Friday, March 30, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 5 Preview: Faster than you can say ‘Muncha buncha crunch carrots!’

So here we are at the end of March – we’re a month into the 2012 BUML, and the various divisions are starting to get themselves sorted out based on early season form. Let’s see what this means for this week’s matches.

**Division 2 – Athos**

>>What the Huck? vs Discheads – Annerley 3B
Clash of the titans, we mean round for Division 2! The many headed hydra that is WTH? takes on a horde of greased bodies with helmets shaped like Frisbees. While the rumour that TimJ is a CGI masterpiece seems overcooked (our tip is that only stop-motion plasticine can produce that effect), there remains questions about the believability of the Dischead’s claims that they’re inevitable to win Division 2. This game will be a big guide for the rest of the season.
> Our tip: Discheads by 2.

>>Baby Chimis vs Disc-iples – Easts 2
The Baby Chimis were washed out last week by the Gap closure, so will come out running this week, having wiped away a painful start to the season. The Iples’ season so far can only be described as ‘smashing’, as in being smashed one week, and smashing someone else the next.
> Our tip: Draw

>>Bermuda Triangle vs Heroes – Easts 3
BT haven’t been pushed this season as yet, but we’re not sure the Heroes are going to be the ones to do it, with their Katy Perry March going on (cold, hot, cold).
>Our tip: Bermuda Triangle by 5.

>>Tsunami vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Agent Orange find themselves in a strange position – winless. Not playing last week didn’t help. Tsunami meanwhile have overcome their opening loss to the rampant Bermuda by posting devastating wins over the Chimis and Discheads.
>Tsunami by 6 .

**Division 3 – Porthos**

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Griffith Yee Haws – Griffith 2
The first big derby amongst the Griffith teams for 2012, and the inter-team love has been flowing freely on the Griffith Facebook page. Mostly, its been about who’s going to be a ‘top’, and who’s going to be a ‘bottom’, whether its better to be a top or a bottom, and whether both Jordiii and MoTo can manage a whole game. Of course, the winner here will be Griffith Ultimate, and possibly the Go-Go’s, who’ll get a look at both teams before playing them later in the piece.
>Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 2.

>>Yeast vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 1
Reports on new team the Yeast are highly varied. Some say they are some sort of self-replicating monster, greygooing teams whenever possible. Others suggest they’re pretty whitebread in outlook. Either way, the Go-Go’s will find out this week, assuming the Yeast can find their way to Griffith Stadium. The Go-Go’s will also be cutting the ribbon on their new red wheelie-bin this week.
>Our tip: Go-Go’s by 2.

>>QUTies vs Mellow Yellow – Annerley 5A
As the season progresses, so we can start to make some guesses on form, rather than reputation. Which is useful in this case, as both QUTies and Mellow Yellow have “reputations” … the sorts of reputations your mother probably warned you about, if you know what I mean. Anyways, two weeks back Mellow Yellow rolled the Go-Go’s by two points, and last week the Go-Go’s rolled the QUTies by two points. So a four point difference?
>Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

>>Apostles vs Slipped Discs – Annerley 5B
Either some folks think the Apostles are pretty good, or its just that the Apostles love the Brisbane Ultimate Blog so much that they all come here and vote for themselves, but they’re currently tipped by our totally scientific polling system to win Division 3 in their inaugural season. But to do that, they’ll have to learn to win at Annerley, where the Slippers have been waiting, patiently, hungrily, looking for a win.
>Our tip: Apostles by 6.

**Division 1 - Aramis**

>>UQ Lovers vs Drop Bears – Annerley 3A
To the tune of ‘Sex Bomb’
“Drop Bears, Drop Bears,
I see you over there,
Waving furry booty and just lookin’ kinda fruity
Drop Bears, Drop Bears,
About your Frisbee I don’t care,
Please, take me back to your lair.”
>Our tip: UQ Lovers by 4.

>>Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – Easts 1
Dyspnoeics vs Poacher games are always geekfests, mostly because of Mr Lankowski’s perennial channelling of his Darth Vader voice (or that heavy breathing could just be that he’s getting unfit) and calling on young Skywalker, I mean, Blacklock, to join him on the ‘dark side’. Or is Andy the Emperor and Dan the young Annakin? Chris ‘Chewbacca’ B and Paul ‘C3PO’ S may prefer these comparisons are not made, although apparently Johnny Mac has been working on his Klingon.
>Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 3.

>>Ghost Who Walks vs White Lantern – The Gap 2
Two masked hero themes in one game? Expect the full costumes to be on for both sides.
>Our tip: White Lantern by 3.

And that's it for this busy busy week.

