Monday, March 31, 2008

IBMD 2008

Good morning all,

And Happy International Bruce McNaughton Day to you.

Unsure how to celebrate International Bruce McNaughton Day? Here's a few ideas.

1. Just go out to a field with someone, anyone, and enjoy the simple pleasure of tossing a disc around.

2. Show the lads how the ladies agree a man looks gooooooood in a moustache.

3. Get into a game of Ultimate (or even an international tournament), and throw more goals (usually with that sweet sweet forehand) than anyone else on the team.

4. Do ridiculous amounts of work, yet still keep smiling and offering to do more.

5. Have the occasional quiet beer.

6. Share it.

And here's a few quick Bruce links:
- Bruce cuts hard
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- Bruce is recognised some more (and rightfully so)
- Bruce maintains some secrets
- Bruce #2

Enjoy International Bruce McNaughton Day! I know I will be!!

1 comment:

Jangles said...

should see if i can get a photo of bruce in his skirt from halibutt. Courtney might have one.