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Do you love fest? Love fest. Love fest.

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Lover feast

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Lilwall wins MVP against Spain

Queenslander, Jack Lilwall, has won an MVP on the beaches of Italy in a match against Spain! The award saw Lilwall swap the Aussie Green jersey for a stylish Spanish.. red?

This is a tremendous honour for Jack. Like footballer Daniel Merret, cricketer Andrew Mc Donald and Ultimate legend Huddy Fuller (who have nothing in common), most people would not immediately describe Jack as a natural athlete. But like these great men, Jack is a hard worker and is the most spirited man about town, obviously enjoying his ultimate and playing well wherever he goes.

I did not see the match, but his name was mentioned a lot in another match that I caught. FB & The Tweets were going wild, and Sebastian Brown offered his opinion "Jack must be getting so (sun)burnt over there!"

An MVP on the world stage in any form of the game is a great achievement. Well done, Jack!

Heroes to join John Doe in Melbourne [Dusty now available for pick up]

The unmentionables of ultimate continued their run of dominance today with crushing victories over the green martians and some other people.

The day began in typical late August conditions - shithouse. It was a greasy morning, and it was obvious who was out to play with Heroes fielding a massive squad of 16 and the lean mean pristine John Doe all ready at the get-go. No doubt the sleep--in was attractive to UQ and some Team Brisbane pickups, who were not intending either as a team or personally to go to Melbourne in October.

John Doe threatened Heroes with a pantsing, with an 8-0 first half. The JD zone was successful in containing Heroes to the back quarter, and turnovers abounded in the slimy conditions. Stu had about 5 of John Doe's 8 passes - they didn't need many more to score.

After a cheer of "PANTS ON" at half, Heroes struck back with some long play, finally capitalising on a height advantage. The game finished at something like 17 - 8, but that may be wishful thinking.

Cross-field I saw Megan scrapping for some wayward hucks, and often saw Gref standing in the end zone, ready to pull. UQ had an equally impressive victory over team Brisbane, and I saw some of the young / new players involved in a lot of good play.

The only game of the day that mattered began with 2 quick scores to Team Brisbane. It looked as though Heroes would have to fight to get back in the half. Fortunately for them, this happened early. 2-3-2 zone seemed to work for them, and Brisbane deployed something similar when they had the chance. There were a lot of turn overs, and Heroes made it hard for themselves in front of the end zone. JdR made it hard for Brisbane, as he was heard to say "Don't huck it to James (Heroes), Jason". Realistically though, it was the height advantage that shut down those long options.

It was a hard fought game that was not accurately reflected on the scoreboard, with Heroes taking the game 17-6 or thereabouts.

UQ seemed to give JD more of a run, with the score at one stage being 5-7. It is likely that the BW/Gref/Megz dishy play did some damage to the JD zone. The mysterious ones ran away with it in the end, unsure of the final score, but it must have been close to time cap.

The final matches were abandoned either due to field closure or the call of hot chips, a shower and a nice comfy seat in front of the footy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

BUML17-5 Preview: The Best Defence

We’ve gotta be quick this week, but the main bit of excitement (aside from Craig B of course) is the start of the next phase of Ultimate’s world domination plan – BUML gets some real estate at The Gap. It’s a slight embuggerance that this has happened part of the way into the season, but all can agree that we need to take every piece of turf we can get our hands on so we can keep growing as easily and painlessly as possible. ONWARDS! Anyway, onto the draw, and apologies if we don’t have much to say on some games this week – we’re flat out like a lizard drinking that’s been run over by a mack truck.

Division 1

Co-Mingled vs Poachers – Annerley 3A
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 5

Bermuda Triangle vs The Ghost Who Walks – The Gap 1
Well, this is a big fat arse of a match, appropriate to open a new avenue for sport, and with the left cheek taking on the right cheek. Hopefully everyone knows that the purple clad GWW outfit emerged butterfly-style from the Bermudan womb at the start of the year, before the parent was nudged into Div 1 and the child grew to dominate Div 2. And now they are face to face. It’ll be tight and emotional.
Our tip: Ghost Who Walks by 2.

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Heroes – Griffith 1
Our tip: Wuxi by 7.

UQ vs Dyspnoeics – UQ 1
Yep, there’s four Division 1 games, and they’re spread equally across the four BUML venues. This will be a great game although both sides will need to keep a tight rein on themselves to win it.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 2.

Division 2

Discheads vs Slipped Discs – Annerley 3B
Our tip: Discheads by 10.

Plastic Scourgery vs Mellow Yellow – Annerley 5A
Old school Ultimate, marinated in a sauce of spirit, peace and love. And hucking, lots of that stuff. Sport at its very best.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 2.

Disc-Iples vs Tsunami – The Gap 2
Some are tipping these two teams as likely to meet in this season’s Division 2 final. Big call to make this early, but on form, its not a bad call. Playing at The unfamiliar Gap may add to the challenge for both teams.
Our tip: Tsunami by 1.

Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Agent Orange – Griffith 2
Our tip: Agent Orange by 7.

Griffith Go-Go’s vs What the Huck? – Griffith 3.
The Go-Go’s have recruited some more speed and good looks this season, but will it be enough to keep up with WTH? We think so.
Our tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by 2.

