Tuesday, June 30, 2009


An essential question when you're running a tournament, is one that is often overlooked.

How many water closets, johns, loos, pontious pilates, slashers, pools, dunnies, piss-pots, potties, thrones, crappers, outhouses, or restrooms do you need? Toilets, we're talking about here.

Well, we're pleased to present this link, currently used by AFDA officials when making this vital, I say, vital determination.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Slammer Time! WooooooOOOOooooooOOOO

Get out the baggy boardshorts because the Slamtown Invitational is on this weekend.

A huge number of people have regoed, but a team can still be found for you if you are interested.

All the details at the spankey new website.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bump and Grind

So cruising around town in the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog velocopede, we found ourselves stopped at the lights behind this vehicle on Fairfield Rd.

Check out those Old School Brisbane Ultimate bumper stickers! (we've blanked out the number plate).

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to get up beside and therefore identify the driver, he was doing his best Meatloaf impersonation and was out of here.

Nonetheless, after digging through the boxes in the basement, here's a couple of scans of some bumper stickers of the past.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships - the Rules Debates

So as we get closer to the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships (has your team registered yet?), we're starting to think about what rules to use.

Most folks in Brisbane aren't terribly familiar with the Indoor Ultimate game (although those that are seem pretty hard core in terms of the way they like to see the game played).

There's a few simple ones, like the stall count being 7 rather than 10. Foot blocks (attempted as well as successful) are called as fouls (this is for safety). If the disc hits something (wall, roof, spectator), the disc is out-of-bounds and called a turnover. These will be sorted and everyone brought up to date at the event.

Because there will be a lot of people unfamiliar to indoor Ultimate, and we're playing through an afternoon, we will not be playing "continuous", which is common in some places. There will be 60 seconds between scoring and that team then pulling.

But two things we invite views on are a) what to use as the endzones, and b) how many players on the Court.

Regarding endzones, options include:
- the basketball "key" (the four-sided trapezium) - small area marked with lines
- the basketball 3-point line (semi-circle) - larger area marked with lines
- usual Ultimate endzone (rectangle) - marked with cones

(I'm not so keen as to put down tape to mark an endzone line, as some might suggest).

In Canberra during its indoor season, the semi-circle is usually used, but overseas, I understand its more common to use cones.

Regarding numbers on the court, I'm currently going with teams having a maximum of 8 players all together, but options include:
- 4 (2/2 gender split)
- 4 (any gender split, receiver calls)
- 5 (3/2 gender split, receiver calls)
- 5 (any gender split, receiver calls)

Comment lines are open, or get onto your Captain, as they will be surveyed soon.

First BUIC Logo Received

"Hey Jdr,

I did up a bit of a logo for the logo design comp.

Pretty sure I'm onto a good thing.

When will the decision be made as to whether it is 4 or 5 a side? If it is 5, will the roster max be increased to 9?

I've never designed a logo before, let me know what you think. Am I the front runner?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Logo Design Competition

We need a logo design for the upcoming Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships (is your team registered yet)?

Send in your ideas, or post in those comments below.

Looking for something circular or square (70mm diameter or side). 2-3 colours. Not too intricate.

Poison Runnin' Through My Brain

The next season of the Brisbane Premier League doesn’t huck off until August, but that hasn’t stopped the newest team in the League launching themselves. Yes, your humble blogger recently received an email, sealed with a potent venom and some sort of snakeskin on it, inviting us to head down to the basement and look around.

Grabbing a sharp stick, we wandered deep into what used to be the dark and dank caves below the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, now newly refurbished into the Cobra Lair, complete with throne room, digital fortress and warm sunny rock for lying on, to speak nervously with the new Cobra Commander himself, Liam ‘Wetnose’ Gillions.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks for having us, Liam.


BUB: Eh? Um ….

LWB: Oh, its just you JdR. Sorry, I was practicing for when we win our first BPL title.

BUB: Ah, ok. Well, I just wanted to ask you about the new Club.

LWB: Well then, I guess I could spare some time for you. Would you care for a grilled rodent? Or would you rather it poached?

BUB: Heh – you used to have a taste for seafood, I thought. But I’ll pass on the Little Johnny’s thanks. What made you guys want to start up a new Club?

LWB: Just something different. I was looking to start something on my own, branch out from the towering shadow of Bug #1, and when I floated the idea to a couple of people they seemed keen as well, and the rest is history. All hail the Cobras!

BUB: Tell me, what’s the story behind calling yourselves the Cobras?

