Friday, September 30, 2011

BUML 17-10 Preview: What We Become

Off the split round and AUGs, and some people will have noticed nothing, others will be refreshed and ready to rock, and some will still be hung over (Hi Megs and Gref).

With teams having two or three games left before the playoffs, BUMLOC have quite rightly reminded everyone that players must have *attended* at least five games through the season to be eligible for the Finals. The attended is there (rather than played) to allow injured players to ensure their eligibility by getting along to support their teams.

An of course, we're only a few weeks away from the playoffs, so lets keep that finals speculation up by looking at the results of a recent Brisbane Ultimate Blog poll:

Yep, it looks like the favourites remain the UQ Lovers and the Dysponoeics, although maybe its possible those two teams are the only people who voted. Don't forget to vote over on the right there for the Div 2 favourites.

Anyway, lets get into Round 10.

Bermuda Triangle vs Co-mingled – Annerley 3A
Apparently the Co-Mingled squad were quite amused when we put the Co-Co’s moniker on them last week. Alas for them we aren’t trying to amuse, so from here on in we’ll nickname them the Minges and see how they like that. Expect Bermuda Triangle to throw everything at them this game, as they are desperate for a win to get them ahead of the other Div1 cellar-dwellers. Alas, many of these throws will be intercepted by a rampaging Maylin, who some believe has the highest ratio of wingspan verses height in the entire Ultimate nation.
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 5.

Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
The Blue D’s got out of jail against the Minges last week, so they’ll be careful about dropping the soap from here on in. The Poachers have been uneven all season, but are perhaps only one game away from pinching a Semi-Finals spot.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 5.

The Ghost Who Walks vs Heroes – Griffith 1
This could well be the battle to avoid relegation. The Purples and the Greens are two of the bottom three (along with Bermuda) and this is the last time they’ll play amongst themselves this season. So the winner here will be able to feel pretty confident they’ll be able to remain in the top flight, while benefiting from any early 2012 draft picks.
Our tip: The Ghost Who Walks by 2.

Wuxi Finger Hold vs UQ Lovers – UQ 7A
This game will all be about whether UQ can managed to turn up following Uni Games. Its not just the sore bodies (which frankly haven’t been that challenged this week) or the sore heads (which are nothing new). It’s the backing up of life – work, study, sex – that means they just may not be able to play on Monday night. Wuxi of course will be there, solid. Upset time?
Our tip: Wuxi by 2.

Chimichangas vs Disc-Iples – Annerley 5A
Well now, this should be an interesting game that will tell us about the makeup of the final. The Iples had a very humbling experience against Agent Orange last week, and must have spent the last seven days questioning themselves, their beliefs and their Ryans. Can they come back? Meanwhile, the Chimis are moving steadily towards the end of the season, with the return from injury of Johnny Mac adding lots of everything.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 4.

What the Huck? Vs QUTies – The Gap 1
Apparently the entire What the Huck? Team reads this preview each week. Our first reaction was of course, what the huck? But then it became clear that they come here seeking reassurance of their general fame within the competition, and their general dark horse status. Yes, its quite possible this lot are going to pull a Warriors and force their way into the Grand Final, on the basis of their slick counter-attack and tight teamwork. QUTies meanwhile I think alas will be pretty smashed up from AUGs, despite all the new tricks they will have learned.
Our tip: What the Huck by 6.

Tsunami vs Plastic Scourgery – The Gap 2
Neither of these teams have been to the Gap before, so that’s challenge one.
Our tip: Tsunami by 4.

Agent Orange vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 2
Most of the time, your blogger tips his own team, the Go-Go’s, through hell and high water. But this week they’re up against the veritable Beasts of Division 2, who will be getting all 666 on Griffith’s arse, much like they have with most other teams this season. Griffith will also be missing Dominator Dan due to AUGs.
Our tip: AO by 12.

Slipped Discs vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 3
Oooo! This one is very important to both of these teams. After spending the season being boffed around by some teams full of people who’ve played lots before, the two genuine newbie teams of the League go head to head. Expect some long points, which will bring things down to a proper ‘survival of the fittest’ scenario.
Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 2.

Mellow Yellow vs Discheads – UQ 7B
So here’s how this game is going to go. Rob will wonder if he can’t slip over to the Staffie for a quick one before the game, as he hasn’t been on campus for a while. Yestin will go with him, and they’ll find Brendo’s already there with Dave C and Dave B. There’ll be some happy times, and then a warm up involving sculling the rest of the jug and a light jog across campus to arrive spot on start time. The Discheads meanwhile will have been slotting a few macchiatos down their gullets.
Our tip: Discheads by 3.


Anonymous said...

- Dyspnoeics won't win, they have no height.
- UQ will stumble due to a lack of depth.
- Wuxi are like the Dragons, running out of steam after dominating. They will fall at the semi stage.
- Co-Minlged will take it out, with all their superstars suiting up for the finals (5 games or not).


Starky said...



dstrel said...

might we see some tanking in the ghost vs heroes game?

Starky said...

Discheads beat Melow Yellow 14-5, playing most of the match with 6 on the field (our two ladies running savage).

Any other results?

Anonymous said...

Mingers beat triangles and the Noeics got poached and smothered in hollandaise

Anonymous said...

AO def Griffith
Heroes def GWW
Slippers forfeited to Griffith

Tomsteve said...

Enjoying all of these wonderful opinions! Pretty cool of you to write up each week JDR. I'll have to check in on the BUB a bit more often.

BUML is getting pretty fun these days!

Starky said...

Nice, thanks!

And fyi, from the BUML website:
UQ 11 d Wuxi 5
Disc-iples 13 d Chimis 5
WTH d QUTies (forfeit)
Tsunami 13 d Plastic Scourgery 9