Friday, September 30, 2011

BUML 17-10 Preview: What We Become

Off the split round and AUGs, and some people will have noticed nothing, others will be refreshed and ready to rock, and some will still be hung over (Hi Megs and Gref).

With teams having two or three games left before the playoffs, BUMLOC have quite rightly reminded everyone that players must have *attended* at least five games through the season to be eligible for the Finals. The attended is there (rather than played) to allow injured players to ensure their eligibility by getting along to support their teams.

An of course, we're only a few weeks away from the playoffs, so lets keep that finals speculation up by looking at the results of a recent Brisbane Ultimate Blog poll:

Yep, it looks like the favourites remain the UQ Lovers and the Dysponoeics, although maybe its possible those two teams are the only people who voted. Don't forget to vote over on the right there for the Div 2 favourites.

Anyway, lets get into Round 10.

Bermuda Triangle vs Co-mingled – Annerley 3A
Apparently the Co-Mingled squad were quite amused when we put the Co-Co’s moniker on them last week. Alas for them we aren’t trying to amuse, so from here on in we’ll nickname them the Minges and see how they like that. Expect Bermuda Triangle to throw everything at them this game, as they are desperate for a win to get them ahead of the other Div1 cellar-dwellers. Alas, many of these throws will be intercepted by a rampaging Maylin, who some believe has the highest ratio of wingspan verses height in the entire Ultimate nation.
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 5.

Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
The Blue D’s got out of jail against the Minges last week, so they’ll be careful about dropping the soap from here on in. The Poachers have been uneven all season, but are perhaps only one game away from pinching a Semi-Finals spot.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 5.

The Ghost Who Walks vs Heroes – Griffith 1
This could well be the battle to avoid relegation. The Purples and the Greens are two of the bottom three (along with Bermuda) and this is the last time they’ll play amongst themselves this season. So the winner here will be able to feel pretty confident they’ll be able to remain in the top flight, while benefiting from any early 2012 draft picks.
Our tip: The Ghost Who Walks by 2.

Wuxi Finger Hold vs UQ Lovers – UQ 7A
This game will all be about whether UQ can managed to turn up following Uni Games. Its not just the sore bodies (which frankly haven’t been that challenged this week) or the sore heads (which are nothing new). It’s the backing up of life – work, study, sex – that means they just may not be able to play on Monday night. Wuxi of course will be there, solid. Upset time?
Our tip: Wuxi by 2.

Chimichangas vs Disc-Iples – Annerley 5A
Well now, this should be an interesting game that will tell us about the makeup of the final. The Iples had a very humbling experience against Agent Orange last week, and must have spent the last seven days questioning themselves, their beliefs and their Ryans. Can they come back? Meanwhile, the Chimis are moving steadily towards the end of the season, with the return from injury of Johnny Mac adding lots of everything.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 4.

What the Huck? Vs QUTies – The Gap 1
Apparently the entire What the Huck? Team reads this preview each week. Our first reaction was of course, what the huck? But then it became clear that they come here seeking reassurance of their general fame within the competition, and their general dark horse status. Yes, its quite possible this lot are going to pull a Warriors and force their way into the Grand Final, on the basis of their slick counter-attack and tight teamwork. QUTies meanwhile I think alas will be pretty smashed up from AUGs, despite all the new tricks they will have learned.
Our tip: What the Huck by 6.

Tsunami vs Plastic Scourgery – The Gap 2
Neither of these teams have been to the Gap before, so that’s challenge one.
Our tip: Tsunami by 4.

Agent Orange vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 2
Most of the time, your blogger tips his own team, the Go-Go’s, through hell and high water. But this week they’re up against the veritable Beasts of Division 2, who will be getting all 666 on Griffith’s arse, much like they have with most other teams this season. Griffith will also be missing Dominator Dan due to AUGs.
Our tip: AO by 12.

Slipped Discs vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 3
Oooo! This one is very important to both of these teams. After spending the season being boffed around by some teams full of people who’ve played lots before, the two genuine newbie teams of the League go head to head. Expect some long points, which will bring things down to a proper ‘survival of the fittest’ scenario.
Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 2.

