Monday, March 31, 2008

IBMD 2008

Good morning all,

And Happy International Bruce McNaughton Day to you.

Unsure how to celebrate International Bruce McNaughton Day? Here's a few ideas.

1. Just go out to a field with someone, anyone, and enjoy the simple pleasure of tossing a disc around.

2. Show the lads how the ladies agree a man looks gooooooood in a moustache.

3. Get into a game of Ultimate (or even an international tournament), and throw more goals (usually with that sweet sweet forehand) than anyone else on the team.

4. Do ridiculous amounts of work, yet still keep smiling and offering to do more.

5. Have the occasional quiet beer.

6. Share it.

And here's a few quick Bruce links:
- Bruce cuts hard
- Bruce is recognised
- Bruce is recognised some more (and rightfully so)
- Bruce maintains some secrets
- Bruce #2

Enjoy International Bruce McNaughton Day! I know I will be!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League - After the Easter Break

Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (BUML) (aka Monday Mixed League aka YUFL) is back after the Easter break and now with an extra team (Poachers), preventing any further of the dreaded byes! We're about four or five weeks away from the finals, so things are starting to getting funner!

Here's this week's games:
Field 1: Bermuda Triangle vs Heroes
Field 2: Poachers vs Mellow Yellow

Field 1: QUTies vs Dark Matter
Field 2: Plastic Scourgery vs Dyspnoeics
Field 3: Chimichangas vs UQ Lovers

And the current table:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What have you got?

So we've got through Regionals and Easter in low-content mode.

What should be we posting on next? (Yes, it is slightly too early to start the Halibut countdown)

The comments section is open ....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

BPL Round 5

Alas, Rawhide have forfeited - too many people away for Easter. So there may be some quick shifting of fields.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

F-ing Crate, Mate!

Members of Firestorm Troopers hold up the Northern Regionals 2008 Champions Trophy. Photo by Tim.

You Can't Stop Adilia ...

Three of the prize winners (Molly, Adilia, Dusty) from the Village People party at Regionals 2008.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No, Not Grannie

Firefighters at Regionals, looking surprisingly sober.

Absolutely Nuthin'!

... and then she said, "You're thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith!"

Barbarians Announce Regionals Squad

Sure the tournament is over and that ... Back Row: Dan, Dusty (Vice), Fluxie, Scott, Dave (Smooth). Front Row: Andy, Dave, Rob (Captain), Jon (Shagger). Missing in Action: Malloy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Macho Macho Man (and Woman)

We're having a low content low effort week here while we recover from Regionals.

The most excellent Tim Marchbank has posted his photos from the weekend. Going on some of the facial expressions he's managed to capture, it was clearly a weekend of great emotion!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Northerns 2008 Results - Final


Round 1

Firestorm Troopers 15 def Thor 2

Byron 14 def Barbarians 5

Firestorm Zippo 15 def Firefighters 1

Round 2

Firestorm Troopers 15 def Firestorm Zippo 7

Barbarians 15 def Firefighters 8

Byron 14 def Thor 10

Round 3

Firestorm Troopers 15 def Byron 6

Thor 15 def Firefighters 7

Firestorm Zippo 15 def Barbarians 7

Round 4

Thor 15 def Barbarians 5

Firestorm Zippo 15 def Byron 2

Firestorm Troopers 15 def Firefighters 4


Round 5

Firestorm Zippo 15 def Thor 6

Firestorm Troopers def Barbarians 1

Byron 15 def Firefighters 8

Table Following Round Robin

Firestorm Troopers 5 wins 0 losses

Firestorm Zippo 4 wins 1 loss

Byron Bay 3 wins 2 losses

Thor 2 wins 2 losses

Brisbane Barbarians 1 win 5 losses

Firefighters 0 wins 6 losses

Finals Series

Preliminary Finals

2vs3 - Firestorm Zippo 15 def Byron 5

4vs5 -Thor 15 def Barbarians 8


Playoff for Third – Thor 15 def Byron 11

Final – Firestorm Troopers 15 def Firestorm Zippo 8

Final Placings

  1. Firestorm Troopers – Northern Regionals Champions
  2. Firestorm Zippo
  3. Thor
  4. Byron Bay
  5. Brisbane Barbarians
  6. Firefighters - Spirit Winners

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quick Northerns Day 1 Results

Super quick - gotta go to party

9:00 Firestorm Y 15 Thor 9

Byron 14 Barbarians 5

Firestorm X 15 Firefighters 1

11:00 Firestorm X 9 Firestorm Y 15

Barbarians 15 Firefighters 8

Byron 14 Thor 10

13:30 Firestorm Y 15 Byron 6

Thor 15 Firefighters 7

Firestorm X 15 Barbarians 7

15:30 Thor 15 Barbarians 5

Firestorm X 15 Byron 2

Firestorm Y 15 Firefighters 4


w l pt

Fire Y 4 0 8
Fire X 3 1 6
Byron 2 2 4
Thor 2 2 4
Barbarians 1 3 2
Fighters 0 4 0

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lets Roll Out

The fris-kids came from nears and fars,
From ladies arms and under bars,
Firing up old VeeDub cars,
For a crack at Regionals North.