QUTies vs Chimichangas – Annerley 3B
Two former powerhouses who seem to be underperforming a bit this season. Maybe this game will provide the spark.
Our tip: QUTies by 4.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BPL Round 4

Dojo (1st) vs Heroes (4th)

Slamtown (2nd) vs Bandidos (5th)

Bugs (3rd) vs Blitz (6th)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So We're a Bit Out of the International Loop, But Can Anyone Explain ...

So we're a bit out of the international loop these days here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, but can anyone point out some sort of explanation for how this one happened?

WFDF confirm the thirteenth World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) will be held in Sakai, Japan from Saturday 7- Saturday 14 July 2012.

USAUltimate announce they're going to host a new event called the USA Open where they will invite 24 of the best teams in the world to play in Boulder Colorado on Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 July 2012.

Yep, the dates for what's likely to be the two biggest events in Ultimate in 2012 overlap.

Is this some sort of top-end-administrators-don't-like-each-other (or don't even talk to each other) thing? Can anyone argue how this is good for the sport at that level?

Maybe we're overstating the playing conflict aspect though. The USA Open concept has a very large element of 'lets have an international conference about Ultimate' (which is very exciting) - maybe they've just recognised that Ultimate-types won't turn up just to talk shop (much as they love that) - they want to play too (or at least watch some good games).

But on the playing front, presumably, national associations will vote with their feet, as will individual players, and everyone will agree the whole thing is unfortunate. Maybe a few crazies will attempt to play both, missing a day or two at the end of the USA Open or the start of WUGC.

I guess for Aussies it will initially be a question of if any of our clubs get an invite to Colorado, before there's a question of wearing the Green and Gold and supporting our friends in Japan (who will no doubt put on an excellent event), against going to Boulder and trying out something that's likely to be unique. If the USA Open is annual, maybe its worth skipping the first year anyway ... and as the first leg of a trip to ...

Don't forget, entry to the 2013 World Games to be held in Santiago di Cali, Columbia from 25 July to 4 August 2013, is drawn from WUGC results. Do the USA and presumably Canadian associations feel they have enough depth to send a decent team to Japan to ensure they get through, while still having the best in Colorado?

I suppose there'll be a contingent of people who go to the USA Open for a few days of conferencing and watching the North Americans play (because after all, if USAUltimate is aiming to have the best 24 clubs in the world across three divisions that they can get, most of those willing to come in 2012 will be from North America) and some of these may even play, before jetting to Japan.

Then in 2013, everyone will be wanting to go to the second USA Open, as part of their world tour towards the World Games.

Weird, anyways.

Its Fun to Play a Bit of Indoor, and Sail Across the Wide Accountan-sea

So we here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion thought it would be useful to post on the financial performance of the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships, for a number of reasons:
- further our advocacy of it being a useful thing for a volunteer or group of volunteers to do - set up an event and run it annually for the foreseeable future, gaining benefit from growing expertise, carrying surplus/loss, and use of routine.
- teach people a bit about running/budgeting Ultimate events (noting this is a very simple one)
- provide an accounting to the Ultimate community. We probably do this badly, but on the other hand we're pretty trusting and trustworthy, and also people do vote with their feet - if a tournament is perceived as low value, it will fail.

So here's how the last three years of the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships have gone, dollar-wise. A couple of things are outstanding for 2011, but we're reasonably confident they'll go as expected.

Indoor 2009 - approx 43 players / six teams
-Court hire $550
-Masking tape + candy $30
-AFDA Fees ($2/player) $86
-QUDA Fees (20% of AFDA) $34.20$17.20
Total outgoing $700.20

Income - Team fees (6x$120) $720
>Result Surplus $19.80 $36.80

Indoor 2010 - approx 40 players / 5 teams
-Court hire $350
-Masking tape + candy $30
-Trophy $35
-AFDA Fees ($2/player) $80
-QUDA Fees (20% of AFDA) $16
Total Outgoing $551.00

Income - Team fees (5x$130) $650.00
>Result Surplus $99.00

Indoor 2011 - approx 40 players / 5 teams
-Court hire $401
-Masking tape + Candy $30
-Engraving $56
-Prize (case of beer) $45
-AFDA Fees $80
-QUDA Fees $16
Total Outgoing $628.00

Income – Team fees (5x$100) $500.00
>Result Loss -$128.00

>>Result Over Three Years Loss -$9.20 Surplus $8.80

The pretty much break even over the three years was the financial goal, so its good to have gotten there (its much harder to break even on a single event). On the other hand, the disappointing thing with the Indoor tournament is that it just will not grow.

Edit: Thanks to eagle eyed commenter Andy for picking up a math typo.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Let there be Ultimate!

And the Lord said, "Let there be Ultimate!"
And the sun pierced the clouds whilst a
strong breeze picked up, for He perceived
that Queenslander's need to practice in such
conditions, for the time of trial will come,
and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Synposis: We hope that there will be ultimate tonight. It seems like John will announce it via the sexy-new BUML website, but be sure to check all the regular channels.


