Thursday, September 22, 2011


Blitz (5th) - stats suggest that the new team on the block seem to have put up a fight in most games, as they've reached time cap most nights. Always going to be reliant on Chris Cunliffe, but these guys have a lot of talent, young (Sean, Craig) and old (Geoff and that other guy). Oh, and Brock. Chris has been keeping it basic and appears to be coaching pre-game.

Win forecast: 2 more (3 total)
Placing: 5th
MVP candidate: Chris Cunliffe

Moreton Bay Buggers (1st): Early on, Buggers looked buggered. They seemed to lack positive leadership, comprising of wirely old crank pots and wide eyed rookies. The addition of Buzz surely consolidated this composition, but perhaps the physical presence of spiritual leader Mike has spurned the Buggers on, spiralling upwards to heights unfamiliar in the seasons most recently passed. Linus is larger than life but no doubt some (one) will attribute the Buggers success solely to #7115.

Win forecast: 4 more (10 total)
Placing: 1st
MVP candidate: Rolo

Cobras (6th) - These guys had an awful start to the season, again. Forfeits, players O/S for beach.... Trachter withdrawal.. The team they've had on the line in recent weeks has been less "star"-studded and more likely to win a match, which I think they did against Bandidos (am I riiight?)

Win forecast: 1 more (2 total)
Placing: (6th)
MVP candidate: Finn

Dojo (2nd) - Dojo find themselves in unfamiliar territory, 2nd place, without Pete, Matt Ryan or Caleb Sim... looking vunerable. That said, the other 3 in the top 4 have stuck it to them and they've come away losing only one. They say that Lankowski has been on the up since Nats. We agree. We play against him a lot.

Win forecast: 4 more (8 total)
Placing: (4th)
MVP candidate: Coops

Los Bandidos (7th) -
Looking less threatening in their second season. They seem to be aiming to develop players with the usual suspects taking subs occasionally, however, as William Shattner says "It hasn't happened yet". Josh looks threatening in the air.

Win forecast: 1
Placing: 7th
MVP candidate: Gref

Slamtown Flatball Club (3rd) -
The travelers were unconvincing early. Sure, they had a string of wins, but their unravelling against Dojo was disappointing, and they failed to challenge the Buggers. We're told that their talls have improved, as we predicted they would. This is likely to carry them into the finals again. Greg Orlando anyone?

Win forecast: 5 more (9.5 total)
Placing: 2nd
MVP candidate: Jimmy

Heroes (4th) - A lack-lustre start after a bye first up. Heroes seemed doomed to mediocrity. Then heads were turned, as the green boys had their first victory against a "top 3" of the last few seasons - Buggers. Still playing to the level of their opponents, but mostly winning. Bevans hucking has disintegrated since he hit the pole on field 2 (read 3b if you're a BUML n00b). Killing it in the air.

Win forecast: 5 more (9 total)
Placing (3rd)
MVP candidate: Myall

Thanks for listening.


Coops said...

Dan, you're too kind (cheque's in the mail ;P), but just a quick correction: we haven't lost Ryan, but instead lost Chris (along with the others you mentioned).
Oh, and we still have Caleb ... spiritually!

dstrel said...

Yes, it was a throw-back to our circle of lover banter.. do you remember?

I saw Matt's name on the roster, good to see him back.

Jules said...

How can only 1 team have half a win?

Anonymous said...

Cobras lost to bandidos and Josh hasn't played for bandidos since like week 2??

dstrel said...

Yeah, it's messy.