Friday, September 02, 2011

BUML17-6 Preview: This Sorrowful Life

Six weeks in, and after this round, six weeks to go. Yes, its almost just before half-time, and the score is Brisbane Ultimate Blog's BUML previews 9, over no-name haters 0.

Division 2

Agent Orange vs Discheads – The Gap 2
Hoo ha! Top of the table, match of the round, clash of the titans, all that stuff. This game may well one day enter into the mythology of the Heroes Ultimate Club as ‘the Crap at the Gap’. And certainly the trash talk on the Club email list has been at Muhammad Ali levels – “Float like a Gavin, sting like a Bev.” “You can’t huck what you don’t have.” “Seb is just a big ugly bear”. “Orange is best.” “Vanessa is the GOAT!” “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Starks – he never called me orange.” "Dan's so fast that last night he turned off the light switch and was in bed before the room was dark." "If you even dream of beating us you'd better wake up and apologize."
Our tip: AO by 1.

Slipped Discs vs What the Huck? – Annerley 3B
Well, you’d have to give this one to the Huckers. They beat the Go-Go’s last week 14-8, and the Go-Go’s beat the Slippers 16-9 the week before. Both teams will enjoy not having to drive all the way out to Griffith though.
Our tip: What the Huck? By 10

QUTies vs Mellow Yellow – Annerley 5A
Mammoth is the word that comes to mind here, as two of the most celebrated foundation clubs of BUML go head to head this week. Mellow Yellow took the much fancied Plastic Scourgery out the back of this field last week and gave them a solid flaying, in the process getting their arms back to their hucking best. Meanwhile the QUTies were very shaky against the Chimis, which was unexpected given their strength on paper. Anything can happen here.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

Griffith Go-Go’s vs Tsunami – Griffith 2
Tsunami are already thinking about the finals. The Go-Go’s are thinking about beer. Fortunately, the finals and beer go together quite well, so this should be a good match.
Our tip: Tsunami by 3.

Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Chimchangas – Griffith 3
This will be a game of contrasts. The Chimi’s have been extraordinarily uneven so far this season. Meanwhile, the Oh Yeahs have been very consistent … in being totally wild.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 5.

Disc-iples vs Plastic Scourgery – UQ 7B
Heaven vs Hell.
Our tip: Disc-Iples by 2.

Division 1

Poachers vs Wuxi Finger Hold – Annerley 3A
The Poachers have been having numbers troubles so far this season, but hopefully this will smooth out playing at the easy to find Annerley 3A field this week. Wuxi of course continue to work their way through their carton of whoop-ass cans.
Our tip: Wuxi by 8.

Heroes vs Dysponoeics – The Gap 1
This should be a good one – and possibly the tight Div 1 game this week. Yes, the Heroes are at the bottom of the Division 1 table, but they’ve had some close losses against some good teams, including staying within three points of champions Wuxi last week. Meanwhile, the Dyspnoeics had their first loss of the season last week, having been ravaged by the UQ students. Both teams will want to wrap this up quick though, so they can watch the Discheads/Agent Orange barney.
Our tip: Heroes by 1.

Co-Mingled vs The Ghost Who Walks – Griffith 1
As mentioned above, Co-mingled smashed the Poachers last week, and they’ll be looking to keep the Mercy Bucket in the cupboard again as they take on The Ghost Who Walks, who are steadily finding their feet in Division 1.
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 6.

UQ Lovers vs Bermuda Triangle – UQ 7A
UQ remain undefeated this season, and of course are at home all the time. So this one looks obvious to the tipper. But, Bermuda Triangle scored their first win of the season last week – yay. So maybe this one won’t be as one sided as some may expect.
Our tip: UQ by 6.


Starky said...

Alas, I will be unable to line up for the Discheads - which after last round, appears to be an advantage for them. Discheads by 5.

WTH by 7. Form.

QUTies by 3, Rolo notwithstanding.

Tsunami by 6. Damn Kiwis and Yanks.

Chimis by 4, JdR notwithstanding.

Disc-iples by 7. Engineers all over (former) med students.

Wuxi by 7. Duh.

Dyspnoeics by 2. Sauce's facial hair over Sean's ponytail.

Co-mingled by 4. Stacking finally starting to pay off.

UQ by 8. No contest.

Mansauce said...

Heroes by 6

dstrel said...

Beer will be the true winner

megzz said...

Once again, underrating UQ. Ahhh JdR when will you recognise the power of the UNICORN.

JdR said...

Its not that I think UQ has any sort of mercy in it's soul, its more that I feel bad if I tip that someone's going to take a beating on the scoreboard! ;)