Thursday, September 08, 2011

Better late than never...

Last Thursday night, I was playing on field 2 - Heroes vs Cobras. We had been trading all night, and were up by a couple, when we looked over to field 3 and saw MBB and Bandidos seemingly disbanded. It was then announced that the time was 9:05, which means that the game should have ended. Who's the time keeper? Obviously, no one. Jangles says something like "Don't worry about time, let's get the points". Our minds go racing back to that ugly night of the same match up, where Cobras came back to get the draw because the time-keeper went home early. Jamie says urgently "We need to get this shit sorted now!"

Meanwhile, on the premier field, Slamtown have watched their hopes of vindicating their Grand Final loss to Dojo vanish before their eyes, in a come back not seen since Al Don lead the winless lovers to victory from an 9-2 deficit before vomiting violently and turning their season around. SFC had been up 11-5, and the score was now under fierce debate at something like 13-12, Dojo. "The game should have been finished 5 minutes ago!!" someone shouted. "MBB / Bandidos are only on time out - look! They are still going!!"

This argument went on long enough for the other game to finish, have circle of love and Special LD to get involved. "What time did you start", he asked. "BUUUULLSHIT!" - jeered Kevvy into an SFC coloured cone.

Slamtown were unwilling to accept the cock up, and Dojo in their usual fashion said "Fuck it." The game went on and I believe Slamtown got the draw. Fitting?

The moral of the story -

Games start at 7:30 and go for 80 minutes. If games start late, it is up to the captains to decide on finish time. Perhaps a rep from each team should be in charge of starting their stop watches on their phones at the same time.



Coops said...

Thanks Dan, was wondering whether anything would get posted about this little ... incident :)

For the record, during the incident, I had a watch on, but hadn't taken specific notice of what time we started, nor was specifically keeping track of when the official end time for our game should be.

At .. 11-9 (?) DojoMojo down, I remember checking the time and thinking that we better continue our comeback post haste. Then at 11-11 we were all starting to think that time HAD to be up ... so we sent Adz off on a mission to check with Spesh, as our neighbours on field 3B weren't sure of the timecap.

When Adz came back with the answer (of 80mins for game) we were 13-11 up, and we yelled 'last point' as we then (after getting the answer from Spesh) realised we were already 15mins over time (!).

Last point was played, won by Slammers, making the (not so) final score 13-12, DojoMojo up.

The rest is history.

Summary - I agree with you Dan, more attention needs to be paid (now obvious!) by the captains to the time cap & last point, without relying on Spesh to hold our hands.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of Ultimate. In what other sport, even the most amateur, does starting late get accepted so readily?

There is nothing worse than when a team rocks up late and then expects the game to be played for the full time length as opposed to the correct finishing time. If you wanted a full length game, how about be courteous and rocking up on time?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous commenter strikes again... far out, is it that hard to put your name to something? Especially when you have a legitimate point...

Other than the faceless aspect, I back this comment. I'd actually be in favour of a common start/end time (blow a horn for it), and points being assessed if one team is ready and an opponent isn't.