Mellow Yellow vs Discheads – UQ 7B
So here’s how this game is going to go. Rob will wonder if he can’t slip over to the Staffie for a quick one before the game, as he hasn’t been on campus for a while. Yestin will go with him, and they’ll find Brendo’s already there with Dave C and Dave B. There’ll be some happy times, and then a warm up involving sculling the rest of the jug and a light jog across campus to arrive spot on start time. The Discheads meanwhile will have been slotting a few macchiatos down their gullets.
Our tip: Discheads by 3.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Every week we're shufflin'

A 1-point score differential in favour of the Heroes over the Bugs tonight made Dojo very happy. Cola thanked many individual green men, who were confused. Are you confused?

As Dojo secured a 2-point win over Cobras (a good battle), the Heroes win meant some shuffling would occur on the ol' leaderboard, aka the ladder. Dojo resume #1, while Bugs slide down to 2nd. Heroes move up to 3rd and SFC down to 4th as a result of Slamtown not playing (scheduled bye).

Next week, SFC and Heroes get to smash it out, and with 1-point 2-point no-point wins and losses going around, all this blogger can say is that it's f8ckin close and this is the first time in my memory where 4 teams could win it. That said, the bottom 3 are playing very competitively and it'll be interesting to see where our little league ends up say, in 12 months time.

That is all.

Friday, September 23, 2011

BUML 17-9A Preview: Here We Remain

So this Monday brings the first half of the AUGs/AMUC inspired split round, which gives us previewers a bit of a break, and a chance to run a bit of other business in this space.

Best of luck to all the gang from Griffith, QUT and of course UQ at the Australian University Games, which huck off next Monday at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.

Most importantly, apparently whomever is available of the two Griffith teams are going to the Beachhouse at Garden City for a few quiet ones. This means that folks visiting the Griffith campus for once will not be overly confused by the number of people running around in red shirts, nor by JdR’s inconsistent timekeeping and rambling about how it’s the only field he’s played Ultimate on this year, aside from Townsville.

Rumours about the Queensland Hat abound, particularly with news that Badman is going under the knife in November meaning his birthday will be more bummer than bash. The QH is flagged for 27-28 November in Brisbane.

Division 1

Poachers vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
The Poachers will be desperate to win this one, as Myall and Kalin have put the word out amongst the team that they’ll accept nothing less than a Semi-Final berth, or they’ll be quitting Ultimate for Disc Golf. The Poachers are currently two points out of the top four, and face the Dyspnoeics next week before finishing against Bermuda Triangle, so the opportunity to dark horse their way in is there.

Of course, the proud women and men in green are standing in their way, and will be hoping to pull an Ireland against the Wallabies on Monday night. Guarin remains in the Brian O’Driscoll role, while Sean is more of your Michael Flatley and Carl is more Westlife. Hmm, maybe next time we profile the Heroes we’ll match them all to heroic Irishmen and women …

Our tip: Poachers by 2.

Bermuda Triangle vs Wuxi Finger Hold – Annerley 5A
We’re not sure that its harsh to remind everyone that in its long and storied history, Bermuda Triangle has always had trouble scoring. Maybe it’s the whole ‘being full of married people and teenagers’ thing, but then again some of them grew up in the sixties and no doubt have made a few trips to Nimbin in their time. Anyway, we can only suggest hucking to the endzone from receiving the pull and then zoning like a mutha was always the BT way.

Wuxi meanwhile are so packed with stars … well its sort of something to say that Pete Allen is probably their worst player, both on the field and off. This probably why they rank amongst the best scorers of the entire BUML competiton, but have a relatively shabby defence, particularly when George is overseas and can’t clean up. You’d think they’ve have booked their place for the Semis by now, but their remaining games are against fellow top 4 teams UQ and Co-Mingled, and of course there may be player injuries and such from AUGs and AMUC to consider.

Our tip: Wuxi by 7.

Dyspnoeics vs Co-Mingled – Griffith 1
Well, this is a clash of the titans.

Speaking of For and Against, we pause to note that Dyspnoeics have the most miserly defence in the League, having only let in 51 points across 8 games so far this season (although the stats are slightly skewed by the Poachers’ forfeit back in Round 3). Indeed, its only been twice that the Blue D’s have let anyone score more than 6 on them in a game, and that was in their loss to UQ and draw with Wuxi. This game against Co-Mingled will either set them up for the Semis, or knock them on their asses before they face the Poachers and TGWW finish out their season. Despite some poll-bombing by UQ, the Dysponeics remain the favourites, based on the poll on the right there.

Co-Mingled meanwhile will presumably lose Abra to AUGs (although there’s a chance he’ll slip back up for the game), but this will just mean that the rest of the Co-cos will have to step up a bit … nothing new for the likes of Molly and Pres Boevink of course.

Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 3.

Division 2

Discheads vs Tsunami – Annerley 3B
Earlier in the season, we thought we wouldn’t need to talk about the Discheads in these previews. And how right we were, as their rampant egos and constant self-promotion have saved us from typing many words. But we’re starting to get to the business end of the season, and its not clear whether this crew still have the shop open. This game will be the big test.

Tsunami meanwhile have spent the week recovering from their first loss in a while, against the unpredictable but always-running What the Huck?

After this week the Discheads have Mellow Yellow and Plastic Scourgery, while Tsunami have Plastic Scourgery and the QUTies, so you’d assume on form they are both well in contention in a tight Semi-Finals race (although stranger things have happened), and will need to start practicing keeping their throats clear.

Our tip: Tsunami by 2.

Agent Orange vs Disc-iples – Griffith 2
Speaking of the upcoming Finals series, is this the Grand Final preview? While this previewer hasn’t had a chance to observe AO at all this season, the numbers speak for themselves – top of the table, only one draw to marr a perfect record, highest scoring offence and second toughest defence, plus outstanding spirit. But, perhaps AO are vulnerable this round, having to leave their halcyon heights home ground at the Gap and venture forth to the far south for the first time this season. Will this be beyond the reach of their local talent, and will they be able to find the easier carpark?

It’s a big call, as they’re up against the Disc-iples, who haven’t lost a game since their one point cliffhanger against the Discheads back in August, and have been semi-regulars on flat Griffith track.

Our tip: Disc-iples by 2.

What the Huck? Vs Plastic Scourgery – Griffith 3

Scourgery have the opportunity to get all River Song on us for the remainder of the season, with a chance to release some spoilers as their remaining games are all against potential Semi-Finalists.

Our tip: What the Huck? By 5.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Blitz (5th) - stats suggest that the new team on the block seem to have put up a fight in most games, as they've reached time cap most nights. Always going to be reliant on Chris Cunliffe, but these guys have a lot of talent, young (Sean, Craig) and old (Geoff and that other guy). Oh, and Brock. Chris has been keeping it basic and appears to be coaching pre-game.

Win forecast: 2 more (3 total)
Placing: 5th
MVP candidate: Chris Cunliffe

Moreton Bay Buggers (1st): Early on, Buggers looked buggered. They seemed to lack positive leadership, comprising of wirely old crank pots and wide eyed rookies. The addition of Buzz surely consolidated this composition, but perhaps the physical presence of spiritual leader Mike has spurned the Buggers on, spiralling upwards to heights unfamiliar in the seasons most recently passed. Linus is larger than life but no doubt some (one) will attribute the Buggers success solely to #7115.

Win forecast: 4 more (10 total)
Placing: 1st
MVP candidate: Rolo

Cobras (6th) - These guys had an awful start to the season, again. Forfeits, players O/S for beach.... Trachter withdrawal.. The team they've had on the line in recent weeks has been less "star"-studded and more likely to win a match, which I think they did against Bandidos (am I riiight?)

Win forecast: 1 more (2 total)
Placing: (6th)
MVP candidate: Finn

Dojo (2nd) - Dojo find themselves in unfamiliar territory, 2nd place, without Pete, Matt Ryan or Caleb Sim... looking vunerable. That said, the other 3 in the top 4 have stuck it to them and they've come away losing only one. They say that Lankowski has been on the up since Nats. We agree. We play against him a lot.

Win forecast: 4 more (8 total)
Placing: (4th)
MVP candidate: Coops

Los Bandidos (7th) -
Looking less threatening in their second season. They seem to be aiming to develop players with the usual suspects taking subs occasionally, however, as William Shattner says "It hasn't happened yet". Josh looks threatening in the air.

Win forecast: 1
Placing: 7th
MVP candidate: Gref

Slamtown Flatball Club (3rd) -
The travelers were unconvincing early. Sure, they had a string of wins, but their unravelling against Dojo was disappointing, and they failed to challenge the Buggers. We're told that their talls have improved, as we predicted they would. This is likely to carry them into the finals again. Greg Orlando anyone?

