Thursday, December 09, 2010

Announcing the Unannounced + Quick Summer Summary

So regular readers will have noticed we have stepped back from daily updates to zero updates.

Here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, there’s a lot of not Brisbane Ultimate community stuff going on (although the admin stuff continues as usual). So blogging will be sporadic at best for a bit while we see if the blogging batteries can be recharged.

Don’t forget we’re always looking to post your material or even offer you a room here at the stately mansion yourself, complete with access to the gold plated hovercraft and the private indoor disc golf complex. You just need to be able to write relatively coherently (sorry Carl).

As this post may be at the top of the blog for a while, for those new to town or seeking some news on the Brisbane Ultimate, here’s a quick summary.

Brisbane Ultimate generally has its off-season over December-January, with Mixed, Women’s and Open Leagues restarting in early February. Get onto the BUDA email list (link on the right there) to get up to date. The top level Open and Women’s Clubs Firestorm and Black Betty are training through these months as preparation for Nationals, which will be held here in Brisbane on 1-4 April 2011. There is also some Wednesday night pickup (open to new players) at Oakman Park over the Summer, but you’ll need to be on the BUDA list to keep up with rain closures and the like.

Local tournament-wise, people are keeping their eyes open for the Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championships in late January, as well as booking their flights to the Queensland Open State Championships (aka Northern Regionals) to be held in Townsville on 19-20 February.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

BPL Wrap

Just for the record, we're posting LD Stu's final email. Sorry we haven't got a separate report to post.
In last nights game the combined team of UQ couldn't do what Lovers and Passion have done before them; win the tittle. Dojo Mojo exploded out from an 8-6 lead at half to finish off UQ 15-8.

Dojo finally get their name on the BPL trophy alongside Whippett Good, MBB (in various names) and UQ (lovers and Passion). Will next season see another new team name on the trophy?

After a bit of thinking I decided that Slamtown had done the honourable thing and provided plenty of warning for their forfeit, and so that game wasn't counted in their average spirit score and they take the title of Most Spirited Team.

Average spirit scores for each team were:
SFC - 8.312.
MBB - 8.283.
Heroes - 8.174.
UQ - 7.835.
Cobras - 7.256.
Dojo Mojo - 7.11

Most Valuable Player
The Most Valuable Player goes to the person that averages the highest MVP points from the games that they played.

Congratulations to Jody Thomas of Slamtown for winning the trophy.

The BPL MVP starting 7 for season 2 2010 are:
Jody Thomas (SFC) - 0.832.
Al Don (UQ) - 0.752.
Adam Beu (Heroes) - 0.754.
Abra Garfield (Cobras) - 0.675.
Bevan Rudolph (Heroes) - 0.636.
Pete Allen (Dojo) - 0.567.
Liam Gillions (Cobras) - 0.56

The Hard Core
And a final well done to the following people who had 100% attendance during the regular season:
MBB - Si, Stu, Tony,
Trev, Tim J, Manuel
Cobras - Liam, Jack, Mike, Erhart, Abra
Heroes - Carl,
James, Tom D, Chris F
Dojo - Andy L, Pete
UQ - Nathan


*Dojo would have finished 5th (7.75) if they had let people know of their forfeit.