BUML17-4 Preview: The Heart’s Desire

Let's hope that rain holds off today, and all those field owners hold their nerve.

Our tipping continues to be reasonable, despite Poachers forfeiting last week (we'll take that as a win), with 8/10 games, making us 21/30 for the season so far.

Division 2

Disc-iples (3rd) vs What The Huck? (4th) - Annerley 3B
We’ve introduced the current ladder standings to our preview this week (thanks to the excellent work by you know who) mostly to highlight the excitement surrounding this 3rd vs 4th match. These two teams are some of the purest in the Brisbane Ultimate scene. When they think about Ultimate, they mostly think about Monday night, with a little bit of thinking about aL Don on the side. Anyways, should be a good game.
Our tip: The Disc-Iples by 2.

Mellow Yellow (9th) vs Tsunami (5th) – Annerley 5A
Its been a tough start to the season for Mellow Yellow, who have to tear themselves away from Dr and Ms Good’s Facebook updates about the new baby to get down to play at the moment. Tsunami meanwhile got some extra training in during the week, being the only BUML team to enter the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships. So MY will want to watch out for the fast play, but Tsunami will have to remember they can’t hammer the length of the field any more.
Our tip: Tsunami by 2.

Griffith Go-Go's (11th) vs Slipped Discs (8th) – Griffith 2
The Slipped Discs will still be on a high from their win over Mellow Yellow a couple of weeks ago, although the loss to the Disc-Iples did bring them a bit back to earth. The Go-Go’s are still busy integrating their new beginners into the mix, but local oldster JdR still seems to keep chugging. A tough one to call, so we’ll go with the home team. We should mention Casey.
Our tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by 3.

Griffith Oh Yeahs (12th) vs Discheads (2nd) – Griffith 3
This will be a tough one for the Oh Yeahs, after losing their inspirational free-speech advocate James to a dislocated shoulder last week. We’ve still got nothing much to say about the Discheads.
Our tip: Discheads by 8.

QUTies (7th) vs Agent Orange (1st) – Griffith 4
It looks like 1st vs 7th, but in reality this one should be a cracker, as the QUTies have started to show some form. If Danielle is back from her flu, the students could be very virile and vital. Agent Orange meanwhile are sticking to the plan … win every game and try not to let Gav go away for the Finals.
Our tip: Agent Orange by 1.

Plastic Scourgery (6th) vs Chimichangas (10th) - UQ7B
Games that start with Dusty and Peta flipping the disc are always fun and often end in drinking, although maybe not on a Monday night. The Scourgeons won’t have Jack throwing the disc away tonight, as he’s in Italy playing at the World Beach Ultimate Championships.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 2.

Division 1

Bermuda Triangle (8th) vs Poachers (6th) - Annerley 3A
Come on Bermuda!
Our tip: Poachers by 2.

Co-mingled (4th) vs Wuxi Finger Hold (3rd) – Annerley 5B
The other 3rd vs 4th game this week. Its bud verses bud, Spud verses Spud, as K-Dog and Stu line up against each other. Expect some peeling. Reece had a birthday on the weekend apparently, so will be keen to show he’s not over the hill yet.
Our tip: Wuxi by 3.

The Ghost Who Walks (5th) vs Dyspnoeics (1st) – Griffith 1
Andy L needs to remember to get a case of beer out of JdR’s car. Will be closer than most people think.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 2.

UQ (2nd) vs Heroes (7th) – UQ 7A
We’re about due for a Heroic revival, but I’m not sure it’ll happen at St Lucia.
Our tip: UQ by 4.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Johnny Mac Gets All Clark Kent on Us

Continuing our catch up, being the journal of record here at the BUB and all. Email from John McNaughton:

For those who aren't aware, there's a pretty active international Ultimate calendar, and we've got a number of Queenslanders who are representing their country in the coming months. These guys have been working their butts off through a range of selection and training events to earn this honour, so give them a high five or shout them a low-fat, high-protein recovery drink :-)

(I'm going to apologise in advance, because I don't have time to look in great depth, and might screw this up with old/incorrect information, so if someone has corrections to make, please do so.)

Selections are currently underway for next year's World Championships. This is the biggest Ultimate event going around, held every four years; this time, it will be held in Sakai, Japan, from 7-14 July 2012.

These three squads are currently undergoing selections, in a campaign that has already been going for 6 months. Further announcements on these squads should be made in a couple of weeks' time, when the Open (Dingos) and Women's (Firetails) teams will be officially announced, and the Mixed (Barramundis) will resume their selection process for a final announcement in October.
In the overall mix, we have: Adam Beu (Jangles), Abra Garfield, Chris Cunliffe, Pete Allen, John McNaughton, Stu Austin, Maylin Chuah, Molly Young, Megan Barnes, Blair Sheard

As part of the selection campaign, the Open and Women's squads are sending teams to compete in the Emerald City Classic in Seattle this weekend, one of the world's most elite tournaments. I'm not certain whether we have any women travelling with the squad (as they haven't officially announced the team), but Pete Allen and Chris Cunliffe will be flying the Malaki flag in the Open division.

