Monday, June 24, 2013

BUML Grand Final Preview

This is it. The night of the season that everyone aims to be playing in. We’ve got 3 crackerjack games happening that should provide plenty of opportunities for cheering and also a good heckle. These 6 teams should be primed and ready to rumble. After all, if you can’t get it up for a grand final, I don’t know what would promote a flush of blood to your nether regions. Maybe a calendar named ’12 months of Myles’ I spose, but even that pales compared to a good GF.

It’s been a big weekend for some though. By my count there were 4 big events over the weekend that were Frisbee related to some degree. While all the uni students were celebrating the end of exams on Saturday, the tallest Behrendorff (not that much of an achievement really) got hitched to his lovely better half. While this was going on, a fundraiser tournament for the Bluebottles was being held. Then to cap it all off, UQ had their AUG selection trials.

Division 1
Poachers (1) v UQ (3)
It’s the final no-one predicted at the start of the season. Not even in Timocles’ wildest Pokemon themed dreams could he have thought UQ would be playing tonight given their start to the season.  Poachers meanwhile have had this date pencilled in since round 1. Which goes to show that they are either a really good team, or Dan is The One and has changed something in the Matrix. Either way, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with come game time.

The key for Poachers, as always, is their frantic offence. Copious use of hammers & blades combined with erratic cuts and frenzied handler movement make it extremely hard to shut this team down. Expect lots of long bombs if conditions are favourable. UQ will play a well rounded, team game, utilising all of their weapons both on O and D. It’s lucky this team is so young, cos they’ll probably be buggered after the weekend. Something else to consider is that UQ are missing Bonnie, one of their key girls. To put it in perspective, UQ losing Bonnie is like the Heat losing Wade, the Maroons losing Cronk or like any team gaining Reece.

I’m tipping UQ, they’ve got momentum, they’ve got fan favourite Atlas, they’re Gee’d Up and most importantly they’ve got superior #hashswag.

Division 2
Quties A (1) v Bermuda Triangle (2)
It’s 1 v 2 in Division 2, with the 2 best teams all season slugging it out for glory tonight. Can Jmac carry Quties to glory in a similar fashion to how LBJ did a few days ago? As far as i’m aware his shoulders haven’t sustained many injuries (at least when compared to anything crotch downwards), so he should be up to carrying the team on them. That’s not to say Quties are a 1 trick-shot pony, but young(ish) Johnny boy is their key to winning. Bermuda have been here before and know how to win a grand final. Led by Geoff, this team will smother you with their defence and then strike back with a fast break point quicker than Wetnose removing his mankini.

The key for Quties is maintaining their composure in the face of the Bermuda Zone. If they can move the disc quickly and not let the zone set, it’ll go a long way to getting a victory. Responding to a drop and switching to D effectively will also be important. For Bermuda it’s all about making the most of the turns they generate. If they don’t grab the cheap points on offer, Quties will eventually work it downfield to score. These teams split their regular season games down the middle so it’s hard to say who has the psychological edge.

I’m going with Quties. This is a team that knows how to get the job done in the clutch Robert Horry style ya'll.

Division 3
Brick Killed a Guy (1) v Quties B (3)
The story of Div 3 this season has been Brick Killed a Guy. In case you haven’t heard, they’re kind of a big deal. They’ve dominated the field in a way reminiscent of how a certain news team used to dominate the ratings. I’m certain ESPN will do a doco on this team at some point they’re that good. Quties are the definite underdogs for this battle and who doesn’t love an underdog! Led by occasional ‘fatboy’ and part-time blogger Jangles, Quties are a team that is running on belief and determination, with a little bit of momentum and bath salts thrown in for good measure.

BriKAG need to not get nervous for this game. It’s a grand final at the end of a perfect season. Expectations are high. It’s also easy for them to fall into the trap of assuming a win. They haven’t lost all season after all. For Quties it’s all about a good start. The only way to stop a team with momentum like BriKAG is to get on top of them early. If a Qutie can step up and make an inspirational play early in the game they have a real shot. More than any other game, grand finals are decided on key moments and to win this one, Quties need to win more of them than the opposition.

Will BriKAG complete the fairytale and make it a perfect season a la the 1972 Miami Dolphins? Or will they finish 1 frustrating head-catch short a la the 2008 New England Patriots? As much as I’d love to tip an underdog, BriKAG are the complete Div 3 package this season and I expect them to win it.

Do you agree/disagree? Who is your tip? Throw it in the comments section.

Monday, June 17, 2013

BUML Finals Preview - Semi Final Edition


What’s better than a Monday afternoon Finals Preview? Probably a Friday afternoon Finals Preview. I have a good reason for it being late though, I’m currently in Townsville and it takes the carrier dolphins a couple of days to travel the 1300kms to the BUB Mansion.

This post is only gonna focus on the teams with something to play for. i.e. the top 4 teams in each division. So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Division 1

Poachers (1) v Dyspnoeics (4)
Who would have guessed at the start of the season that last season’s defending champions would be sitting last after the wrap-up of the regular competition. Certainly not this blogger! What it means though is that the table topping Poachers have a tricky semi-final game ahead of them. Looking at the stats, Poachers have scored 50 more goals than Dyspnoeics this season! However the D’s only conceded 15 more goals. When you consider that Dyspnoeics won less than half of the amount of games that their opponents did, that’s a very interesting stat. Poachers win this game if it turns into a fast paced shoot-out. The league’s best offence will back themselves to outscore any opponent. Dyspnoeics win this game if their offence fires. We know they’ll play tight D, we know they’ll frustrate opponents and make them throw lots of passes. The question is whether they can convert their defensive stops into points.
Even with Reece Stewart out (a negative for Dyspnoeics) for Poachers, I see this going to seed. Poachers by 6.

