Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 10 of 2008 Part 2

Continuing our slighty idiosyncratic list of events, items and issues from 2008 that we figured were worth a look.

5. The Dojo Mojo Blog

The blogging highlight of 2008 was the Dojo Mojo blog. The story of an eccentric Ultimate team and its even more eccentric leader, a self-described 'Sensei', brought humour to the Ulti-internet twice weekly for most of the year, and featured both some dodgy videos and some dodgy references to Japanese culture. Kudos, Steve.

4. Wide World of Sports

We hate to plug ourselves too much here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, but perhaps the most intereting thing we did all year was organise for and then have the crew from Channel Nine's Wide World of Sports (well known national sports show) come down to the National Championships at Coffs. They did a superb job, as you'll see at (thanks to Dom for getting that up there). A week later, there was a minute of followup too:

Media coverage isn't a primary goal for Ultimate, but its nice when it comes.

3. Gold Coast Ultimate

There has always been Ultimate in Queensland's Gold Coast, but perhaps in the future we'll look back on 2008 as the year the sport broke out in the country's sixth largest city, as the local league moved to Tallebudgera and completed two leagues of four teams, and the Slamtown Flatball Club shook the tree at Halibut. Onward and upward, with plans for Regionals and Naitonals 2009, and well done to all involved.

2. Internet Coverage of Worlds

Worlds this year drove a whole bunch of people to share Ultimate over the internet like never before. There were Aussie team blogs, international commentary, and of course, the fantastic BlockStackTV lads.

1. Baby Boom

There were a bunch of babies born to Ultimate folk during 2008, but you'll forgive me if I don't list them all here. Congratulations to all you new parents though! But certainly within stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, the arrival of young Rohan has brought much much joy!

Merry Christmas all, and a Happy New Year. See you in 2009.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 of 2008 Part 1

So as some of you might have noticed, things are a little quiet at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion. Sure, Master Wetnose has taken up residence in the hammock on the porch that overlooks the Dojo gardens, but other than that its only the sound of crickets chirping, as I have travelled north, north, north, north to our snowbound fortress of solitude in the lovely nation of Canada.

Being amongst this quiet and peaceful folk during their frickin' freezin' Christmas festival season has given me the chance to reflect on both the fickle nature of fate and of course the year that has gone by on the Ultimate scene.

So here's part 1 of the Top 10 most interesting things that happened in 2008 that we barely otherwise covered here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog.

10. Rob and Molly join the QUDA Executive

The Queensland Ultimate Disc Association has had a big year, but once again it seemed that it was the same (awesome) faces doing all the work. So a big mightly "ROCK!" to Rob and Molly for realising its not such a big thing at all to take on a position and do so.

9. The Tim Booth Incident

You'll want to check out if you haven't been following this one. This one's kind of hard to write about, because its so un-Ultimatey. "A guy attacks another guy off-field at a tournament" isn't something that Ultimate people are prepared for, but I guess its the sort of thing some Ulti-organisers have been having nightmares about happening sooner or later. Fortunately AFDA had a lot of stuff in place and their review will make things clearer in the future. Still, won't be forgotten for a while.

8. Australia Solid if Unspectactular at Worlds

Australian expectations were high going into the World Championships in Vancouver in August. Woirlds 2004 had been the break-through event in many respects, and the Silver at the 2005 World Games led many to put us in the top three internationally. World Clubs in Perth had vastly expanded the number of Aussies with experience against the best of the rest, and preparations for 2008 had been long in the planning and sharp in the execution.

So aside from the outstanding performance by the Junior Women to take their Silver, what happened to the rest? The analysis and introspection seems to be ongoing, but the loss of a couple of crucial games, plus the rest of the world catching up (Japan, GB) since 2004, and here we are.

7. Fyshwick United Start the New Wave?

The Club scene around Australia over the last few years seems to been dominated by groups that got their current shapes and forms through the adventures leading up to World Clubs 2006. And of course, when you look through the lists of top teams you'll see they generally seem to come from Sydney and Melbourne.

So it was great to see Fyshwick United of Canberra make a huge mark in 2008, not just on the field in winning NZ Nationals and taking it to the star-studded Fakulti in the Final at Nationals, but in the off-field planning and all-round good vibes. Maybe in a few years' time we'll look back on this moment and be able to say "we were there".

6. Liam 'Wetnose' Gillions Moves into Stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog Mansion

Probably the 'back room' highlight of the year for us here at Stately BUB Mansion was the addition of a comrade, one who could dig deep at the front line of Brisbane Ultimate, and particularly the Brisbane Premier League. It seems all the great blogs of the world these days are a team effort, and its clear our readers like it best when we post often. Hopefully in 2009 we'll be able to recruit a few more people to fill the spare rooms. And thanks for all your work, Wet!

Tune in tomorrow (weather permitting) when we go into the Top 5.

Monday, December 22, 2008

BUML Roundup

Here's a fine cutting and pasting job with regards the conclusion of this season of Monday night league. Props to Notty for taking on the League Director role and applying so much gusto!

Last night saw the first DIV1/DIV2 BUML final attended by only a few
spectators, what had it made with ample room, a few eskies of free beer, and
plenty of entertainment. Does anyone know where the trophy is by the way??

Congratulations to Mellow Yellow for confidentially taking out DIV2. Can’t quite remember the score but I believe the margin was at least 5.

Congratulations also to Plastic Scougery, scraping up the win by 1 point in DIV1 for an undefeated season.

Spirit winners were UQ Playaz DIV1 and QUTies DIV2. UQ Playaz being aptly
represented got the choice of prizes and collected their bottle of Jager to enjoy later. QUTies need to collect their Vodka from me.

MVP was a close call as many people were selected. I hope to publish the full list when I get some time. The two winners receive a mini MAG light to keep their light burning. They are: Oliver from Poachers; and Jess from Dyspnoeics.

Next season I will be stricter on people submitting MVP and spirit score for every week. I let it go this season as it’s a short season and you haven’t had to do it before.

Changes to next league: So far two time slots, DIV2 first then DIV1. Possibly use of both Yeronga as well as Annerley. Talk of DIV1 being a structured hat but I will get you to vote on this soon. Oh and there will be some sort of trophy for both divisions. If you have any suggestions for improvements etc for the next league feel free to email me.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

BPL Season 3 2008 Roundup

We've been busy, but since we're somewhat the journal of record for the Brisbane Ultimate scene, and since super Stu has done the work for us (aside from the cutting and pasting), here's the end of BPL season wrap:

Last night Messy Buggers and UQ Lovers fought it out for the title of season 3
2008 champions, I'm not the best person for recalling games but it was was
pretty one sided in first half with UQ taking it 8-2. Think it got to 10-3 when
UQ players started to get pretty complacent while Messy never gave up, very
impressive for a 7 man squad. UQ finally managed to catch the disc in the
endzone to make it 15-9 to take the title and end a 4 season winning streak for

Congratulations to UQ lovers for also winning the Spirit award for the season, average scores were:
1. UQ Lovers - 8.44
2. Dojo Mojo - 8.38
3. UQ Passion - 8.36
4. Rawhide - 8.31
5. Messy Buggers - 6.38
6. Slippery Buggers - 5.93

Despite Liam voting for himself (?!) in nearly every game it wasn't enough to win the MVP trophy as it heads back to Dan Walls' (Dojo) mantlepiece. The top scores were (MVP points/games played):
1. Dan Walls 10/7
2. Liam Gillions 7/8
3. Nathan Litzgow 4/6
4. Nic Coote 4/7
5. Jordan/Goldy/ Buzz all 3/5

I did announce last night that Mike Morgan came second but he only played 4 games and the previous rules specified that you had to play at least 5 to be in the running for MVP. On a similar note Granny (Rawhide) could have done well if he stuck around as he scored 3/3.

So that's the end of 2008. Enjoy Christmas, eat and drink too much, get slower and fatter and look forward to playing BPL again at the end of Jan. More to come on that, I'm trying to see if we'll have 5 or 6 teams next season but will probably just have to write two different year plans based on each option.

