Friday, October 30, 2009

The True Origin of North Queensland's Greatest Ultimate Team

Few people know that the Townsville Open Ultimate team, Thor, was originally established by the nephew of a famous Canadian body-builder.
Its true because you read it on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

WFDF Releases New Spirit of the Game Scoring System

We here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog take Spirit and Spirit scoring reasonably seriously (although it seems we're usually the one's suggesting not stressing the numbers too much.

But there's plenty of folks who think that there must be some objective way to take the subjectivity out of something that's somewhat subjective anyway (make sense).

So WFDF have released a fancy new system for scoring spirit, and well done them. Press release here gives a nice summary. And here's the scoring sheet itself (looks a little Dungeon and Dragony to us!)

Worth checking out.

Bashionals 2010?

So there's a couple of people considering hosting Bashionals 2010 here in Brisbane, and its being slotted onto the tentative Queensland tournament calendar for the coming year.

What's Bashionals? I think this is a Simon Talbot idea originally. It's B-Nationals.

With the introduction of Regionals in 2005 and the ongoing growth of Ultimate, there are an increasing number of teams that get together to play Regionals, but then don't qualify for Nationals (sometimes they're gutted to miss out, other times they were happy just for a run around with the boys at Regionals).

So the main part of idea is to put on a tournament for these teams - so there' s something more to the season. If you're a middling Ultimate player and/or on a middling team, you can start the season in the lead up to Regionals knowing that if you do well then you're off to Nationals, and if maybe not so well then you've still got Bashionals to fire up for.

Of course, we're primarily looking at Open teams here - at present it seems that the size of the Women's division at Nationals fits the demand pretty well (although we're open to suggestions otherwise).

The availability of the JFOG fields, plus the new convenience of having all the QUDA gear there, as well as the general attractiveness of the Brisbane climate, and the high ratio of Open teams playing Regionals without a corresponding number of Nationals slots for the North region, making hosting Bashionals here a bit of a no brainer (particularly with Nats in Adelaide).

A particular aim is to make Bashionals a great tournament of itself. Unlike Nationals which is dominated by a few favourites - it's likely that nobody will have any idea who will win Bashionals. There'll be a lot of unknowns amongst the teams, and with a lot of the big boys (and egos) of at Nationals, the event is sure to have an excellent vibe. Off the field, we'll be commiting to a particularly special party. We think we'll be asking the AFDA to donate a sizable trophy, and recognise the Bashionals champion as a pretty good team worthy of historical record.

All this is still tentative. We're putting this out there to see if people think this is a good idea, and will be writing to those teams and clubs that didn't make it to Nationals last year (as well as those in the bottom half of the Nats pile). If we think we have six teams who are keen, then it'll be on. But start thinking about it anyways.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BPL 2009-2 Round 10 Draw

Dojo needs to beat/draw Cobras to take the minor premiership, otherwise it will go to Buggers. If Cobras beat Dojo then these 2 team will play again in the semi finals. The winner of the UQ Derby will qualify for the semi finals, the loser will be able to focus on exams/drinking. If the UQ Derby is a draw, Passion will qualify on points difference.

More Big Sky 9 Info

Just in case the Brisbane Ultimate Blog is your ONLY source of information on Ultimate in Brisbane (and true, its pretty good), here's the latest summary on this weekend's Big Sky 9's event!

Some more information about the Big Sky 9s Tournament:

All player fees ($40 each) are to be collected by the Captains.
The Captains will then deposit the combined team fee into the QUDA bank account by COB Thursday 29th . Once deposited please contact me (Mat Ryan) to let me know that the deposits have been made.

Bank Details:
Account Name: Qld Ultimate Disc Association Inc
BSB: 034002
Account Number: 167889
Bank: Westpac

Message "BS9s rego"

We will accept cash on the day from those players who cannot organise themselves to do a team deposit.
Eg: Pickup players that are not assigned to a team.

The tournament will be held at The Gap Soccer Club.
Address: Glen Affric St, The Gap.
Directions: From the city drive West along Waterworks Rd. Glen Affric St is the first left after crossing Enoggerra Creek at Walton Bridge.

The fields are visible from the road, behind the skate park. Parking is available beside the fields.
Public Transport: From the city, the number 382 or 385 bus to The Gap Village (bus stop #33). It's a 2min walk to the fields from here.

