Monday, July 30, 2007

2007 Halibut Winners

Normal blogging will resume once I have recovered from a FANTASTIC Halibut (well done all).

Friday, July 27, 2007

Halibut Preview: Final Tips List + Leak!

Hello faithful readers,

Well, I can't quite believe I've managed to preview all 16 (still can't believe Halibut will feature 16 teams) teams playing in this weekend's Halibut. It has been a Herculean task, for sure.

Tipping is a tricky business, especially when you know as little about the sport as I do. And of course, teams were added (hello, A Day at the Races) or changed significantly (thanks for coming, UQ Lovers) making this all very difficult. Then doing it all over a period of time and not really concentrating on it, meant there were times I painted myself into a corner that I'd probably have wanted to get out of later (nice to see you, Concrete Donkey)

Then there's the email and comments and personal confrontations! All in good fun of course.

So with those excuses all detailed (for once I'm not having to refer to injury here), here's what I ended up with:
1. A Day at the Races (Brisbane Motley)
2. Mind the Gap (Brisbane Mafia)
3. Pie Wagon (Newcastle)
4. Spare Room (Melbourne/Adelaide)
5. Muffin Tops (Brisbane Maniacs)
6. Lounge Lizards Original (Brisbane YUFL)
7. Lounge Lizards Spicy (Brisbane YUFL)
8. Concrete Donkey (Townsville)
9. G-Unit (Griffith Gold Coast)
10. Da Frizz (Adelaide)
11. Hooray for Everything (QUT Brisbane)
12. Lovers (UQ Brisbane)
13. Your Mum (Adelaide)
14. The Pass (Byron Bay)
15. Armidale Freeze (Armidale)
16. Lost at Sea (Pickup Team)

I'll try to post Monday to see how I went!

And for your interest, here's the leaked seedings, done by people who are way better at this than me, no doubt (but noting that they haven't been fussed over too much, as the draw of 16 minimises the importance of seeding). It could be too that they just pinched what I'd been saying!
1. A Day at the Races (Brisbane)
2. Mind The Gap (Brisbane)
3. Pie Wagon (Newcastle)
4. Spare Room (Vic)
5. Hooray For Everything (Brisbane)
6. Concrete Donkey (North Queensland)
7. Lounge Lizards Original (Brisbane)
8. Da Frizz (SA)
9. The Pass (NSW)
10. Muffin Tops (Brisbane)
11. UQ Lovers (Brisbane)
12. Lounge Lizards Spicy (Brisbane)
13. Your Mum (Down south somewhere)
14. Armidale Freeze (Armidale)
15. GU-Nit
16. Lost At Sea (Pick up)

Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Halibut Preview - Lounge Lizards

Hercules, twelve labours, Halibut, and so on. MY GOD I'VE MADE IT! Today: Lounge Lizards Original and Lounge Lizards Spicy

FORM: You've seen the logo – either last year or down here or check out here.

I am impatiently awaiting the courier to arrive with the new shirts.

Yes, this is the second year of the Lounge Lizards, Brisbane's premier laid-back mixed Ultimate team. Except now it’s a Club, with two teams. Take that Booty!

The strength and sense of fun at the YUFL Monday Mixed has clearly flowed through to the Lounge Lizard Conglomerate. The Lounge Lizard teams are not so much A and B or X and Y as LAF (lots of fun) and TMF (too much fun). Especially with the addition of folks like Sarah S, Geoff and Donna, and crazy Andy and 'Ticia.

PARTY: We have Dusty up front and a pretty solid backline, although feature several Ulti-party rookies that we'll be looking to educate.

TIP: We came 7th at Halibut last year, and did well at Lovefest2006, picking up Spirit at the latter too. So I figured I'd tip improvement in 2007 – with LL Original going for 6th and LL Spicy going for 7th.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Halibut Preview: A Day at the Races

Hercules, twelve labours, Halibut, yadda yadda yadda. Today: A Day at the Races.

FORM: Stacked. The 3Ps (Piers/Pottsy/Prett) have set up a smash-and-grab assault on Halibut 2007, grabbing quality wherever it could, no doubt with promises of [I'll let your imagination fill this bit in]. Still, these are three of my favourite guys (along with the people they've recruited) so good luck to them. I think their smaller number will actually benefit them over Mind the Gap in terms of coming together as a combination.