The weather, it was looking good,
Gran and Donnie - they felt wood,
The Byron gang, they knew they could,
And so they thundered forth.

Hamish, dreamt, the Force he saw
Si, Matt and Hugh, all running raw
The hopes of Townsville - Mighty Thor
Cruising into Brisbane town.

Firestorm's teams, all home in bed
Curfew time, Big Mike had said
Months of training, come to a head
Now its time to hammer down.

Rob and Jon, barbarian bosses
Pretty sure they'll give two tosses
Rolling drunks, they gather no mosses
At the Staffy, Friday night!

Finally, find fine Felix' friends
Fight fiercely shall, until the ends
AJ's will, it never bends
Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight!

And the ladies - Sultry Minx
Running hard and blushing pink
Flicks and hucks and kitchen sink
Until their very last!

Its Regionals baby once a year
Good hard ulti - have no fear
And afterwards we'll have a beer
Oh yeah all - it'll be a BLAST!

sorry ... I'm tired on a Friday night and it hasn't even started yet

BPL Round 4 Results

The Candyman

Quick shout out to our home-boy Adam 'Jangles' Beu on the occasion of his twenty third birthday.

There are enough silly photos out there for me to not need to post another one (try the jangles label). But its worth saying that not only is it impressive for a member of Brisbane Ultimate's modern 'rat pack' to have made it to this age, but that he's a top bloke who does heaps for Ultimate and the friendships he's made through it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

You Can't Stop the Music

One of the Brisbane Ultimate scene's biggest annual parties is on this weekend. Its timed to match up with the Northern Regionals tournament, but every Brisvegan Ulti-kid is welcome to attend.

When: Saturday night from 7.30pm - have dinner before you come.

Where: QUT Guild Bar (also known as the Campus Club), Level 3, Y Block, Gardens Point Campus, City (see map below). The main entrances to the campus are: the corner of George and Alice St; via the City Botanic Gardens; and via the Goodwill pedestrian bridge from South Bank. There will be a bit of signage. Campus map - Y block is near top and right.

There is a sizable bar tab to be made use of (can I remind the slow folk that the punctual Byron Bay banditos consumed a lot of this last time around?)

The theme is the Village People. In proper Ultimate tradition, you will look lame if you haven't put in some sort of effort, and will be greatly respected, loved and adored if you put in heaps.

There will be four prize categories for outfits:
1. Best Construction Worker or Traffic Cop
2. Best Indian or Cowboy
3. Best Soldier or Leather Biker
4. Best Other (aka the Only *** in the Village Prize)

Fresh Young Minxes

Minx have announced their squad for their inaugural tilt at Regionals and Nationals 2008!

Good luck to Lindsay Bolger, Emma Briggs, Ange Connellan, Arnae Denkel, Kel Foran, Lucy Guarnera, Amanda Johns, Laura Keating, Jenn Matsuda (a favourite of ours here at the blog), Peta McNaughton, Kristina O'Dwyer and Amy Thurber! This lot will be a handful for Coach Matt.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BPL Round 4

Sara Gets It All Off

You can see Sara C get it all off this Friday at Shaveoffapolooza.

Yes, she's long on hair, short on brains. There'll be a whole bunch of UQ Medical Students to meet too. Take your frisbee.

Its from 7pm Friday night at The Joynt, 48 Montague St, West End.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

... Akin to GODS!

You should definitely click to make this one bigger.Speaking of dedicated ... how impressive it is that six guys from Townsville are driving down on Friday and back on Monday for this week's tournament?

When you're playing Thor - make sure you give the guys a big pat on the back and a thanks for coming all this way.

BPL and Regionals - The Dedicated

Here's an interesting stat.

Passion and Rawhide both have only two players aren't playing Regionals.

At the other end, eight Dojos are skipping Regionals, along with five Lovers, four Messys and three Slipperys.

Yes, there's injury, family and other engagements, but the all teams have that.

Are Passion and Rawhide the most dedicated to Ultimate?

And if any of these guys decide they want to play Regionals - Firefighters would love to have you!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Regionals Countdown - t minus 120 hours

As we post, its about 120 hours until the the Northern Regionals tournament hucks off this weekend!

To get all the Regionals info, scroll down, or try clicking on the 'Regionals' label at the bottom of this post.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Where is Northern Regionals 2008?

Same as last year, but for those who missed it, here's a map. It's South East of Brisbane City, about 12km from the CBD.

BPL Round 3 Results

Wins by Passion and Lovers move them up the table as the UQ Semester kicks into gear. Messy stays on top while Dojo slip one. Rawhide and Slippery continue to look for that first success, but they're head to head next week, so one should come away with some points.

All fees and rosters should be settled before the start of the game next week, or forfeits will accrue (remember one team was docked last season I think).
In addition to not peeing on the field now that we have the toilets unlocked, I understand TD Jon also asks other bodily functions to be conducted indoors.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Diagram of the Month

Today we introduce Diagram of the Month.