We have several guys in the mix for the Masters team, which has had its first round of cuts. The next camp will take place in October, and I believe the team will be announced after this.
Congratulations to Al Don, Chris Burwell, George Salisbury, Mat Ryan who will be vying for selection in a couple of months.

The Australian teams will be leaving for this tournament any day now, to be held in Italy later this month. Unfortunately, I can't find any up-to-date information on team lists, so someone else might want to give us information here?

For the first time ever, Australian U18 teams have been selected, and will be playing a Trans-Tasman Test in Auckland in early October.
Huge congratulations to Linus Mueller and Jordan Stone (fresh from his HUGE highlight block in the Halibut final) for making this team!


Getting Sandy at the World Beach Ultimate Championships

Several other people have done the work in compiling this stuff and sending it around via email, but here's our cut and paste if you've missed it.

Queenslanders at the World Beach Ultimate Championship
Mixed: Molly Young, Kristen Nott (Captain), Chris Cunliffe.
Open: Dan Blacklock, Finn McCarthy-Adams, George Salisbury, Jack Lilwall and Keith Cameron-Smith (he's moved to Tassie, but we'll claim him)
Women: Emma Briggs, Tamara Davis (Captain), Melanie Aube


First and foremost we encourage you to keep tabs on the main website: There you will find live updates, score reporting, team information and live webstreamed telecasting of the afternoon "Game of the Day" the showcase evening games in the Discraft Arena and -- of course -- all of the Finals.

Secondly, WCBU11 is working with the finest sofa-based entertainment in the world of ultimate: http://Blockstack.TV Look for unique coverage, interviews, daily reports and more from Tom, Steve, Sean and others throughout the tournament on Blockstack's main page and Blockstack's YouTube Channel.

Thirdly there will be more stories about teams coming to WCBU11 published at Already an article on the Kampala Club Team (Uganda) is up and soon to come will be an interview with the leaders of Team India from Chennai. You can also follow my "Beach Blog '11" covering Team USA's journey through several American beach tournaments en route to Beach Worlds.

And what would an event be without Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Fortunately we have that covered.

On Facebook, tell your team about the World Championships of Beach Ultimate Facebook Page.

On Twitter, please tag your entries with #WCBU2011 and subscribe to the official Worlds channel @WCBU2011.

And finally please keep a lookout for official videos uploaded to the WCBU YouTube channel. You should also peek into BlockStack's frequently updated YouTube channel. There you will find plenty of short-form videos for your imminent entertainment.


The opening ceremonies and opening game will be broadcast LIVE (barring technical difficulties, of course) on Sunday the 21st.

The opening match should be quite thrilling as hometown Italy (Open) takes on the defending silver medalists and always exciting Philippines in the Discraft Arena, scheduled for 5 PM local time. Make sure to tell your friends to tune in to that! It's definitely going to be a pretty sweet game.

During the tournament, the "Game of the Day" will happen at 1pm local time and will be broadcast, and every night starting Tuesday at 21:15 you can watch the night game in the Discraft Arena on the webstream as well.

And of course the finals of all 6 divisions will also happen across Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. Please tell your friends and family to go to the main site starting on Sunday the 21st.

Friday, August 19, 2011

AUC2012 - Cheap Flights Guaranteed!

The AFDA is pleased to announce that the Australian Ultimate Championships 2012 (AUC2012) will be held in Newcastle from Sunday 22 April until Wednesday 25 April 2012.

More details will be released after the close of the Mixed Season.

Spuddies Win Third Annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships!

Well, the third annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships have been run and won, and the only jobs left to do are write the report, get the engraving done and fill out the budget.

Congratulations to the Spuddies for winning the 3rd Annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championship, which this year included the introduction of (yes, as hinted in the paragraph above) a perpetual trophy! Photos to come.

This year we moved to an all-new venue and very swanky it was at the Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre. We will return in 2012 (and maybe before the, if a certain super-secret plan gets traction).

Anyway, after some mucking about during the week and up to the very start time itself, with players stuck in traffic jams or recovering from jetlag and/or hangovers, the tournament solidified into a five team shoot-out, featuring several veterans from all three Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships, as well as a number of 'never-played-indoors-what-a-hoot' types. The draw was a round robin followed by a playoff and a Final.

Round 1

Games started pretty much on time although the TD had to do some hard brain work in sorting out the draw while managing his own excitement at getting to play indoor Ultimate again. Indoor Tsunami had a few players running late to gained the opening bye, while the Pickup team of random Ulti-kids and Dads and mum got their asses quickly onto the court.

As is traditional, the Opening Round involved a lot of folks trying to adapt to the continuous pace of 27 minutes of indoor Ultimate. On the scoreboard, the well-organised Spuddies ironed out the kinks and cleaned up the Pickup team 29-10, while on Court 2 the Patties (aka a big part of the UQ AUGs team) worked over Matilda's Fan Club 24-8.

The Pickup Team give the thumbs up to being picked up.

Round 2

The first round bye allowed Indoor Tsunami to get it together, and coming in fresh against a warmed over Pickup Team, defeating them 20-16 in an entertaining game. The red clad Matilda's Fan Club meanwhile did their best against the increasingly dominant Spuddies, who ended up winning 34-4.