Pity about the name though. There are both better Queen albums to be named after, and better Marx Brothers movies to name your Queen album after. Pottsy as Brian May? I think not, although Piers and Brett could pass for young John Deacons and Roger Taylors. The album does feature 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' though – a cheeky reference to Brett abandoning his UQ pals?

As far as the movie goes - although well received, many Marx fans consider this motion picture the beginning of the Brothers' decline. Still, as Jonathan notes, "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped" remains a great line.
Perhaps A Night at the Opera next time?

PARTY: You already know that Pottsy and Piers are on this team, but they have also gained a few dodgy imports.

TIP: 1st, but as much because I've boxed myself into a corner as anything else. Anyone can win this tournament, and this lot will give it a big shake. "We Are the Champions" indeed.

ps Shout out to GH and HM, for their kind words about the blog.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Halibut Preview: The Pass

Well screw Hercules and his famous twelve labours – I'm now onto my 13th team preview for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Yeah me. Today: the Pass.

FORM: Much like Byron Bay itself, this team is a tale of two worlds. There's a bunch of people that can be politely described as washed up has-beens (there, that should set the blood boiling!), and then there's these three crazy teenagers. Well, then there's also some nice folk in between, naturally. Saturday afternoon, this team will conquer all. Saturday morning – I'm not sure they'll be all there. Sunday, anything can happen – see below.

I have been told to expect some flashy new outfits. These could be the only thing that can save the team's credibility after someone came up with it's dull name. 'The Pass'? Wtf?

PARTY: The Pass may not be the most conspicuous of partyers – generally they're supping their drinks, playing pool, hanging onto the wall and such. But they will be there when the sun comes up. Then they'll go for a surf, grab a nap at the fields, and wake up about 10 minutes before their first game.

TRIVIA: I should insert here a plug for Badman's Birthday Tournament.

TIP: 14th, buts mostly because I've boxed myself into a corner with my other tips! Will probably do a lot better than that. There, I've probably saved myself from a thrashing.

Locked On

Monday, July 23, 2007

Halibut Preview: UQ Lovers

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, and as we head into the last week before the big event, I have been attempting to preview each of the 16 teams registered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: the UQ Ultimate Lovers.

FORM: This has been a very hard team to grasp, and its not because Chris is big on body oil. Earlier I was ranking them high, because I figured the Big 3P (Piers/Pottsy/Prett) would be playing for them. But then it was not so, and it looked like the Lovers wouldn't contest the Halibut. But now there are rumours of a second-semester foreign influx. Sure it sounds like a stomach problem, but it nonetheless makes them hard to tip.

Then there's the whole Jangles thing. I'm not sure there's nothing that QUTie wants more than to see the St Lucia sandstone crushed into dust.

Hmm, overall, should do alright, but it'll be hard to come together on the day.

PARTY: I expect this team to come together on the night. There is nothing like a crazy foreign influx to up the party stakes, and they will take outdrinking Hooray for Everything and G-Unit as a point of pride (although this will be a fairly easy task).

TIP: 12th. Because they'll have less than 12 players.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Halibut Preview: Armidale Freeze and Lost at Sea

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the remaining week until the big event, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 16 teams registered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today two teams: the Armidale Freeze, and the pickup team, Lost at Sea.

First, the Armidale Freeze

FORM: Last year they played savage for most of the tournament, and came at the bottom (although they won many many hearts, and the Spirit iirc). This year should be better, particularly given the more regular gaming that's occurring behind the cinema every Saturday (ooo, er!).

PARTY: Middle of the table. I have heard there's a history of tequila, although it may be effectively anti-freeze for the following day.

TIP: 15th. I am tipping them low to fire them up!

Next, Lost at Sea.

FORM: Nil, they're a pickup team.

PARTY: More likely to go home with other people than not.

TIP: 16th, because someone has too be tipped for last, and the pickup team traditionally takes this role.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Halibut Preview: The Muffin Tops

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the remaining week and a bit until the big event, I will attempt to preview each of the no-longer-14 but-now-16 teams registered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: the Brisbane-based Muffin Tops.

FORM: The Muffin Tops look like a great bunch of players. The big question will be how they combine. Particularly given the intention to play in pink. Crikey. That's all I've got to say about that.

