Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New AFDA website

Everyone should go check out the brand spanking new AFDA website

It was well overdue for a facelift and now looks professional and most importantly, inviting to new players. To give you an idea of how old the previous site was, I'm fairly sure the last time it got updated, Jangles was injury free.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brisbane Indoor Ultimate League 2013

For those of you out there who haven't played indoor before, you should check it out. Indoor is played a lot through europe and in the US when it is snowing out side and you still want to play ultimate. obviously Brisbane is more likely to flood than snow but that doesn't mean we can't play Indoor. 

Indoor is fast paced and requires some creative throwing, good hand and good agility. There are many rules you can use to play indoor, but no matter what version you play the short sharp points will work up a sweat in no time.
Brisbane Indoor Ultimate League 2013 kicks off tonight!
It all starts with an all welcome pick up evening to get everyone used to the style and format before the league rounds start next week.
Night of Indoor pick up.
Standard Brisbane indoor rules
See extra info here:

All welcome!
NOTE: all players are required to have an AFDA number to play.
Dont have one? sign up to AFDA here:
Have one but cant remember it? search here:
To save time on the night, sign up for pick up here:
Thursday nights, 7pm-9pm.
Howell Indoor sports centre (opposite the normanby hotel)
carparking available, enter at 24 college rd, spring hill. Walk across the footbridge to the Indoor Centre.

Please do not walk through the school grounds.
How much:
$7 per player (normal pickup price is $10) Change available, correct preferred!
What to bring:
  • White shirt/dark shirt
  • non-marking indoor court shoes
  • water
  • gym towel
  • money
See you all there tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New rules!!

New 2013 rules are out: These will be the rules used for all leagues in Brisbane henceforth. BUDA has decided to take this opportunity to improve rules knowledge and education within our community.

The new year and looking forward will see some rules action from BUDA. There's nothing more frustrating than an on field argument generated because not everyone is up-to-date with the latest version of rule (that's the travel rule for those who aren't as myself - and Timocles). 

This will primarily take the  form providing extra resources to players and rules accreditation for some players, which will be phased in for all leagues in brisbane. WFDF rules accreditation (and all kinds of fun rules stuff) here if you want to get a head start: 

Details will come soon, but before that there are some decisions to be made about how we do this (how many people? when? how often? just captains? etc...). To help us make these decisions, BUDA would like your help! To that end we invite  feedback and participation from the ultimate community.   

If you're interested in being a part of a "rules sub-committee" that helps to determine how we apply this in Brisbane, please email me at:, or post on the facebook page. I would very much like reps from a broad cross-section of players. Exceptional rules knowledge (or willingness to acquire it!) required. I have already had some interest, but we wanted to make sure that everyone that has the opportunity to participate.  

Intelligent feedback and suggestions are very welcome, but please note that any commentary you provide should be written in such a way that it can be shared with the ultimate community, and that this is not a forum for whinging about past incidents. 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championship

A message from this year's TD the one the only "Mayor of Slamtown" Stefan Rappazzo

Hello all, 

I've taken the reins of the Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championships (ADBUC)... and tampered with it.

This year.. it will be Surf and Turf..... and it will be in Byron Bay!!!!


8 Teams, suggested rosters of 10
8 powered campsites (all next to one another) at Belongil Fields (one campsite per team)

Sat - played on turf, 7 on 7 mixed ultimate (4:3) round robin action.
Sun - played on sand, 5 on 5 mixed ultimate (3:2) crossovers, semi's and finals.

Sat night - Genda' Blenda' party  -In homage to 'The Last Gender Blender' in Canada, each team will need to have a theme, a blender drink, a game which partiers play to earn the drink, decorations, and music.  Revellers will cruise from one site to the next until they have had their fill, or found a place to stop.

Sun night - (Mon is public holiday) - Sun night will be out in Byron for team trivia, dinner and drinks at the Buddah Bar, and return to the campsites late night for a campfire (as long as there are no fire restrictions at the time)

$110/player includes, 2xlunch, 2x dinner, 1x breakky, 2 nights accom at campsite, 2 days of ultimate.

Rego is first in best dressed.... until Jan 18... at which point your full team fee needs to be received, or 'next in line' will have the option to trump your bid.

What you'll need to bring: tent and sleeping gear, ultimate gear, BLENDER, table, a creative game to play within the confined of your campsite, table, music player..... whatever else you think will be awesome.

Prizes for:  Best Drink, Best Game, Best Theme, Spirit, MVP on field, MVP at party, trivia, ADBUC championship.

Pair up your drink and game to fit your theme.... think big.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Brisbane Ultimate in January

Happy new year to all from the BUB mansion. We spent the holidays planning for some renovations. With Holidays comes expanding waistlines, killer hangovers and the livers ready to pack up. If your New Years resolution is to play more ultimate then we at the BUB will try to help. Here is what is going on in the Brisbane ultimate community this January.

Nationals Season is here
Firestorm, Black Betty and Slamtown are all underway with their seasons. Firestorm and Betty have been doing Preseason training to varying results. Even the mayor has been out recruiting for Slamtown to put in a good run at northerns and on to nationals.

If you are keen to take the step up firestorm sessions are open to all experienced men who are willing to train hard with the aim of attending and winning nationals.
see for more details

Betty is underway, but there are murmurs of a second team coming out of the UQ region. I am sure the women will provide more details in the comments section.

Under 23s selection Camp
We wish good luck to all the Brisbane players heading down to the camp on the 5-6th of Jan. These include Jack Allen, Timocles, Chris Davis, Ryan Garrahy, Trev, Myles, Reece, Sophie and Dom. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Brisbane Indoor League
There is still time to get your teams registered for the Brisbane Indoor League. Running on Thursday nights in the Howell indoor sports center at Grammar.

There is so much pick up going on at the moment. Wednesday night sees pick up at oakman park toowong. Sunday pick up sees the masses getting down to QUT Kelvin Grove. Get your self on the Brisbane Ultimate mailing list for more details

Beach Ultimate
There is nothing more satisfying than a good day of beach ultimate. However there isn't much beach going around at the moment. Will there be Australia Day Beach Championship this year?

Got anything else going on at the moment post it in the comments and Ill add it too my list.