Monday, September 19, 2011

Second Hand Marketplace

So this post is here for people who are looking to buy or sell second hand Ultimate gear within the Brisbane Ultimate community (or just give stuff away).

Maybe you've upgraded your cleats but the old ones are still usable by a newbie who doesn't want to invest yet? Maybe you've left a team but have a shirt that you don't wear any more but someone might like?

While the post itself will slide down the pile, new comments will come up in the sidebar, and we'll pin this title on the sidebar too for people to find easily.

Please have a good look at the date of the post when you're looking to buy.

If you're looking to sell, we suggest you include an email address so people can contact you.


Myall said...

Wanted: Womens cleats (for my girlfriend) approx size 6 (5-7 will do).

She's after a cheap pair to use while she tries out the game - so they don't have to last long or be very good, any old pair you might have lying around thats about her size will do.

Sale/Trade: Willing to trade for similar sized Scarpa climbing shoes if interested (worth about $50).

Find me at league (BUML: Poachers), email (strange.q AT gmail DOT com) or txt 0410280437


Anonymous said...

Could be a useful thread... for the ~30 people who read BUB...

I've actually thought about this a bit lately. Got a truckload of shirts/jerseys that are still very wearable, but I just don't need that many...
Have considered various options, including:
- collecting shirts from others as well and having an ulti op shop at tournaments, with proceeds going to something (not sure what)
- donating to Lifeline/other
- giving the decent ones to specific people as a gift
- making them awards within a team/tournament (e.g. MVP prize or something)

Would be interested to hear ideas, though maybe on email so I'm not completely hijacking the thread...

adam said...

JMc, just something I remembered - a few people auctioned off some tee's etc at last years Big Sky - proceeds going to Mike and Stace.


Molly said...

Johnny: I don't think that the tshirt auction made much at all. Ask Stu though.
I gave away a couple shirts last week because one of the girls mentioned that she only had about 2 shirts for playing in.
OR you could whip out the Janome and craft yourself a one of a kind patchwork quilt with the logos of tournaments past. There is a certain Gold Coast-based player who can show you a pretty snazzy prototype.

JMc (can't be stuffed signing in) said...

Ha... but he'd have to refer me to someone else for the how-to aspect :-)

True though... that was a very cool use of shirts... though would probably be less successful with a wicking synthetic than cotton...

Damo said...

Hey, I know that we are really pushing to get Gympie going and having a comp, Had a great Run with George, Gio and Reece today.. If you have some, We could certainly look to use a team strip if we get more than 2 teams going (definately should) But I know the guys were very generous today helping with some shirts, so could be a great option for our 3rd team. Just an idea.