Really though, the success of this team will come down to the intensity of Andrew 'the Animal' Lankowski (expect him to disrupt a few opposing players by asking for the missing BPL Summer Season cash) and the Muffin Tops' very strong line of foxy ladies - Maylin 'Ya Wha?' Chuah, 'Flexible' Emma Bendall, Suz 'the Animalette' Facy, and the Unstoppable Steph Machine (amongst others). Look at moy indeed – you will be when this lot run over the top of you.

PARTY: All the salsa dancing lately will have toughened some of these partiers up, and they'll be there all night (unless they chose to strike out on their own). However, I'm not sure how much drinking they'll be doing, aside from Big Keith 'Pounder' Cameron-Smith, who'll be grinning constantly and holding up one end of the bar.

TIP: What the heck – deep down I reckon they'll do pretty well. Having the TD on your team is also always worth two spots. 5th.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Running Around

Today's post is inspired by the quality thinking of Owen Shepherd over at his blog which is awesome and will be added to our sidebar here (but go read it now).

Its also inspired by a comment to Rawhide of Roger's - "lets not just turn up and run around". Now, Roger's really talking to the team about using our brains, but it got me thinking that "running around" remains important!

Regular readers will have noticed that I generally post about anything but 'on-field' stuff, so I hope you will be kind in this attempt.

Anyway, there's a lot to be said for 'running around' – at least when you're facing a fitness mismatch.

Its known that I'm old and slow and not a great user of the disc, so I am often marked by other old people (who are nonetheless often faster than me, and are much usually better throwers than I am). These are the Buzz's and J-Rays and Tony Ross's of the world (whom I hope aren't reading this).

But I like to think I'm reasonably fit and have good field sense. So when I'm marked by these guys (and not handling, and when we have subs), I go berserk and run and run and run (using my field sense not to stuff around the rest of our offence).

The results are:
a. eventually I get free because they get tired before I do (and often they are too tired to even use their superior-brain-poaching-skills);
b. if we turn it over, they are tired and
i: will often slow their team's offence down by calling themselves to pick up the disc and walking very slowly over to it,
ii: will often become predictable – a tired gun thrower is more likely to punt to the end-zone, but being tired it may not be the best quality throw,
iii: this also gives me time to be on the disc well before them, helping set up our D by calling the force loudly; and finally,
iv: they also don't tend to go anywhere fast after that.
c. Also, they will sub more, taking a potent thrower off the field for more points.

The flip mismatch is when my opponent is faster and fitter than me. I aim to:
a. if possible, swap players while they're setting their O up (this is an extra reason why picking players up quickly helps the team – you get time to trade match-ups),
b. get very close and in front of them – I am a lot to get around and they become off balance when cutting and catching,
c. treat them as an individual – what do they normally do? How did smarties like Piers/Al/Leon try to fox me last time? Perhaps most importantly – have they thrown or caught any goals this game?
d. get my head up early if I've been faked inwards – particularly so that I can quickly see and loudly call if there's an opportunity to switch onto the incoming cutter, or give my player to the long defender.

Ultimate players (particularly older ones) spend a lot of time talking about our thinking – but never forget the physicality of 'running around'!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming with the Fishes

Alas, tomorrow could be my last post.

Let me explain.

In yesterday's post, I revealed the dangerous truth behind Brisbane team, Mind the Gap.

As the team is full of lovely people, I expected only minimal reprisals for the revelations - having my disc bent in two, finding a vegeburger in my bed, that sort of thing. All in good fun.

However, a comment pointed out what could be my last mistake.

I had neglected to mention the primo supremo, the darkest of deed-doers, the Biggest of Bosses - the Don of All aL's, Al Don.

Hence, it will be with trepidation that I appear at BPL tomorrow night. I know it will do me no good, but I will kneel before the Don of All aL's, and kiss his bejeweled ring, and beg for my very life.

But I will keep one eye on the Annerley rainwater drain, and hope I do not end up in the bottom of it, wearing the concrete cleats.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Halibut Preview: Mind the Gap

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the remaining two weeks until the big event, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 teamsregistered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: Winners of Many-a-Halibut, MIND THE GAP.

You might have thought the wheels of this Halibut Previewing would have fallen off by now, but an approach by an adoring fan at YUFL last night has reinvigorated, I say reinvigorated me.

