Dodd connections.
 Pleasure Zone to win by one engagement ring. Congratulations Hans!

Agree/Disagree/wonder why you never knew about women playing ultimate in brisbane, Post below. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

BUML Preview Round 7

BUML Preview Round 7

Div 1 – Well Done

Bermuda Triangle v Poachers
Poachers are on a roll at the moment. They haven’t lost a game since round 1. I think they will be too strong here.
Poachers by 7

Drop Bears v Dyspnoeics
Dyspnoeics had a come from behind win last time these 2 titans of the Ultimate field clashed. This game comes down to how the Dyspneoics stifling D contains the long game of the Bears. My tip for this game's rating on the Pete Allen Niceness Scale is a whopping 92%.
Drop Bears by 3

UQ AUG v Cadillac
This game will go hard for UQ if they continue to play with low numbers. Athleticism and effort (being young) will only get you so far against a team of experienced campaigners (old folks) like Cadillac. The biggest question will be whether Atlas turns up clean shaven or with a deliberately manscaped bit of stubble.
Cadillac by 5

Div 2 – Medium

Tsunami v Chimichangas
Chimichangas are a revelation this season. Clearly their off season recruiting has worked a treat. This could be an important game in Tsunami’s season as they are in a tight tussle for 4th at the moment.
Chimichangas by 4

Griffith A-Team v The Ghost Who Walks
This will be the only time these 2 teams meet in the regular season. Considering they are both chasing a finals berth, it could provide a key mental edge to the winner if they meet in October. Ghost are a force this season and should be too strong here.
GWW by 7

Heroes v UQ Fluttershy
Poor Fluttershy. They came SOOOO close last week. The real question is will it encourage the youngsters from UQ, or make them feel like a win is impossible. I think Tomsteve will get them up for this match, but Heroes will get the lollies.
Heroes by 2

Agents v What The Huck?
I think for Agents to have any hope they need to shut down WTH?s long receivers. When the Huckers get near the endzone they have a tendency to bomb it for a hopefully easy score. Stick to your player and WTH may get impatient. I still think WTH? will be too strong.
WTH? by 6

Div 3 – Rare

Ultimate Apostles v Slipped Discs
The Ultimate Apostles are certainly a cocky bunch. Why not though when you are leading the division and undefeated? I tipped an upset last week and it almost came off with UA scraping home by 2. I’ll be tipping UA this week as the Slipped Discs have struggled to defend this season, letting in an avg of 14.1 points per game.
UA by 9

Griffith Go Yeahs v Mellow Yellow
This should be the most even Div 3 match this round. The Bananas are just doing enough when they win, while the Go Yeahs are certainly putting a few more points on. It’s the Go Yeahs O v the Yellows D here and I think the adage of defence wins premierships will shine through.
Mellow Yellow by 2

Dump and Burn v Griffith Aunties
The final game of the round should be entertaining affair. How the Aunties handle the disc will be the decisive issue. They are the lowest scoring team in Div 3. I wonder if Dump and Burn employ the tactics their name suggests?
D&B by 4

Friday, September 14, 2012

WUFL Week 1 Wrap

So it seems all we needed to do was to ask and the women spilled the secrets of there Thursday night secret meetings, albeit in code and anonymously. So sauce and I scrambled to clean up the mess left from last weekends Cowboy's game and spent a small fortune on air freshener (it didn't work) in preparation for our first female guest.

Entering the much fabled mansion for the first time I am struck by just how much it resembles a man cave. However I’m not alone in thinking it’s time the gaming headsets and wall mounted fish were stored out of sight and what is that smell. This BUB mansion is about to receive some much needed lady touches (the kegorator and pool table can stay).

WUFL season two has begun and the lady folk of Brisbane Ultimate have shrugged out of their snuggies and into their cleats ready to play some frizz like only a bunch of girls can.

Game 1:  Dominoes v Dracula’s Tea Bags
Last night saw the first games of WUFL season 2 played with a fresh Dominoes line taking on last season under dogs Dracula’s Tea Bags. Tea Bags came out strong with a 5 zip score line early on, but the injection of Steph Moroz into the Dominoes line up gave them the boost they needed. At last point siren Dominoes were up by one but a sick pass down the line by A. Connibear was enough to tie things up. One question remains from this encounter, what IS in the box with the dots?