Indoor Tsunami looking a lot like outdoor Tsunami.

Round 3

With fatigue starting to set in for some players, Round 3 became make or break and saw the closest pair of games for the day. The MFC managed to pick themselves up off the timber and rolled the Pickup Team 18-10 in a tight and see-sawing match that saw a number of scoring runs. These two teams were then able to watch the last two minutes of the late-starting Patties/Indoor Tsunami battle which was full of excitement up to and including the final throw, with the game ending in the first draw in Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships history - 15-15!

Matilda's Fan Club - including Matilda's first appearance on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog.

Round 4

After a quick lunch which saw many players eating big time at the well-priced and convenient Metro Centre Canteen (Abra, JdR and Casey battled it out with mega-BLTs), Round 4 saw some big pressure games as the TD had taken a moment to suss out the ladder and started to work out what would happen, finals-time. The Patties had a tough time against the Pickup Team (it could've been Abra's big lunch causing his gut to stick out) before winning 22-14, while the Spuddies kept their momentum up by scoffing jelly snakes and defeated a tiring Indoor Tsunami 29-6.

The Patties looking all ... I dunno. What was that patty stuff about, anyway?

Round 5

Heading into the final round, the Finals looked somewhat settled due to injuries, but that stuff didn't stop Matilda's Fan Club 20 defeating Indoor Tsunami 15, and the Spuddies defeating the Patties 25-10.

B "Selma" W of the Patties is watched closely by a bag of spuds.


After a quick meeting of the brains trust, all the teams that didn't make the Final got it on for one big-arse pickup game, also known as "Why won't you sub, you bastich/Baker/Mailander!" The score at the end of that was something like 67-66, although I can't be too sure.

Which left us with the Grand Final, featuring the all-conquering Spuddies verses the youthful Patties, in the return battle of the -ies. The game was good and hard fought with no holds barred and no quarter taken, but in the end the potatoes got the win by something like 26-10 (corrections welcome in the comments) 21-11.

All that was left was to present the trophy!

A stack of spuds.

Well done all and see you next time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Indoor This Wednesday!

Don't forget for a total change of pace, the indoor tournament is on this Ekka Wednesday (the public holiday).

It looks like there will be a couple of pickup teams, so you don't have to sweat finding a team etc. Its nice to rego so we know you're coming, but you can just turn up if you want (be on time though!).

Bring a white and black shirt (as well as whatever colour your team has organised), waterbottle and some lunch.

DON'T bring your cleats (you may think that's funny, but its been known to happen)! You need non-marking shoes/sneakers/joggers.

Date: Wednesday 17 August 2011 (Ekka Public Holiday in Brisbane)
Time: Doors open 10.15am, game on at 11.00am, all done by 4pm
Where: Logan Metro Indoor Sports - 357 Browns Plains Rd, Crestmead

What: For Brisbane folks, Indoor Ultimate is something different, but its more common in those parts of the world with snow. Indoor Ultimate is a great change of pace – very fast, no wind, and even beginners can throw from endzone to endzone.

Who: If you still want to put a team in - roster size is maximum 8 players. 5 on the court at one time, max. three per gender. But there will be pickup teams for random individuals or small groups.

How much? $100 per organised team or $15 for an individual. Includes courts, insurance, prizes.


There are special rule variations for this event - we'll go through them quickly on the day, but here they are for the swots:

Friday, August 12, 2011

BUML17-3 Preview: Safety Behind Bars

Round Three of Monday night Ultimate is traditionally known as a bit of a Settler. Like a trail of wagons across the plains, all the BUML teams will have fought off any Halibut-induced dysentery, or at least abandoned any of their weaker players at poisoned waterholes, and gone ahead to establish their homesteads at the appropriate part of the ladder (which continues to be thoughtfully maintained by Sheriff Rick over at

What does this mean for this week? Possibly some easier tipping for our punters. Your Previewer of course managed only four correct tips last week, making us 13/20 for the season so far. We’re adding the Chimichangas to our List of Doom following their forfeit, you bad bad bad kids. And What the Huck? were all fired up for that game and everything. Anyways, lets look at the draw.

Division 1

Bermuda Triangle vs Co-mingled – Annerley 3A
Co-Mingled should be somewhat over their Halibut-hangover, although they will have lost a few players to the international scene. Bermuda are hanging out for Round 5 when they take on their sister team The Ghost Who Walks.
Our Tip: Co-Mingled by 5.

Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – Annerley 5B
This is, we believe, the Poachers’ 10th season of Monday night Ultimate. Every season they have been under the iron fisted command of a man known to some as ‘Dan’ but to his team as ‘The Leader’. But this week, they are without their beloved Leader. And up against the undefeated and rampaging Dyspnoeics. Hmmm.
Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 7.

The Ghost Who Walks vs Heroes – Griffith 1
This game should be very interesting as it features two very evenly matched teams. Except for the view that both teams are as vanilla as can be (while still being dressed in the Hulk colours of green and purple). Being defensive specialists, both teams will enjoy being on the slightly smaller field at Griffith.
Our Tip: The Ghost Who Walks by 3.