FORM: This team is hard to write a preview for. You see because I know pretty much all of them some way or other. And more scarily, they know me - the teams I play for, where I live, etc. Why scary? Well, anyone can tell you that in Brisbane Ultimate terms, Mind the Gap are really the equivalent of the Sicilian Mafia. You know, the Secret Society, the Cosa Nostrila, the Black Huck, the Honoured Society. Many Brisbanites see these people not as dangerous criminals, but as role models and protectors.

Obviously I have put something seriously on the line in even typing such things, so since I'm being stupid, let's put it all out there. The Gap Ritual happens when a new player becomes an associate, and then, a soldier (Shawn Robb is currently an associate or Wise-Guy, while Beth Rougier is his soldier). As described by former Don Stephano Camerono (currently upstate at Dojo Prison) to judge Giovanni Falcone, the neophyte is brought together with at least three "handlers of honour" of the family and the oldest member present warns him that "this House" is meant to protect the weak against the abuse of the powerful; he then pricks the finger of the initiate and spills his blood onto a sacred frisbee, usually a QUDA one. The image is placed in the hand of the initiate and lit on fire. The neophyte must withstand the pain of the burning melting plastic, passing the image from hand to hand, until the image has been consumed, while swearing to keep faith with the principles of "Cosa Nostrila," solemnly swearing "may my flesh burn like this goddess if I fail to keep my oath, or drop the disc. However, stupid hucks to contests in the endzone are always worth it."

Halibut 2007 may be a difficult transition for Mind the Gap, with the seeming retirement to his country estate of the former Capo di tutti i capi (or 'Boss of All Bosses') Bruce McNaughton. Expect to see the various Capo Bastones (Sandra 'Fingers' Poon and her associate, 'Lucky' Mat Ryan; Buzz 'Chris' Burwell; Jason 'the Scalpel' Ray; and 'Doirty' Gen Healy) battle for control of the family. Mind the Gap also employ an array of Consiglieres (hit-men) such as Sean 'Golf-Club' Flannigan, Jenny 'Just Mean' Beard and Ruebeuno the Deadly.

PARTY: Stepping back into reality, Mind the Gap's party squad will be very light on, but its worth noting there's a fair chance Tony Ross will be drunk by lunchtime. Go FAT TONY! GO!!

TIP: 2nd. Despite high potential for injury and having to watch the kids, the depth and experience will get them to the final.

ps Don't forget to checkout the 2005 Mind the Gap squad at

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Halibut Preview: Newcastle Pie Wagon

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the remaining two weeks until the big event, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 teamsregistered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: Newcastle's Brown Ale of a team, PIE WAGON.

FORM: This will be an interesting team to tip. On the one hand, the Pie Wagon contain several well known quantities. For example, the world has seen more of John Greenfield that it probably wants to see. Gavin Hodge looks like Harry Potter. Tim Lavis is ... well ... Tim Lavis. Tats is doing his best to lay claim to being the cranky old man of Australian Ultimate (which is a feat given the competition). Then there's Dave Jarrott, Felicity Unicomb and the astounding Katie King.

But on the other hand, there's rumours. "The netball chicks". "Little Lavis". "The Russians". "Malfoy". "The Hobbit" (sounds scary).

TRIVIA: This is the only all-meat-eater team in the tournament. The pies will be all-beef I guess.

PARTY: Uneven. For every go-hard bucket-swallowing Frank-n-Furter, there's a go-home gotta-rester Brad and Janet (pre-transformation). Sturt Wilson and his all-women wall is always interesting to watch. Overall, will be middle of the pack.

OUR TIP: 3rd (I have to start filling in the top spots, after all)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rawhide Get Their Shirts

Rawhide report (Rawhide is my team in the Brisbane Premier League aka Thursday Men's A Grade):
- We got our new 'sprout' shirts with the fab happy cow logo.
- We played our closest game of the season, with only three points in it.
- But we are still looking for our first win, going down 14-11 to UQ Passion (well done to them).
- We still look nice, but as you can see from the photo, I was gutted.

Click to embiggen.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Halibut Preview: Mexican Holiday

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the coming three weeks, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 teamsregistered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: To lift the stakes, three teams at once! The mexican invasion of Your Mum, Da Frizz and Spare Room.