Monday, March 26, 2012

BUML Team of the Week - White Lantern

Arguably the peak of the biggest thing in Brisbane (if Clubs count as things), White Lantern is the ‘best of the best’ mixed players from within the Heroes Ultimate Club (HUC). By our count, across its various teams, the Club has had [shit loads] of seasons of Monday night mixed Ultimate since Huddy’s Heroes first put on the green back in January 2007.

Despite all this history, in many ways White Lantern is a totally new proposition, albeit one with a significant profile thanks to the Club blog and some reasonably talented on-line smack-talk. Will all this build up translate into Finals glory in a tough looking Division 1 this season? We invited Carl and Craig up from the Huc Coffee, Chocolate and Cycling Emporium and Warehouse to answer these and more questions.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks for coming in gentlemen. We won’t offer coffee as it won’t be up to standard – we won’t even try. Have a biscuit though – they’re fresh backed. Good stuff. Now, how’s the season looking for White Lantern so far?

Carl: Yuuum. Great biscuit – did you really make those?? Anyways this is definitely the strongest heroes team that Monday nights has seen. Its also a new approach to the heroes game style of old where Id say “Chaddy, Laura... bust long”. Everyone on the field can fill their role and we’re a complete unit. We just have to get used to playing with each other after being assembled from about four various teams from last year. Our handy pick up of Gen Heals has been great.

Craig: Yeah thanks for the biscuits, any beers but? The Club really wanted to put a real Div1 team together this season, and if nothing else, we’ve done that. The classic days of low conversion rates on turns on defence are gone. I really think this White Lantern team has the ability to really show some teams up. But we also aim to be improving as the season goes on and get a long way into the finals.

BUB: You've taken on a name that implies "Life" to some. Who's giving some life to White Lantern on the field?

Craig: I’d say the heart of this team is Sebastian Brown. He is always striving for the ‘perfect’ game and plying a central handling role. Other than that, we have a couple X factor players- like Chaddy or Rick. Both of these can be electric and both are famous for huge bids just to add some potency on offense.

Carl: Well I mentioned Gen already – she’s been great in her first two games, particularly because I haven’t seen a woman so ready to throw a hammer as much as me before! Also Devon is a new recruit to the HUC fold. We secured a trade with him in place of ChrisB (we still think we got a bargin in that deal – Dyspnoeics are suckers). Devon was my man-of-the match against the pickupdiscs last night, so I’m very happy with that trade.

BUB: The new look six-team Division 1 includes yourselves and arguably no particular ‘stacked team’ – who are the big threats and who’s going to get demoted to Division 2 at the end of the season?

Carl: For me its a simple choice - The Ghost Who Walks will struggle in this true Div 1 league and Drop Bear will continue to struggle if they keep turning up savage (even though they’ve got pAllen). Thats not to take anything away from these teams... I just looked at the rd2 ladder and picked the bottom two places. As you said its a very close draw WHICH IS GREAT. Its sure to bring about ‘upsets’.

Craig: I don’t know how many teams are gonna get demoted, but Ghost Who Walks are in trouble. With losses of 9 and 10 it looks like a long season for those guys. Yeah I don’t know why, but I feel like they lack depth and pace around the field.

BUB: You’ve both been with the Club for a long time – how did you originally get into it?

Craig: Actually though Carl, initially I resisted but I slowly got more interested after coming and watching a couple games. Started playing on Discheads in season 1 of 2010, and now play 3-4 times a week.

Carl: Met some Americans on a camp. Played ultimate on the camp. Caught the bug. Now play Ultimate 2-3 times a week.

BUB: Who are the players who’ve left HUC over the many years that you’d most like to have back one day?

Carl: Well Nat Litzow was on the original Huddys Heroes... And of course Huddy was an icon... so they’re always welcome - but you know what! I’ll tell you a guy who I don’t want back on the Heroes BUML rosters... Traitor ChrisB... thats who.

Craig: Yeah, I agree with Carl. Hero for life or nothing.

BUB: Are the rumours true?

Craig: Yes, unfortunately – I am related to Carl. Fortunately, however, this does means I’m related to Laura as well. She is the best Behrendorff after all, right?

BUB: Nice work Craig - any any other rumours we should know about Carl?

Carl: Oh you've caught me out thinking about some other rumour. I thought we managed to keep a lid on it but... Yes they are. Seb and Channy are engaged....

BUB: Wow. I’d never have guessed.

Carl: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!! All the girls in the club have been pestering Seb to do it for ages.

BUB: Is it true what they say about Chris Brown?

Craig: In reference to that poor goat, Gruffy? Hmmm I think I’d lose my blue card if I talked about that.

Carl: I think the readers know my opinion about that dog already...

BUB: And talking big picture now – where do you see the BUML and the Heroes Ultimate Club in, say two years time?

