Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Firestorm at Nationals

Here at the manor we have just caught up on the lack of sleep that resulted from sitting next to a snoring Canadian on our red-eye flight from Perth and decided to deliver further details of Firestorm's 5th place finish. Its best result at Nationals in its 3 year history. After finishing 3rd in their initial pool, FS dropped down into the bottom cross over pool, with no team in this pool able to come anywhere close to the boys. After that they played their way up the big boys to finish in a very commendable position in the end.
Day One:
FS defeat Sublime O 17-9
Firestorm were very rusty early on, but managed to pull away and beat the Sublime B team. Special mention to John McNaughton who managed to float a huck just enough for his brother, Sublime O captain Dan McNaughton, to bid at it, rolling his ankle.
FS lost to Karma 16-15
Game finished on double game point. Firestorm lead the entire game, except for when it really matter, at the end. Firestorm were up by 3 or 4 points for most of the game but crumbled late.
FS lost to Heads of State 17-8
With the Karma game going about 20mins over time, there was only a 10min break before the HoS game. A combination of this and a well drilled HoS outfit were too much for Firestorm to handle.
These 2 losses meant that Firestorm went into the bottom cross over pool, and the highest they could finish from this point was 5th.
Day Two:
FS defeat Umlaut 17-6
FS defeat Happy Pig 17-5
FS defeat Sweet Chilly 17-3
All 3 of these games were a cake walk for the team with the entire roster, including Messr Burwell, feeling still fresh and ready at the end of the day.
Day Three:
FS defeat Fear 17-2
This was the final cross over game and insured that FS finished well on top of the bottom cross over pool. It was just the warm up that they needed prior to their cross over game against Fakulti X, who lost a close game against HoS to finish bottom of their pool.
FS defeat Fakulti X 17-16
This truly was the game of the tournament for the FS boys. After trailing for most of the game, FS found themselves down 14-10 and in danger of falling back into the bottom beer pool and playing the chumps all over again. For the 2nd time in 3 years, FS staged a huge comeback against a Fakulti team. Time cap expired and it was game to 17. FS scored to lead 16-15, then Fak responded to make it 16-16. The final pull came down.
McNaughton dumped it to Don, who gave it to Neild cutting in down the right wing. He saw McNaughton streaking long and let out a big forehand huck. It was bladey and McNaughton layed out in the endzone to grab it millimetres from the ground, sending the FS boys into histerics and into the top 8.
FS defeat Karma 17-8
Following a playing of the last post and a minutes silence the team layed down some smack and showed Karma that Queensland is better than South Australia. FS into the 5th/6th playoff against Sublime A at 9am the next day.
Tim Booth defeat Party 1-0
Boothy climbed up into the rafters at the party, forcing the organisers to wind things up early. This reporter's recollection of events following are quite hazy, but everyone ended up at home eventually...somehow.
Day Four:
FS defeat Sublime A 17-3
In a game that FS was fired up for, Sublime A was barely at the fields on time. JD was dry retching for most of the game following a hard night of partying. FS really wanted it more, and took half 9-2 to shut Sublime out of the game.
While not all the Sultry results are known, we did receive a telegram informing us that they finished 8th, following some close heart breaking losses. In their match to try and get into the 5th/6th playoff, play went down to golden point. Even with the FS boys on the side cheering them on, the Sultry girls could get over some rubbish calls by the Primal team (two such calls were to tell a particularly wet nosed member of FS to "F**k off" following his warning about bad language and to tell the entire FS sideline to "Shut the f**k up") and lost.
Another close game game in the 7th/8th place against fACTory Girls saw Sultry go down in another nail biter.

BPL 2009-1 Round 9 Draw

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hey guys.

Just got word via sms from what I'm sure is a very exhausted Johnny Mac.

No results as to who played who but I have been informed that Firestorm went through undefeated for the final two days of competition and finished the tournament in 5th position.

Props lads, we're all very proud of you.

Still no word from the ladies. But it is 20 past 11 so i'll give them a break and we'll get soem recap happening tomorrow.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Firestorm Update

Word is in for Day 2 of Nationals.

Firestorm rolled through their 3 games today against Umlaut, Happy Pig and Sweet Chilly.

Word is if HoS loose tomorrow Firestorm will face them again.

Still no word on Sultry. Waiting on Rowena to reply on FaceBook


Firestorm Nationals Update - Day 1

Text has come in from Wetnose.

Day 1
Firestorm def Sublime O 17-9
Karma def Firestorm 16-15 (this must've been heart-rending)
Heads of State def Firestorm 17-8

Firestorm drop into the lower pool - best result from here could be 5th.

Hope to get an update from Sultry soon.

Marking Some Territory

So last night (since there was no BPL), a "commando-style" raid (ie we weren't wearing underpants) was undertaken to promote our long-standing occupation of the Annerley Juniors Soccer Club fields.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ANZAC Day Disc Golf

If you're not going to Nationals and looking for something to keep your hand in, why not a round of Disc Golf at Yeronga, followed by a visit to the Yeronga RSL for a drink and some two-up?