Tales of the wonder of Halibut seem to have spread further afield than ever before, with two teams from South Australia and a big mob from Victoria heading to Brisbane. Perhaps the pilgrims who came last year in preparation for WUCC2006 went home and gained some converts. Either that or it must be frickin' cold this year.


Let's start with the imaginatively named Your Mum.

FORM: I honestly don't know much about this lot, except that Viru is a Prince Among Men, and anyone named Palmer is worth keeping an eye on (especially if they are near your drinks). My spies report that Your Mum will struggle with only a few girls, but they're used to being savage. Brutal even. This is what hanging with a bunch of Discheads is all about, what with all their science bureaucracy and such.

PARTY: Apparently pretty strong on LAN parties. Real life with clothes on could be difficult. Although I understand Messers Appleby and Llewellyn are wild men who are coming north to take our women or something.

TIP: 13th but won't care a bit.


Now onto the other Adelaide gang, Da Frizz.

FORM: I hear that Da Frizz will be shacking up at the 'local' caravan park about 10kms from the fields. These are the only places left in Qld that will accept this team as the neighbours are used to strange noises all throughout the night. Expect Da Frizz to come to the fields (a) in their pj's, (b) with a hang over, and (c) with less than 2hours sleep. There will be a lot of emotion to grind out.

Tactics that have worked well against Da Frizz before by other teams:
- If you're playing DaFriz in the morning, speak loudly to them to take full advantage of their hangovers.
- If you're playing them around midday, be sure to offer them a comfy bed to 'rest up in' before their match, most will fall asleep and miss the match.
- If you've got a match against Da Frizz in the afternoon, then just don't drop the disc as they employ a ramshackle "one man D" to conserve the whole teams energy for the partying that night.

Da Frizz most notable tactics are:
- warm up, errr what's that, we'll just clap and cheer the opposition as they warm up expecting us to take this frisbee holiday thing seriously, very off-putting,
- on O, huck it long and hope somebody is there to catch it,
- on D, 'one man D'.

PARTY: If Mr Tickle appears, please slap him.

WEBSITE: Oh, and check out their fancy website!

TIP: 10th if Oldman makes it into day 2 and Westy remains conscious.


Finally for today, lets check out the sterile emptiness that is Spare Room.

FORM: Realised early that they'd be in trouble, so have kidnapped some key Adelaidians in Huy 'Dramatic Lead' Vu and Kaz 'See Note Above' Palmer, but not even they can fill the vaccuum. But looking through the rest of the roster, one word comes to mind. Serious. Very serious. Every drop will be dealt with by an extended bout of screaming from the rest of the squad, and the player being led off to the 'correction room'. Every throwaway will see players before the disciplinary committee. It will be interesting to play these guys, especially when 'the weak' collapse in blubbering heaps, like that Private Pyle guy from Full Metal Jacket.

PARTY: All this on-field restriction will of course lead Spare Room to want to seriously let their hair and underpants down under cover of darkness. It'll be like the entire US Navy has hit town, after 37 months in the Gulf. Will be amongst the top three finishers, mostly on the back of Huy.

TIP: Top 6. I'll say 4th to motivate Drule.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Halibut Preview: GU-nit

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the coming three weeks, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 teamsregistered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: the Gold Coast based GU-nit.

I really only know two things about this team. One is that only Stefan has registered, suggesting that he might be an army of one (in which case, the vaguely US military name of the team is kind of fitting). But the other is rumours of large numbers of crazy foreigners (and I mean this is the most affectionate way) arriving on the Gold Coast for some surf and study (and Ultimate apparently). So this team could be a surprise packet.

But let me tangent onto noting that the Gold Coast remains the basketcase of Australian Ultimate. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, its Australia's fifth largest urban area, has two sizable universities, people chuckin' frisbees on the beach, glorious weather, etc. This is not to disrespect the efforts of people like Stefan or Jimmy L or even A-Prof Stocks, and yes, there is a high turnover of people, but crikey, how can there not be a huge Ulti-scene there?

Or maybe there's tonnes happening and I'm just out of the loop as usual.

PARTY: Although I suspect this team will have party talent, I suspect we won't see it, as the squad will be wanting to drive home to the Gold Coast overnight. Second last.