And thanks to Stu from everyone for running the season.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Loving the Mess

Tonight sees the final of season 3 for BPL 2008 going down between minor premiers & reigning premiers Messy Buggers, and reigning wooden spoon holders UQ Lovers.

While the teams do have those titles from previous seasons, this will be no means be a walk in the park for either team.

Messy Buggers

This team has surprises all, but themselves, this season taking out the minor premier undefeated (Thanks in small part to Dojo's inability to complete a scoresheet). Many felt that the defection of the big space needle to Slippery Buggers would leave Messy in a bit of strife, but Messy, under new captain Liam Gillions, have shown that they are no one-man-band and have taken everything put in front of them.

The rain delay that forced the postponement of the GF for one week has hit Messy hard, with Messy being forced to play savage tonight due to some overseas flights that had been arranged around the original BPL GF date.

UQ Lovers

Following their unfortunately placing last season, Lovers transferred a bundle of talent across from last season's finalists, Passion, to bolster their ranks. They also kidnapped and stole new BPL overlord Stu Austin from Rawhide.

This star-studded team has had high expectations on them from the beginning of the season, and have not lived up to them as much as many had expected. They will accept nothing other than a resounding victory in tonight's game.

Past results

These two teams have met twice this season. Way back in round one they fought out a 11-11 draw, with Lovers fighting back after Messy broke away out of the blocks early. In round six Messy prevailed 15-9. No real point looking at results between these two teams prior to this season, due to the revamp of both squads for this season.

Players to watch

UQ Lovers - Buzz Burwell

Brisbane most famous entomologist-ultimate player will be out to put another feather in his cap with another BPL premiership. He has the throws, he has the looks, he has the ladies, now he wants the trophy.

Messy Buggers - Jason Ray

On the other side of the handling coin, J Ray will be looking to huck anything long to anyone, no matter how mismatched they are. He will be mongrel on defence as well, screaming at anyone and everyone to lay out in an effort to lay out the Messy Bugs over the line.

UQ Lovers - Pete Allen

The Boy from Oz will be singing and dancing his way around the field, trying to lure his defenders into a false sense of security with the old "I'm calmly chatting to you now, but now I'm cutting long" technique. Also, watch out for his much talked about (mainly by himself) power grip flicks. They are going to be something, we just aren't sure if that something is anything that anyone wants to see.

Messy Buggers - George Salisbury

Silent George, as legend has it, generates his awesome speed from his lack of talking. Rumour also has it that George is spending 5 continuous years in complete silence, so he may better understand that sound of a whisper. We were very taken aback here at the BUB Manor recently when George called to ask if a particular raining Thursday had cancelled BPL. It was a voice we did not recognise at all. On a slightly more serious note, George is lightening quick, watch out for it.


While there will most likely be girls down there to watch the BPL Final, there will also be free beer, courtesy of the lovely people over at BUML (haha, BUM). So come down, watch, heckle and drink. Who knows, you may even get on one of Sensei's infamous videos that he uploads to the Dojo blog.

Get your tips in for final scores, winners, big players. There may be prizes for such tips, but probably not.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Possible Draft System

Having read a post over at the Canberra Blog whilst sitting in the pool room sipping some fine port, we here in the manor saw an idea that we thought could be potentially used in Brisbane, possibly for a short league that is more about fun than about club vs club.

The idea is to employ a draft system for a season of BPL/BUML/WUFL/New League. Basically, a set number of captains are nominated and selected, and all interested players come along one night and there are a series of pickup games so players can impress their potential captains. At the end of the night, everyone comes together and the captains pick their teams in a draft format.

As the Brisbane Ultimate community is a fairly tight knit bunch, this idea would possibly work. What we mean by this is that there isn't a lot of hate between clubs (ie. UQ & MBB) that people would be against playing on a team with people from "rival" clubs.

Potential Pros

1. Playing with a whole lot of new people.
2. Less "stacked" teams with all the good players being friends and forming one or two super teams.
3. Someone other than MBB might win the RC Dog Cup trophy (just being a bit cheeky here now).

Potential Cons

1. People may not feel as much of an attachment to their new team so may prioritise Ultimate lower than other tasks, making it harder to field a line consistently.
2. Individuals ending up on teams with other individuals that they aren't agreeable to playing with, thus potentially causing conflict between team mates or division within a team.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pause, Rewind, Play

With rain washing out the BPL semi finals last week, all games have been moved to this week. As there isn't any room between now and Christmas to move games again, should rain wash out games again this week then the top two teams from the regular season (Messy Bugs & Dojo) will automatically progress to the grand final on December 18.

Should that week also be washed out, we have heard rumours of disc races between these 2 teams to decide the BPL champs for Season 3 2008.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Semi Final Draw

Although the official tipping comp is over, we do highly encourage semi final tipping and trash talking. We would like to see more than just Sensei and Julz going to each other as well.

Townsville and Ultimate Make a Porno

Yeah, we like our attention grabbing headlines here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion.

We've recently heard the news from the run-down Townsville Ultimate bordello, that they're reinvigorating themselves for 2009.

Following a gathering of the night on the weekend, the lads and ladies of the house of folly have offered their swords, axes and jillywallies for the cause of North Queensland Ultimate.

Apparently there will be three Presidents - Matt de Witt, Mike Larson and Big Dave Dehollander. Take that, President-less QUDA and President-less BUDA! If even one of these guys gets stuck into it that will top the rest of the state.

Saucy Simon-e Urquart comes in as Veep, the delightful Julia P as Secretary, and Jailbait Chris Ende has been fingered as Treasurer.

The rest of the General Committee includes Certain Keith Cameron-Smith, Zane 'Dr' Quinn, Duncan Webley and Mighty Hugh Osborn, plus a cast of several.

"My hammer has a long long handle" ... sounds like a line from a porno flick, eh?

*There is no truth to the alleged rumour that Hamish has been tarred, feathered and tickled.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Famous Friends

First it was Pottsy, now Brett Matzuka gets the call up into the Huddle, one of the top US Ultimate websites.

Meanwhile, the venerable Dojo Mojo blog gets featured on one of the other top US Ultimate websites, the Cultimate Opinion, and is even leading some sort of vote over there!

Monday, December 01, 2008

There's a Lot of Familiar Shots Out There

You'll all enjoy this one.

And you can get the song on iTunes apparently. Just in case it's already not in your head for the rest of the day, like a slimy earworm.

And since we're doing Ultimate grooviness again, there's a few people who haven't seen friZBaY yet - MOUSTACHE! And remember next time you're playing against Phil Stocks, remember, he's played against Kenny Dobbins!!!

1. Ultimate
2. Girlfriend
3. Family
4. Job
5. God

Women's Hat This Weekend!

To finish up Brisbane Ultimate Women's Month, there's a half day hat tournament coming up!

A Hat tournament is where we put everyone's name in a hat and draw teams out - a very groovy way to meet some different people and play Ultimate

There will be 3-4 short games depending on numbers. One afternoon of ultimate, no
hassles or commitments, just lots of fun!

Sunday 7th December
1:45pm onwards.
Cost: $10-$15 (TBC), including post bbq, drinks, insurance etc.
Location: Oakman Park, Toowong (TBC)

BBQ from about 5:30pm.

There may be a short demo game so the newer ladies can see how the game works.


Sorry, this is a women's only shindig BUT are you most welcome to attend and if any are keen enough to cook a bbq for us we will indeed offer a cold beer or 2! Heckling is always welcome too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Snow Time Like the Present

So with the rain tumbling down outside this morning I'd reckon its safe to assume no BPL tonight. Or maybe not?

Meanwhile, we're once again on the lookout for new members of the blogging team.

The BUB is likely to go a bit quiet this Summer as JdR is off to Canada to show his bub off to the canucks, so now is a great time to sign up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

QUDA Bash 2008 - Flicking with the Stars

Its taken us a few days to recover, but last Saturday saw Queensland Ultimate’s night of nights return to the stage, with the second annual QUDA Bash at the AJSC Clubhouse.