Craig: Hmm depends on how many more teams the cCub can put together. No seriously, BUML is growing and I think we could end up having a 4th division – possibly on an extra night. I also think Divison 1 will strengthen, with resurgence of ‘real’ Div1 teams.

Carl: BUML is going to be big. I think we’re gonna see a new division of play introduced and that will be an unders competition. With more high school aged kids (Yes I get the irony that I also look like a kid) playing and learning at school, we’re going to have to adopt the “unders” system ie. Under 14s, 15s, 17s etc. AND maybe not in a few years but... wouldn’t it be cool to have to play on a Saturday morning!?!

HUC already has “young” players on our rosters and we’ll certainly be encouraging/developing a junior (not to be mistaken with that idiot Reece) team if it ever gets to that point.

BUB: Anything else you’ve got for us?


Craig: Where’s my beer? You never got it….

BUB: And here's why *pulls the lever, and the trapdoor opens beneath Craig and Carl*.

BUB: Thanks again for coming in. No need to do the washing up. So there you have it dear readers – Carl and Craig, taking tickets and naming names. You can see them punching out winners every Monday with White Lantern, and on some other nights in some other Frisbee competitions that we don't bother mentioning around here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 4 Preview - You Just Need a Bandage

Have to do this quick today!

**Division 3 - Donald**

>>Mellow Yellow vs Slipped Discs - Annerley
Top of the table vs bottom of the table games are normally pretty simple to tip, but while it’s early days yet, but the new Division 3 is looking the tightest in the Monday night competition. Two games in, and Mellow Yellow is leading the competition, but that’s only following a very close win over the Griffith Go-Go’s last week, and a tie against the Griffith Oh Yeahs the week before. Meanwhile, the Slipped Discs are bottom of the table with a loss and a bye, but their goal difference is only -4. Still, experience will count in this game.
>Our Tip: Mellow Yellow by 7.

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs The Ultimate Yeast – Annerley
In their first game ever, the Yeast got a win last week (although we refuse to use the word Ultimate as an adjective) against the reluctant to travel Griffith Yee Hars. The Oh Yeahs meanwhile have had the stiffest start to the season, with a draw against Mellow Yellow and a one point loss to the Apostles last week. Assuming the Oh Yeahs can find Annerley fields for their first ever away game, we’ll have to go with the 12 months additional experience of the Griffith team.
>Our Tip: Griffith Oh Yeahs by 6.

>>Ultimate Apostles vs Griffith Yee Haws – Griffith
Back at Griffith, the Yee Hars get a chance to regather their forces and bring Jordiii and MoTO back into the fold, just in time to face Marcus’ Apostles (another adjective user – bah!), who are facing their third Griffith team in three weeks. Both teams feature a lot of newbies and are on the upward curve. Should be a close one.
>Our Tip: Apostles by 1.

>>Griffith Go-Go's vs QUTies - Griffith
The Go-Go’s are hurting after a tight loss to Mellow Yellow, so expect them to come out hard against a travel-fatigued QUTies, who’s assignments are starting to catch up with them, despite their on-field speed.
>Our Tip: Go-Go’s by 3.

**Division 1 - Goofy**

>>Drop Bears vs Poachers – Annerley
Well, the Drop Bears finally pick themselves a decent name for an Ultimate team. See, its self-depriicating (the ‘drop’ bit), has a slight pun (dropping, as well as drop bears), uses an obscure Aussie pop cultural phrase (drop bears), and of course, Dusty is a ‘bear’ in certain parlance, and of course, most of the team are quite cuddly. So, well done, as PUD sucked badly. The Poachers won’t care though.
>Our tip: Poachers by 2.

>>Dyspnoeics vs White Lantern – Easts
Are previewed in our first BUML team interview for the season.
>Our Tip: Dysponoeics by 3.

>>UQ Lovers vs The Ghost Who Walks – The Gap
The Ghost Who Walks is up against it this week, but maybe the Lovers are vulnerable, what with all the sausage selling, having to hitchhike to The Gap, and the subtle team-division mind games played by some.
>Our Tip: UQ Lovers by 4.

**Division 2 - Mickey**

>>Tsunami vs Discheads – Annerley
Discheads are undefeated and much more backed than the Tsunami if our Division 2 poll is anything to go by
>Our Tip: Discheads by 3.

>>What The Huck? vs Heroes – Easts
Well, this should be interesting. After an easy win over the Baby Chimis two weeks back, WTH? Were smashed by Bermuda Triangle on Monday. So warning to the Heroes – the Huckers ALWAYS come back hard after a loss. That said, the Heroes will also be looking to get their season back on track, after a surprising loss to the Iples.
>Our Tip: What the Huck? by 2

>>Bermuda Triangle vs Disc-iples – Easts
BUB poll and emotional favourites the Bermuda Triangles continue to revel in Division 2 with two wins on the trot, but the Dis-Iples surprised everyone last week in cleaning up the Heroes.
>Our Tip: Bermuda Triangle by 3.