LWB: Nothing really, seemed like a decent name. Something short, catchy, and it is a deadly animal as well.

BUB: I hope you’re familiar with the fate of the Cobras in that Dodgeball flick. And what’s the story with this uniform deal? Will you be wearing purple?

LWB: Considered using the name Purple Cobras, but then whenever I make my Blue Steel face, people will just laugh at me for referencing the wrong Stiller movie, and I definitely do not want to stop doing Blue Steel. The sponsorship deal is great. Zone (www.frisbeeclothing.com) are giving us a very generous discount on all of our uniform orders in return for some promotion and feedback. Zone are by far the most reasonably priced Ultimate uniforms we have been able to find anywhere, and they are so friendly and provide great mock-ups of what the uniforms will look like.

BUB: So do you think Lookfly will be announcing a deal with the Buggers soon then?

LWB: Well as an unnamed Lookfly rep put it “You just can’t compete with Vietnamese labour costs.”, which is very true. I do have some insider info (from being on the inside) that the Buggers have already been given some generous deal with Lookfly due to their association with a certain rep that will remain nameless in this post.

BUB: So does the new Club have a President and some other positions yet?

LWB: After a heavy recruiting drive, the Cobras were very lucky in securing the services of Firestorm’s very own treasurer. Other than that, it is pretty much run like any other BPL team: decision made, decision passed on.

BUB: Is that a dig at some of the disorganisation that occasionally infests some BPL Clubs?

LWB: Well all I will say is that I hope we don’t end up having the disorganisation of forfeiting games, you can take that as a swipe if you like. But then again, no one plans on forfeits.

BUB: And how does one get selected upon the Cobra team?

LWB: The selection process was very specific. Emails were sent to the parties that we considered essential to make up our team of fearless Cobras. Unfortunately, all of these people said no and we ended up with the roster that we have today. Still, not a bad looking bunch of blokes, let’s just hope they can play Ultimate too.

BUB: Is it true that everyone had to pass a ‘slithering’ test?

LWB: Yes, all players had to be comfortable laying out. This is why Jangles wasn’t considered.

BUB: I see you’ve got a new internet presence also?

LWB: Yes indeed we do. Following in the footsteps of fellow BPL clubs the Buggers and, later but much more successfully, the Dojo, the Cobras have a blog right around the corner from you. To open the site, we have included a break-down of our roster in order to intimidate the opposition. The blog can be found at http://cobras-ultimate.blogspot.com

BUB: Aha – so you’re revealing all of your secrets early!

LWB: Not all of them.

BUB: I see you’ve recruited JJ. Are you insane?

LWB: Insane in the membrane, baby.

BUB: Any words for your future opponents in the BPL?

LWB: Suck my venom, lowly rodents!

BUB: Thanks for your time, Venom-nose, I mean Wet-fang, I mean. Ah screw it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Northern Champions Trophy

So its taken a while for it to move to the top of the priority tree, but I've finally gotten the new Northern Regionals trophy updated with the 2009 results. Here's a few pictures (good thing I wasn't naked taking that first one). Is there someone from Firestorm O+ who wants to pick it up from me?
This is also a good time to give a bit of background and answer a few questions.

The trophy came about as, after running Regionals 2007 (at a loss) and 2008 (at a surplus), I had about $200 left over.

After lots of umming and ahhing, I figured it would be good for us to have something to play for at Regionals.

I looked around for a while trying to find something as unique and iconic and 'Ultimate frisbee' as the Halibut or BPL trophies. Alas, no luck, and I didn't have the time and talent to make something, nor a friend who had the time and talent to do it. And I was pretty keen for the whole thing to be a bit of a surprise at its enveiling.

After a bit more thought, I started to think that maybe a traditional style trophy might stand out as being somewhat unique and iconic within the Ultimate Frisbee circle. And something to drink out of sounded like a good idea too (Bundy or XXXX being the appropriate choice for a Northern Regionals trophy).

I also wanted to get the extra engraving done to 'back-date' the trophy and include all the winners since Northern Regionals started in 2005.

Hence the cup as you see it.

Now to answer a few questions:

What's the story with having 1st, 2nd and 3rd on it? Isn't it the Champions trophy?

There's a few answers there. Partly its an effort to recognise participation a bit, as much as success. But also it reflects the form of the competition. For much of its existence, and I suspect for a while yet, Northern Regionals will be dominated by whatever "Brisbane superclub" is in existence (aka Firestorm). Including 2nd and 3rd gives an added incentive for other clubs to work hard and attain eternal recognition. Thor, the Barbarians, 74 Flood, Byron Bay, Dojo Mojo and the Moreton Bay Buggers are as much part of the story of Northern Regionals as Firestorm are.