Win forecast: 5 more (9.5 total)
Placing: 2nd
MVP candidate: Jimmy

Heroes (4th) - A lack-lustre start after a bye first up. Heroes seemed doomed to mediocrity. Then heads were turned, as the green boys had their first victory against a "top 3" of the last few seasons - Buggers. Still playing to the level of their opponents, but mostly winning. Bevans hucking has disintegrated since he hit the pole on field 2 (read 3b if you're a BUML n00b). Killing it in the air.

Win forecast: 5 more (9 total)
Placing (3rd)
MVP candidate: Myall

Thanks for listening.

WFDF Introduces New Antidoping Rules

WFDF have announced its new Antidoping rules. If you are representing Australia, you'll need to be familiar with them. The press release at the bottom of the link below does a good job of explaining the various perspectives our sport has had in taking this on.

Anyone want to place bets on when Ultiamte's first international doping scandal will occur, and how big a deal it will be?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No News is Bad News for Buggers

So last week, LD.Spesh finally released the ladder to the public. A number of Bugs# had been discussing positions on the ladder in previous weeks, obviously being privy to such exclusive information. So with Bugs securing #1, the ladder is released!

This post is a little late, so the ladder does not include games from the most recent Round, but here's an update.

Blitz started strong against Heroes with a 5-2. Heroes switched on and won 14-7. There were many skill errors all round.

On the darker side, Bugs and SFC had a hit out to establish dominance on the league. It seems like Bugs are the in form team, SFC apparently not challenging, I believe a similar score to the Blitz / Heroes game.

Not sure what happened across field, but I know that Dojo kept it serene in the garden.

Get Your MIT On This Weekend

The Mixed Invitational Tournament is on this weekend. If you're playing, AWESOME. If you're planning to go and watch, AWESOME. If you're missing out, lame ...

Here's the gin from TD Mat:

"G’day Everyone,

This is the Information you need for the Mixed Invitational Tournament this weekend.

This information is necessary for Team Captains, Players and Spectators.

This is the maiden MIT Tournament and it’s going to be absolutely smashing.

The Barramundi squad will be fist-fighting for spots at Worlds next year, and a bunch of interstate Mixed teams will be having their last tournament tune up before Mixed Nats. There will also be a mishmash of locals (including some highly credentialed players), who want to have a crack at all of the above. The Ultimate will be smoking hot.

With 7 teams participating this wont be the biggest event you’ve ever played, but it does allow us to give you a little extra special attention, starting with the use of one of our best tournament venues in Brisbane . And we’ve got a few gourmet lunch surprises lined up also.

In many years from now, you might be able to look back with pride and say that you were at the first MIT. And we’re hoping to give you a high quality, “boutique” tournament experience appropriate to the occasion.

Ooh lah lah.

COST $57 per player.
* 1 day players:
- $32 (Sat only).
- $29 (Sun only).


Saturday 24th
•Games 11.00am – 5.00pm
•Gourmet Lunchbox
•Roast Dinner & Barra v Mundi Demo game (6.30pm – 8.00pm)
•Bar open till 12.00am

Sunday 25th
•Games 8.30am – 4.30pm
•Cold breakfast (cereal, bread & spreads, juice)
•Gourmet Lunchbox
•Gourmet Pizza after games
•Bar open
NB: Hot BBQ breakfast, Tea and Coffee available – user pays

The Gap Soccer Club, Glenaffric St, The Gap
(approx 9km WNW of CBD on the road).,+The+Gap,+Queensland&hl=en&ll=-27.463652,152.994061&spn=0.06344,0.109863&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=63.416161,79.013672&vpsrc=6&t=h&z=14


•Usual Frisbee tournament stuff plus..
•Money for BBQ breakfast, fizzy drinks at bar and tournament fee (if needed).
•Towel and change of clothes for dinner and bar after the game (showers available at the fields).
•Jumper, because it can still be brisk at night.

Saturday 24th
10.20am:…………………Captains Meeting

NB: The final draw will be published and distributed at the Captains Meeting
All team Captains or reps to be present at the Captains Meeting.

11.00am – 5.00pm:……. Games Commence
6.30pm - 8.00pm:……… Barra v Mundi Demo Game
12.00am:……………….. Bar closes.

Sunday 25th
7.45am:………………….Cold Breakfast (paid) & Breakfast BBQ (user pays) available
8.30am – 4.30pm:……...Games Completed
4.30pm – 5.00pm:………Pizza & Presentations in bar

Monday, September 19, 2011

Second Hand Marketplace

So this post is here for people who are looking to buy or sell second hand Ultimate gear within the Brisbane Ultimate community (or just give stuff away).

