Friday, March 14, 2008

Lets Roll Out

The fris-kids came from nears and fars,
From ladies arms and under bars,
Firing up old VeeDub cars,
For a crack at Regionals North.

The weather, it was looking good,
Gran and Donnie - they felt wood,
The Byron gang, they knew they could,
And so they thundered forth.

Hamish, dreamt, the Force he saw
Si, Matt and Hugh, all running raw
The hopes of Townsville - Mighty Thor
Cruising into Brisbane town.

Firestorm's teams, all home in bed
Curfew time, Big Mike had said
Months of training, come to a head
Now its time to hammer down.

Rob and Jon, barbarian bosses
Pretty sure they'll give two tosses
Rolling drunks, they gather no mosses
At the Staffy, Friday night!

Finally, find fine Felix' friends
Fight fiercely shall, until the ends
AJ's will, it never bends
Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!

And the ladies - Sultry Minx
Running hard and blushing pink
Flicks and hucks and kitchen sink
Until their very last!

Its Regionals baby once a year
Good hard ulti - have no fear
And afterwards we'll have a beer
Oh yeah all - it'll be a BLAST!

sorry ... I'm tired on a Friday night and it hasn't even started yet

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