Won't the trophy run out of space for new winners, real soon?

That's an easy one - you just add another, larger base on the bottom. For the best known example of this, check out ice hockey's Stanley Cup.

Hey, there's only Open teams here - what about a trophy for Women?

Well, there's a few answers here too. Partly, its that I only had the money for one trophy. But also, the first four Northern Regionals (2005-2008), only ever featured one or two Women's teams. So when I was planning this trophy, I didn't think there was yet a competition that needed a trophy (in contrast to the Open division, which had been hard fought for four years).
Then of course, 2009 blew us out of the water with four genuine Women's teams playing hard at Regionals. If this is expected to continue in the future, I suspect a matching Women's Northern Regionals trophy will soon appear - hopefully donated by someone else carrying a surplus from a tournament or league, or maybe provided by QUDA. Remember, it took five years for one to turn up for the Open division.

Who were those great teams again?

2005 Moreton Bay Buggers (over Dojo Mojo, Byron Bay, Fringe (Pickup), Sultry)
2006 Dojo Mojo (over Moreton Bay Buggers, '74 Flood, No Panda, Nice Shoes Wanna Huck (Pickup)
2007 Firestorm (over Thor, Firefighters, UCup (Pickup))
2008 Firestorm Troopers (over Firestorm Zippo, Thor, The Pass, Brisbane Barbarians, Firefighters (Pickup))
2009 Firestorm 0+, Firestorm D+, Brisbane Barbarians, Thor, Slamtown Flatball Club

So there you have it, something to be aiming towards!

NYUC NYUC NYUC 09 Website Up

No, its not the New York Unicyclists Club, nor some sort of Three Stooges reference. NYUC is the Northern Youth Ultimate Camp, which has just launched its website. And we're lucky enough to have this baby happening in Brisbane!

Start telling all your mates born between 1991 and 1995, that this is their first step towards a) super fun and b) the 2010 World Youth Ultimate Championships!

Don't Be So ... The One Day Mixed Hat

RECKLESS!, one of two new women's clubs starting up in Brisbane, are holding a launch tournament to celebrate the release of the new album, I mean team.

Do yourself a favour and mark Sunday the 6th September on your calendar, or truly commit to the ladies and rego at: http://www.afda.com/rego/showcompetition.php?competitionid=662

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frisbee finally goes digital......kinda

If your female between 12-30 and consider yourself a "casual gamer" (read: anti shooting Nazi's, Zombies or a combination of the two) then you probably own a Wii.

As a fan of shooting Nazi Zombies now would be the first time I'd ever give a thumbs up on your purchase.

Ultimate Frisbee has taken a step in the digital direction in Tiger Woods PGA 10 which includes a fully fleshed out Disc Golf Option which has been hailed as the best game type on the disc (eclipsing the mundane act of golf itself!)

So next time you feel like some Disc Golf and the Yeronga course is either flooded, vandalised or filled with ninjas and you own a wii give this a shot.


Some dude in his basement showing some game play:(demonstrates the controls about 2 mins in)

Unique Selling Points of Ultimate

You readers probably know them all, but sometimes they're worth repeating.
  • Friendly sport and people
  • Simple to learn
  • Anyone can catch a frisbee
  • Play at any level - fun/social through to national and international
  • Play anywhere in the World - find the locals on the web and just turn up
  • No referee - you make all your own decisions
  • Teams and socialising
  • Mixed sport
  • Start playing almost any time
  • Little equipment needed
  • Spirit of the Game - its about having fun and respecting other people's fun

Friday, June 19, 2009

History - Know Your QUDA Presidents

Here's the list of QUDA / QFDA Presidents since the "dawn of time" - corrections welcome!

Mat Boevink - 2009
Dustin Czok - 2007
Sandra Poon - 2005-2006
Emma Tickle / Matt Boevink - 2004
Roger Church -- 2003
Matt Boevink - 2000-2002
Mat Ryan - 1998-1999
Giles Deshon - 1997
Justin Cooper-White - 1995-1996
Cathy Keys - 1994
Jason Ray - 1992-1993
Emma Cole - 1991
Doug Bryers - 1987-1990

If you ever bump into any of these people, say thanks to them for what you have today.