>>Baby Chimis vs Agent Orange – The Gap[
Both teams are winless so far this season, although where the Baby Chimis have been having trouble scoring, Agent Orange have lost a couple of close ones against quality foes.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange by 6.

Let's hope the sun returns over the weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

BUML Team of the Week: Dyspnoeics Are GO!

So, since all our BPL traffic will no doubt follow LDadsB's demand that they migrate from your beloved Brisbane Ultimate Blog (now in its 7th year of BPL reporting!), we're just going to have to up the focus on BUML to something like 11! Yeah, man. And what better way to do it than get back to our old favourites - interviews with real life people! And few are more 'real' than Mansauce (his real name) and Andy 'Online' L. So here we gooooooo!

One of the ‘foundation’ teams of the Brisbane Mixed Monday night scene, the Dyspnoeics are also one of the highest profile, thanks in part to their perennial placing in the Finals series at the end of most seasons, although some would argue it’s the relentless self-promotion, now into an incredible 17th season.

Still, the trophy cabinet in the ‘Sauce’s boudoir is a little bare, with two championships in 2009 and a third back in 2006. But things are looking very good at the start of 2012, with two wins on the trot and a lack of a stacked super-team in Division 1, so we invited the bluest of the Blue D’s, Mansauce and Coops to the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, to talk up their chances.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks for coming in guys. You can put the top hats over here, no need for formality. Let’s get straight to it – are we right to think you’re looking the goods this season?

Mansauce: Thanks for having us BUB, I must say the water feature is looking particularly majestic today. Regardless of what the polls may say, this season is very much a wide open affair. We have started the season well and I put that down to our team having one of the most stable line-ups in the comp. Plus we recruited Chris Brown; and he plays for Firestorm A.

Coops: Cheers BUB, it’s always a pleasure to converse in intellectual diatribe with the likes of yourself, but I’m very honoured to be seated around the BUB drawing room coffee table with yourself and Sauce. To answer your question, yes, we are indeed looking pretty hot this season. With regards to talent on the field however, I’d say we’re pretty much on par with the majority of Div1 teams.

BUB: The D's roster looks like an interesting mix of old and new ...

Mansauce: I’m really excited by the new Blues taking the field this season. Molly, Kirstin, Cola, George, Notty and Chris will hopefully add the depth and experience we need to make a strong title challenge. Did I mention Chris Brown plays for Firestorm A?

Coops: As Sauce has indicated we’ve certainly recruited some useful skillsets to our roster this season. Whilst we have certainly lost some talented Dyspnoeics faithfuls to injury-repair and work commitments (Suze, Jimmy, Bec) I was conscious of not stacking our line-up, however Sauce was adamant that we should try to win at all costs, and told me to STFU and get as many ‘guns’ on board as possible.

BUB: Still, Division 1 is looking pretty tight this season – just the six teams, smaller than the eight last year. What do you think, and who will you be watching?

Mansauce: I think any team can get a win on any given week. UQ & Peta’s team/PUD/whatever their name is this week have enough game winners on their rosters to be thereabouts come week 14. My tip for a darkhorse is White Lantern. I like what I’ve seen so far from that group and I expect them to be serious contenders if they can keep Craig Behrendorff fit.

Coops: I don’t disagree with Sauce’s tip re White Lantern, however if you’ve seen the better looking Behrendorff brother with his shirt off you’ll know that him getting unfit isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Personally however, I’ll be keeping my eye on Poachers, who may have lost their star quarterback Mr Henbest, but have now picked up a relatively unknown, but very talented, rookie, by the name of John McNaughton. On second thoughts, he’ll no doubt roll his ankle at a frisbee party soon, so the team I’ll be watching closely will be UQ Lovers.

BUB: You’ve both played for the Dyspnoeics for a long time – what’s been your greatest Blue D moments?

Mansauce: My top moments are: Winning two trophies in 2009, winning a semi final with only six players back in 2008, recruiting Chris Brown who plays for Firestorm A, Aurelie’s cupcakes and being interviewed by the BUB - I can finally cross that off the bucket list.

Coops: There really are too many to list out during this interview, however one that’s certainly up there for me would have to be the season I decided to hand the captaincy to Sauce, thereby ensuring he did all of the administration and legwork, while remaining the spiritual leader of Dyspnoeics, and so still getting all of the glory. However I’d have to say that the entire journey with Dyspnoeics has been great! Being able to perform a slightly more mentor type role on the team for the rookies amongst our ranks has been very satisfying.

