Monday, March 27, 2006


This weekend was the second and last National Ultimate Frisbee League for 2006. Eight men’s teams and 5 women’s teams from across Australia took part with Queensland being represented by the Moreton Bay Bugs (Men) and Sultry (Women).

The Bugs went into the weekend seeded 4th and although they had a reduced squad in terms of size, several key players returned to the line up:

Alistair Don
Brett Matzuka
James Larkin
Jason Ray
Jonathan Potts
Justin McMahon
Leon McIntyre
Mike Neild
Phil Stocks
Rueben Berg
Timothy Ferguson
Hamish Pope (Townsville)
Matt Anscomb (Townsville)
Matt Petrie (Free Agent)
Lenny Thong (Free Agent)
John Damiani (Free Agent)

After easily accounting for Chili B, the Bugs faced 5 seeded Deathstar. Last NUFL the game went right down to the wire and this one followed suite. It was a tight contest all game and at 14 all (after soft cap) Jason Ray threw a ‘perfect’ hammer across field to myself which I then put in front of Mike Neild for the winning score! (I will leave it up to someone else to comment on the nature of JRay’s ‘perfect’ hammer).

Next up was Number 1 seed Fakulti. Buoyed from their earlier victory the Bugs came out hard and thanks to some impressive juggling skills from Mike Neild and amazing feats of height from the two shorter boys (Brett and JD) the Bugs came away with a 15-10 victory.

Our undefeated run left us at the top of our pool and secured a “feature game” Sunday afternoon against Chili A.

Early Sunday morning we came out and hoped to continue our unbeaten run for the weekend against Southside.


Somehow Southside seem to have the hoodoo over the Bugs as they have beaten us for the last few years and that trend unfortunately showed no sign of abating. Southside ran out easy winners with us managing to give them most of the points for the game on a platter.

We regrouped and reasserted ourselves against Fakulti B (15-6) in preparation for the ‘big one’.

At 3:00 the siren sounded loud and clear to announce the start of the final Men’s game for the weekend – Bugs vs Chili A. The Bugs got off to an early lead with several quick points, but as expected Chili started clawing their way back. It was a tough, tight, intense contest with several heated foul discussions and some beautiful pieces of play from both sides, all watched on by an ever growing crowd. Chili took the half but the Bugs kept fighting. Unfortunately the Bugs lost 3 key players early in the half – Brett due to injury and JD and Lenny to flights back to Perth. But the Bugs struggled on and at 11 all it was a game to 13. After several attempts to score from both teams (and some major reworking to JRay’s nose thanks to a stray cleat – YES it really was an accident) Chili prevailed and won 13 -11.

It was an amazing weekend with significant contribution for every player on the team, but the stand out was Mike Neild who again showed that he is among the elite of Australian Ultimate with some superb leaps and catches.

Due to the closeness of the competition it is not yet know where the Bugs finally placed but they can be happy with the fact that they did achieve their goal of defeating a top 3 team.

If anyone else has any comments on the weekend – please feel free to post them here.

Monday, March 13, 2006

DOJO MOJO Win Northern Australian Ultimate Championships 2006

This weekend was the Northern Australian Ultimate Championships 2006.

Five teams attended the 2 day tournament:

Moreton Bay Bugs
Dojo Mojo
'74 Flood
No Panda
Nice Shoes, Wanna Huck?

After dealing with Asbestos related delay's and field reloctions things went quite smoothly.

Results went according to seed on Day 1, apart from a huge win for Dojo Mojo against the Bugs (15-11). This win guarenteed Dojo Mojo a spot in the final. The aftermath of the game also saw a significantly stupid action from yours truley: I attempeted to layout through a 1.2 metre high tower of empty pizza boxes and landed on my shoulder causing me to sprain the joint :-(

Dojo's win also threw a spanner in the works for the draw as the first 2 games of Sunday morning were a double act: Bugs v Flood and No Panda v Nice Shoes.. then just add water and repeat! The games went according to seed both times but the second edition of the Panda/Shoes games was a tightly fought contest with Panda winning 11-9.

The pinnacle of the weekend was the final - a battle (or really pizza box) scarred Bugs vs a well rested Dojo Mojo.

It was a high quality game from beginning to end. After a few "breaks of serve" for each team, Dojo took the half 8-7. Dojo came out hard after the half and skipped away by a few points. After soft cap the Bugs tried to wrench back the difference but weren't able to and Dojo won 15-12.

Final Placings:

1: Dojo Mojo
2: Moreton Bay Bugs
3: '74 Flood
4: No Panda
5: Nice Shoes, Wanna Huck?

The Spirit prize was also tightly fought, but '74 Flood went away with the prize. Most Valuable Player for the Tournament was Mike Neild from the Bugs.

Thanks go out to all the assitants and helpers from the weeked, especially to co-TD Rena Kuwahata.