Game 2: Pleasure Zone v Purple People Eaters
In the other match up season one’s victors, Pleasure Zone, took on Purple People Eaters. Pleasure Zone were lacking Adilia’s chants of ‘defence’, add to that PPE's solid handling line and not even the entire Dodd family could bring this one home for Pleasure Zone. 8-5 after last point the connections between the Stewarts and the Ashdowns were too much for Pleasure Zone.

Stay tuned for a preview of next weeks games; with so many newbs on the scene there are few certainties this season, but it can be said that POJ will be delicious, spirit will be high and almost every foul call will be uncontested.

Girl Intercepted

We will have you cleaning the house in no time, however I would advise you to stay out of wetnose's room. I think i heard growling from under a pile of dirty mankinis. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Content?

Want more cowboys references, less sauce or more Jack Allan? Let us know what you want us to cover. No reasonable idea will be refused.

Who will be his Maverick?

Monday, September 10, 2012

BUML Preview Round 6

Apologies for missing last week’s preview. I was wandering about the Mansion, doing some spring cleaning, when I came across a box of Wetnose’s leftover stuff. Apart from the expected assortment of mankinis and leather masks, I found a bag containing a pair of socks I think have been there since last time Cobras had a winning season. I made the mistake of inhaling near them and promptly got sick for a week and a half. Rest assured I’ve now had all the necessary shots and bought some heavy duty gas masks so I never miss a week again.

Div 1 – Matty Bowen

Poachers v Cadillac
Div 1 has done a full circle and we are back to the same matchups as Round 1. Cadillac got the lollies in that contest 15-11. The key to this will be how Cadillac bounce back after being flogged by Drop Bears last week.
Cadillac by 5

Drop Bears v Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle are certainly acquitting themselves well so far this season. Beating UQ the other week would have boosted their confidence no end. Drop Bears should be too strong tonight however. Pete Allen.
Bears by 8

Dyspnoeics v UQ AUG
I haven’t tipped Dyspnoeics yet this season. They are an unreliable bunch, prone to bouts of whimsy and mentioning the NQ Cowboys too often. UQ AUG on the other hand, have been extremely predictable this season. Before last round their top score was a paltry 6. It’s not too late for UQ to make the finals, but they need to start winning tonight. My tip is throw it to Atlas. That guy is a beast.
UQ AUG by 2

Div 2 – Ash Graham

Griffith A-Team v Chimichangas
On paper this should be very even. Both teams for and against is very close and they have the same spirit score. I think Chimichangas have a bit more momentum though. The real question is who will wear red and who will wear their alternate?
Chmichangas by 3

Tsunami v What The Huck?
We know Tsunami can score points, but can they defend? Cutting off the bombs thrown by TJ and Trevor is where Tsunami need to focus. The girls are the key to this stoush.
WTH? by 5

Agents v UQ Fluttershy
This is the contest both teams would be looking forward to. Someone is (almost) guaranteed to get their first win of the season! With both teams saturated with beginners, it’ll be up to the leaders to take command of their troops and decide the outcome. Whichever team has more patience with the disc will win.
A draw.

Heroes v The Ghost Who Walks
It’d be easy to talk about Chris Brown v Jangles, but no-one wants to read that. Ever. What the highlight for me will be is the clash of purple vs green. The spirit circle at the end of the game is going to be a fashionista’s nightmare. Ghost will be the ones talking second.
GWW by 8

Div 3 – Brent Tate

Mellow Yellow v Dump and Burn
I get the feeling that Dump and Burn are primed for an upset here. They’ll be full of confidence and verve after last week. Mellow Yellow had a slip last week and may be down on confidence.
Mellow Yellow by 2

Griffith Go Yeahs v Ultimate Apostles
The Go Yeahs are no doubt keen to emerge from the shadow of the A-Team and claim the mantle as Griffith’s top team, similar to how the Cowboys have emerged from the shadows of the Broncos. This week will be the perfect opportunity. The Apostles are undefeated and early season favourites. This should be a close one though as the Go Yeahs can score plenty of points. I smell an upset.
Go Yeahs by 1