10:30am - Disc golf - meet at the end of Hyde Road in Yeronga
12:30pm (or so) - Yeronga RSL for beers and 2-up.
2pm - watch the Collingwood vs Essendon game.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nationals 2009 - Brisbane Teams Draw

Well with only 48hours to go until Nationals 2009 hucks off, we thought it was time here at the stately BUB Manor to look over the draw that has just been released and let you know what your favourite Brisbane teams will be up to come Thursday.

The 11-team womens draw has been split into a 2 pool setup, with the 6th seeded Sultry landing in the 6 team pool. Their initial draw is as follows (seeds in brackets):


9:00am vs Bush/Suffer Jets (11)

1:00pm vs fACTory Girls (2)

3:00pm vs Sugar Mags (3)


9:00am vs KAOS (7)

11:00am vs Primal (10)

After this, the womens draw splits into 2 cross over pools, so Sultry need to finish in the top 3 of their initial pool to go up and stay in the running for the glory. Definitely an achievable task.

The 14-team mens draw has been split into a 4 pool setup with 2 top pools and 2 cusp pools. The 8th seeded Firestorm has landed in a kusp pool with Heads of State (5), Karma (9), and Sublime Obnoxious (12). Their initial draw is as follows:


9:00am vs Sublime Obnoxious (12)

1:00pm vs Karma (9)

3:00pm vs Heads of State (5)

After this the draw splits into 3 cross over pools (2 top pools, 1 bottom pool), so Firestorm will need to finish in the top 2 to stay in the hunt. All going to plan, this should be sown up after the Karma game with the HoS game to decide who goes number 1 in their pool. But then, plans are made to be broken. That’s the old saying isn’t it?

We will endeavour to have all results and happenings to you as they happen throughout the tournament, which is very much dependant on internet access at some dodgy café or through Jangles bringing his laptop and having wireless access. Until then, stay tuned.

Monday, April 20, 2009

BPL 2009-1 Round 7 Results

There is no game on this week due to the clash with Nationals. Stay tuned to the blog for updates on happenings at Nationals.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Season on the Gold Coast

This Wednesday sees the start of a new season of Ultimate on the Gold Coast, at its new home at Pizzey Park in Miami.

Lights are on at 7:00pm, with game on at 7:20pm

The season is $40/player (or $5/week if you have to negotiate something) [bargain!]

Round 1 sees:

White vs Black
Red vs Blue

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WUFL1-2009 Final Report

We've been a bit underwater here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion these last few days, and remiss in not posting the ever excellent Eireann's WUFL Final report (wish we could'a been there!)

"The first women's league of 2009 finished up with a bang!

Thanks to everyone who came along and offered support on the sideline and on the bbq!

The game was a bit of a nail-biter with Mellow Black taking an early lead only to have it snatched back by the Titanium Nachos a few points later. Mellow Black managed to take out the half, but only just.

Points were traded back and forth for the majority of the game with Mellow Black as the eventual winners. [Congrats - Eds]

The game saw some impressive stuff from some of the league's newer players. Titanium Nachos had Mel and Adrienne cutting up the field receiving passes left and right from Jen "red death" Campbell and Dominque. Delyse had a standout game making some amazing grabs in the endzone! Stalwarts Maylin and Carol were always there for the dump or ready to give or receive a pass.

Mellow Black just proved a force to be reckoned with! Steph, Phoebe, and Katrina were out for blood in the cup! Jenny was determined not to let anything get past her deep. Emily had positive baby vibes from the sideline and Laura was an O-machine!

Mellow Black took out the chocolatecup this time, but I'm sure Titanium Nachos will be back next season, ready to rumble!

Thanks again to everyone for a great season and your support of the Brisbane Women's League. The more we put into our women's league here in Brisbane, the more we'll be able to get out of it. The next season will start up in mid-May (running until the end of June), following that, there will be a bit of a break before the next season and women's month in November!

We really do appreciate all of the folks that came out to support the final (and the Firestorm boys for cutting their training session a bit short to cheer us on)! I hope you all enjoyed the bbq and beer (and of course the game as well)! See you next season ladies!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We Are All in the Gutter, Looking Up at the Stars

Several Brisbane Ultimate folks are now totally famous thanks to their appearance on The Shak a few days ago.

Check it out. And if you want, email them at theshak@nine.com.au
to tell them you want more

Look like freestyle might be making a comeback in the popular consciousness soon too.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ultimate: The Romance Game

Yesterday, I was chatting to someone I consider very wise about how Ultimate is an attractive sport and the things we can do to recruit new players and give more opportunities to people already playing.

"All sounds good," they said. "Just remember one thing."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Remember the attractiveness of Ultimate is the attractiveness of romance."


"Each time you go along to Ultimate, there's the prospect of meeting someone you really like and want to spend more time with."

Wise words indeed.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Byron Easter Monday Special Session

If you're south of Brisbane for the Easter break, maybe you'll want to join the Byron (and Gold Coast) gangs for a throw on Monday evening at the usual Byron Ulti-fields - game on from 5pm playing through to 8pmish. It looks like with the Goldie crew heading down there'll be numbers for two games simulaneously.