Improving Your Ultimate Fitness

While most other Ultimate blogs (particularly from the US it seems) often cover inane topics like training (we advise throwing a bit and running around), diet (food) and other things to get that "extra 2 percent" or whatever (we suggest just using your brain on the field), we did find an article providing the kind of advice that seems to fit the philosophy of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog to a T. Check it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday Mail - 16 April 2001

History buffs should check this one out, as should those with an interest in "younger fruits".

Click to embiggen. I think there's a larger one to see over here to.

Bits O Bloggin' Business

Just a few bits and pieces today.

ITEM: Reckless, one of Brisbane's new women's clubs, have launched their funky new blog thanks to the efforts of one Super-Megzz. More on the evolving women's scene soon.

Reckless have already started regular training sessions, on Wednesday nights at 7pm at Toowong's Oakman Park.

ITEM: Gold Coast Ultimate continues to go from strength to strength, launching their new website, in between counting down the hours until the big Slamtown Invitational Tournament, which looks like featuring 10 very attractive teams. Now, what do we have to do to see a proper Townsville Ultimate site?

ITEM: Nathan League doubled in size in just two weeks, with a full game getting on on those sweet sweet green and well lit Griffith fields. Four newbies were there, with promises of them bringing more friends, so lets hope the seed is well and truly planted. Alas, with State of Origin in Brisbane next week, the decision was made to cancel the session planned for 24 June, but we'll be back with hopefully more two weeks from now.

ITEM: We've been slowly digging through the QUDA archives in recent weeks, and its turning into a bit of a Robert Langdon adventure. We'll hopefully be posting a few treats in the coming weeks, once we rinse the dust off.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Griffith Nathan On Again Tonight

So we're off to the Griffith Nathan AFL field again tonight.

Lights on at 7pm and its free, so all welcome.

With UQ League finishing last week, and BPL players having had a week off, we're hoping for a good roll up of regular players - to help show the newbies that this Ultimate wheeze is the real thing.

A few folks turned up last week who led us to the Nathan Monday pickup group - a gang of about 20 friends who have a throw after 4pm on Mondays during semester. So we've invited them all along on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile the posters and flyers around campus have turned up several email inquiries this week. And maybe some of those touch footy kids who watched us instead of their grand final last week might decide to come and have a crack.

So lets hope its not too cold tonight! We might skip next week due to State of Origin, so this is the one to come too.

Why should you support the Nathan League?
- More Ultimate, of course, rocks.
- Getting Nathan happening can strengthen the local Uni scene - more IVs, more people to meet, more fun for Uni students.
- Under its grant from the Queensland Government, QUDA needs to develop several new centres of Ultimate by the end of 2010 - so getting Nathan happening helps us when we bid for more money in the future.
- The fields at Nathan are seriously sweet. Some of us worry about finding and keeping good fields around Brisbane. We have the chance to stake a claim here, so lets not waste it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Halibut Team Rego Closes This Friday!!

So if you're putting a team in for this year's Halibut, you need to do it by this Friday!


It looks like there are 12 teams there, which make for a nice round and easily managed draw and tournament. So it might be tricky if you try to register late?

Monday, June 15, 2009


So its taken a little while for the Cooee Crusaders to regather their wits and tell us poor sods at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion about their trip to Yeppoon on the long weekend (and a bit of time for us to get it up here on ye blog).
Here's the report from that connoisseur of road trips, frisbee fun and partying, Mr John McNaughton (plus random interspersed photos from Bruce):

Ladies and gents,

Deep in the annals of history (2004-2006), there was a tournament called the Gladstone Crusade.

It was held on the Queen's Birthday long weekend, and saw crusaders coming from all across the state to play. It won Tournament of the Year in 2005, and was nominated again the next year.

Sadly, this trilogy came to an end when people moved away. However, in the spirit of great trilogies, it could not be kept down.

Rising from the ashes of the Gladstone Crusade came the 2009 Cooee Crusade, held in Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (outside Rockhampton). This tournament was pulled together by the ridiculously overachieving Sara Cargill, who is on medical placement in Rockhampton for the year, and decided she wanted a tournament. A small contingent of Brisbanites, and an even smaller contingent of Townsvillains made the 8 hour crusade last weekend. Legislation has multiplied from the days of the crusaders, however - 3 separate cars from Brisbane were all punished for their zealous speed on the way up. A rough start for those drivers, but it couldn't put a damper on the weekend. In addition to the ring-ins, Sara had also roped in a dozen or so complete newbies from the hospital to join in the tournament - a mighty effort.