The crowd was larger than last year, and the food excellent. Lead organiser for the evening, the delightful Maylin Chuah received many congratulations as she circulated amongst the social butterflies, and rightfully so.

The Brisbane Ultimate Blog’s reporting team was a bit late, so we didn’t get to catch the red carpet arrivals. And we forgot the camera, so in terms of reporting on the fashions, we can only point to the charming Rowena, fabulous Notty and glam Adilia for their striking outfits, and Mr Blacklock Esquire was looking good as always. Emily G was particularly radiant, along with beau Goldie, and cutest couple was a tight contest between Flan and Cath, Andy and Suze, and Emma and Matt.

On the drinking scene, Mellow Yellow had their backs to the wall for additional support, as dashing Dave B, sturdy Jon, Rob, new chap Josh and the rest of the crew pounded their wrists up and down and barely got out of their chairs. Most of their banter seemed related to the absense of Bermuda Triangle from the festivities. Al Don held up his end also, we understand, well into the wee small hours, we understand. John McNaughton and a few others also kept a close eye on the underdog victory in the Rugby League World Cup, shown on the big screen.

Then it came time for the glittering awards part of the evening, starting with Queensland Frisbee Calf of the Year (the leg bit, not the baby cow). Blindfolded judge Jimmy Larkin, along with offsiders Rob and Jon making suggestions on look, texture and firmness, groped I mean inspected the calves of the best of the filly population, forwarding eight young lasses through to a semi final second grab, before holding high the leg of Blair Sheard. Well done Blair, and keep up the good work.

Next was the esteemed Brisbane League Director of the Year. Seven people have stepped up to organise Leagues this year, making the decision an exceptionally tough one for the judges - few know of the awesome effort that goes into getting us out there playing Ultimate week after week, and 2008 had been a big out. The crowd hushed and then cheers as a seven way tie was announced! Congratulations to Stu Austin and Jon Good (BPL), Adilia Murabito, Dan Blacklock and Kristin ‘Notty’ Nott (BUML) and Eireann Gilligan and Maylin Chuah (WUFL) for their efforts.

2008 was also an impressive year for Queenslanders striding the international Ultimate stage, so time was taken to cheer on the crew who went to Vancouver in August for the World Ultimate and Guts ChampionshipsMat Ryan, Mike Neild, Chris Burwell, Piers Truter, Kristin Nott, Al Don, Brock Cunliffe and Will Larkin. Andrew Badman also rates a mention, as Byron Bay is part of Queensland, in our heads at least, and he’s pretty funny, in our heads at least.

We also had a stack of people at the World Beach Ultimate Championships, back in January in Brazil. Congrats again to Kristin Nott, Al Don, Adrian Gepp, Bree Edgar, Danielle Smyth, Chris Cunliffe, James Larkin, Nat Litzow, Shawn Robb and Keith Cameron-Smith (the latter probably the best thing that’s ever come out of Townsville Ultimate (this year at least)). Cheers (or jeers) also to Beth and Stu who played for the Poms!

This left the two biggest awards. Queensland Ultimate Club of the Year was a pretty exciting countdown, and you’ve already read the announcement and details on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog, but congrats to Gold Coast and Byron Bay for pulling equal third, Firestorm for a great year that gave them second, and to the UQ Lovers who pulled in the award for the second year in a row.

Finally, at the inaugural QUDA Bash long ago in 2007, QUDA introduced its Volunteer of the Year award. As the judging committee sat down to consider who it should recognise as the 2008 Volunteer of the Year, one name came up again and again. It was a name that had come up again and again and again and again when the very best in volunteering was considered, and of course, whenever something around Queensland flying disc sports needed to be done, and not just in 2008, but in many years previous.

The judging committee thought about it a bit more and realised that giving this person the 2008 Volunteer of the Year award just wasn’t enough.

So it was very exciting to announce at the QUDA Bash the introduction of the Bruce McNaughton Award. Here’s what the award is about:

The Bruce McNaughton Award (aka ‘the Bruce’) is to be presented by QUDA to recognise outstanding volunteer contributions to the organisation of flying disc sports in Queensland.

The criteria for the award are based around Bruce's own fine attributes. No criteria are compulsory; it is up to the judging panel to decide upon any relative weighting of criteria based on the expectations of the flying disc community, and how to compare candidates with differing backgrounds and attributes. The criteria can be considered as a guideline for nominations, rather than a formula for making the decision.

1. Is, or has been, involved in flying disc sports in Queensland for at least three years.
2. Teaches a love for flying disc sports to new players, and is an exemplar of Spirit of the Game to old.
3. Takes the initiative to address opportunities and needs within the Queensland flying disc community.
4. Takes on formal positions, and smoothly and successfully completes and enhances the duties and responsibilities of the role.
5. Is truthful, courteous and friendly to all.
6. Supports other volunteers and administrators.
7. Has a sense of humour.
8. In particular, the QUDA Management Committee should seek to recognise those people whose volunteer effort goes beyond providing playing opportunities for themselves.

These are qualities that we should all be aiming for, but which the Bruce McNaughton Award winners excel at and make remarkable sacrifices to achieve.

Each year any number of people may receive 'the Bruce', depending on the quality of the nominations. However, QUDA should aim to give approximately one award per year to maintain the prestige of the Award. The Bruce is not intended to be an ‘of the year’ award, but to recognise ongoing and long term achievement – hence the Bruce may also look backwards, to further acknowledge the work of people in developing our sport in the past.

The judging panel will consist of the QUDA Management Committee, who are inelligible for consideration for the first three years that they are members of the Committee. The Secretary shall annually invite nominations from the membership of QUDA. Nominations should list key achievements and be of no more than one page. Members of the Management Committee may draft and submit nominations.

Bruce was acknowledged at the QUDA Bash as the first winner of the award, and a trophy will be presented at the QUDA AGM in March next year. There was much cheering, and perhaps a tear in a few eyes.

After the awards, dessert was presented and the socialising was renewed, before the lights came on and people headed into town to continue the night (although a few went home to bed).

See you next year, and thanks again to Maylin and her helpers for making the night so grand.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Queensland Ultimate Club of the Year

In 2006 it was Bootius Maximus.

In 2007 it was the University of Queensland Lovers.

The 2008 Queensland Club of the Year was announced earlier this evening at the glamourous QUDA bash (more to come on that one).

But before we slap the winner up here, lets go through the process and the countdown.

You'll remember how its done from last year.

Qualifying Elements
1. Clubs must play two tournaments, or have traveled over 700km for one tournament.
2. Club must be majority Qld or NNSW players.
3. Players may play for multiple clubs through the year, but only one club per event.
4. Clubs may accrue additional points via multiple teams in the same event.
5. A tournament must have at least four teams to be included, and be by open invitation/qualification (hence, NUFL not included, as only certain clubs can compete).

Determining Points

1. Points are given for placing in relation to the size of the tournament. Last place gets 100 points, each placing above that gets 100 points, but to 10 teams.
2. If there are more than 10 teams, the maximum points are 1000, and the points per placing distributed down to 100 points for last.
3. Spirit points are given as 20 points per team at the tournament - so for example, winning spirit at a 8 team tournament is 160 points.
4. There is a travel bonus to recognise that getting a team a distance takes more effort. 50km-700km is 100 points, 700-1400km is 200 points, more than 1400km is 300 points
5. Bonus points up to 100 for miscellaneous at the discretion of the award organiser.

There was one addition to the process this year. To introduce a capacity to take account for the 'intangibles' of a good club, we invited the Club Captains or equivalent for each of the clubs to distribute 100 points amongst the other clubs, based on their sense of who had a good year and deserves recognition in the Club of the Year stakes.

Final tangent - we also looked this year at how we could account for League Clubs, but weren't able to come up with a good formula, particularly given BUML and BPL have yet to finish for the year. Maybe next time around, Mellow Yellow.

So lets get into the Countdown!

11th - Minx 380 points
Minx, the spunky kid sister of Sultry, erupted into existence this year under the leadership of the minxy Peta McNaughton, and after a good turnout at Regionals the ladies had a strong first showing at Nationals, being the centre of much attention.

