Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sprint into Summer HAT

CHECK OUT SOME PHOTOS!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjm_22/sets/

The SPRING INTO SUMMER ONE DAY HAT tournament was held at Yeronga Australian Football Club on Sunday October 29th. It was a partly overcast, partly sunny day, with a little bit of wind, luckily not quite as hot as the previous day! 45 people signed up, divided into 4 teams and played 4 x 1 hour games. There were many stunning grabs, windy hucks, butt-blocks and plain hard running. All teams improved as they learned eachother's names and star signs and how they like to play together throughout the day.
After the final game where Teams 1 and 2 faced off, local team Bootius Maximus put on a 'showcase' game which was observed by some and heckled by more. The day wrapped up with a few ales at the club house with some greasy finger food and $2 felt hats to finish off a spring day, and preparing everyone for summer.

I'll put a summary of the results from the day here.

Maylin Chuah
Heather Mailander
Maria Isosaari
Russell Johnson
Stephen Hjelm
Dustin Czok
Rodney Weatherhead
Robert Lowe
Andrew Reiland
Brett Matzuka
Claire Tunningley

Team 2 - Tegan Don, Elisa Miller, Peta McNaugton, Lucy Barkley, Rueben Berg, Leon McIntyre, Matthew Morrison, Hamish Millard, Daniel Blacklock, Jacob Randall, Jon Good.
Team 4 - Jenny Beard, Kirstin Millard, Stephanie Levasseur, Janet Nutley, Alistair Don, Daniel Lipin, Scott Massey, Luke Allen-Ankins, Chirs Finney, Andrew Badman.

Tegan Don
Matthew Morrison

The team that didn't win anything but did well in their own right, team 3 consisted of.. Rena, Molly, Bree, Lauren (hot hot hot grabs and blocks girls!), two mcnaughtons, James Larkin, Nate Peterson, Huddy, Nat Litzow and Dan Packman.

Despite the stolen bag incident, personally I had a fabulous day!!!!!! and hope that all those who participated enjoyed themselves as well.


Monday, October 23, 2006

YUFL Intermediate Season 2 awards

The second season of YUFL Intermediate league was long and cold and sparse in parts but it wrapped up nicely with an awesome final and end of season party on September 1st where awards were given out to the following teams and individuals.

League Winners : QUTIES (reigning champs!)
Runners Up : Disponics

Spirit Winners : Red Pepper

Most Improved Players as selected by each team
UQ1 - Bart Edgar
Bermuda Triangle - Kelly Foran
UQ2 - Kerri Mackenroth
Mellow Yellow - David Campbell
Red Pepper - Belinda Phillips

Most Valuable Players as selected by each team
F.T.Jollies - Kate Bayne
QUTIES - Alex Chadwick
Disponics - Adam Pretorius

And special thanks to all the captains
Jill Q, Brett Matzuka, Dan Blacklock, SaraCargill, Jon Good, AdiliaMurabito/DustinCzok, Tim Marchbank, and Karen Roche.

Well done everybody!!