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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The 49th Post ... and the Future?

So, this is my 49th post to the Brisbane Ultimate Blog.

I figured I'd demonstrated to myself (and you dear readers) that I can maintain the rage.

But then there have been times when I've had things to write that haven't been Brisbane Ultimate related. And I've been thinking about making the blog more flashy looking (alas, deep down, its Rube's blog).

So the question is . . . should I wander off and start some sort of JdR Ultimate blog, or even (dare I even suggest it) just a straight JdR blog?

Tell pigduck what you think.

ps It was another interesting game for Rawhide last night. Still some bad decisions and some disappointing throwaways/drops. Maybe we'll put it all together for our game against Passion in two weeks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uncle Travelin' Blog

So I've had a couple of trips away the last week, and catching up at work and home limits the time to record such travels. I choose to rectify this now.

Townsville was a good visit. Big Chief Keith (whom I've known from his BPL days, and of course with 74 Flood at WUCC) picked me up at the airport and we swung by his and Zane's bachelor pad (and let me say that aside from the lack of furniture, it was pretty bachelory!). Spare room and spare bed ready to go. Then it was off to the beach for some beach volleyball using the Official NUDI Beach Volleyball kit (yes, its true) seeing old pals Megs the Narnian Princess Digging Machine, and of course Mansauce. Despite the growing gale force wind and driving drizzle, we followed up with a BBQ and then home. I should mention that Keith and I drank a lot of beer, while everyone else had nothing. Hence our decision to spend the evening watching TV seems reasonable.

That was last week, then on the weekend I went to Sydney for the annual face2face AFDA Board meeting. It was very energising, but I should be doing the minutes for it rather than blogging, so you'll have to forgive me if I skim for now. Truckloads of work to do, but catching up with Pottsy, Piers, Leon, Mel, Lisi, John, Simon and Nic was great.


ps for those not getting it, this entry's title references Uncle Travelling Matt, a character from Fraggle Rock - which you need to search YouTube for now if you don't know what a Fraggle is.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting Sorted for Halibut

The biggest and best team for Halibut 2007 is getting itself together, with today's launch of its yahoogroup and the announcement of the new "Face of the Lounge Lizards"!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brisbane Open Division Ultimate League History

Jon Good (using research and memories from Jason Ray and John McNaughton) have done us all a might service in compiling a table of past Brisbane Open "A-Grade" Leagues, starting from the Winter 2002 Dog Cup to the Autumn 2007 Brisbane Premier League.

1 Winter 2002 Dog Cup - Dog Squad def Sons of Yoda
2 Summer 2002 Dog Cup - Skyscraper def Boeing
3 Winter 2003 MAL III - Dark Side def [someone]
4 Summer 2003 MAL IV - Terse-ary def On-Fa
5 Winter 2004 MAL V - Dojo def Ultimate Lovers
6 Summer 2004 MAL VI - Delta (13) def Disc Police (10)
7 Winter 2005 MAL VII - Big City (11) def Ultimate Lovers (9)
8 Summer 2005 BPL I - Whippett Good (15) def Dojo Mojo (13)
9 Winter 2006 BPL II - Whippett Good (15) def Moreton Bay Buggers (11)
10 Spring 2006 BPL III - Moreton Bay Buggers def Ultimate Lovers
11 Summer 2006 BPL Mini League - Moreton Bay Buggers def Dojo Mojo
12 Autumn 2007 BPL 2007 Season 1 - Ultimate Lovers (12) def Moreton Bay Buggers (10)

Hopefully we'll gather some more history over the coming months and pull it together at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog

Friday, June 15, 2007

Townsville 300

I don't think I know this guy, but I've pinched this one from the Townsville website (which alas, as not been updated for some time).

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Visiting Townsville

I'm in Townsville for work meetings on Monday, so decided to get flown up Sunday for a look around. But I can't seem to send email to the Townsville yahoogroup (is there a moderator who's away or something? Or am I banned?).

Alas, my number-one-with-a-big-manly-bullet guide to Townsville, Big MattA (the A is for Alpha baby, and don't you forget it) is off in Mount Isa (being bad-ass on some mining companies I guess). And Big Keith C-S isn't answering email, so I suspect he's out of town too (being bad-ass on some minerals).

So I guess I'll be throwing on the Strand and having a drink somewhere no my own? And I don't have anywhere to stay?

Anyway, the point of this is that if you're in Townsville and want me to buy you a drink, get in touch.

UPDATED: Big Keith Spare-Room has come through, and is even picking me up at the airport. Hot dog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Loldisc Power, Activate!