BUB: Who are the players who’ve left Dyspnoeics over the many years that you’d most like to have back one day?

Mansauce: We’ve had a lot of great players don the Blue over the years, it’s really hard to single people out. The first names that spring to mind are Andy & Leticia. Quality on and off the field.

Coops: Yes I agree with Sauce, it was a sad day for Dyspnoeics when Melbourne swallowed up Andy & Leticia. Now that we have Notty (one of the Dyspnoeics originals!) back on the roster, I’ll be focussing my recruiting efforts on trying to rip Blackie away from Poachers, and bring him back home to the land of blue.

BUB: And now many know that Coops has stepped up to join the BUML Organising Committee this season (no hint of impropriety here of course) – but what’s your take on the League and where it’s going Mansauce?

Mansauce: I’m really impressed with direction the league is taking. BUML has really gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years. A few years ago I never would have imagined having 2 divisions, let alone 3. Coops joining the Organising Committee is another step in the right direction. I especially appreciate the way he engineers favourable draws for teams he likes. You’re not gonna print that last bit are you?

BUB: And Coops – what’s the latest out of the BUML OC Deathstar? Where will BUML be by say the end of 2013?

Coops: Before joining the BUML OC it was very easy to bunker down in my own little corner of whatever division I was playing in at the time, and not pay a whole lot of attention to the growth of the league surrounding me. It’s very clear to me now just how much growth the BUML has felt over the last couple of years, and no doubt will continue to feel as we move forward. With the emails that are still trickling through to the OC requesting new additions to the league, I’d suggest that in 2013 we’ll have at least 25 teams!

BUB: Is it true what they (and you) say about Chris Brown?

Mansauce: Everything you’ve heard about Chris Brown is a slanderous lie propagated by the nefarious machinations of sources yet to be determined. He is an upstanding character of the highest order. I can personally confirm he has never even been to Coast City nor does he know Maxwell Lord. As for the rumour concerning the goat, I won’t even bother to dignify it with a response.

Coops: Well I’m not sure what your readers have heard about Chris, but most of what Sauce has said is accurate …. By the way, I believe the goat’s name is Gruffy, and rumour has it, he likes tall men with moustaches.

BUB: Gruffy, or Chris? No, don't answer that. Anything else you’ve got for us?

Mansauce: I’m more excited for this season than redheads at a sunscreen sale. I won’t go into clichés, but needless to say we are taking it one game at a time and I’m sure Ultimate will be the real winner. Also Trevor Lovering.

Coops: Thanks for the tea and scones, it’s been lovely catching up here in the BUB mansion. I’m also very excited, but that’s mainly because I’ve just heard word of a sale on sunscreen, WOOT! Apologies for having to dash away, but I’ve got a very important phone call to make to Blackie, regarding Dyspnoeics 2013.

BUB: So there you have it folks – Coops and Mansauce of the Dyspnoeics, talking the talk – will they walk the walk? They’re in the match of the round next Monday, against White Lantern, and good luck to them!

Friday, March 16, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 3: Shiver Me Whiskers!

Holy moly, we’re back for a second week and on to Round 3. The plan was to say a lot about Division 2 this week but, you know what, we think we nailed it last time when we suggested they were the big beer gut around the centre of the competition, and happy to be that way. So we’ll largely let them wobble around a bit before we turn the lens too close.

**Division 2 aka Mother**
>>Tsunami vs Baby Chimis – Annerley 3A
After shedding some rust during losses last week, both these teams will be looking for a win.
>Our tip: Tsunami by 1.

>>What The Huck? vs Bermuda Triangle – Easts 2
After shedding some kilos during wins last week, both these teams will be looking to maintain the vibe, particularly the three sided ones, who’re looking at two wins on the trot for the first time since Lochie was a lad.
>Our tip: Bermuda Triangle by 1.

>>Heroes vs Disc-iples - Easts 3
“Iple dipple one, this is iple dipple two, come in iple dipple” Will that be the cry during this game?
>Our tip: Heroes by 4.

>>Discheads vs Agents – Gap 1
Meanwhile, the Discheads venture out to the formerly happy hunting ground of Agent Orange, who these days are looking increasingly vulnerable at their former Gap fortress.
>Our tip: Discheads by 2.

**Division 3 aka Maiden**
>>Slipped Discs vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
The Speakers of the House had a bye last week, which if it went to plan, gave them a bit more time to tour this place, and maybe call the gang to order. Meanwhile, the QUTies had a slightly controversial loss to new kids the Griffith Yee Haws (or is that the Yee Hars?), who this week get the bye. Mental note – the QUTies Facebook group is the tamest gang of University students you’d ever come across. In sum - the QUTies will be hungry, while the Slipped Discs are a week behind already.
>Our tip: QUTies by 4.