10th - Lounge Lizards 395 points
Now in their third year, the Lounge Lizards are perhaps the most sexually attractive mixed Ultimate team in Brisbane, being a byword for fun tournament Ultimate. Showings at Lovefest, the Queensland Qualifier, and Mixed Nationals totted up their points.

9th - QUT River Rats 525 points
Another big year for the QUTies, one of Queensland's oldest clubs. Successful again in League play, but its their adventures at Lovefest and more importantly, to the 2008 Australian University Games all the way down to Melbourne that landed them points (along with Sam's triumph!)

8th - Sultry 719 points
Simply great, with the saucy lasses picking up points at Regionals and Nationals.

7th - Great Sugoi! 995 points
Burst onto the mixed scene to do very very well thank you at the Queensland Qualifier and Mixed Nats to snaggle a high spot.

6th - Townsville 1159 points
The controversial decision to play as individual pickups at Halibut this year bore fruit in a refreshed team having a fabo time at Mixed Nats. Earlier in the year, Thor's cracking 3th-4th playoff at Regionals got the northerners into the top 6 for the first time.

5th - Mind the Gap 1525 points
The venerable ones recruited some younger legs for an extended campaign in 2008, with squads competing at Halibut, the Queensland Qualifier and Mixed Nationals.

Now we move into the top tier, with an almost inexplicable TIE for third place

Equal 3rd - Gold Coast 1530 points
2008 will probably go down in history as the year Gold Coast Ultimate finally started to break out. 3rd place as the Slamtown Flatball Club at Halibut set heads a spinning, while a great showing by the Griffith Gold Coast squad at AUGs down in Melbourne kept the points ticking over. Lots to promise on next year as the new league builds and builds.

Equal 3rd - Byron Bay 1530 points
Ended the year quietly with the Badman's Birthday Bash, and have seen some of their top people shift to North America and Brisbane, but as a whole, a triumph for the Byron Bay and Channon cooperative collective. Teams from Byron Bay hit Regionals, Nationals, Halibut and Lovefest, and the as the youth contingent comes through, will continue to grow as a force, boxing above its population weight for some time year.

2nd - Firestorm 2100 points
Someone had to come second and this year it's Firestorm. Now in their third year, Firestorm has continued to develop itself on field and off, getting two big squads to Regionals and then down to Coffs for Nationals. Huge plans on the drawing board for the next few years.

But only one team could win, and this time for the second year running!

1st - University of Queensland 2402 points

Where do we start in talking about another great year for the University of Queensland Club? Truely, this is the Club that many others aspire to be in or like. When not busy running their own league, or putting teams into BUML, WUFL and BPL, the UQ Lovers down down to Sydney for the East Coast Challenge, put two teams into Halibut and the Lovefest (which they ran), and charmed everyone at the Queensland Qualifier and Mixed Nationals. The Lover-butt pants set the standard for all others.

Well done UQ, and to everyone involved in Ultimate Clubs in Queensland!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 9 Draw

Enter your tips, however it is quite likely that the fields will be closed due to the past and future rain. Keep watching your emails and checking the blog. And remember, no news is good news.

QUDA Renewal Powers ... ACTIVATE!

Just a quick one to note some changes in Queensland Ultimate Disc Association (QUDA) positions. QUDA is the governing body for flying disc sports in Queensland.

The QUDA Management Committee are very pleased to welcome aboard Rob Lowe and Molly Young.

Rob will become the new QUDA Treasurer, a role being vacated by Peta McNaughton. Peta will become a General Member of the Management Committee.

Molly will become the new QUDA Co-Secretary, a role being vacated by Bruce McNaughton. Bruce will become a General Member of the Management Committee, while retaining his Youth Coordinator role.

Congrats to Rob and Molly for stepping up, and thanks to Bruce and Peta for their massive efforts in a number of formal roles over the last few years (we're pleased and impressed they're continuing to be involved!) Please buy them a beer when you see them. Seriously. You owe them at least a beer!

QUDA also continues to hunt for a President. As you can see, you'll have a strong team to work with, including an Executive Officer to do the work you can't get to. Could this be you?

QUDA's current positions and position holders are listed below. No doubt there will be further discussion and renewal at the Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend, this weekend.

QUDA Management Committee
President - Vacant
Co-Secretaries - Molly Young and Danielle Smyth
Treasurer - Rob Lowe
Vice President - Tim Marchbank
General Members - Bruce McNaughton and Peta McNaughton
Executive Officer - Jason de Rooy

QUDA Coordinators
Women - Maylin Chuah
Universities - Adam 'Jangles' Beu
Coaching - Vacant
Elite Development - John 'Cheeseburger' McNaughton
Youth - Bruce McNaughton
Webmaster - Tim Marchbank
Competitions - Shawn Robb
Disc Golf - Tim Marchbank
Any Other Role You Think We Need to Have - You?

For your interest also, here's who's who in the BUDA zoo:
President - Dan Blacklock
Treasurer - Adilia Murabito
BPL Director - Stu Austin
BUML Director - Kristen 'Notty' Nott

Random Other Position Holders:
Master of his Domain - Steve Cameron
Chick Magnet - aL Don
Wandering Fool - Simon Talbot
Space Needle - Mike Neild
As Himself - Jon Good
As Herself - Sandra Poon
Best Boy - Spinner
Gaffer - Hamish Pope
Most Wanting to be a Queenslander - Brett Matzuka
The Pants - Suze Lankowski
Wetnose - Liam Gillions

hmm ... better stop now, we're just getting silly.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quiet Week of Subtle Planning

We're a bit quiet here on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog this week, partly because of the rain which has settled in, and partly because all our brain and typing power is being put towards the Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend, which is on this weekend.

Here's the info that was sent out to the various yahoogroups, earlier in the week.

About Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend

Hi there,

I’d like to invite you to the Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend, to be held this weekend 22-23 November, at the Annerley Junior Soccer Clubhouse at Greenslopes.

What is it?
Each year in November, QUDA hosts a weekend for Queensland (and Northern NSW) based Ultimate (and Disc Golf) volunteer organisers to get together, share ideas, look back over the previous year, and do some planning for the following year.

Who Should Come?
*Anyone* who is interested in lending a hand to make our sport better, or at least in finding out what’s going on and offering your ideas.

You might currently hold a position in your local group, Club, or Association. You might have helped lend a hand at a tournament or league.

Or you might just be interested in what’s going on, and want to have a say in the future. We reckon the best way for people to lend a hand is by knowing where they can help.

Last year around 16 people attended the meeting held at Byron Bay – this year we’re expecting around 30 people.

Where and When?
This year’s meeting will be held at the Annerley Junior Soccer Clubhouse at 98 Victoria Terrace, Greenslopes, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November. This is next to the fields where BPL and BUML are played, and is about 5 minutes walk from the Greenslopes stop on the South East busway.

This year we’re trying a ‘session-based’ agenda, to allow people who can’t commit to the whole weekend to come talk about particular areas that interest them. Have a look at the attached agenda.

The 2nd Annual QUDA Bash will be held at the same venue, from 6.30pm on the Saturday night.

What should I do beforehand?
1. Have a read of the Agenda and attached material. Maybe make some notes.
2. Let me know you’re coming, so we can cater properly.
3. Let me or one of the session convenors know about anything you’d like to see addressed on the agenda or in a particular session.
4. Dream about the future of Ultimate in Queensland, and bring it along!

If you can’t make it, you’re still welcome to contribute your ideas via other people or email. Just get in touch.

Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend
Draft Agenda for >16 attendees

Saturday 22 November
9:00 Doors open
9:20 Welcome and Overview of Weekend
10.00 Session A: Governance Session B: Women
11.15 Morning Tea
11.45 Session C: Juniors/Schools Session D: Universities
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Session E: Promotion/Recruitment Session F: Tournaments
3.15 Afternoon Tea
3.45 Review of Day 1
4.30 Knock Off

6:30 QUDA Bash

Sunday 23 November
9:00 Doors open
9:30 Session G: National/AFDA Session H: Disc Golf
10:45 Morning Tea
11:15 Session I: Elite Development Session J: Leagues
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Plenary – Bringing It All Together
3:00 Afternoon Tea
3:30 Plenary Continued
4:30 Finish and Game: Born and Bred (Light) vs Blow-Ins (Dark)

Hope to see all our readers there. Or start the commenting below. Or wait for some follow up posting next week!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wet Weather

Brisbane has suffered from a terrific downpour over the weekend, to say the least.