Not Ultimate - Vale Gygax

Nothing to do with Ultimate, but I thought I'd mention the passing of Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, the grand-daddy of role playing games and kindly uncle of most modern computer games. Teenaged JdR certainly had some creative entertainment with friends playing D&D, maintaining the careful balance of rule-nazis and crazy funsters prepared me well for Ultimate, and memorising the escoteric while learning the basics of communication.

Thanks Gary.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monday Mixed League after Round 3

TD Dan is doing an excellent job. Pat him on the back when you see him.

Don't forget, the first (home) team on the draw has the responsibility to set up the field.

BPL Round 3

Regionals and Queensland Local Government Elections

So if you're playing in the Northern Region Ultimate Frisbee Championships next weekend, you'll want to arrange to vote beforehand as per the email listed below.

Dear all registered for Northern Regionals,

The Queensland local government elections are being held on Saturday 15 March 2008. You'll need to consider how you'll arrange to vote.

OUTSIDE BRISBANE: If you are from outside Brisbane, you MUST pre-poll vote or postal vote. Unlike State and Federal elections, you CANNOT absentee vote on the day. So your ONLY option is to pre-poll vote or postal vote. Pre-poll voting you do this by going to one of these locations:
Gold Coast:

For postal voting:

BRISBANE CITY PEOPLE: If you are from inside the Brisbane City Council region I strongly encourage everyone to pre-poll or postal vote (that is, vote beforehand) - this will save you a lotta hassle during the day. Polling booths are open 8am-6pm so you may not get time before or after games to vote. Brisbane pre-poll voting locations are at:

If you're a bit slack, people enrolled in the Brisbane City Council area can also try to vote on the day at building N35 on the Griffith Nathan campus. It will probably take you about 30-45 minutes to walk up there, vote and get back to the fields.

DO YOU HAVE TO VOTE? If some of you are thinking, "do I have to vote?" - my first tip is to ask "Did you voted in a Queensland electorate in the national election in November last year?" If yes, then you need to vote in the Queensland local government elections.

If you've turned 18 or become an Australian citizen or changed address in recent months, then you should enrol or update your details, so that you're ready for the next election (which I think will be the State government elections due in 2009).

Check out: for further information.

I'll be sending this also to the qld-yahoogroups list - apologies if you get this twice.



Thanks to commenter Will for the tip.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Hard, Nutty Core of Open Chocolate

I was wondering the other day … has anyone played EVERY season of Open League in Brisbane? I mean the BPL, plus its predecessors MAL and the Dog Cup.

That’s fifteen seasons including this one, stretching back to mid-2002.

Working it out without any real knowledge, I guess you’d start with the stalwarts of the BPL today and maybe look at a few AFDA numbers, and then thin the herd. Maybe you'd exclude the relatively young (Johnny Mac) and those who have retired (Roger, Bruce). People who’ve left town for periods of time (Piers, Rueben) or had some new kids on their block to distract them here and there (Stew McGoo, Sean Flan, Joel). Injuries have had an effect too (Buzz).

I suspect Fergs, J-Ray, Andy McL, Steve C and Mr Ryan might make a list of the hard, nutty core that's at the centre of the BPL's chocolatey history. What do you think?

Comments are open – who has played every season of Open league in Brisbane’s history?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Firestorm Announce Squids

Here's the email from the selectors:

The teams that will be representing Firestorm through the National Championship series have been selected. On behalf of the selectors, we'd like to thank all the boys who've been coming down for the last 8 weeks and training their guts out. Every one of you boys, whether you made a team or not, have been essential parts of making Firestorm and Brisbane men's Ultimate stronger. We'd like to encourage those blokes who've been training with us consistently this season to continue to come down - it'd be great to see you guys remain actively involved with the Club. Additionally, for the boys who've been a part of the club so far and are not part of the Nationals teams, the Firefighters team at Regionals has a spot with your name on it.

Without further ado (individual team names TBA):

Ben "Beej" Blackman
Sam Challis
Will Churchill
Alistair Don
Tim Ferguson
Andy "Coopers" Lankowski
James Larkin
Mike Neild
Julian Sacre
George Salisbury
Spinner "Spinner" Sheppard
Damian Wong
Aaron Webber
Dan Young

Pete Allen
Stuart Austin
Adam "Jangles" Beu
Brock Cunliffe
Chris Cunliffe
Liam "Wetnose" Gillions
Geoff "Gref" Grundy
Will Larkin
Nathan Litzow
John McNaughton
Manuel Ramirez
Stefan Rappazzo
Phil Stocks
Dean Vlahaki

Congratulations to these boys.

The next step from here is Regionals, on March 15-16. Our aim is to go and secure the top two places there, with the aim of gaining a wildcard for the Northern Region and taking both of these teams to compete at Nationals, in Coffs Harbour from April 24-27.

Training is on as usual, Tuesday night.

Cheers boys.

On behalf of Al and Mike (Firestorm selectors)

And they've all registered for Regionals too! Nice one.