So, if you google loldisc, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog comes up on top, followed by some sites in Russian.

That's a contribution to the internet!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Rule for League Cancellations?

So we've lost a BPL and YUFL this week, due to rain and a public holiday.

Kudos to the organisers for getting email out early.

But lets have a rule that if a league/training night isn't able to be played, the notifying email has to propose the socialising alternative.

Ie - "No League tonight due to rain, so instead we're meeting at the Muddy Farmer Pub".

Because just because you're not outside playing that night, doesn't mean this isn't an opportunity to catch up with your frisbee mates.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

You've got flying lips mail

Dear Jase

I don't know if you wanted submission but here was my attempt at the 2007 UQ
Lovers AUGs logo - it got knocked back... :(... lucky my when it comes to
designing my esteem is already so low that the rejection barely registered.

Now if you don't mind to grab a tissue because something just flew in my eye.


PS - keep up the great work on the Brisbane's Ulti Blog.

Friday, June 08, 2007

More Logos

Here's another few logos. The first one was for '74 Flood, the Queensland-based Masters team that went to WUCC2006. I really liked this logo and made various permutations, but there were a few people who we're keen on the 'athelete man', and I couldn't get around to a 'dude laying out silhouette'
This one for the Red Peppers isn't so much rejects, as that we haven't (yet) got around to doing shirts or anything.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rejected Logo Corner

I think we all like good logos. I've had a few goes at different times, but here's a few rejected roughs (just to give the concept - I couldn't take the time to do a proper job unless they were keen). I thought they were pretty good!

The first one for Firestorm plays on the Bushfire Warning signs you see around Australia. The wedges and text aren't quite tidy (I'd make the smooth), but I liked the idea of various colours, and also pushing the EXTREME! bit. I only sent it to Johnny Mac, so I don't know if the rest of the team got a look, but they ended up going with the understated zippo lighter.

The next one was for the Canberra women's team, fACTory girls. I've pinched the famous 'Rosie the Riveter' poster here, but think its pretty cool and empowered. I wasn't sure about the 'We Can Huck It' (in place of Rosie's 'We Can Do It'), but didn't have a better idea first up. Might have to keep this one in case the Brisbane women every move away from the 'saucy' Sultry theme to something more hard core.


Lots to report, but I'm just pooped today (I would say buggered, but that means something else in Queensland Ultimate).

Underworld on Saturday was pretty tiring (but fun).

AFDA Meeting on Sunday night went pretty late (but useful).

Then YUFL kicked off again last night. We had a great game against our old favourites, the Mellow Yellows, but alas we only had one sub. So it was a long hard run (plus thankfully a couple of drinks afterwards).

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Serious Sinning at Underworld

Well, Brisbane's first Indoor tournament (in living memory?) has been won and run, and I for one am very very tired!

Most of the people there hadn't played Indoor Ultimate before, but I got the impression they're keen to do it again.

Congratulations to Greedy (Steph, Adelia, Heather, Paul, Piers and Matt) who won a big final over Sloth. Gluttony and Lust also played hard.

Al D, Eireann and Emma B picked up the Creampuff Awards, for being crazy enough to layout on the nice wooden floors.

Special thanks to the injured Nicole for helping out with admin on the day.

See you next time.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Underworld Gender Confusion

Its a simple question, but some folk in Brisbane seem to find it all ha ha and giggly (or just plain confusing, I guess)

Are you Male or Female?


Piers TruterWho's asking?

Blair Sheardf

Jonathan PottsYes

Alistair Donmale...Unless its mixed and then I'm undecided

Mathew EastburnMale

Andy McleanMy DNA has been crossed with a frog

John McNaughtonNo longer a beginner... whatever relevance that may have to sex...

Kristen NottFembot

Nicole de RooyF

Rodney Weatherheadmere male

Emma Bendall"the female of the species is more deadly..."

Adilia MurabitoFemale

Leticia Limaf

Brett MatzukaI swing both ways!

Dustin CzokMy Ding-a-ling, My Ding-a-ling, I want you Play...

Jon GoodMale - and allowed to play 1 more indoor event!

Andrew LankowskiMasculine - hard core.

Anthony-James BardenM

Sarah SandfordF

Wei ChiaF

Stephanie LevasseurF

Eireann Gilliganfemale

AJ JoshiRequires further research

Janet Nultyfemale

Heather Mailanderf

Jemma ReganBritish Female!

Carrie BaldwinF

Ben Lucasfrom a distance...either

Paul Warden-HuttonM