This morning, my inbox is full of email from desperate Ulti-addicts - "Will BUML be on tonight?"

Here's the process we have in place with liaising with Annerley Juniors about field closers for BUML and BPL.
1. During the day, a rep from AJSC inspects the fields (a few of their people live nearby). If there is surface water visible (ie puddles on the field), or the fields have been damaged due to wet-weather play, then they'll close the fields.

2. They email this info their stakeholders (which includes me as Ulti-rep).

3. If an email comes saying the fields are closed, I email the BUDA, YUFL and BPL lists as appropriate. There are a few people I also text message, as they're a long way away from the fields, or don't have easy email access. Some people also do this for their team-mates.

4. If by 4pm there is no email, then fields are considered open. I prefer not to send a reassuring email to everyone, as ...

5. If it rains between 4pm and 7pm, then the League Directors should inspect the fields on arrival (ideally before turning the lights on). If there is surface water visible (ie puddles on the field), then they shouldn't turn the lights on.

Make sense?

Friday, November 14, 2008

BUML Week 4

The latest season of Brisbane Mixed Ultimate League aka Monday Nights has been cruising along. Seems a lot of people are making the most of the Div1/Div2 split. There were certainly a few arm-wrestles around the grounds from what I could see last week. The Chimi-Scourgery game had one of the longest points ever seen in Brisbane Ultimate, I'd hazard, while the Heroes-Poachers match up was grueling with a smile. Continuing this is sure to be a topic at the Queensland Ultimate Planning Weekend next weekend.

Interesting Comparisons

Its interesting to try to compare Ultimate to other sports, although its often not easy or even fruitful. Its not easy or fruitful because its an apples and oranges type of comparison etc, so I generally don't really do those conversations (US Ultimate sites seem to be filled with comparisons to professional mainstreams sports, but I disgress).

But I picked up an interesting set of figures today that I thought worth sharing. They don't really say much, but I still found them interesting.

The Queensland Department of Sport and Recreation has a program called GAQAP - the Get Active Queensland Accrediation Program.

The Get Active Queensland Accreditation Program (GAQAP) provides teachers, teacher aides, school sport volunteers, tertiary and senior secondary school students, and community sports members throughout Queensland with FREE training that can ultimately lead to accreditation in coaching, officiating, and sports first aid.

The program, formerly known as the Teacher-Coach Accreditation Program, has attracted more than 9500 participants since its inception in 2002. The program is a key component of the Queensland Government's commitment to getting more Queenslanders involved in sport and active recreation.

The courses get run all over Queensland, and they've recently started offering Ultimate Coaching. People need to register to do the course etc.

Anyway, enough explanation, here's the numbers of people who have currently booked for December courses in Brisbane:

Brisbane North - December 4

AFL Coaching 9
Athletics Coaching 28
Basketball Coaching 18
Cricket Coaching 13
Football Coaching 14
Golf Coaching 11
Hockey Coaching Cancelled
Level 1 Sports Trainer 16
Netball Coaching 13
Rugby League Coaching 21
Softball Coaching 2
Sports First Aid 36
Sports Strapping 11
Swimming Coaching 26
Touch Officiating 9
Ultimate Disc Coaching 13
Volleyball Officiating 17

Brisbane East - December 9

Athletics Advanced Coaching 25
Athletics Officiating 4
Football Officiating 3
Futsal Coaching 13
Gymnastics Coaching 8
Modern Jive Dance 9
Netball Officiating 8
Royal Life Saving 12
Rugby Union Coaching 16
Sports First Aid 32
Sports Power Coaching 8
Sports Strapping 26
Tennis Coaching 13
Touch Coaching 27
Triathlon Coaching 9
Volleyball Coaching 20
Water Polo Coaching 10

Ultimate almost looks mainstream.

BPL 2008-3 Round 8 Results

Bashing Down to Bads

Don't forget if you're driving down the Badman's Birthday Bash this weekend that the southerners are on daylight savings.

If its 10am in Byron, its 9am in Queensland.

Given its about 2-2.5 hours from Brisbane to Byron (depending on whether you are travelling with John 'Chugabug' McNaughton or Molly 'Penelope Pitstop' Young, or on the back of George's motorcycle) you'll want to be leaving Vegas by 6.30am Brisbane time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 8 Draw

Top of the tipping table is very close. Get those tips in to secure victory and fame!

QUDA Bash Tickets - Last Chance is Tomorrow!

If you want a ticket for next weekend's QUDA Bash, you need to register your interest by tomorrow (Wednesday 12/11). This lets the delightful Maylin and her flight of helper fairies to sort out the catering.

When: Saturday 22 November, from 6.30pm
Where: AJSC Soccer Clubhouse (next to where BPL and BUML are played)
Tickets: $30, includes dinner and a few surprises!
Dress: Frock and rock.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bit of Blog News

So we're been keeping stats about visitors and hits and stuff since early January this year.

Since then, we've had 14,384 hits, from 4,232 visitors. Not bad.

Interestingly, 80% of those people have visited the site more than 10 times - it looks like Ultimate websurfers are a loyal lot (or alternatively, there's not enough out there.

Most weekdays, we have about 60-80 hits. Weekends it drops down to 15-30 hits.

Possibly its just Sensei at work refreshing every five minutes to see if Jules has posted a comment.

But Wet and I like to think we're performing a useful service and making for some interesting reading.

Is there anything else or more you'd like?

Do you tell your friends about us?

*by the way, latest update in the 'who's popular', at least in terms of search terms used to bring people here, are (1) Tim Marchbank, (2) Stephanie Levasseur, (3) Jonathan Potts, (4) Brett Matzuka and (5) Al Don

BPL 2008-3 Round 7 Results

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Can Be Yours!

So Channel 9's The Shak are doing a story on Ultimate Frisbee, and will be filming on Oval 7 (off Coleridge St) at UQ St Lucia this Wednesday afternoon!

They'll need people throwing around in the background for interviews from 1pm, then people for a game from about 2pm.

If you have one of those nice UQ shirts, bring it along.

Remember, The Shak is broadcast nationally, so its worth putting on a good show.

Contact the impressive Mat Ryan if you can help.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

If I Could Recruit 100 New Players

If you could get any 100 people to come and play Ultimate (leaving aside individual differences), who would you recruit?

I’d probably start with 100 women. Partially, this is because Ultimate has a gender imbalance for various reasons that I’d like to see gone for various reasons. But paradoxically, I know that women attract men to the sport.

Of those 100 women, I’d probably like to have 25 who are still at school, 25 who are at University, and 50 who are over say 23. I know plenty of people who would skew things more towards Juniors, because kids will play for longer and can become much better much more quickly.

Of the 25 women still at school, I’d like at least 12 to go to the same all-girls school. Having that sort of core will help that school develop an ongoing interest in Ultimate, and seek to challenge other schools. It’ll also make for a pretty strong junior women’s team for the city/state/country. Random spread of the rest.

Of the 25 at University, I’d want 10 who were studying marketing, communications or journalism. Random spread of the rest.

Of the 50 people over say 23, I’d like to have 10 who were ‘jobless’ – raising children, being homemakers or working informally from home. Ultimate lacks people with a bit of time through the day, who are thinking about their lives in the long term, and who have an inclination to help others. Another 10 I’d like to be teachers or lecturers of some sort. Another 10 would work in local government, because of the influence that city councils can have on field space, amenities, grants and local profile. 5 would be tradespeople of some sort (I may be dreaming there). Random spread of the rest.