OUR TIP: I'm a sucker for rumour and looking for a surprise. 9th

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Halibut Preview: Hooray for Everything

Jangles aka Two-Ducks aka Adam Beu (that last one sounds like a pretty dodgy nickname to me) is clearly now the Kevin Rudd of Brisbane Ultimate, insisting over at Ulti-talk that "he can smell the feel of the wooden spoon" in his efforts to portray the QUTie-based sneaky squad as the Halibut underdogs. Plus its the fair hair and disturbing smile.

Hooray for Everything is a pretty politically correct name. Why not 'Horny for Everything', or 'Hooray for Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph' or something. Make a stand, people!

FORM: Any team that has (while we're in nickname city) Wetnose, Canst Thou Have Cheezburger and the Hudmeister on it's roster is going to score a few points at least, and there are quite a few QUTiers I don't see registered on any team, so it could just be student slackness preventing your tipster from making a more solid call. They could just sleep in too.

PARTY: Won't be the first to go home, but likely to go home alone. However, if they can field 5 Borats, I will be willing to name them F**KIN AWESOME PARTY CHAMPIONS.

OUR TIP: 11th.


Just putting this here for now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

YUFL: Cracking the Bermuda Code

I normally don't blog about the Monday night Yeronga Ultimate Frisbee League (aka YUFL aka Malloy's Love Child), and I guess that's because I usually have a poor memory of games because I seem to expend all my mental power on running (hence my long rambling Captain's speeches after games). Or it could be that while we're having fun and increasing retuning the new model Red Peppers, we're still achingly winless after five games.

Anyway, last night we played Bermuda Triangle, a team I used to play for and who is well known for their devastatingly executed 'four man cup'. I've been thinking about this for ages - how to negate it?

So props to newish Red Pepper massive Matt Eastburne who provided the 4-man-cup beating tactic - play a 3-3-1, and you'll find that you're generating a three on two contest in the middle of the field.

Problem was though - BT's offense (once a source of confusion for many) is now very very good. Clinical even. Their whole team functions as a unit, and the passing in slick and confident. It was only through constantly changing our own defence that I think we slowed them up at all - although in the first half of the game all this did was make them pass more - turnovers were rare, what with them leading us 7-1 at one stage. We did get back to 10-7 at one point, before losing 15-8 in the end.

Still, it was nice of BCL (Bermuda Captain Luke) to note at the end of the game that we'd cracked them and they had to try something else. The Peppers might not have gotten a win, but we had something to take home.

ps Impressive Hardcore Effort of the Week - Tim Woodman's wife Gill is due with their first bub on Tuesday, but he gets out for a run at YUFL on Monday night.

Linkety Link Link

Last night I met Paul, a fella who'd been looking for a few games of Ultimate while he was visiting Brisbane. And today, I discover he's blogged the visit!
Also, you'll see I've added the seemingly abandoned 'Ultimate Lovers' website to the links bar.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Halibut Preview: Concrete Donkey

Just as Hercules took on his famous twelve labours, over the coming three weeks, I will attempt to preview each of the 14 teamsregistered for 'Halibut 2007: It was THIS Big!'. Today: the Townsville based CONCRETE DONKEY.

One of the entertainments about trying to rate any Townsville team is the mystery of 'who will turn up?' Sure, there's sixteen of them listed on the rego site, but how many have booked flights? (Probably only Mansauce, as he has some sort of income) And of those how many are willing to take on the Townie-style insanity of driving down and back for Halibut? (Probably a car load or two. Hamish won't be hitching, I think as he has a lady-love to impress these days).

FORM: Last year (while craply named as 'Shoot to Kill' - Concrete Donkey while still pretty crap is at least an improvement) the crew came in 5th of 12, with a win over Da Frizz (also returning this year) a highlight.

PARTY: Generally this lot does pretty well at parties. Simon Urquhart's costume effort from 2006 was a standout. Expect to see the Viking Drinking Game pulled out, although now that it's been popularised at Nationals, expect many southerners to barge into the action.

OUR TIP: The bigger field this year should make things tougher, and Anscomb and Barnes are older and slightly crazier. 8th.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Halibut is Three Weeks Away!

Halibut is only three weeks away, and the Lounge Lizards are continuing their air of organised preparation, with the release of the team seal.