Brisbane folks will of course be jealous of the wet weather plan - if the fields are closed due to rain then games will be played on the beach! But if you're wise, you'll have gone down for the day.

Contact Stef or Bads if you feel the need to contact anyone.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Recruit, Retain

When you fall in love with Ultimate, you start to invite everyone you know to come and play.

This is because you love Ultimate and want to see it grow. Its also because you love everyone you know, and want them to try out something you love too.

Eventually though, you hit the wall - you've run out of friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances to invite along.

So what do you do? How do you share your love?

You transition from being a recruiter to a retainer.

You talk to any new people you see down at the Ultimate field. You help them improve their game. You make them part of the group or team or a valued opponent. Get their name the first time they mark you. Make sure they get welcomed in the post-game circle - especially if its half way through the season and they've been around a bit, but its still the first time your team has met them. Invite them to your tournament or party or to join your team on another night.

If you can retain that person in Ultimate, help them love the game like you do, then they will go and recruit all the friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances that you don't know yet.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Northern University Games

So the Northern University Games are set for the University of the Sunshine Coast from 5-8 July 2009.

Is your Uni sending a team?

Want to be an allstar?

Recently we received a telegram written in beautiful calligraphy from young John "Lord of the Fire" McNaughton, with a call to arms for all frisbee men in Brisbane. It read something like this:

"Gents of Bris Ulti,

Thursday night (9th) is a week off BPL for the Easter weekend, and Firestorm will be using the field to train. We would like to play another practice game as a team, and would be very keen to have a BPL All Star cast to play against on that night.

If you're keen for a game of quality frisbee next week, in BPL's absence, sign up here.

It'd be awesome to see a good strong opposition keen for a big game. There are a lot of quality players running around in BPL who aren't on Firestorm - this is your chance to come and have a crack at the boys in the fancy uniforms.

Cheers boys.


So, if you have ever watched any allstar game and dreamed "One day...", then this is your chance. Get signed up, and play against one of the greatest teams ever to walk to face of the earth.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Battle for the Black Nacho

Brisbane sees the clash of the sirens when the Titanium Nachos take on Mellow Black for the Tuesday night Tiara that is the Grand Final of WUFL-1 2009.

Favourites (Ulti-TAB is offering $1.45 for the win) Titanium Nachos are in their second successive WUFL Final, after having battled Melange in pursuit of the title back in September 2008. Led by Maylin ‘the Unstoppable’ Chuah. Rolling the highly fancied UQ Lovers in their semi-final seems to have set the scene for some final dominance. Fans of the team are known for yelling “Melt the Cheese!”, “Guacamole, in your Holie!” and “Let’s Give them the Full Enchilada”, completely missing that the team was named after Bolivian football player, Ronald Lazaro ‘The Titanium Man’ Nacho.

For Mellow Black, keep an eye out for rising star Jess Harvey and the dazzling speed of Carla ‘Deadly Beer Widow’ Ziser. And any team featuring Eireann Gilligan, Jenny Beard and Stephanie Levasseur should not be underestimated! Frankly, I can’t see why this gang aren’t the favourites to take the title, but their last gasp win over a depleted Everready in last week’s semi seems to have been noticed by the bookies (Ulti-TAB offering $2.60 for the win). Remember, “once you’ve had black, you’ll never go back.”

There’s possibly something to be said that the Titanium Nachos and Mellow Black appear to be closely related to Monday night mixed teams the Chimichangas and Mellow Yellow, but this will depend on how many of those teams show up to support their comrades in action, and whether Al and Stu, or Rob and Jon, bring the pompoms.

What: Women’s League Final
When: Tuesday April 7th - 7:15pm
Where: Oakman Park, Toowong
Features: Free BBQ and Drinks


Peace, Love and Freedom

Check out the report on the Ultimate Peace project at Al Jazeera's website.


Did you know Sultry is one of the project's Ulti-mates?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

BPL Tonight Cancelled

Due to the inclement weather over the last 12 hours, AJSC have closed their fields for tonight, thus cancelling BPL. Play with resume in TWO WEEKS following the easter break next week.

Ideas for tonight:
1. Surprise your significant other with a nice dinner at home, a nice change from dirty laundry.
2. Get your fix of ultimate by watching the many videos available on YouTube or on the Dojo-Mojo blog.
3. Go to the fields and look longingly out onto them, dreaming of what might have been.

Note: This may or may not be what the fields look like now.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WFDF 2009 Rules in Your Pocket

We've been low on the blogging a bit lately because we put some effort into getting the updated 2009 WFDF Rules of Ultimate reformated and ready to print as a single, double sided sheet that you can keep in your frisbee bag, or even pull out of your pocket while on the field during a game (doing the latter is simply AWESOME).

The pocket format now up on the web at http://www.afda.com/showcontent.php?page=rules_official and http://www.wfdf.org/index.php?page=rules/index.htm

Further Fame

If you are a regular reader of the Body and Soul section of the Sydney-based Sunday Telegraph, you might have come across the following ...

Nice work, Matt and Stephanie!

ps - sorry - for some reason Blogger won't allow clicking to embiggen ....