Of those 100 women of various ‘things they do all day’, I’d like 30 to live near Kalinga Park in inner Northern Brisbane, and 30 to live at Logan City (this is the Brisbane Ultimate Blog, you know). These are places I’d like to see new Leagues forming. Random spread of the rest.

Oh yeah, and 1 of these 100 would own a brewery. :)

How would you pick your 100?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 7 Draw

Applause, Recognition, and a Little Notoriety for QUT Ultimate

It's often the case here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog that we get caught up in UQ's status as the biggest and best Ultimate Club in Queensland, but today there's great news from cross-town rivals QUT (and thanks for the qutest of all, Jangles, for sharing the news).

At the Annual QUT Sports Awards, QUTie Sam Bird was recognised for her tireless efforts as QUT Sports Manager of the Year!

The profile of the QUT Ultimate Club was further raised when it became the inaugural winner of the prestigious and high profile Worst Club in the History of QUT, which is a pretty significant achievement.

No wonder the Club has entered its largest team ever in the current BUML (leading to them cutting some of their stars of yesterday, like Chaddie).

Well done QUTIES!

Monday, November 03, 2008

On MVPs and Spirit Scores

So over at Ultitalk, there's a couple of interesting threads relating to MVP awards and Spirit awards. Kudos to Tom for getting things going. Go and have a read. There's some good stuff there. I'll wait.

Anyway, my take is that people are over-worrying these awards a little a little.

Short of having a set of people who's job it is to watch lots of games and then form an opinion (which is what happens when spectator sports have MVP awards like the Brownlow or the Dally M), you're not going to get something non-controversial (and even then, think about the controversy that's often involved with those awards (and I mean controversy in the positive sense, that there's lots of worthies but there can be only one winner).

So until Ultimate has that, don't stress it, and just remember that at an Ultimate tournament, a Most Valuable Player award is as much about 'standing out from a crowd' than it is about being valuable, and perhaps more importantly, not really anything about somehow being 'the best'. Still, its nice and fun for the winners (who are rarely the same people event after event (save for a few Adam Mortimers and Mike Bakers - and who's going to begrudge them that?)) and makes the ceremonies a bit more interesting.

In particular in my mind, I worry when Ultimate players start thinking up convoluted systems. Yes, many of us are systems builders (me included) - self-refereed sport appeals to us thinkers. But the beauty of sport and sporting recognition is in the simplicity. A champion player will be recognised, whether or not they win an award.

I've been more interested though by discussions about Spirit Scores and the Spirit Winner, as I think this is somewhat closer to more people's hearts (Jangles even sent me the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association's spirit score sheet for a look).

Again, I would say, don't oversweat it. Everyone knows how a spirit winner comes about, and usually when you examine the scores you see that normally any number of teams could have come 'first'.

My view of the reasons we give out a Spirit Prize is a) its easy to do and draws a bit of attention to spirit; b) its nice and fun again to have something else to give out; and c) "Well, we've collected these scores, so we might as well do something, like add them up".

So I worry a bit when people want to introduce some more systematic spirit scoring. Yes that is fine, but in a 24 team competition like Mixed Nationals, spread over dozens of games over three days, where people only play a portion of teams ... you're still not really and regularly going to be able to separate the 'most spirited' teams to somehow have a winner.

Fortunately, there's a lot of talk in the thread about examples of good and bad spirit, and I think these people are starting to get to the nub of the issue ... but let me take you there.

What Spirit Scores are really about is ... having a team sit down after a game and talk about good and bad spirit. That's pretty much it. If teams sit down afterwards and spend 5 minutes discussing the spirit in the game they played, then they should incrementally come out having a better idea of what good and bad spirit are and mean.

This is where I get worried when people want to quantify spirit and have little checklists and stuff. I worry that subconsciously, some people have missed the point and think its about getting a score in and someone winning a spirit prize. They want to do it quickly and easily and get onto the next bit of the tournament, so they like the idea of a little checklist that a Captain can fill in on their own (maybe talking to a couple of confidants) in about 10 seconds.

But such things won't promote good spirit. I wonder if teams who are rated poorly for spirit bother to talk about spirit after the game? I suspect (in general) they don't.

If you want to foster good spirit, then make sure your team sits down together and discusses the game, the good and the bad, for a good while after the game. Don't let one player just fill in a sheet. Help yourself and your team-mates to understand spirit better. The more we talk about it, and share stories and examples of Spirit (such as through good threads on Ulti-talk), the more Spirit will grow and thrive.

Got Your Calendars Marked?

A few things for your calendar as we rush towards the end of 2008!

- Badman's Birthday Bash is on 15-16 November at Byron Bay. Do Bads and the Byron kids a favour and register early, and don't forget to organise yourself some accommodation. It looks like there's 37 Queenslanders registered so far ....

- The 2008 QUDA Bash is on again - lock in the evening of 22 November. Here's a summary of last year's bash. This year we'll be at the AJSC Soccer Clubhouse (next to where BPL and BUML are played) from 6pm onwards, with a bus into the city afterwards (from the Greenslopes Busway stop, 8 minutes walk away). Dinner is included and tickets will soon be on sale. Help the organisers by registering your interest.

- The 2008 QUDA Planning Weekend is coming soon too - its on the 22-23 November at the AJSC Clubhouse (handy place this is becoming to be!). Agendas and such to come, but this is a good way to find out what's planned for next year, and more importantly, have your say!

- BUML is only a short season this time around, so the end of year Final is not far off! Keep Monday 8 December clear!

- And to (probably) finish the year of Ultimate in Brisbane and Queensland, the Final of BPL Season 3 2008 is programmed for Thursday 11 December!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting Into Open Play in 2009

Just in case you're not on the various Brisbane-y email lists, you might be interested in the following:

Gentlemen (apologies ladies, you can stop reading now),

If you enjoy improving your game, learning more about the sport, and generally playing good, competitive Ultimate, please read on.

My name's John McNaughton, and I'm one of the captains of Firestorm. This is the Brisbane representative men's club, taking the best players from Brisbane (and surrounds) to compete at national level tournaments. The season will be running from January to April, with pre-season training happening from November, and culminating in Nationals in Perth in late April.

In addition to competing at the elite level, we're also focused on improving the level of local Ultimate. To this end, we're keen to get people into the club who may not want to go to Nationals, or who don't think they're good enough, but who love playing and want to improve their games. We're really keen to see the club grow and to welcome new players on board - it's great for us, for you, and for Brisbane frisbee.

If you're a complete beginner, and only just figuring out your forehand and where you're meant to stand and run, Firestorm probably isn't for you this season. Next year :-) If you have a basic grasp of skills and how the game works, we'd be keen to hear from you. Maybe it'll be that you should wait another year, but we're quite open to newer players if they're really keen to improve, and you'll never know unless you try. If you're concerned, ask someone who was part of the club in 2008 to give you some idea.

We don't need any sort of commitment now. Have a think, ask any questions you want (feel free to ask me, or anyone who was part of the club in 2008), and come along to a few training sessions when we kick off to get a feel for it. You'll find it's a big step up, but I hope you'll also find a welcoming atmosphere, friendly Firestormers and quality coaching to help you get up to speed.

If this sounds at all interesting, sign up to the Firestorm email list. You'll get plenty more information about what's happening, and get a bit of a feel for the club.
To join, send a blank email to:
(you should get a confirmation email in reply if it worked)

If you've already made up your mind and decided you want to come and get involved, register your interest at: Again, this is NOT a commitment - this is just for the club leadership, to help with our planning for the season.

As I say, if you've got any questions, please feel free to chat to me (this email, 0411 835 750, or catch me on Mon nights with UQ Playaz) or any other Firestorm boys.

Thanks all.

John McNaughton
Firestorm #10

Friday, October 31, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 6 Results

BPL 2008-3 Round 6 Tipping Results

Women's Month Starts!

For the lads, November is Movember.

But for the ladies, November is the biggest month on the calendar!

There's a lot going on, and the Brisbane Ultimate Blog will be joining in.

Maybe you want to contribute some Womens-Ultimatey thoughts? We welcome guest posters!