Maybe you've upgraded your cleats but the old ones are still usable by a newbie who doesn't want to invest yet? Maybe you've left a team but have a shirt that you don't wear any more but someone might like?

While the post itself will slide down the pile, new comments will come up in the sidebar, and we'll pin this title on the sidebar too for people to find easily.

Please have a good look at the date of the post when you're looking to buy.

If you're looking to sell, we suggest you include an email address so people can contact you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

BUML 17-8 Preview: Made to Suffer

Hey ho, let's go.

Division 2

Form only for Division 2 this week.

Slipped Discs (11th) vs Plastic Scourgery (9th) – Annerley 3A
Slipped Discs - last seven games – LWLLLLL (five losses in a row)
Slipped Discs Player to Watch – Bridget B
If Slipped Discs were a TV show – they’d be on Bris31
Plastic Scourgery – last seven games – WWLLLLL (ditto)
Plastic Scourgery Player to Watch – Emma B
If Plastic Scourgery were a TV show – That 70’s Show
Our tip: Plastic Scourgery by 2

Chimichangas (7th) vs Discheads (5th) – Annerley 3B
Chimichangas - last seven games – WFLWWWL (steady as she goes)
Chimichangas Player to Watch – Jemery A
If Chimichangas were a TV show – Los Vengadores
Discheads - last seven games – WWWWWLL (have the wheels fallen off?)
Discheads Player to Watch – Craig B
If Discheads were a TV show – Thunderbirds
Our tip: Discheads by 1

What the Huck? (4th) vs Tsunami (3rd) – Annerley 5A
What the Huck? - last seven games –LWWLWWW (due for a loss?)
What the Huck? Player to Watch – Laura B
If What the Huck were a TV show – The Mickey Mouse Club Show
Tsunami- last seven games - WLWWDWW (hasn’t lost for a while?)
Tsunami Player to Watch – Ben D
If Tsunami were a TV show – Hawaii 5-0
Our tip: Tsunami by 1

Agent Orange (1st) vs Mellow Yellow (6th) – The Gap 1
Agent Orange - last seven games – WWWDWWW (unbeaten!)
Agent Orange Player to Watch – Alex B
If Agent Orange were a TV show – Get Smart
Mellow Yellow - last seven games – DLLLWWW (talk about a season turnaround)
Mellow Yellow Player to Watch – Kirsten
If Mellow Yellow were a TV show – Cheers
Our tip: Agent Orange by 4

Griffith Go-Go's (8th) vs QUTies (10th) – Griffith 2
Go-Go’s - last seven games – DLLWLLW (blips)
Go-Go’s Player to Watch – Lizzy B
If the Go-Go’s were a TV show – Funky Squad
QUTies - last seven games – LLWDLLL (will be keen for it)
QUTies Player to Watch – Jangles
If QUTies were a TV show – Open University
Our tip: Go-Go’s by 1

Griffith Oh-Yeahs (12th) vs Disc-iples (2nd) – Griffith 3
Oh Yeahs - last seven games – LLLLLLL (about due!)
Oh Yeahs Player to Watch – Kate B
If the Oh Yeahs were a TV show – The Banana Splits Show
Disc-iples- last seven games – LWWWDWW (another great streak)
Disc-iples Player to Watch – Sam BW
If the Disc-iples Were a TV show – Sunday Praise
Our tip: Disc-iples by 8

Division 1

Meanwhile in Division 1 ...

Heroes vs Co-mingled – The Gap 2
Co-Mingled will be on a high after knocking off UQ at St Lucia last week. But its about time the Heroes did something and we reckon this week is it.
Our tip: Heroes by 2

Dyspnoeics vs Bermuda Triangle – Griffith 1
Both these teams adore going out to Griffith to play some Frisbee. Bermuda are seem to been getting somewhere on offence is the increasing number of points on the board each game means anything, but the Blue Ds view themselves as assassins and won’t take anything from anyone.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 5

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Ghost Who Walks – UQ 7B
Wuxi beat GWW 17-6 earlier in the season, but the purple-suited-mothers have strengthened as the temperatures have risen. Wuxi have been a bit vulnerable lately, but they seem to play better on campus.
Our tip: Wuxi by 3

Poachers vs UQ Ultimate Lovers – UQ 7A
Speaking of vulnerability and campus, the UQ Ultimate Lovers had their bedroom breached last week by a Co-Mingled raid. Can they regroup? The Poachers meanwhile will be looking for a third win on the trot, and of course, Revenge with a capital R after their 1 point loss against the students way back in Round 1.
Our tip: UQ by 4

Saturday, September 10, 2011

BPL results plz

After Heroes took the first two points, the Bandidos struck back, taking half at 8-5, easily walking it through the Heroes zone.