Wuxi Finger Hold vs UQ Lovers – UQ7A
This is a big one, with both teams undefeated so far this season. Anyone taking on UQ at home would normally be a bit nervous, but Wuxi are full of folks with St Lucia connections and are the Premiers after all.
Our Tip: Wuxi Finger Hold by 5.

Division 2

Plastic Scourgery vs Agent Orange – Annerley 3B
Neither of these two teams have been pushed so far this season. Tonights the night for someone to end up out of bed.
Our Tip: Agent Orange by 2.

Mellow Yellow vs What The Huck? – Annerley 5A
This is a bit of a Batman vs Superman battle. Like Mellow Yellow, Batman on his day can beat anyone through careful planning, big budgets and just being damn cool. Plus the crowd love him. Superman meanwhile is diamond hard and can move at light-speed, which describes What the Huck’s style perfectly. So it could in some ways be no contest. However, the question is, what to use as a kryptonite substitute?
Our Tip: What the Huck? By 3.

Discheads vs Griffith Go-Go's – Griffith 2
The Discheads have won both their games this season by a single point, but they don’t expect the Griffith Go-Go’s, who again are introducing new players to Ultimate this season, to trouble them.
Our Tip: Discheads by 5.

QUTies vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 3
Bottom of the table clash! It shows the spread of Division 2 that going in to Round 3 there are only two teams that haven’t gained a ladder point yet. So this will be a big confidence boost for one of these groups.
Our Tip: Griffith Oh Yeahs by 2.

Disc-iples vs Slipped Discs – Griffith 4
We’ve finally deciphered the Disc-iples’ fancy new shirt logos, and realised they’re into MEEEETTTTAAAAL! Dneirf si rouy natas indeed! However, constantly waving the demon fingersign all Gene Simmons style though can make it hard to catch the frisbee. Slipped Discs meanwhile are coming off a solid win over the often inebriated Mellow Yellow and will be looking to continue a warm glow.
Our Tip: Disc-Iples by 5.

Tsunami vs Chimichangas – UQ7B
Battle of the Punch-drunk! AO got out the whacking stick on Tsunami last week, while the Chimichangas had trouble even turning up. In the interim, seven nights of tossing and turning will have passed for most of both teams. Fortunately we understand that Gio operates all the better under sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, Reece is useless.
Our Tip: Tsunami by 4.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BPL Round 2 (Get Yer Tips In)

Tonight's matches: (cancellation will be announced at 5 if necessary)

Dojo vs Bandidos

Bugs vs Cobras

Slamtown vs Heroes

Women of Brisbane Ultimate - UNITE!

With over 100 women currently playing Monday night Mixed, plus plenty of recruitment at the Universities this semester, things are looking very good for the upcoming season of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee League (WUFL), particularly with the firm move to THURSDAY NIGHT (Tuesday nights always made backing up from Monday very hard).

Here's the rundown from League Directors Anna and Aurel:

When: Thursday Nights 7-9pm from 8 September to 10 November (10 week season)
Where: Oakman Park, Toowong
Cost: $35 new WUFLers, $45 regulars

To register your awesome team or yourself, go to, log in using your AFDA # and password and use the following link:

If you are new, register on

Everyone is welcome, no matter what level you're at, so bring your friends, workmates and family, as long as they're women it's all good!

Friday, August 05, 2011

BUML17-2 Preview: Miles Behind Us

And we’re back for a second week. Well done team!

Given the burden of such a large field of teams and the unrelenting demands of our readers for us to maintain our high quality, we’re going to start inserting just a basic one-liner in for some games each week If you feel like your team is being ignored, you can of course open fire in the comments section.

Before going into this week’s games, how did we go with our tips last week? Check out the results over at We got 7 wins and 1 draw from 9 games, and 4 within two points of our tipped margin. So you all owe us money. Obviously we can start to think the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion's Tipatron9000 (by StrelanCorp, naturally) knows what it’s doing here. We feel most let down by What the Huck?, so we’re watching you guys - especially TJ and Pieman. That said, this is a tough week to call.

Division 2 Games

Tsunami vs Agent Orange – Annerley 3B
This game sees a match up of two of last season’s titans (not the Gold Coast loser flavoured ones), and they’ve started this season well too. Tsunami started with a quake, rolling over the Oh Yeahs 17-6, while Agent Orange defeated a slightly underdone What the Huck? 13-6.
Our tip: Tsunami by 1.

QUTies vs Discheads – Annerley 5A
Despite some personal assurances to the contrary, there really is nothing to see here, so let’s move along.
Our tip: Discheads by 2.

Chimichangas vs What the Huck? – Griffith 4
This will be a great game – both teams love to put it on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ style, and What the Huck? will be looking to provide the John Tesh to the Chimi’s Mary Hart. Or is that Richard Wilkins? Either way, we think this will be a very special episode of Monday Night Ultimate, unless you think Briggsy has jumped the shark.
Our tip: Chimichangas by 4.

Disc-iples vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 3
The Disc-iples lost by a point to the Discheads last week, while the Go-Go’s drew with Mellow Yellow, so expect both teams to come out looking to reduce their error rates and eek out a win. The Go-Go’s should get a few of their more experienced players who missed Week 1 back, but they’ll lose dominator Nealo to a trip west.
Our tip: Griffith Go-Go's by 1.