Here's the first bit you need to know, from Chiefette Maylin:

Every Tuesday in November we'll be running skills clinics for players
of all levels. We have nationally qualified coaches coming down to
instruct activities for new and experienced players (with split
activity stations.) If you want to improve your skills and
understanding of Ultimate Frisbee, at any level, come along!

Tuesday 4,11,18,25 November.
Location: Oakman Park, Crn Union St and Mogill Road, Toowong
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $20 for 4 weeks ($5 a session to be paid on the night)
Bring: Light/Dark shirts, water bottle, running shoes/soccer cleats

To register you will need an AFDA number, this is free membership
number and can be obtained at:
Email me if you can't sign up for some reason.


This is a great opportunity to be coached by some excellent
instructors and learn some new frisbee skills!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Advanced Thoughts for University Clubs

Some people around Brisbane will know that, while wearing a QUDA hat, I’m trying to lend a hand to the UQ Ultimate Club, in its interactions with UQ Sport (the university sports governing body).

As it turns out, an old friend of mine is now on the Board of UQ Sport, and I had a bit of a chat about things the Club could do. Some of these things are informing how we’re going forward at UQ, but some I figured were worth sharing to those of you wise enough to read this blog (strange as it is to think of Simmo, Tiger, Jangles or Alex as wise).

1. Book your fields for next year now (October/November), especially if they want more. Write them a letter. Write to the person a step or two more senior than the person who manages bookings. Make sure the letter ends with a question so they have to respond.

Offer to pay a deposit for the whole season or in advance, and borrow the money from your State Association. Sports Associations are often chasing money from disorganised clubs of students so you’re differentiating yourself by beating them to it. If they direct you towards a process for managing competing field bookings (eg, there’s a meeting once a year where its sorted out), involve yourself in that, but still do the extra stuff like an early letter. Its also worth going up the chain, as the further you go, the more permanent that person is going to be.

2. Email is cool, but make sure you're clear. Be formal if you have to, make sure your most important point is in the first sentence, and if you have more than one question or comment, number them. If they tell you something, always reply rephrasing the information in your own words, to make sure you both understand it.

Much Club/Sports Association email is unclear to the extreme. Make sure you’re using an email address that several of your Club members can read (eg but everyone should put their own name on any email they send, so that its clear to them and your Clubmates who is handling the ongoing issue. Following up in person can be really really valuable, particularly if they see you in good times, rather than just when there's a problem.

3. Detail how important your fields are. Explain to the fields management people (either in that letter, or elsewhere) whether your field needs/use are for training or League, and how many people will be using it, and how much they will be paying to use it.

If they have to make decisions about field use or closures, you’re giving them information so they can prioritise. If they’ve got a choice to close your field or someone else’s, changes are they’ll look at how many individuals this will effect, whether is stuffing up a League that people are paying for, or training that’s more easily missed, etc. to put it another way – most weeknight field use at Universities is training for weekend sports for a Club where player fees include training as a minor part, so they’ll assume Ultimate (which is normally weeknight league where people have paid a set amount per night to play) is the same unless you’ve told them.

4. Recruit staff members and postgraduates. Most Clubs focus their recruitment efforts on first year students at O-Day and eligibility for Uni Games, and that’s cool. But having people who have long term careers on campus can be very very beneficial in helping your Club maintain its basic administrative processes and contacts (once you’ve sorted out the banking or field booking or grant applications once, they’re easy to do again and again).

Find out if your Uni has induction sessions for new staff, see if there’s avenues for spruiking Ultimate at the staff club, staff carpark, maintenance staffroom, postgraduate society, etc. There are also many businesses and non-University entities located on campus - can you recruit from there too?

5. Maintain connections to your alumni. Universities and Sports Associations pay lots of attention to alumni, and Ultimate has now been on some campuses long enough that there are some senior and serious people out there who used to play on campus. Think about the fat old guys who keep rugby important on campus, even though the Rugby Club probably only has as many actual players as the Ultimate Club does. These people can help look out for your long term interests and network for you at senior parts of the hierarchy. Say thanks to them by inviting them to be the Patron of your Club and have them at big events like Finals or meetings with the Sports Association. Encourage them to remember their Uni days by always inviting them to parties (they probably can't come because they're busy with work or family, but its nice to be invited).

And of course, with VSU, most Uni Club can have non-students as members (where once they can’t). Are your alumni still playing in your league? Think about recruiting from the non-University community too, and maybe change your branding (like being something like Deakin Ultimate, rather than Deakin University Ultimate) or drop flyers around the Toowong/St Lucia neighbourhood promoting West Brisbane Ultimate rather than UQ Ultimate (still call it Uni Ultimate when talking to student though!)

6. Get the Sports Association involved in Ultimate itself. Many Sports Associations run social ‘lunch time sport’ as a money maker for the Association, or just to keep the facilities in use, or because they just like to have people playing something. If you think you can get a handful of experienced Ultimate players on campus around lunchtime, then go and see whoever runs lunchtime sport and tell them about Ultimate. Tell them its easier and cheaper to manage than sports like Touch or Volleyball because it doesn’t rely refs. Offer to make sure there’s an experienced player on each team (perhaps you can wangle that these Captains play for free).

If there’s court space, play indoors as it requires less people to get going, is easier for newbies, but perhaps most importantly, means the Sport Admin office staff see Ultimate and you and your experienced players every week - this visibility is super valuable (compared to occasional emails about far flung field bookings). Invite the Admin staff to your Club parties. Make sure that non-Uni Ultimate players know about it - they might want to come! And of course, this recruits new people to Ultimate for you!

7. Draw up a 3-5 year plan of some sort. Most Uni students are planning to be on campus for only a few years, and most Uni sports clubs are only thinking in terms of a one year horizon (in Ultimate, it tends to be “recruit at O Week, play weekly if possible, train a bit in Semester 2, then go to Uni Games”.) The result is typically the same old same old. If you’re a struggling Club, you’ll always struggle (even if you have an occasional good year because an amazing person shows up).

See if the Sports Association or your State Ultimate Association can give you advice on your plan, based on what they know about other successful sports or Clubs, and also what they can do to help. It doesn't need to be too fancy - a page of routine stuff to do every year, and a page of new things to do and build on each year if a great way to start.

If you’ve got staff members or alumni loosely connected to your Club, ask them to be the long term guardians, hanging on to it and pointing out each new year’s goals to each new Executive when they start.

8. Read the Sports Association’s Annual Report and Website. This can tell you what the Association’s priorities are, and how you might tailor your planning and contact with them. Use their language and wording and principles in your own plans and reports to build the bond.

Say for example they are focused on elite sportspeople (typically because it makes for easy media messaging). Make sure they know about the Australian Ultimate representatives that are (or have been) members of your Club. How many Dingoes and Firetails and Barramundis must have come out of Macquarie University over the years I wonder? Probably a lot more than they have Wallabies or Socceroos or Diamonds or whatever. Sure, there’s reasons for that, but the numbers can be headlines. Send them photos of these people to include in their next Annual Report. Make sure you claim alumni success as your own too.

Sports Associations tend to have their own PR/Communications people – email them about successes in Ultimate.

9. Have a sweet website. Really, there’s no excuse for a University Ultimate Club not to have a really sweet website.

Hope this helps someone, somewhere!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Migrating South

For those considering an occasional foray in the second season of the Gold Coast Ultimate League, you should know the league has moved south from Broadbeach to its new spanky (and more assured) home at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre.

Our spies tell us the fields are pretty sweet and the centre itself is easy to find (on the main drag). While the move may be a bit more of a drive for the gang attending Griffith Gold Coast, it'll certainly make the League more attractive to folks from Robina and maybe even Byron Bay .... although we think the real season is to remove GCUL just that little bit further from the prying and envious eyes of the Brisbane peeps.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Links?

The old letterbox at the front of stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion has been stuffed full lately. Not with the usual catalogues and advice for stiffening up our manhoods, but with requests for links to peoples photos ... from Halibut, Mixed Nats, all sorts of Brisbane-y events.

Can you help?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Case You Are Bored

Why not cast your mind back to our sport's national website, circa 2001?