Heroes applied a transition zone which took Bandidos by surprise every time, especially when we played man straight up for one point. Got the next 6 in a row and took out the game 15-11 (or 12).

On the premier field, Sebastian told me that Buggers were wiping it in the faces of Dojo, but he was wrong. What Sebastian did not realise, is that Dojo looked angry because the point was taking longer than they intended and they had to run a bit.

Coops was heard saying "HOW did that disc get through our fence?!?" - Matt and Stu have been boasting that they have the Dojo zone figured out (jamming it through the middle), but obviously this didn't work or didn't matter on the night, Dojo taking a big win (am I right?).

Blitz and Cobras finished last, which is interesting, but I heard nothing.

Please comment with more details - let's get interactive!

Friday, September 09, 2011

BUML 17-7 Preview: The Calm Before

Well, everyone’s focused on the 7th Lovefest this weekend, but serious Ultimate players know that the whole event was concocted several years ago to ensure that UQ was ready to continue its unbeaten run in BUML19’s Round 7 on Monday night.

It being the NRL and AFL Finals this weekend, plus the RWC starting, we’re going totally with form to help you all with your tipping this week.

Meanwhile, the big boys in the BPL are wondering why they don't get the same sort of coverage BUML does from the BUB. An easy answer would be to blame aL and Natman for cutting JdR from the UQ Lovers a few seasons ago. Another answer could just be that BUML is more interesting.

Division 1
Division 1 this week is very interesting, as random chance has produced a draw of two halves. The top four teams play each other, and the bottom four teams play each other. So that makes all matches very hard to pick.

Wuxi Finger Hold (4th) vs Dyspnoeics (2nd) – Annerley 3A
Wuxi - last six games – WWLDWL (Looking shaky)
Wuxi Player to Watch – Salvatore Colangelo
If Wuxi were a TV show – Home and Away
Dyspnoeics – last six games – WWWWLW (Bam baaam)
Dyspnoeics Player to Watch – Adam Baker
If Dyspnoeics were a TV show – The Flintstones
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 2

Poachers (5th) vs The Ghost Who Walks (6th) – The Gap 1
Poachers last six games – LWLWLW (what a roller-coaster)
Poachers Player to Watch – Alison Baynes
If Poachers were a TV show – Being Human
The Ghost Who Walks - last six games – LLWLLL (a blip?)
The Ghost Who Walks Player to Watch – Luke Allen-Ankins
If The Ghost Who Walks was a TV show – Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman
Our tip: The Ghost Who Walks by 5

Heroes (8th) vs Bermuda Triangle (7th) – Griffith 1
Heroes – last six games – LLLLLL (flatline)
Heroes Player to Watch – Carl Behrendorff
If Heroes were a TV show: Sex and the City
Bermuda Triangle – last six games – LLLLWL (looking up)
Bermuda Triangle Player to Watch – Jack Allan
If Bermuda Triangle were a TV show: Lost
Our tip: Heroes by 1

Co-Mingled (3rd) vs UQ Ultimate Lovers (1st) – UQ7A
Co-Mingled – last six games –WLWDWW (on a roll)
Co-Mingled Player to Watch –Sonya Arthur
If Co-Mingled were a TV show – The Tudors
UQ Ultimate Lovers – last six games – WWWWWW (on a steamroller)
UQ Ultimate Lovers Player to Watch – Megan Barnes
If UQ Ultimate Lovers were a TV show – In the Night Garden
Our tip: UQ Ultimate Lovers by 3

Division 2
Meanwhile in Division 2, the fun continues, mostly because we’re out of time this week. Let’s make it quick.

QUTies vs Disc-iples – Annerley 3B
Jangles is reporting that Ultimate doesn’t hurt the next day any more. Obviously he’s doing it wrong.
Our tip: Disc-iples by 3.

Discheads vs What the Huck? – Annerley 5A
After losing to Agent Orange last week, I was totally surprised when the Discheads didn’t set fire to Gav’s wheelie bin after drinking all his beer.
Our tip: Discheads by 2.