On arrival at the fields, players were split into their hat team, and given a white shirt and a can of spray paint in their team's colours. A great innovation for some individuality, although it made the red v pink games somewhat challenging to figure out...

We were soon into games, which were a challenge on a warm, humid afternoon. Special congratulations to all the rookies doing this for the first time. At the end of Saturday, every team had a 1-1 win-loss record, setting things up for an exciting Sunday. A City-Country game was then organised, keeping in the spirit of the Gladstone Crusade, but with the low player numbers this game was quite short-lived. The City team proved considerably stronger, and this game ended quickly.

On the sidelines, a Thai take-away dinner had just turned up, exciting a number of hungry stomachs. The night was spent in the group accommodation, a lodge only a hammer's throw from the fields. Silly games were played, beer was drunk, and people rejoiced. Special mention to Abbey, the Flipcup Queen, who almost single-handedly salvaged a game of survivor flip-cup after her team's poor performance. Solid.

The next day brought breakfast at the fields (yep, Sara IS amazing - toast, cereal, coffee, fruit, juice - the whole deal) and the last round-robin game, setting things up for the semi finals. A number of players had skipped for day 2, leaving some teams with one or no subs. The weather was a little kinder, though legs were wearier.

In the semis, The Naturals (red) were pitted against Pink (Bits), who had beaten them the previous day with some great performances from newer players (Brendan and Lauren in particular). Red decided to pick things up this time around, not allowing those gun receivers to go to the endzone, and combined with Pink's lack of subs and loss of Molly Young (ankle), The Naturals took a comfortable win. Green Monkeys (green) and the Blue Swimmer Crabs faced off on the other field, in the second battle of similar shirt colours. I didn't see it - I was playing the other one - but I'm sure it was a cracker. Notable mention goes to Mike Nolan's hammer fake on Alistair... In the end, Green took it out.

We had a lunch break before the final, which was taken at local Wreck Point lookout. Unbelievable. A beautiful spot, looking over Cooee Bay at Great Keppel and North Keppel islands, sun streaming down... A pretty amazing place to have your tourney lunch. Oh, and another point... free, unlimited zooper doopers throughout the tourney. Yeah, that's right.

After lunch, we headed down to the beach for some sand and surf action, relaxing before the biggest game of some of these young players' short careers. For the final, The Naturals lost Luke George, their local boy and 2004 Australian Junior representative, who went to watch some stupid sport involving a ball... This left Red with 4 boys and 3 girls, playing savage against a green team that had mauled them fairly comprehensively the day before. I won't try to give point for point... too hard... but general memories of the game:-

- A great layout in the back corner of the endzone by Melissa Spalding saw the first Red goal. Melissa also spent the whole game covering boys, as the tourney split was 5-2, and had a cracking performance, including another layout bid.

- Red started off strongly against Green's man defence, cutting it open to a 7-2? lead. Great play from tournament MVP Silent George Salisbury, proving unmarkable all game, and a strong performance from our rookie players Leah and Sam (who are clearly pressure players, having their best games of the tournament in the final).

- Green switched to a pommie defence and brought the game right back, tying things at 7s? or 8s? Somewhere around there... but lots of points for them, and not much at all for Red. Good running from Keith Cameron-Smith up front.

- James, tournament MVP Rookie, nailed a cross-field hammer to score Green's second goal, I think?

To wrap up, a great comeback from Green saw the game reach 9-all, double game point. The red team received, and after walking it most of the way down the field, turned it over at the endzone line. However, Green turned it over early, giving Red a short field to work with. No mistakes this time, and Sam (our rookie bloke) got open in the front corner for the winning score. So happiness abounded for Red, and Green were great as well, and it was happy. Annie Turner won female MVP Rookie, Lu Fearnside won female MVP.

Tourney winners were Red (John, Luke, George, Shaun, Sam, Carl, Colin, Leah, Melissa, Kirstin)... most awesome TD was Sara. Spirit was originally given to the Pink team.

However, our TD had forgotten the traditional method of deciding Spirit at the Crusade, which was later won by the Red team (see party below) :-) So I'm claiming tourney + Spirit win for Red...

The party that night was held at the George's place. Luke George, as mentioned, is a Yeppoon local. His father Jim spent the whole tournament taking some sweet photos (on ya Jim), and then Jim and wife Helen opened up their awesome house to us for a party. A top family, huge thanks to them!