Plastic Scourgery vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2
Scourgery rolled the QUTies over and left the bed with the points last week. The Oh Yeahs are still on the development curve, but gave Tsunami a solid run even if the scoreboard wasn’t too fancy. Dusty won’t recover from the flat fish this weekend though – whether this is good or bad for the Scourgeons these days we’re not sure, but the Oh Yeahs traditionally have a threatening second half and against a tired bunch of blackshits this should be significant. But perhaps not enough.
Our tip: Plastic Scourgery by 4.

Mellow Yellow vs Slipped Discs – UQ 7B
Slipped Discs took on the giant Chimichanga last week and came away with plenty of chilli-flavoured respect, but after digging themselves into and then out of a hole in Round 1, you can expect Mellow Yellow to maximise their honey connections this week and start to lay in the wort for the season.
Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

Division 1 Games

Dyspnoeics vs Co-Mingled – Annerley 3A
Both undefeated after Round 1, this week there can be only one! Like a lot of Division 1 games this week, it’s really going to come down to who survived the Halibut and in what sort of shape.
Our tip: Co-Mingled by 3

Poachers vs Heroes – Annerley 5B
The Heroes have their own blog to talk up their chances in anger when we tip against them and their post-Halibut hangover, and take a chance on the unpredictable Poachers.
Our tip: Poachers by 2.

Bermuda Triangle vs Wuxi Finger Hold – Griffith 1
Bermuda will be banking on the Wuxi elite be well worn from a weekend partying at the Halibut. Expect them to be well warmed up and drilling while the Finger Holds are still trying to find their cleats. Still, it’s tough to call against the Premiers.
Our tip: Wuxi Finger Hold by 4.

The Ghost Who Walks vs UQ Ultimate Lovers – UQ 7A
Second week in, and this is the game of the Div1 Newbies and deserving of more than the one liner. TGWW got a hot roasted ‘welcome to Div 1’ sandwich last Monday, with Wuxi Finger Hold dishing out a 17-6 demolition. Meanwhile, the UQ Ultimate Lovers squeezed past the Poachers 10-9. Like a few others, this is tough to call, but we’re going to go with our (purple) heart.
Our tip: The Ghost Who Walks by 2.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Halibut Talent Scouts - Preview - Drug Wars:

Blue Steel VS Fun Police

The battle for the coast is on. Stef has the North. Kev has the South. Even Gref and BW are split, the former joining the fiends of the coast while the latter sides with friends on the bay. Both regions have entirely different philosophies. In Byron, the green stuff is natural man - ask and you shall receive, as Bevan found out last year. Yes, The Mayor may be handing out the shit in the foyer, but it's part of a cunning plan. They'll get you onto the hard stuff and you'll get killed, or bankrupt.

This translates to the field, of course. Fun Police have attracted all sorts - from Abra & Trachter who have followed their noses to the GC to Pete Allen, who has wound up there by mistake.

Girls, Girls, Girls!! This is when we see the true talent come out. These girls have been around the block, sporting very low AFDA numbers, but where have they been for the rest of the year? No doubt they will dominate. We'll see nudity, but it'll mostly be from Kevvy. In the circle of love, stand next to Badman, as he's been known to touch an ultimate player a little too professionally, if you know what I mean.

This blogger is tipping the seasoned favourites, Blue Steel over the Fun Police at the party. Our reasoning: The Fun Police will be keen to show off in their home condo, but the home bed will be a disadvantage in this case. Sure, they may pass out in the streets, but no one will know, as the party will be raging inside. Blue Steel are a little closer to home than usual, but no doubt will be invading the Palm Beach Mansion once all the visitors have retired to their apartments.

God I'm tired.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

For want of a proper post...

and for the sake of tipping

Newcomers - Blitz receive the rights of passage / crossing of the line ceremony when they come up against Dojo in Rd 1.

Slamtown and Cobras Get to feel each other out or up or whatever tickles your fancy and see who's got what down there these days.

Los Bandidos will be looking to catch the Buggers early this season.

Heroes have a date with an exquisite tall blonde / brunette / red head at the pub. Maybe one of each.

Monday, August 01, 2011

BUML17-1 Preview: Days Gone Bye

By our calculations here in the exquisite tea and coffee salon here deep within the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, tonight sees the opening round of the 17th season of Brisbane’s Monday Night Mixed Ultimate competition.

And once again, the League has grown – this time by a new team - Co-mingled and an old team - UQ (Starlight have reformed as Slipped Discs) – and evolved with the launch of a much improved website.

Such is the fruit of the current League administration continuing into their fourth season, an almost unprecedented era of steady improvement on the organisational front. Thanks in advance to John, Adilia and Chris for all their work.

But some things stay the same, and in our case, this is the weekly challenge of previewing the competition. And its going to be tough this season, what with the talent involved and the opportunities to bag people that are available (Hi Gav). So thanks for showing up, lets see how we go.

Division 1

The powers that be have kept Division 1 exclusive by limiting to eight teams, the same as last season. But there’s been some exciting change amongst the protagonists.