Slipped Discs v Griffith Aunties
5 v 6. Similar to Agents and Fluttershy in Div 2, this game will come down to who controls the disc better. Both teams haven’t been really fond of scoring points this season, but this will be an excellent opportunity to rack up a good score. I’m tipping Slipped Discs as I understand that pun better than the Griffith name.
Slipped Discs by 6

Friday, September 07, 2012

Worlds in Review Part 2 - Wombats

I must apologies for the delay on this one, but the audio of this interview required enhancement above that of the old commodore 64 in the BUB basement. Once we found a super computer capable of the enhancement we were met with the sounds of silence that is George "Silent" Salisbury. 

 So Silent thanks for doing the interview and remember to speak up. To start with give our readers an idea of your Ultimate back ground. When did you start playing? When did you start competing at the elite level?
Thanks Jangles. Ok so my first experience of ultimate was on a bit of a working holiday break over in New Zealand in 2006. I was tripping around the South Island in a campervan doing some fruit picking along the way. In Motueaka, one of the bigger apple picking areas with backpackers from all over, including a large contingent from Canada, we started a pickup game a couple of afternoons a week. It was a quite a frantic paced affair with many like me that were new to the game just running around little idea of strategy. I’ve pretty fond memories of that time still, and the pickup games were a highlight. When I moved to Brisbane after that trip I joined the BUML league, would have been mid 2006. In 2008 I started playing BPL with The Moreton Bay Buggers, and went to my first nationals with Firestorm.

The masters seemed to have one of the longest selections processes of all the Worlds teams. What are your thoughts on the selection process and then the overall selection of the Wombats team?
Seems a long time ago now, yeah I guess it was quite a lengthy process, with a couple of spaced out selection camps. I think the brains trust had hoped to select from only the one camp but ended up needing another. I think they did a pretty good job on the selection, and the team in the end was very capable with ah a good vibe both on and off the field.

Obviously there is plenty of talent in the team with a number of ex dingoes players starting to fill out the roster. However the wombats struggled at nationals partially due to the number of games, Gaks injury and any other reason you want to throw out there. Did you think it was a worthwhile for the Wombats to play at nationals?
Nationals was a bit of a let down after we did so well at BCI, though I think it was still worthwhile playing. It was always going to be a tough tournament for us against the open teams, and we just couldn’t quite play at the same level as BCI.

Probably needed the warm weather of Brisbane or more wine and cheese or is it less wine and cheese? Either way there wasn't the right amount of wine and cheese going around. Moving on.
Small number of teams meant a round robin comp and you got to play against all levels of competition. The main surprise in these initial games was your win over the USA and the shock waves that would have sent to the rest of the comp. Talk us through the game and your thoughts on the American team.
That was our first game of the tournament, and not having played any masters teams in the lead-up it was great to finally match up against other masters. I thought we were in control all of that game and we just had to play confidently and consistently to get the win.

After some hard fought games through the pool rounds and then a epic against Japan in the semi saw the wombats into the final, which would have to be a highlight of your playing career. What were you feeling going into the game and how do you think you and the team handled the pressure of the occasion?
I was definitely feeling some nerves before the game and thought we struggled a bit to bring the same level of intensity that we had in our semi against Japan. The Canadians had a quite clinical offense and didn’t give away many opportunities which made it harder to get into the game on defence I thought.

It was a great game to watch and the time zone meant many Aussies were able to watch the game live. Post tournament reflection now. If you had to pick a masters team tomorrow name 3 players (other than Gak) you would pick on your team and why?
I assume Gak is already picked then, so I’d have Buzz to throw to him, Sascha Vidler for his excellent cutting, and Tao Browne, worlds would have been very different without his “GET THE BLOCK!!” and “LAY IT OUT!” calls!

Tao being loud hey? Never heard that before, although at least he probably didn't yell you to layout when you are standing next to him on the sideline. I completely agree with your other choices. Being one of the younger guys on the team will we see you in 4 years’ time?
Definitely, playing on the Wombats was a fantastic experience; I would be very keen to do it again.

This concludes our worlds in review Interviews. Next on the agenda is Mixed nats teams and Uni games.