Thanks to Rubes for the tip.

New Season of BUML Starts Next Monday!

Well, we're still recovering here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion - polishing the hovercrafts and letting the Bunnies get their sleep - you know what we mean.

But a reminder that the next season of Monday nights Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (BUML) is starting next Monday.

Registration is at

With the shortened season, its going to be interesting to see how Division 1 and Division 2 pan out. Word on the grapevine is that the QUT River Rats have asked to be dropped to Div2, so it will be interesting to see who's going to be willing to change their game plans and step up - will it be Mellow Yellow, or Dispnoeics, or someone else, or maybe no-one?

Currently Division 1 is:
UQ Playaz
UQ Lovers
Plastic Scourgery
Bermuda Triangle

Division 2 is:
QUT River Rats
Kelvin Grove Cougars
Mellow Yellow

Heroes and 12 Monkeys haven't registered as yet?

EDIT: More news in the comments below

Friday, October 17, 2008

MOvember Time

It's getting near that time of year again.

I'm sure you'll remember Mansauce and Rodney's efforts from 2007.

And below, there's a shot from Mr Matt Anscomb's efforts of the previous year.

Well, Matt's having another go, and the Brisbane Ultimate Blog is donating $10 to him. You can support Matt's 2008 engagement* MO here.

Movember - Sponsor Me

Are any other readers going to grow a new moustache this month? Let us know and we'll give you a plug, and perhaps even a $10 donation if you promise us a photo (we'll have to check around behind the couch cushions to see how we go).

*Yes, in other Matt A news, he and the lady Helen are now engaged to be wed. Apparently an Eiffel Tower, champagne and a bended knee was involved. Congrats!

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Results

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Tipping Results

A good week of tipping all round with every picking the Slippery and Lovers wins.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No news is good news!

Just in case anyone is wondering, there has been no news from AJFC regarding the recent rain in town. Therefore, the fields are open and it is game on for tonight's BPL.

You kids! Get Off My Lawn!!

We here at the venerable stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion would be remiss if we did not mention the entertainment we've gained by watching by some new shacks set up down the street.

Yes, Gold Coast Ultimate now has a blog -

And now UQ Ultimate, not just satisfied with their old but fancy website, have gone a blogging too -

Go have a look, update those links, but remember, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog was here first. Accept only the best! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Night - Leagues Everywhere

So tonight sees the semi finals for the UQ League, as it returns to what some would argue to be Queensland Ultimate's spiritual home (the equivalent of Lang Park for rugby league, or the Gabba for cricket), Oval 7 at St Lucia.

There's some sort of draw I guess, but I can't find it online as yet.

Meanwhile, on the Gold Coast the second season of GCUL hucks off tonight, with game on at 7.45pm and four teams looking to win.

Field 1 - Black vs Blue
Field 2 - Red vs White

Go Wednesday!

ps if anyone was thinking about starting a new Mixed League in 2009 somewhere around Brisbane, I'd be tipping Wednesday night as most desirable! Sure, you miss out on the UQ and Gold Coast folks, but it keeps Tuesdays and Thursday free for Open/Women, and Mixed-types can choose between Monday and Wednesday (or play both, having a night off in between, like the UQ kids currently do). Anyway, just a ramble, because we've had a lack of rambles lately here on the blog ... I blame AMUC.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Northern Regionals 2009

Just to mark the date - 14-15 March 2009.

Given that Nationals 2009 will be in Perth, it might be anticipated that Northerns09 may be the climax for many players' 2009 season.

At this point we're looking to book Griffith Nathan again, as per 2007 and 2008, however QUDA are looking for a TD, who might decide to look elsewhere. Could this be you? It's worth noting that Griffith Nathan was the closest field the previous TD could find to his house ...

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Draw

BPL 2008-3 Round 3 Results

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music at AMUC Party

If you're going to the AMUC party at the Uber Bar this Sunday night (day 2 of AMUC), and want to put in a musical request, do so over here.

Brisbane Finals Week?

After getting through the recent AFL and NRL Finals Weeks, its fun that this week (or Monday and Tuesday at least) features TWO Ultimate Finals here in Brisbane.

On Monday night (weather permitting!), 2008's second season of BUML concludes, with the UQ Players and the UQ Lovers facing off to get their name on the trophy currently in the Chimmichangas keeping. Fortunately, Dan has already been able to engrave the words "UQ" on the prize.

Then on Tuesday night, we'll see the conclusion of the S&M League, with Great!Sugoi! ramping up for Mixed Nats by taking on Slack Attack!

There'll be plenty of sideline action at both nights, so get you chair into the boot and get going.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Logo Concept for UQ Lovers

There was a mention somewhere a while ago about the UQ Lovers wanting a new logo, and someone being disappointed that a t-shirt showing two unicorns making love was already in existence.

Well, we offer here a logo showing an Ultimate team of seven unicorns 'doing it', and think it'd be perfect!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Next Season of BUML (Monday Night Mixed) Starts 27 October

The new League Director, Notty, has announced details of the final season of BUML for 2008.

The next season will be starting on 27 October, running until 8 December.

Because we can only fit seven weeks of games in, we're going to trial having two separate divisions, each with six or so teams, played at both fields. (If this approach is successful, it might be used in 2009).

Six teams have been invited to make up Division 1 - the Chimmichangas, UQ Players, UQ Lovers, QUTies, Plastic Scourgery and Bermuda Triangle. Other teams will go into Division 2.

Individuals are encouraged to talk to Captains about swapping teams, if they feel they'd rather be in one division or the other, but Captains of course don't have to say yes.

And as usual, any new players are ideally either adopted by existing teams, or put together to form new teams which will be entered into Division 2.

Registration at:

Qute 'n Gud

We're pretty snowed here at the mansion this week, so we thank gentleman Jangles for this historic picture of the QUT and GU squads at the recent Australian University Games.

Monday, October 06, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 2 Results

Passion's forfeit means that if they forfeit one more game they will be ineligible for the playoffs at the end of the season.

BPL 2008-3 Round 2 Tipping Results

As you can see, our manipulation of BPL results has finally results in the two residents of the BUB Manor sitting atop the tipping table.
Last round was a very good round for tippers, with only blind Dojo loyalty stopping Sensei and Stefan from joining everyone else on a perfect round.

BUML Finals Part II - Tonight

Pending an email from TD Dan, and looking over at the draw, here's what we at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion think is happening in BUML tonight.

Hopefully too we'll get some announcements about next season in the next day or two.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Toeing the Line

From the desk of Mr Stuart Austin:

Hey JdR not sure if you do guest blogs but I thought I'd send you an email as I still can't fall asleep at 12.30am after a game of frisbee that finished fricking hours ago!! This is a personal view of mine, not one as league director. Anyway....

A call that comes up regularly in BUML, BPL and S&M league games is people being called out of bounds on an unmarked field. This happened again tonight against Dojo, and nothing against Dojo, they made the same call that everyone else makes, OB.

Quick synopsis, Al throws the disc down the line to Jules, Jules takes a quick glance down field to work out roughly where the line is, plants his massive size 14's and catches the disc. Inevitably a call comes from the other team "your out, your foot was on/over the line". What line? There isn't a 3" white line that you can stick your foot inside off and try and make a play on the disc!

There's also the problem that of the 5 sideline cones, you'll be lucky to get three to line up properly, it's just the way things are. Which then brings out the line "he's out by those endzone cones". Come on people, let's be reasonable. If someone catches the disc a metre out, then yes they are out. But when someone catches the disc a foot or 18" outside of the invisible white line that they tried to stay inside of, do them a favour and hopefully next time when you try and catch the disc inside the invisible line they may do the same for you.


p.s. cheers Dojo, good game. Apart from that old guy Eastbran.

Three bits from me on this topic:

- when in doubt, the two cones that the offensive player is attacking should be the ones used to line things up.

- I don't really know why people have 'halfway' cones.

- if anyone is interested in doing the work of marking Ultimate lines at the Annerley fields between now and next March when soccer starts up, let me know.