Drop Bears (2) v UQ Lovers (3)
After a slow start to the season, UQ’s finest have started to register a few wins (including spoiling this bloggers last BUML game for the foreseeable future. Jerks). A number of their players are also super Gee’d up from making various U23 rep teams. Drop Bears on the other hand have not tasted defeat since the 8th of April (ignoring forfeits) and are primed to make a big run for the trophy. They also played out a 16 all draw last week which will no doubt encourage the underdog students.
Bears win by playing smart and matching the energy of their younger and sometimes better looking opponents. Look for Pete Allen to try and impose himself on this contest. Lovers win by playing up-tempo offence and attacking the break side.
Taking into account Myles has had a haircut and will no doubt dazzle half of the opposition (the women & Dusty) with his rakish charms, I think this will be a tight contest. That said, I expect Drop Bears to get the women, courtesy of their powerful female line-up.

Division 2

Quties A (1) v Discheads (4)
Quties are killing it at the moment. They aren’t destroying teams but they are doing enough for the win and that makes them dangerous. With the exception of a blow-out loss to Bermuda Triangle in round 14, this team hasn’t tasted the bitterness of defeat since round 1!! Led by the former poster boy of Queensland Ultimate (Either Gary or Atlas would take that mantle now) Jmac, this is a team with serious designs on winning the comp. Discheads have had to fight all season to stay in the top 4 but are capable of springing a few upsets now they’ve made it. This team’s strongest line is your predictable mix of Behrendorffs and Browns like most Heroes related teams. Throw in the former holder of the title ‘Most Powerful Man in Firestorm’ Dave Warren, and you’ve got a well rounded unit with plenty o experience. Quties win this by keeping momentum in their favour and being close at the end. If they’re close, they’ll get the W. Discheads win this by limiting the amount of long range bombs Jmac drops and by using their well rounded roster. Limiting the amount of touches Carl has would also be advisable.
If there is 1 upset this week it’s gonna be this one. I still can’t go past Quties though in a tight one.

Bermuda Triangle (2) v What the Huck? (3)
Bermuda are always a force in Div 2. Season after season they put that zone on and season after season it works. After the upset loss to Chimichangas in round 10, Bermuda have been posting some quality results. This is a team that works as a unit better than any other in the division. WTH? Probably wanted to finish higher than 3rd on the ladder, but will back themselves in this contest. Led by on field general Tim Johnson, they are a team well drilled and with plenty of patience. Their run home has been horrific, going 1 and 4 to close out the season. Whether or not this can be attributed to Trevor still being hungover from the Nationals party is anyone’s guess, and we here at the BUB are not ones to speculate, but whatever the reason, it’s now or never for WTH?. Bermuda win this if they stifle the downfield options of the WTH? handlers. If they can do this they’ll generate cheap turnovers and easy points. WTH? win this by generating fast movement and not letting the Bermuda zone get set.
Bermuda should win this given WTH?s form of late.

Division 3

Brick Killed a Guy (1) v Disco Disco (4)
BriKAG havn’t lost a game all season. Simple as that. They had a draw in round 1, but have been perfect otherwise. They have an amazing points differential of +99 and have scored 205 goals this season. That’s an average of 15.7 goals per game. They also average a measly 8.1 goals against per game. I don’t really know what else needs to be said about a team that puts up those numbers apart from the fact I like their name. Disco Disco have done it the hard way this season, just scraping into the top 4 by 1 point. They are 3 and 2 from their last 5 games, including a loss to tonight’s opponents.  Led by Leask Marcus, they have a nice even roster and all listed their diet preferences as ‘not fussed’ on AFDA apart Omnivore Daniel Lau. My pick is to watch out for that guy as he’s obviously an X factor for them. BriKAG win this by doing what they’ve been doing all season. It obviously works. Disco Disco’s only hope is to come out hard t the start and out-enthuse their opposition. Get a handy early lead and all of a sudden doubts may emerge in their opponents heads.
BriKAG should win this and win it well.

Dump & Burn (2) v Quties B (3)
Dump & Burn had a cracking season, only losing once and drawing twice. Led by a collection of Cootes, this is a team that knows how to get a result. The name on the list that stands out for me though is Zev Permack. This import has been a revelation in BPL and is especially dangerous on D. With Zev generating turns, Dump & Burn have a distinct advantage over most teams. Quties B are a team full of young, energetic, up and coming players. And Jangles. They only just made the finals and have been inconsistent all season. Looking at their roster the name that stands out is Stephanie Moroz. In Div 3, experienced women are gold and she is definitely capable of causing match-up headaches for opposition captains. Dump & Burn win by hustling hard and shutting down Jangles. My recommendation is to sweep the leg. Quties win limiting turns and making the most of their opportunities. I think this game will come down to whoever comes out firing and gets some momentum.

Quties B in the only upset I’m tpping.