Games will commence at 8.50am sharp.
There is absolutely no room in the schedule for late starts.
Teams that are not on the line in time will lose points.

Captains meeting will be held at 8.20am.
It is recommended that all players are at the field by 8.20am.
Any assistance that people can give to setup fields, erect marquees etc would be greatly appreciated, so feel free to arrive by 8.00am if you are able to help.

Most teams have nominated a colour which is great. But we suggest that each team brings an alternative colour strip just in case.

Breakfast will not be served. But there are shops (2min walk) around the corner. (Coles supermarket, deli, bakery etc.)
Lunch will be served during the break in games. There will be no 'lunchtime' but each team will have a 40min break between games to eat.

Dinner will be served after the conclusion of the last pool game at 6.10pm and through the final.
Drinks will also be available with dinner and during the final.

The donation fund is doing well but every little bit extra will be greatly appreciated.
If you want to donate please deposit into:

Account Name: Qld Ultimate Disc Association Inc
BSB: 034002
Account Number: 167889
Bank: Westpac

Message: "Neild Donation".

We will also be able to receive any additional cash donations on the day.

A number of great prizes have been donated.
Tickets are currently on sale, and will be also be on sale during the day. $2 each or 6 for $10. Contact Genevieve Healy for more information.
The raffle will be drawn at the end of the day during the presentations and will be "Winners Choice"
The prizes will be shipped to the winner if they are interstate.

The medal winning Crocs from the recent World Games in Taiwan have donated a signed World Games shirt.
This shirt is up for auction with all proceeds going to the support fund.
People are able to bid online for this shirt.
Check out: http://wgshirtaucti on.blogspot. com/
As Tony Greig would say "This is a once in a lifetime piece of sporting memorabilia" ...
The auction will close on Wed. 28th October, so get bidding!

In All Fairness: Battle of the Vaguely Orientalists

So in all fairness to the teams profiled yesterday, we figured we should give equal time in terms of made up silliness commentary on the other BPL game this week, between the Cobras and the Dojo Mojo.

Let's start with a few words culled from the newspapers plastered on the walls around the Dojo compound.*

"I'm an old man who wants to dream the remaining days away. Yet not of us can take a nice healthy crap without some fanatic bowing to the stool and singing: "Oh, our great Dojo has again fertilized the world." What was all my hard work for in those games of previous weeks, if I can't fill my last hours with serenity and nonproductive contemplation?" - Attributed to Chairman Phil*, currently leading Dojo MVP voting.

"The Dojo wife sighs. "Come to bed, my sweet man; you need to dream."
"Not tonight. Tonight I would like to love you alone."
"Oh! Dojo-man, the world is too tired for that."
"We must stir it to life then. The sexual act is a revolutionary act."
- Conversation on the Dojo* line.
And conclude with a response** from Finn McC-'fckin'A of the Cobras (who have certainly evolved quite a bit since their explosion onto the Brisbane Ultimate scene back in 2006).

"Tired of the same old you? Tired of being out of shape and out of luck with the opposite sex? Tired of being overweight and under-attractive? Yeah! Oh, hello. I'm Finn McC'fckin'A, Owner, Operator, and King-dog of the Cobras, and I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be stuck with what ya got. Hey, Wettie. Looking good.
Here at the Cobras, we understand that "Weakness" and "Not-laying-out" are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it. And that's where we come in. The Cobras are a highly-trained, quasi-cultural staff of personal Ultimate specialists. And with our efforts, we've can turn that Frankenstein we saw in the mirror every morning into a Franken-fine of a team, that'll easily defeat the old and slow of the
Dojo-whow! Of course if you become a Cobra and do what we do, you'll still be you in a legal sense, but think of it as a thinner, more attractive, better you than you could ever become without us. How do I know? Well, I'm not only the King Cobra. I used to be a wannabe-Cobra too. 12 weeks and 600 pounds ago at the start of the season ... before I knew how much I hated myself. But that all changed once I joined the Cobras.

But don't just take my word for it. Talk to any Cobra who'll tell you how it is. We all hate ourselves, and we're better for it.

We hate each other, and our team is superior as a result. And this week we'll be putting the hate on the Dojo Mojo. So there."

Tip for the Cobras - let the Dojo score the first few points - they'll be so surprised they'll fall asleep, Sensei will come on for a few points, and suddenly the win will be yours!

* Entirely not said or written those suggested.
**Entirely not said or written by Finn.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queensland's Other Flying Disc National Champion!