Now, the traditional method for determining Spirit at the Crusade is a knockout tournament of disc sculling. Fill two discs with beer, get one team on each, winner progresses to the next round. The first round saw Green triumph over Pink, and Red take a close one over Blue. Blue destroyed Pink in the bronze medal drink-off. In a finals rematch, Red took on Green for the title. After a controversial finish to the first attempt, which was clearly won by Red, the biased judge (did I mention Sara was on Green?) called for a do-over... So, proving their tournament dominance, the Red team emptied their disc and celebrated a great team performance. Yeah team (this reminds me of the way Phil Gould talks about NSW in State of O...).

Other party highlights:
- Jim's photo slideshow keeping a room full of frisbee players away from beer for a solid 20 minutes;
- epic game of 12-a-side stubby guts in the garden, going for well over an hour;
- marshmallows and fire
- Jim and Helen cooking pancakes for everyone!!!!!

Around 1am, we cleared out and gave those good people some sleep. That didn't stop the committed partyers, however (though those trying to sleep probably wished that it had), who kept it going until 3:30 back at the lodge, with some fantastic entertainment provided. We'd like to thank Jaegermeister for its contribution to the show that night...

Monday was the long, slow trek back home, for those who drove. A chance to regather our thoughts, to ruminate on the fun that'd been had, and to plan our trip back next year.

HUGE props to (QUDA Volunteer of the Month) Sara for putting all this together. Awesome. To everyone who didn't make it... you can rest assured we had plenty of fun in your stead. I'd put it on the calendar for next year now...


There are some more entertaining pics at:




Sunday, June 14, 2009

Logo Corner

A few people have noticed the new AFDA logo starting to do the rounds.

I think it looks pretty good - should look sweet on Aussie team shirts, etc. Beats the old one, anyway.

Not quite as fine as the QUDA logo though.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Brisbane Indoor Championships

We here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion are pleased to add the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships to your playing calendar and list of Ultimate pleasures.

Indoor Ultimate is often played in much colder places than Brisbane, but has the great benefits of no wind and smaller teams, meaning everyone gets a go. Still lots of running to do. Great for a change of pace etc.

The Championships will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 12 August - this is the Brisbane Show (aka the Ekka) public holiday in Brisbane.

The Championships will be held at basketball centre at the Clem Jones Centre in Carina - enter via the softball carpark off Zahel St.

Entry is initially limited to 8 teams, although if there is sufficient demand we will consider increasing this - but you should get organised sooner rather than later. Team registration closes on 27 July. Fees are expected to be between $100-120 per team, depending on numbers. Rego at: http://www.afda.com/rego/showcompetition.php?competitionid=652

Teams can have a maximum of 8 players, and its recommended a gender split of 4 males and 4 females be aimed at. The specific rules to be used will be discussed with Captains in the lead up to the event, including whether we will be playing 4 or 5 players per team on the court.

We greatly encourage people arranging teams with some sort of reason for being, aside from "here's my all-star team of friends". It'd be great for promotion etc to see West End taking on Moorooka, the Fresh Fries vs the Over-40s, 308 Brisbane Corso vs 8/47 Newcomen St, Mellow Yellow vs Dojo Mojo, etc etc. However, all up to you folks!

Families with under 2s - please let us know if you are interested in arranging a creche.
Here's some pics.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Icons of Queensland Ultimate ... Your Suggestions

So 2009 is the 150th birthday of the State of Queensland, and after a long voting process etc, the 150 Icons of Queensland have been announced.

What do you think are the Icons of Queensland Ultimate?

Here's 20 off the top of my head - leave your suggestions in the comments or just email me and we'll try to get a bit of a proper list going.

- University of Queensland Oval 7
- 308 Brisbane Corso, Yeronga
- Kedron State High School
- 8/47 Newcomen St, Indooroopilly

- Chris 'Buzz' Burwell
- Sandra Poon
- Sean Flanagan
- Gen Healy
- Jenny Beard
- Jason Ray
- Joel Smith

- The Moreton Bay Buggers
- Bootius Maximus
- The Barrier Reefers
- Sultry
- The Bond Girls
- UQ Lovers
- Mellow Yellow

- Halibut
- Brisbane Premier League

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Know Your BPL Finals History

Since the BPL or Brisbane Premier League emerged from the MAL/Dog Cup, there have been 11 seasons and 11 grand finals.

