Thursday, August 28, 2008

After This One, I'm Sure Our "Obsession" Will Wear Off

Ever since these photos of a bare-chested injun hunk arrived anonymously in our offices here at stately BUB mansion, we've been wondering what to do with them.

You've seen a few posted already.

But we can't get them out of our heads.

Its getting a bit troubling.

One of the great ways to get over this kind of disturbing obsession, is to just go for it.

Overdose yourself, and hope you survive.

So following on from a fairly common internet meme, here's some fun. And since Stef hasn't been around much lately, there's a bit of him in there too.

Since we're interactive here, you're welcome to grab the first one and send us your own photos and captions.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for TomSteve!

Jangles said...

you have way too much time JDR. Hope this is done while your suppose to be working.

JdR said...

Well, it was 15 minutes dicking around cutting the boys out a few days ago, a bit of a think for picture ideas, and half an hour to google up the pics and slap them together. All for a priceless outcome :)

And I've already been emailed a few suggestions for a few more ... maybe next week.

Tomsteve said...

hahaha, can't wait for installment two