So there's still some people on a high about the Australian University Games Ultimate win by the University of Queensland (and good on them too).

But the Brisbane Ultimate Blog can break the news that our own Tim Marchbank won the Open Division of the Australian Disc Golf Championships down at Geelong last weekend, over what even an untalented eye like myself can tell was a large and shit-hot field.

We understand Tim was aided and abetted by our other blog-favourite, Bruce McNaughton who nailed a 4th placing in the Masters (making the most of having to spend so much time out of town for work at the moment ... we miss you Bruce!)

Well done Tim!

The Agony and the Ecstacy

Surely its one of the signs of a great competition that often the most important and exciting looking games happens down the bottom of the table. Think about when it gets to relegation time in the English Premier League team, or whenever Fremantle take on the West Coast Eagles.

So it is in the BPL - with both the UQ Passion and the UQ Lovers facing off this Thursday to see who's going through to the Semi-Finals (with a roll), and who's going to be sitting on the sidelines drinking beer.

Let's cross over to UQ Lovers stalwart, Al Don*, in his pre-game email to the team:

"The ancient Spartans used to flog children for each use of an unnecessary word. Obviously, everyone here at the UQ Lovers would be beaten to death if we were to live under their rigid rule. No matter! We'll leave that particular scenario to the fantasies of our detractors. Sparta was a proto-totalitarian hell hole anyway (damn good enemies to be known by; the UQ Lovers are proud to be at odds with their dead civilisation.) Let the language and the information flow freely I say! Let plolixity run amok, rampage down the streets, and wax elequent on the fields.

And by our words you shall know our deeds, and our deeds shall be many, as
we shall defeat the UQ Passion and run forward in joy to the Semi-Finals".
Meanwhile, when we provided a microphone to Will of the UQ Passion, he had this to say**

"What we must do is beyond that or others UQ Lovers I stood with my back to you UQ Lovers and I knew you were not dumb but Lovers when we looked into your eyes were saw worlds upon worlds filled with fear fear fear that ran thick through you Lovers at Royal Rumble we needed no friends needed no partners every man stands by his self but the Passion always has but Lovers you still do not understand you still have mistrust we need not your protection Lovers."
Its a great time to be a UQ fan!

*These words are not actually those of aL - we just made them up. But it does sound a bit like something he'd say.

**Quoting we think, the Ultimate Warrior, he of World Wrestling Federation fame. Again, Will didn't actually say anything like this, but we're sure he wishes he could.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Early Photo of the UQ Passion Squad

QUDA Bash - 4 December 2009

We all love to get out the baseball bats (or at least sharpen up the tongues) and give the tyrannical overlords at QUDA a good lashing or bashing ...

Oh, wait a minute, not that kind of bash!

1. Informal A heavy, crushing blow.
2. Slang A celebration; a party.

That's it - we're of course talking about a PARTY, a celebration of another year of Ultimate in Queensland.

So lock it in your calendars - Friday 4 December from 7.30pm at the QUT Campus Club, Brisbane City. It's only $10 from finger food, drink on arrival, plus dancing and pool and maybe even some awards (like the prestigious Brisbane Ultimate Blog Queensland Club of the Year!)

And here's a tip - why not get your team or club together beforehand? Could the tuxedoed Moreton Bay Buggers go out for a nice seafood meal before arriving at the Bash in their limousines? Maybe Black Betty could get a group rate for mud packs and manicures at their local massuse? Perhaps Mellow Yellow could spend the afternoon getting $%^&faced at the German Club over the river? Or the Cobra's could have a big day out in their kahki's at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. Use your imagination!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Travelling around the world

One of the rules that was brought in with the 2009 WFDF Rules changes was the change to the travel rule to enhance the fast movement of Ultimate games. We noticed that in a few league games and local tournaments lately this new rule is not known by players or is being incorrectly implemented. Basically, there are now 3 different types of travels, that we will briefly summarise below:

- Uncontested travel, disc has NOT been thrown by traveller.
- Contested travel, disc has NOT been thrown by traveller.
- Uncontested or contested travel, disc HAS been thrown by traveller.