>>Ultimate Apostles vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 1
The Apostles will be feeling a sense of déjà vu, as, same as last week, they face a team dressed in garish red, only the Oh Yeahs have an average age 10 years lower than the Go-Go’s, thanks to JdR being on that other team. So yes, it will be tough for Marcus’ dozen. Still, there’s a potential challenge for the Oh Yeahs, in the League having to sadly migrate across to the Griffith rugby field. Yes, the Uni has shafted the Griffith Ultimate Club and bumped them off the holy oval. *sigh*
>Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 7.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Griffith Go-Go's – Griffith 2
The Go-Go’s are in the very unfamiliar position of ‘top of the table’ after a solid win last week against the newbie-flavoured Ultimate Apostles, but its get tough time against an experienced Mellow Yellow outfit. The tightest game of the round, wethinks.
>Our tip: Go-Go’s by 1.

**Division 1 aka Crone**
Well, before we go into the preview for next Monday night, lets see what the punters out there thought of the season ahead for BUML Division 1:

Hmm. So the Dyspnoeics are favourites, yes?

>>UQ Lovers vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
Well, the Lovers showed last week that the loss of their home ground would not stop the wins, although it’ll be interesting to see how they go as the semester progresses. The Poachers meanwhile started the season with their usual dark horse impersonation, flogging The Ghost Who Walks on the next field over. Should be hard fought.
>Our tip: UQ Lovers by 4.

>>Dyspnoeics vs The Ghost Who Walks – Easts 1
Has everyone seen Mansauce-in-a-Cowboys-Jersey on television or the internet yet? Apparently this footage is making it’s way around Channel 9 and there’s talk of a reality show, “My Survivor Chef Mornings with Mansauce, featuring the Dyspnoeics, Andy and Suz”. Sounds interesting – I’d watch it if it were ABC4Kids.
>Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 5.

>>Pick Up Discs vs White Lantern – Gap 2
And so, the chant went up: “In deepest endzone, on open grass, no Frisbee shall escape my grasp, let those who worship Dusty’s pass, beware my power, White Lantern’s ass!” And lo, the pants did drop and some pasty white buttocks were flashed. Meanwhile, Pick Up Discs is still the worst, lamest, weakest name for an Ultimate team we've ever seen, and we won't be letting that go.
>>Our tip: White Lantern by 1.

And that’s it. Go the Eels. Keep rucking it up the middle Blackie. Enjoy the eggs, Carla. Best of luck to all teams, make sure you sacrifice to the sunshine goddess, and we’ll see you on Monday night.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clearly, They Love Us on the Gold Coast. And rightly too.

Sure, AdsB reckons there's a need for a dedicated BPL blog. We here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion have obviously made it look easy. But look at the 'competitors' over on the right there that we've outlasted (and the ones still there only JUST survived the recent cull).

Why has this blog above all other continued? Clever ideas like asking who's going to win this season of BPL of course!
Yep, nothing pulls in the punters like polls, especially those checking the web from their waterproof smartphone while they're waiting on the board for the next set to roll in like the Slamtowners. Of course, what surprised was the interest in the Northside Cobras.

What do you think? Will Slamtown win this season?

Meanwhile, here's a tip if you decide to Ro-Sham-Bo for something with someone from Brisbane Ultimate ...
Yep - they won't be going for scissors! Not quite sure why that is. But once again, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog is providing YOU, yes YOU, with something useful to improve your understanding of the game and general on-field performance!

Is this the Stodgy Brisbane Ultimate Blog Retirement Village Now?

So, new BPL overlord AdsB has spoken - he is setting up a BPL blog for *everyone*, as well as a dedicated tipping competition!

So now the venerable Brisbane Ultimate Blog feels like a well loved toy that's being tossed into a corner and left for the roaches. Is this the end? Have we been moved from the stately BUB mansion to the stodgy BUB retirement village?

Well, we'll always have the archives.

(ps just to be very clear - we're kidding. AdsB's work is a good thing. BPL has LONG needed its own official website (and this has been glaring since the site got up), the tipping thing should be entertaining, and while we can't see how a BPL blog could possibly be better than this one, we don't imagine we know everything over here.)

Friday, March 09, 2012

BUML 2012-1 Round 2 Preview: BUMLers, To Your Stations!

So the Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (aka BUML) was all set to start last week, but you wouldn’t have known it from looking at your beloved Brisbane Ultimate Blog (aka BUB). However, Round 1 was a washout (and a blessing in disguise to those backing up from the State Championships over the weekend, and the powers that BUML have wisely stuck to the plan of ‘wash out weeks get played in the washout slots’, and so here we are on Round 2 already. Which means we here in the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion are as usual on top of everything and ready to preview the new season properly.