BPL I (summer 2005) - Whippett Good (15) def Dojo Mojo (13)
BPL II (winter 2006) - Whippett Good (15) def Moreton Bay Buggers (11)
BPL III (spring 2006) - Moreton Bay Buggers (13) def Ultimate Lovers (10)
BPL Mini (summer 2006) - Moreton Bay Buggers def Dojo Mojo
BPL 2007 S 1 (autumn 2007) - Ultimate Lovers (12) def Moreton Bay Buggers (10)
BPL 2007 S 2 (winter 2007) - Moreton Bay Buggers (11) def Ultimate Lovers (10)
BPL 2007 S 3 (spring 2007) - Crusty Buggers (15) def Dojo Mojo (10)
BPL 2008 S 1 (autumn 2008) - Messy Buggers (16) def UQ Passion (12)
BPL 2008 S 2 (winter 2008) - Messy Buggers (18) def UQ Passion (9)
BPL 2008 S 3(spring 2008) - UQ lovers (15) def Messy Buggers (9)
BPL 2009 S 1 (autumn 2009) - Messy Buggers (14) def Dojo Mojo (11)

In the BPL era:

- A team from the Moreton Bay Buggers club has played the last 10 finals in a row, winning 7 of them.

- The UQ club has featured in 6 of the last 9 finals, winning twice (it also lost both its two MAL finals appearances).

- Dojo Mojo has lost the three BPL finals it has appeared in (although it picked up a win over UQ in the MAL days of 2004)

- Whippet Good won two finals in its three seasons in the BPL.

- Rawhide didn't make a finals appearance in its four seasons (coming closest in losing a semi by a point in BPL 2007 S3).

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Play at Nathan Wednesday Night!

What with BUML off for the public holiday, and BPL finished until August, are you missing out on your regular Ultimate this week?

Then head on over to the AFL Field at Griffith Nathan Campus (off Kessels Rd), for two hours of lights (7pm-9pm) and lush lush fields.

Yes, it’s the opening night for the new Nathan League.

Your turning up on 10 June won’t be taken as a commitment for the 10 weeks that follows (but we’d love you to join in), but it will at least help set the stage for any newbies who come.

And you’ll get a good run around.

WUFL Draw for 9 June

Friday, June 05, 2009

South East QLD's biggest drought NOT over

Despite one-eyed Dojo supporter, Premier Anna Bligh, claiming last week that the biggest drought in South East Queensland's history was officially over, we here at the Stately BUB Manor have to inform the ALP leader that this is not the case. After last night's BPL final, the Dojo drought has in fact continued. The last time Dojo raised the RC Dog Cup Trophy was back during winter 2004, meaning that it has now been 13 seasons without a trophy, before many of the current BPL players had even finished high school. Surely the longest drought in SEQ history?

Early reports filtering through are that the Buggers went up 7-2 in the first half, then Dojo came storming back to take the half 8-7. Trading then occured until 10-10 before the Jray-Mike connection took the game away from the Dojo with the score finished 14-11.

To the Messy Buggers goes the spoils, the ladies, and the trophy. To the Dojo goes nothing, again. Well, they will still have their feeling that the whole world is against them, but what would the world be without a bitter Sensei?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Turning Lobster - BPL Final Preview

Its been raining a bit but at this point early in the afternoon, we at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog manor think that the BPL Final will be on tonight.

There's a lot that can be written about this final, and we've been disappointed by the silence over on the Dojo and Bugger blogs.

Yes, its the final that could only be described in terms of gigantic new wave pop songs* - Turning Japanese vs Rock Lobster - as tonight the venerable Dojo Mojo take on the revered Messy Moreton Bay Buggers, while the remainder of us drink their beer on the sidelines and wonder what might have been (in between offering grudging respect).

Of course, the Messy Bugs treat their Ultimate as anything but a nonsensical surf/beach party, although they are known to attribute absurd, fictional noises to certain activities. Superior fitness also allows the team to match up to the seven minutes that the B52s' most famous epic clocks in at. Keep an eye out for Fatty doing the Narwhal.

Meanwhile, I'm sure our readers don't need any further prompting to consider the links between Brisbane's favourite Nipponese wannabes and ... well ... masturbation. Suffice to say, we imagine the plan tonight will be to keep the hand dry and supple so as to maximise the friction on the disc. Remember, this was the one Kurt Cobain covered. Mr Eastburn needs a big win before he becomes Papa Eastburn and is wondering what to tell the kid about.

In all seriousness, this should be a great Final. These teams have history - they've been around for a while in some for or other, and have played a few finals again each other - yet they remain stubbornly different for the experience.

It'll come down to that traditional Ultimate mix - a solid dose of talent, some effective teamwork, a subtle blend of psychology, and a little bit of luck.

Get on down there.