Uncontested travel, disc not thrown
This is the main change to the rule that was brought in. Basically, this new part of the rule states that the stall count pauses after the call, the traveller comes back to the point they should have been at, then the stall count resumes and the thrower may throw the disc. Play downfield does not stop at all. In the words of WFDF:
18.2.7 After an uncontested travel infraction, play does not stop: The thrower establishes a pivot at the correct spot, as indicated by the player who called the travel. This must occur without delay from either player involved. Any stall count is paused, and the thrower may not throw the disc, until the pivot is established at the correct spot. A defensive player should call "Play on" as soon as the pivot has been established. The marker must say "Stalling" or "Play on" before restarting the stall count.

Contested travel, disc not thrown
This situation did not arise very often under the old rules, as there was no benefit or change in situation if a travel was contested. Under the new rules, if a travel is contest and the disc has not been thrown, play stops as per the old rules, the situation is discussed (although any discussion will not change the situation), the disc is checked in and play resumes. In the words of WFDF:
18.2.10 After a contested travel infraction where the thrower has not released the disc, play stops.

Any kind of travel, disc thrown
This rule has not changed from the old rules. If a travel is called and a throw is made and completed, the disc returns to the thrower. If a travel is called, a throw is made and a turnover happens, the turnover stands and play continues. In the words of WFDF:
18.2.8 If, after a travel infraction but before correcting the pivot, the thrower throws a completed pass, the defensive team may call "Violation". Play stops and the disc is returned to the thrower.
18.2.9 If, after a travel infraction, the thrower throws an incomplete pass, play shall continue.

Hopefully that has cleared things up and we can all be more informed and make better calls with the wonderful call that is "Travel".

BPL 2009-2 Round 9 Results

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Join the Elite (or Just the Usual Gang of Idiots) at this Weekend's Disc Golf Extravaganza

Its only a few days until Brisbane's biggest disc golf event for 2009! And its perfect for anyone looking to try it out for the first time.

Saturday sees the Our Darling Ultra-Star only event - rego from 2.30pm and Tee Off from 3.30pm, at the Yeronga Disc Golf Course.

This is the one for all you newbies and/or Ultimate players. Its an Ultra-star (ie Ultimate disc) only event - 18 holes around the permanent course at Fehlberg Park, Off Hyde Rd in Yeronga - the course starts at the Yeronga Kindergarten Carpark. Here's the course layout (from the website).

Cost is $5 (to cover insurance and prizes). There'll be Open and Women's Divisions, to double your chances of becoming the champion! And wise players will of course bring a few discrete 'roadies' to keep themselves lubricated (although discussion are under way to visit the South Cricket Club bar before attempting the back 9).

Weather forecast for Saturday is fine and sunny with a top of 26 - perfect for a walk in the park.

What is Disc Golf Anyway?

Then Sunday 18 October is for your slightly more serious disc golfer (but all are very very welcome), with the "Chocolate to Die For" Cup. This one includes a morning and afternoon round (so two lots of 18 holes), with registration from 9.30am and tee-off for the first round from 10.15am (second round at 2.30pm). $10 for the full day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If We Ran the Dojo Blog ....

So a few of our regular readers will have noticed the return of the Dojo Mojo club blog to the top of the 'we like to see updated' pile over there next to the compost bin of stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog manor. And while we can say its great to see it back, two things must be said.

1) Where's the video? Surely Master Lankowski at least had some sort of spy camera set up so he could check Fatty's cards. Everyone has come to expect video on the dojoblog, just like they expect Julz to turn up late.

2) Ok, so if you don't have video of Dojo playing Ultimate (or cards) to show, and you're not posting very often anyway, surely there's only about 8000 AWESOME clips of Black Belt Jones that you could be putting in there anyway!

Like this one (nsfw - rude words!):

"Remember, every three seconds ..."

BPL 2009-2 Round 8 Draw

Remember that this week is, again, at Griffith instead of Annerley. Rehash of message from Stu:


Due to AJSC top surfacing their fields and trying to fix the lights, the next two weeks (08/10/09 and 15/10/09) of BPL will be played at the AFL fields on Nathan campus of Griffith Uni, just off Kessels road.

Apologies to most people that will get this twice!!



p.s. This is for BPL only, it doesn't affect any other leagues.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

BPL 2009-2 Round 7 Draw

See also a message from LD Stu regarding the change of field:


Due to AJSC top surfacing their fields and trying to fix the lights, the next two weeks (08/10/09 and 15/10/09) of BPL will be played at the AFL fields on Nathan campus of Griffith Uni, just off Kessels road.