Sorting out the draw this season seems to have been something like a chicken trying to fart in a zero gravity swimming pool, and we know we don’t have to explain that one to you folks keeping up at home. But suffice to say that a lack of certainty on some teams parts, some adventures in sorting out fields (screw you, University administrations, and well done, BUMLOC, BUDA and Easts Rugby) and as usual day to day life have caused some trouble.

But the good news is that we now have three divisions, which give space for more growth and mean there’s less of those occasional floggings that only some of us enjoy, and only when there’s an appropriate safeword in play.

**Division 1 aka Daddy Bear**
So, Division 1, BUML 2012. Six teams enter, six teams leave. One team forgets its cleats and reenters. So do the other five. They all exit again, come back next week and enter, exit, enter, go back, return, move on, have a small breakdown, reitire, make a comeback, and have another go, before one team wins. As a whole, Division 1 is looking tight. Make sure you check out our poll over there on the left, and we’ll talk about that next week.

>>Dyspnoeics v Pick Up Discs - ER 1
And of course who’s the first team we get to talk about this season? The team we talk about every season, the Dyspnoeics. Damn you drawmaster Fox, damn you to swill! But then again, Mansauce has been reflexively hitting refresh on our website at least a dozen times daily since the Blues were knocked out of the semi-finals last season, so we need to reward all those hits with some sort of mention. Anyway, the once-mighty Dyspnoeics continue their decline, having last won a championship in mid-2009. Good luck to them. On the other hand, maybe the D’s will start the season with a win, as it’ll be tough for the new frankenstein’s monster on the block, the PUD, to pull their various limbs and organs together (Dusty is of course the liver, Briggsy the libido) to play well on night one.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 4.

>>UQ Lovers v White Lantern - GS 1
Take a look at the UQ roster. Megz, Luke ‘Gympie to the Core’ Bayne, Tomfunkifiedsteve, BW, Connie and Bonnie. Its just the same old tired faces. Why can’t any of them break out, or at least graduate? Yes, they look strong, but that’s mostly plastic surgery (not scourgery) holding them together. UQ’s apparent dominance is of course on the decline, if its lack of a player base is anything to go by. Sure, they’ve got a team in Division 1, but Griffith have three teams, all up and comers, and much better looking and more sexually active. Aw man, we’re coming across a bit down on the Lovers, but they can take it, and they do have Jack Allan, who we’re all in love with, so well done. Speaking of sexually active, the Heroes Ultimate Club UNLEASH THE BEAST in terms of the White Lantern team and the absolute cream of about 400 and something Heroes Club members (except Bev – see below). Giant sized man-thing, indeed.
>Our Tip: UQ Lovers by 2.

>>Ghost Who Walks v Poachers - AS 3A
We don’t know if anyone else is reading the comics page in the Courier Mail these days, but since Paul Ryan came on board, the art has been rocking. Pity the current long and meandering plot makes little sense, mixing together asian gang lords, Mexican wrestlers and big game fishing. At least the last two have some connection to the returned Ghost Who Walks roster, which continues to feature Luke ‘Big Daddy’ AA, Bec ‘Big Mumma’ AA and small animal specialist Justin. Against them … well, its been a couple of years of writing these previews now, and we’re still to come up with something either interesting or funny to say about the Poachers. That’s just how it is.
>Our Tip: GWW by 1.

**Division 2 – Mamma Bear**
Division 2 represents the slowly expanding beer belly of the League. We’ll talk more about them next week, but for now, some brief points.

>>What The Huck v Baby Chimis - AS 3B
A casual look through the roster … yep, all the Whaters are there, TJ, Pieman … What the F**K? Trevor!? Truly, this man’s desire to offer his body to anyone who looks like a chance of winning a League is becoming legendary. The Chimichangas may be long gone, but the Baby Chimis remain. The David Bowie of BUML (next to Geoff of Bermuda’s Freddie Mercury of course) is of course Arrlann Christie (or is that Corey Hart?)
>Our Tip: WTH by 5.

>>Tsunami v Bermuda Triangle - AS 5A
We’ll call this match the chiropractor’s dream, as it will be all about adjustment. After weeks of luxury between the walls and on the boards, can the undercover minions of Erik the Sheltered cope with the wide open spaces and hayfever inducing grass of the outdoor game? And after what seems like years of getting rhubarbed in Division 1, can veterans Bermuda Triangle find their mojo and return to the championship winning form of old?
>Our Tip: Tsunami by 2.

>>Heroes v Agent Orange - GS 2
A blockbuster first round matchup. More about these teams next week.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange by 2.

