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Brisbane Ultimate 101 - FAQ

Greetings and welcome to the Brisbane Ultimate Scene.

This post is a set of information (as at May 2008) to help you find your way. Links on the right might help too.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?
Ultimate is a seven-a-side sport that uses a frisbee. Its a fast, free-flowing game played world-wide, combining elements of netball, soccer, grid-iron and touch footy. The basic aim is for the team with the disc to pass it up the field to others on their team and catch it in the end zone. At the same time the defensive team is trying to intercept it or knock it down. If they succeed, they get possession of the disc and attempt to score in their end zone. Distinct to Ultimate is its non-refereed set-up - known as Spirit of the Game - where players are responsible.

Why Play Ultimate?
Its a running-around team sport without getting knocked around or dealing with grumpy referees, coaches or opponents. In Brisbane it is an incredibly social and friendly sport, played by a range of people of differing ages and experience. It's cheap - all you need is some friends, some grass (or beach) and a disc.

How do I Find Out More?
General announcements, particularly regarding new seasons, upcoming events and pickup games are generally made via the Brisbane Ultimate Disc Association list - BUDA (check our links). Get yourself on that for the latest. You can also post a comment to this here blog to get help!

What's This Blog Then?
Mostly it exists to support the Brisbane Ultimate community, and hence has a range of news, views and just plain silly stuff, depending on the whims of the main poster. Yes, there's a few in jokes, and on occasion it ventures well beyond the limits of Brisbane and/or Ultimate Frisbee. Don't take it too seriously.

Tell Me About Leagues
There's a range of options for playing Ultimate on various weeknights in Brisbane.

Monday sees an Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (BUML) at Yeronga AFL Club off Cansdale St and Annerley Junior Soccer in Greenslopes off Victoria Terrace. New teams are regularly forming, and individuals can usually get themselves onto teams before or during a season by contacting the League Director. While its a League for people who know how to play, teams are usually willing to take beginners under their wings. Teams are generally the same from season to season, although some players move around and come and go. Regular teams include Bermuda Triangle, Mellow Yellow, Plastic Scourgery, Dispoenics and the Chimichangas. University teams from UQ and QUT also regularly compete, as does the Brisbane Women's Team, Sultry.

Tuesday sees a Womens League at Toowong's Oakman Park off Union St - WUFL. This League is extremely welcoming of Women players from rank beginners through to World-class. There is generally some skills training as a group each evening before games. Teams are generally formed hat-style at the start of each season, to foster general fun and development.

Wednesday features UQ mixed league at the University of Queensland at St Lucia, on Oval 7 off Coleridge St - UQL. Generally for UQ students, but up to 50% of the League is non-students - so really anyone is welcome. The League generally runs to match the University semester, although there is often pickup between seasons. Teams are usually formed at the start of each season, with experienced players spread across them to support beginners.

Thursday night features the Open A-League (known at the Brisbane Premier League of BPL) at Annerley Junior Soccer Fields off Victoria Terrace, Greenslopes. This is a six team League that demands a high level of experience and/or athleticism. Hence, experienced players new to Brisbane and looking for a solid run will be welcomed onto teams throughout the season. Current teams include Dojo Mojo, Buggers (two squads - Crusty and Fresh), Rawhide, and UQ (two squads - Passion and Lovers).

There are often pickup games on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, but they can vary. Notification is typically via the BUDA list.

There are also regular Leagues kicking off at the moment at Townsville and on the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Representative Clubs
At present, Brisbane is represented at the National Ultimate Frisbee League (NUFL) by Firestorm in the Open Division, and Sultry in the Women's division. These clubs also tend to form the core of teams attending Open/Women's Nationals in April of each year, although other teams also form that event (most recently, The Pass, Dojo Mojo, Thor and Minx).

Groups of Brisbane players also routinely form for Mixed Nationals in October, and various other tournaments around Australia. Mixed Nationals 2008 will be held in Brisbane (see links). Best known are Bootius Maximus and the Lounge Lizards.

A lot of Ultimate is built around weekend tournaments. These are usually accompanied by a big party, and are a great way to develop your on and off field game!

March sees the Northern Regionals - the qualifier for Nationals in Open and Womens division (although its not taken too seriously in these parts).

April is dominated by Nationals, which rotates around the nation. The Northern Region is next due to host Nationals in 2013. Nationals 2009 is planned for Perth.

May traditionally features the Fight the Phat mixed hat - open to all comers.

May and June also feature Brisbane teams playing in the NUFL events held in Sydney and Melbourne.

At the end of August, Brisbane hosts Halibut, the Australia's largest Mixed Ultimate tournament outside of Mixed Nationals (many southern teams come north to enjoy some sunshine during Winter). The highlight of the Brisbane Ultimate calendar, and the traditional start of the Australian mixed season.

In September, the UQ Club hosts Lovefest, a mixed tournament that works as a warmup for both Mixed Nats and the Australian University Games.

During the mid-semester holidays in September, the Australian University Games are held at a site rotated around Australia. In recent times, Ultimate has become the largest sport at the Games. In the past UQ and QUT have sent teams, while Griffith's participation generally depends on how far away the Games are.

October is dominated by Mixed Nationals. Brisbane will be hosting Mixed Nationals in 2008.

There are also various smaller tournaments held throughout the year. And many Brisbane folk travel to various tournaments in other cities (and love to take people with them).

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