Apologies to most people that will get this twice!!



p.s. This is for BPL only, it doesn't affect any other leagues.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Best of the Best

Following on from our recent post about QUT coming third in division two and being the Best of the Rest, UQ has just claimed the division one title to be crowned the Best of the Best.

Same scoreline as the QUT game (9-8) with UQ resigning USyd to their 2nd silver medal in two years. USyd now sit up there with the NZ All Blacks and the South African cricket team as the biggest chokers in world sport.

What would have been a very exciting game, UQ scoring their 2nd gold medal in as many attempts (with a no-show during 2008 in between) in a double game point showdown. One for the ages!

And here's JJ showing just how good it feels:

The Best of the Rest

Well, we said we would do it, so here we are. QUT are the Best of the Rest.

News just in is that QUT have taken the bronze medal match against CSU, 9-8. Details are still sketchy, but what we do know is that, due to the strong wind that has been around all week, it was a huck-and-zone type match. QUT showing those CSU Falcons who is boss.

We have also learnt that QUT Captain and all round little bitch, Reece Stewart, placed 2nd in the division two MVP votes. Good work Reece.

We will have photos and division one results as they come to hand.

Uni Games - Day Four

Following yesterday's games, one QLD team is finished, and the other two are in the fight of their lives today to bring home the goods.

As stated in yesterday's post, UQ only had one game yesterday, a 3pm semi-final. It ended up being against Monash, and the Lovers continued their dominance over Monash with a win. They playoff for the division one Gold medal at 1pm today. Results yesterday:

UQ 11-8 Monash

Not the most memorable tournament for the GUerillas in terms of results, but they no doubt made up for that on the dance floor and all other aspects of partying. The finished off the tournament with an unenviable 0-9 record to take out the wooden spoon in division one with 12th place. They couldn't be considered a walkover however, with only 3 teams getting to the points cap against them, and those 3 teams are all going to finish in the top 6. Results yesterday:

GU 4-14 MQU
GU 8-11 UWA

QUT are trying to prove that they are the best of the rest and take out the bronze medal in division two. While it could be argued that gold in division two is the best of the rest, the top two teams of this division are clearly in the wrong division. We will happily give them the "Best of the Rest" tag if they take out the medal. Game on at 1pm as well, on the field next to UQ, against CSU, a team they beat 14-3 on Wednesday. Results yesterday:

QUT 15-1 ACU
QUT 6-12 UniSA/Adelaide

Look forward to a post with results and, hopefully, some photos of the celebrations.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'll Have What She's Having

The next season of WUFL starts Tuesday the 6th of October, right after Women's Month wraps up.

This season will be a short one only 5 weeks long in order to finish before uni exams.

The format is the same as last season, so sign up for the team you played with or if you're new under the "I need a team" bracket and we'll sort you out.

Register only at :

Who: Ladies, ladies, ladies!
When: Tuesday nights 6 October - 3 November
Time: 7 - 9pm
Where: Oakman Park, Toowoong
Cost: $25 - including BBQ, lights, AFDA, and QUDA fees

Register early and receive the appreciation of the organisers!

"Women's Ultimate .... it's SOOOOO good!"

Uni Games - Day Three

Day Three had a lot of closer games as teams were pitted against teams that were closely aligned to their skill level. Still up to 2 medals available for QLD teams.

The juggernaut keeps on rolling. They have not lost a game since their first game against Flinders and are now awaiting the result of a pre-semi to see who they play in the semi. They have the morning off as the current 2nd "placed" team. They play the winner of Ballarat v Monash in the semi at 3pm today. They played Monash yesterday in their cross over pool for a victory, but will not be taking anyone lightly whoever they come up against. Results yesterday:

UQ 9-8 USyd
UQ 10-5 Monash

Unfortunately for the GUerillas, they haven't been able to get anything in the W column this week, not through lack of trying though. They have a game at 1pm today, a win in which will see them into the 9/10 playoff, a loss putting them in the 11/12 playoff. Results yesterday:

GU 7-12 UTS
GU 4-13 ANU

The other QLD still in the hunt for a medal. QUT have a quarter final against ACU, a team they gave a pantsing to yesterday, but they will not be taking it lightly. They will be looking for a win to get into the semi-finals at 1pm, where past results count for nothing. Results yesterday:

QUT 15-0 ACU
QUT 14-3 CSU

Tune in tomorrow to find out where the teams sit, and get down there if you can.