>>Discheads v Disciples - ER2
Let me tell you, I’m rather sick of disc-related puns for team names. Discheads of course won Division 2 back at the end of 2010, and have been coffee and caking out on that win ever since. The Disciples … yeah, more next week.
>Our Tip: Discheads by 2.

**Division 3 – Baby Bear**
A lot of Division 3 will be played at the Griffith Nathan campus, what with all three Griffith teams (the old old one, the old one, and the new one) being slotted in there while seeking to continue to have mostly home games (in exchange for providing the field and all the setup and reporting duties). That is at least for part of the time, as the University in its wisdom has decided to bump Ultimate from the big AFL oval (which fits three Ultimate fields) over to the rugby field (which only fits two) for about half the Mondays of the year. Bugger. There’s been a lot of talk about the Griffith Club providing over half the growth of BUML – there were something 18 teams at the end of 2009 and 17 at the start of 2010 before Griffith arrived, and now there’s 21. But when will this growth turn into trophies? Competition-wise, this will be the toughest of the League. Unlike the days when they were getting smacked around in Division 2 (or in Mellow Yellow’s storied history, doing well in Division 1), all these teams can imagine themselves winning a medal here, if not a championship trophy! No quarter will be offered, as the glory available will indeed be great.

>>Ultimate Apostles v Griffith Go-Go’s - GU 1
We here in the stately mansion always get a bit twitchy when someone starts using the U word as an adjective rather than a noun. The new look UA are lead by MarcusL. Meanwhile, the Go-Go’s enter their fifth season, and feature the Most Valuable Player in Queensland (at least according to the voters at Northern Regionals … although its always easy to stand out on a dud team).
>Our tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by 4.

>>Mellow Yellow v Griffith Oh Yeahs - GU 2
Mellow Yellow of course will be focusing on regaining their status as non-stop spirit champions, having won five spirit cups in the previous decade. It’ll be a challenge of course, as they’re now in the same Division as the Griffith Go-Go’s, who’ve won it three times in their four seasons together (and that missing one was by 0.1 of a point!) Meanwhile, the Oh Yeahs enter their second year as a unit ready to totally rock the scene with their youth and exhuberance.
>Our Tip: Griffith Oh Yeahs by 2.

>>Griffith Yee Hars v QUTies - GU 3
Its been nearly five years since the golden age of the QUTies, when they won three of four Leagues played in 2006-2007. The winter has been dark, but at least Jangles is long gone. But then last season, stuff started to click again. The QUTies are looking cute for 2012. Meanwhile …. MoTo …. MOTO?!? And flippin’ Jordon Stone? Isn’t that guy like 12 years old or something? On this new Griffith team, the Yee Hars? Whoa.
>Our Tip: QUTies by 5.

Unfortunately for Division 3, they land the extra team and the weekly bye (at least until some other team turns up). Slipped Discs have the night off for this week and are free to use Annerley field 5B for training.

And that’s it. Best of luck to all teams, make sure you sacrifice to the sunshine goddess, and we’ll see you on Monday night.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

BPL Season 2012-1 Week 2

Field 1 Slamtown v Dojo

Field 2 Bugs v Cobras

Field 3 Heroes v Blitz

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Queensland Open Championships Cleanup

We just thought we'd best pop our heads up from the Multi-Screen Operations Centre and Post-Nuclear Vault, where we've been crunching the results and numbers from the weekend's Queensland Open Ultimate Championships to give a quick report.

Several people haven't paid (we think). If you know this is you, please email JdR to arrange electronic payment. We may know who you are, and its never fair that everyone else gets around to paying and you don't. We're sorry we weren't more focused on this during the day, but we decided its better to run the tournament! ;)

Lost Property
Here's a photo of the lost property that made it back to the stately mansion (click to embiggen). Email JdR if you see something that's yours. If you've lost something else, take it to the comments or the email lists.

A few people saw WhattheTim taking some pix - he's stuck them up over here

Final Results
1. Firestorm (automatic qualification for Nationals)
2. Slamtown Flatball Club (99% certain to get Wildcard 1 to Nationals)
3. Firestorm Ignition (95% certain to get Wildcard 2 to Nationals)
4. Gympie G-Force
5, Griffith Heroes
6. Towns Villains

Spirit of the Game
1. Griffith Heroes 8.5
=2. Towns Villains 8
=2. Gympie G-Force 8
=4. Slamtown Flatball Club 7.6
=4. Firestorm Ignition 7.6
6. Firestorm 7.5

Most Valuable Player
7 points - Dan Cohen (Griffith)
6 points - Matt Finn (Villains)
4 points -Chris Brown (Ignition), Trevor Lovering (Firestorm), Sean Beveridge (Villains)
3 points - Dan Mammel (Firestorm), Jordan Stone (Slamtown)
44 of 84 players received MVP points - well done!