Agent Orange vs Chimichangas – The Gap 2
Agent Orange are currently undefeated at their new fortress at The Gap. The Chimis have had a few soft games recently.
Our tip: AO by 3.

Griffith Go-Go’s vs Plastic Scourgery – Griffith 2
Well, all we can say is its JdR vs Dusty, and some s#%t’s gonna go down. The Go-Go’s have had a decent crack at some good teams this last two weeks before giving it away in the second half.
Our tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by 1.

Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Mellow Yellow – Griffith 3
The Rugby World Cup should soften the livers of Mellow Yellow this week, but the Oh Yeahs are pretty much Tonga.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 5.

Slipped Discs vs Tsunami – UQ7B
Tsunami got a bit of a scare last week before pulling out the zone and taking care of the Go-Go’s.
Our tip: Tsunami by 7.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Better late than never...

Last Thursday night, I was playing on field 2 - Heroes vs Cobras. We had been trading all night, and were up by a couple, when we looked over to field 3 and saw MBB and Bandidos seemingly disbanded. It was then announced that the time was 9:05, which means that the game should have ended. Who's the time keeper? Obviously, no one. Jangles says something like "Don't worry about time, let's get the points". Our minds go racing back to that ugly night of the same match up, where Cobras came back to get the draw because the time-keeper went home early. Jamie says urgently "We need to get this shit sorted now!"

Meanwhile, on the premier field, Slamtown have watched their hopes of vindicating their Grand Final loss to Dojo vanish before their eyes, in a come back not seen since Al Don lead the winless lovers to victory from an 9-2 deficit before vomiting violently and turning their season around. SFC had been up 11-5, and the score was now under fierce debate at something like 13-12, Dojo. "The game should have been finished 5 minutes ago!!" someone shouted. "MBB / Bandidos are only on time out - look! They are still going!!"

This argument went on long enough for the other game to finish, have circle of love and Special LD to get involved. "What time did you start", he asked. "BUUUULLSHIT!" - jeered Kevvy into an SFC coloured cone.

Slamtown were unwilling to accept the cock up, and Dojo in their usual fashion said "Fuck it." The game went on and I believe Slamtown got the draw. Fitting?

The moral of the story -

Games start at 7:30 and go for 80 minutes. If games start late, it is up to the captains to decide on finish time. Perhaps a rep from each team should be in charge of starting their stop watches on their phones at the same time.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sense Us

The poll is closed and no surprises, most readers play a high level of ultimate. There are more voters tuning in from interstate to check out what's going on up here - no doubt ex-pats who are playing some decent ultimate somewhere else.. or on hiatus.

We at the BUB are open to suggestion...

What should this blog focus on more?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Because Mixed Nats was not already social enough...

and because in other parts of the country, there is stiff competition for spots, and the legendary Flycatchers Ultimate Club from South Australia missed out,

SAFDA are proud to be hosting

"B-Grade Mixed Nationals!!!"

To be held at the same time as their superior cousins tournament - Oct 8 - 10.

This may be a chance for all those guys who were overseas playing beach to get the band back together, head south (but further west) and take out a win. Or maybe Griffdawgs will head down for their first trip away.

To read more, head to the AFDA trash talk page and get amongst it.

And now, Ben Folds will perform for you - "Adelaide"!!!

Adelaide Lyrics
Artist(Band):Ben Folds
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On a plane
Far from the united states
Dropping in from outer space
Takes a day
Now I see the Bogans
At the motor race
Here you know the world could turn
Or crash and burn
And you would never know it
Going where the air is clear
There's better beer in Adelaide

Charlie L. Smith's forty
Someone spiked my rice
The rest, history
Now I am a fixture down

Rundle Mall
Watching as the locals pass
Silver balls
I can see their eyes are round
They're pointed down
They scan the spanning sidewalks
Learning that there is no hurry
Fuss or worry

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

It's raining
In Adelaide
A face is waiting in a window
A voice says
Why Adelaide
You could live anywhere and I say
Because I want to
Because I want to
I really really want to

And you know the earth could turn
Or crash and burn
And you would never know it
Really got to make it to the finish line
Get the record done on time
Pack the bags
And catch a flight
And you can kiss my ass goodbye
I'm in Adelaide

Monday, September 05, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Lovefest

As is the tradition, within seven days of Freddie Mercury's birthday each year, the UQ Ultimate Club hosts its annual Lovefest tournament.