Of course, our appearance of organisation is but a ruse - we'll be mindless rabble on the day, I can assure everyone.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reptillian Bid

This is an old but very cool image that at one time (not sure now) sat on the front page of the Northern Territory Ultimate website.
I post it here to support its ongoing existence. It needs no fancy loltext.
If you know anything about it - who carved it, who the guy is - let me know!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Character Find of 2005 (aka AU Quality Control)

So, I'd always wanted to have a comic strip in AU. Problem was I couldn't draw worth a damn. One day I had the idea that I could use the computer to draw some simple pictures - I was sure I could write something reasonably funny, couldn't I?

I'd previously put together a silly poll for AU, and listed a few ideas for cartoon characters - these are refered to below. My favourite I think was 'Wendy Wucks - She Always Hucks', but there was also 'Dud - the Guy Who Doesn't Do Cheers' and 'Adam and His Amazing Skirt', plus a few others.

The result is below, staring Friz B. Disk, and thankfully, after showing it to Pottsy and Leon, its space-filling capacity in the Australian Ultimate Magazine was quickly vetoed.

Nonetheless, thanks to the boundless limits of an internet blog, I can share this amazing badness with you today!

Click to make bigger.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mixed Nats Qualification and Guesses

So the Mixed Nats qualification policy is out at Essentially, rather than the Nats N/S/E/W regions, there are twelve zones, each with at least one slot. Different State/Territories have responsibility for nominating teams to take those slots - they might pick rep teams, or run tournaments, or just announce or something.

As I understand it (some grapevine and some guesses):
- NSW have announced a State Championships tournament to determine their six teams.
- Victoria are running a 6 week league (if I've got it right) to determine their teams.
- SA has called for interest in teams taking their two slots.
- Tasmania will send a rep team for their slot I presume? They might have to have selections!!??!!
- Presumably the NT and Northern WA slots will not be taken up, and become wildcards and go to NSW and Vic?
- Southern WA might struggle to send two teams (particularly given their upcoming NUFL travel), freeing up another wildcard?
- Don't know how NZFDA will manage its two slotsAny

In Queensland
- Presumably Townsville will get its act together and claim the North Qld slot. I suspect if they're clever they'll also recruit a few southerners (up to 25% of the squad can be 'out of zone').
- QUDA hasn't made an announcement on the two South Qld slots, although I hear Byron are interested in trying for one of them, setting the cat amongst the pigeons? QUDA certainly wouldn't be keen to use Halibut as a qualifier, as teams have already formed etc, and it's probably right to keep Halibut a special event for Mixed teams around the country
- I'd have to imagine though we'll end up with a Queensland qualifier - Byron, Booty, Non-Booty plus something like the Lounge Lizards?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Amazing What You'll Find

For WUCC last year, we had to get together electronic passport-style photos for everyone (including guests - hence Helen and Terri. 74 Flood's various mugs inspired the following.
Click to embiggen.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unused Logo Corner - the Uni of Canberra Squid

So back in the day, the University of Canberra (aka Canberra University) kids decided to call themselves (ourselves kinda - I was a part time post grad) the Squid.

So I put together this logo, which I reckon turned out pretty good. But in the end, no logo was used.

The Beauty of Billeting

I've noticed over the past few years that billeting is in decline.

Its not just the number of people willing to take in billets (remember, your natural limit is the number of people you can fit in your car to and from the fields - not the number of beds and bathrooms, which frisbee players can go without), but its also the number of people looking for a place to stay.

While on the one hand, I think this reflects the increasingly improved organisation of Ultimate teams and tournaments (ie these days teams are more likely to organise group accommodation - which of course helps cement team comraderie (although at the expense of more work for team managers) I think overall this is a sad thing.

The beauty of billeting is the brotherly (sorry - can't think of an equivalant gender neutral term) nature of it. You're staying with someone you don't really know, or someone you don't really know is staying with you. But you're united by your love of Ultimate and the bonds of friendship that run through the Ultimate community.

Of course, this is not to discount the cost-saving that comes from staying with someone when you go to a tournament elsewhere. Not just the cost of a motel room or backpacker, but the cost of not having to eat out and not having to pay for taxis/buses/trains/hire cars/parking. Then there's the benefit of having a guide to show you how to get things done in the place you're visiting.

For having someone to stay - it builds the tournament experience for you, and perhaps more importantly, you've got automatic new friends and place to stay when you visit their towns!

So get into billeting - its good for you and good for everyone.