Nathan League Starts Next Week!

Many people would like to see the playing opportunities in Brisbane increase.

Well here's your chance, conveniently timed to match somewhat up with the conclusion of BPL and UQL for the season (weather pending!).

We've got the fields booked, and sweet fields they are.

We'd love some more people to step up and offer to help out, and particularly to promote the League.

Here's that location again:

Starting on 10 June with Learn to Play for new players, and pickup for experienced players. 17 June will probably also be the same thing.

Our booking is through to August - how much we use of it will depend on how many people turn up.

If we get 15 Griffith students showing up, then we will get a cheaper rate. But at the moment the plan is to charge $40 for the season proper (Learn to Play will be free).

See you there?

Rego at: http://www.afda.com/rego/showdivision.php?divisionid=1112

Not QUieT!

There's a heck of a lot of banter building up in the comments section over at the QUT Ultimate website.

Is 2009 the year QUT truly overtakes UQ as the primary land of University Ultimate in Queensland?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sorting Out Your Club's $h!t

Thoughtful Tuesdays once again.

I've been exposed to some email over the last few months about Ultimate Clubs trying to make decisions and arguing and playing and pondering "What makes a Club?"

I often think its a bit sad that so much energy gets expended revisiting things. When you've been around for a bit you see some Clubs melt down over the same things, over and over again (instead of putting their energy into growing and improving).

Isn't the essence of being a Club that you've made some decisions and are willing to stick to them?

If your Club is in the cycle of confusion, I suggest you get a group of people (including past members if you can), and try to write down what are the essential things to your Club.

You won't necessary get everyone to agree to everything on the list, but if most people can agree to most of it, then you can and should enshrine this and agree not to revisit it unless there's some sort of *externally driven* need for change.

Here's what I think you need:

NAME - what is the name of the Club? Is there a reason/story behind this name? If the Club has multiple teams, do these teams have different names? (I suggest you only have different names if there are two or more teams in the same competition).

COLOURS - what are your Club's colours? Is there a reason/story behind these colours (in particular, is this a 'local' colour, or the colour of your Uni or is it a colour that your main opposition is not)? (I suggest two colours - a light one and a dark one, plus also maybe mention a third 'highlight' colour, like white, black, silver or gold). Some clubs have major meltdowns over colours each time they order new gear - sort it out once and for all and resist people wanting to be trendy.

MASCOT/LOGO - what goes on your Club's mascot or logo? Remember, your logo can change its appearance, but it saves lots of arguments if you're agreed that the logo always has to have a Rooster on it.

UNIFORM - Ideally, shirt design changes minimally from season to season, to maximise a)promotion of the Club and b) the long term utility of any shirt purchased by a Club member - a player should need to purchase no more than two playing shirts (a second provides an alternate strip) for their *entire career playing for the Club*. I suggest shorts and socks default to one colour across the Club for similar budgetary reasons.

MEMBERSHIP: How do you define a current member of the Club? (Some words could be: "A player who registers to play in either a League organised by the Club, or on a Club team that plays in another league or tournament, is considered a current member of the Club. Currency continues for six months after league or tournament.")

FINANCE: What is the financial objective of the Club? (Some words could be: "The financial objective of the Club is to make Ultimate a cheap sport to play. The Club does not charge a specific membership fee. The Club raises money through fees on Leagues and Tournaments run by the Club, and through other grants and Club-wide fundraising. Specific teams may make their own financial arrangements, including fundraising using the Club's name and resources.")

ADMINISTRATION: What positions does the Club have, and how are those positions filled? (Some words could be: "The Club has an AGM at which it elects a President, Secretary and Treasurer, [other positions] . The Executive ensures each Club team has two organisers (a combination of manager, captain, vice-captain or whatever), and if necessary because teams can't sort that out themselves, appoints someone.")

REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS: What do you do in cases where there are more Club members seeking to play in a competition than that competition will allow? Articulating a typical selection process saves having to make it up afresh each time, and helps people to be able to rely on it.

OTHER POLICIES: Where can you direct people to other work? It can be that something happens that the Club lacks a precedent or policy for, so its useful to have a link to some other policy making body (eg AFDA, or your state or local association, or your wider sporting body (eg your Uni Sport). There's a huge frickin list of things that can happen - harrassment, selection appeals, drug use, who knows - and believe me it helps heaps to have something written down somewhere that you can use.

Anything I've missed?

Monday, June 01, 2009

WUFL Draw for 2 June

If you don't like these logos, send us in some replacements!