Well, today is Freddie's birthday, may his soul rest in flamboyance, and this Saturday it's Lovefest time.

Do you need a team? There's six teams so far and most of them would love to have you.

When: Saturday 10 September - game on at 9am.
Where: Griffith Uni AFL Field - Kessels Rd across from QEII Hospital.
Who: You, darlings, plus all the most fun and loving Ultimate players in SEQ.
How Much: $30 gets you fields, lunch, insurance and the party.
Party? Yep, its on at the Fox at South Bank that evening.

Ready Freddie?!

Friday, September 02, 2011

BUML17-6 Preview: This Sorrowful Life

Six weeks in, and after this round, six weeks to go. Yes, its almost just before half-time, and the score is Brisbane Ultimate Blog's BUML previews 9, over no-name haters 0.

Division 2

Agent Orange vs Discheads – The Gap 2
Hoo ha! Top of the table, match of the round, clash of the titans, all that stuff. This game may well one day enter into the mythology of the Heroes Ultimate Club as ‘the Crap at the Gap’. And certainly the trash talk on the Club email list has been at Muhammad Ali levels – “Float like a Gavin, sting like a Bev.” “You can’t huck what you don’t have.” “Seb is just a big ugly bear”. “Orange is best.” “Vanessa is the GOAT!” “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Starks – he never called me orange.” "Dan's so fast that last night he turned off the light switch and was in bed before the room was dark." "If you even dream of beating us you'd better wake up and apologize."
Our tip: AO by 1.

Slipped Discs vs What the Huck? – Annerley 3B
Well, you’d have to give this one to the Huckers. They beat the Go-Go’s last week 14-8, and the Go-Go’s beat the Slippers 16-9 the week before. Both teams will enjoy not having to drive all the way out to Griffith though.
Our tip: What the Huck? By 10

QUTies vs Mellow Yellow – Annerley 5A
Mammoth is the word that comes to mind here, as two of the most celebrated foundation clubs of BUML go head to head this week. Mellow Yellow took the much fancied Plastic Scourgery out the back of this field last week and gave them a solid flaying, in the process getting their arms back to their hucking best. Meanwhile the QUTies were very shaky against the Chimis, which was unexpected given their strength on paper. Anything can happen here.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

Griffith Go-Go’s vs Tsunami – Griffith 2
Tsunami are already thinking about the finals. The Go-Go’s are thinking about beer. Fortunately, the finals and beer go together quite well, so this should be a good match.
Our tip: Tsunami by 3.

Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Chimchangas – Griffith 3
This will be a game of contrasts. The Chimi’s have been extraordinarily uneven so far this season. Meanwhile, the Oh Yeahs have been very consistent … in being totally wild.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 5.

Disc-iples vs Plastic Scourgery – UQ 7B
Heaven vs Hell.
Our tip: Disc-Iples by 2.

Division 1

Poachers vs Wuxi Finger Hold – Annerley 3A
The Poachers have been having numbers troubles so far this season, but hopefully this will smooth out playing at the easy to find Annerley 3A field this week. Wuxi of course continue to work their way through their carton of whoop-ass cans.
Our tip: Wuxi by 8.

Heroes vs Dysponoeics – The Gap 1
This should be a good one – and possibly the tight Div 1 game this week. Yes, the Heroes are at the bottom of the Division 1 table, but they’ve had some close losses against some good teams, including staying within three points of champions Wuxi last week. Meanwhile, the Dyspnoeics had their first loss of the season last week, having been ravaged by the UQ students. Both teams will want to wrap this up quick though, so they can watch the Discheads/Agent Orange barney.
Our tip: Heroes by 1.

Co-Mingled vs The Ghost Who Walks – Griffith 1
As mentioned above, Co-mingled smashed the Poachers last week, and they’ll be looking to keep the Mercy Bucket in the cupboard again as they take on The Ghost Who Walks, who are steadily finding their feet in Division 1.
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 6.

UQ Lovers vs Bermuda Triangle – UQ 7A
UQ remain undefeated this season, and of course are at home all the time. So this one looks obvious to the tipper. But, Bermuda Triangle scored their first win of the season last week – yay. So maybe this one won’t be as one sided as some may expect.
Our tip: UQ by 6.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bpl Round 5

Premier field #1: Dojo vs Slamtown

Field #2: Heroes vs Cobras

Shit light #3: Bugs vs Bandidos

Bye: Blitz