Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is this the Stodgy Brisbane Ultimate Blog Retirement Village Now?

So, new BPL overlord AdsB has spoken - he is setting up a BPL blog for *everyone*, as well as a dedicated tipping competition!

So now the venerable Brisbane Ultimate Blog feels like a well loved toy that's being tossed into a corner and left for the roaches. Is this the end? Have we been moved from the stately BUB mansion to the stodgy BUB retirement village?

Well, we'll always have the archives.

(ps just to be very clear - we're kidding. AdsB's work is a good thing. BPL has LONG needed its own official website (and this has been glaring since the site got up), the tipping thing should be entertaining, and while we can't see how a BPL blog could possibly be better than this one, we don't imagine we know everything over here.)

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

well you're not losing this reader Jdr! Don't know how I'd get through the working week without you (aawww)

Least it means less work for you and Dan