Most excitingly, following the firm establishment of two separate divisions at the start of the year, the results of last season now count for more than bragging rights. Yes, the top team from Division 2 last season, The Ghost Who Walks, has been promoted to the big time!

Meanwhile, the strength of Division 1 has seen some of Brisbane’s top ‘don’t play Monday night’ players come together to form two new Monday night teams, Co-mingled and the UQ Ultimate Lovers. In the case of Co-mingled, Some will say that this team expects to win the League. Others, like Division 1 warhorses like Wuxi Finger Hold, Heroes, Dyspnoeics and Poachers, will disagree. The UQ Ultimate Lovers appear to have gotten a good idea from Griffith – “Hey, we have a home field, we may as well have a home team!”

Heroes v Co-mingled - Annerley 3A
On paper, Co-mingled look very very strong with a number of national and international level players. But they’re playing against the Heroes, who’ve been multi-combo-ing it up in some form or other for 11 seasons so far. Yes, it’s the classic team of champions verses a champion team, and therefore very hard to tip, particularly because you never know if Buzz is going to make it. Note also that Matt B has avoided matching up against his usual club by “going overseas”. Jo A of course is afraid of nothing.
Our tip: Co-mingled by 7.

Wuxi Finger Hold v The Ghost Who Walks - Annerley 5B
Speaking of champions, this game has it all, and we think draw-meister Foxy has been a bit cheeky by firstly matching up the current Division 1 Champions Wuxi up against the current Division 2 Champions The Ghost Who Walks and secondly putting the game on way over on Annerley 5B. But then again, if one of these teams is going to have to do something they’re not used to (ie lose a game), it may as well be a bit out of sight. Much as we think The Men (and Women) Who Cannot Die are going to come out of the blocks hard (and zone like has never been seen in Division 1 before) tonight, Wuxi have retained most of their talent, and recruited well – Chris won’t want to drive back to Toowoomba without having played a big game.
Our tip: Wuxi Finger Hold by 6.

Dyspnoeics v Bermuda Triangle - Griffith 1
Meanwhile back in the pack, it’s the by now traditional season opening blockbuster ‘blue’ between the D’s and the B’s. Mansauce remains gutted by his team’s showing in coming second in last season’s final, and will no express the full range of his displeasure before, during and after the game. Bermuda Triangle meanwhile are just happy that they’re having a night without the kids (although their regular presence at pickup over the break was noted, and suggests the BT’s might be looking to open up this season). Still, when you look at form, its hard to go against last season’s opener back in March which saw the D’s roll the B’s 17-3.
Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 4.

Poachers vs UQ Ultimate Lovers - UQ 7A
The Poachers got plenty of wins last season, but remain a riddle within a mystery within an enigma within a Myall. They have won the most money in art prizes of all the teams in the competition though. UQ Ultimate Lovers are led by Gref but have pulled a Ricky Stuart and won’t be naming a team until 10 minutes before run on. Hard to call, but we’ll go with experience and a confirmed capacity to turn up on time and not be living on instant noodles.
Out tip: Poachers by 2.

Division 2

Meanwhile, Division 2 grows to twelve(!) teams. All our favourites from last season return, while Discheads and Plastic Scourgery are relegated from Division 1 and will be keen to put some wins on the board. Last season’s new team Starlight have renamed themselves the Slipped Discs and will also been keen to rock and roll.

The growth of the competition has pushed the League to squeeze four ‘thinner’ fields in at the Griffith oval, meaning giving a significant defensive advantage to the locals.

What the Huck v Agent Orange - Annerley 3B
AO had the wood on WTH last season. Will it continue, or have the dutch treats lost all confidence following their coming second in last season’s final. A very hard game to pick.
Our tip: What the Huck by 2.

Chimichangas v Slipped Discs - Annerley 5B
The Chimi’s have recruited well in the off season, while the Slipped Discs have focused on image, renaming themselves from Starlight. Despite the Slippers still being on that massive upward improvement curve that comes from being in your second season of Ultimate, is hard to look past the vastly experienced Chimi’s, arguably one of the ‘foundation clubs’ of the competition. Our tip: Chimichangas by 9.

Tsunami v Griffith Oh Yeahs - Griffith 2
Tsunami have recruited a few extra legs, retained most of their almost-all-conquering squad from last season, and will be looking to go one better this season after falling at the semi-final hurdle back in June. The Oh Yeahs meanwhile have enjoyed a pleasant mid-semester break before spruiking themselves hard at the University Market Days. Will this translate into extra ladies? We hope so. It’ll be close, but we have to tip on last season’s form.
Our tip: Tsunami by 6.

Mellow Yellow v Griffith Go Gos - Griffith 3
This may be by some calculations the fourteenth season straight that Mellow Yellow have been playing against whatever team JdR has managed to amass around himself. And so it’s a big one, at least in some heads. For everyone else, it’ll just be some old fashions fun, with MY looking to loosen the shackles of Division 1 getting in the way of their beverage consumption, and the Go-Go’s just happy to be back on the field.
Our tip: Go-Go’s by 1.

Discheads vs Disc-iples - Griffith 4
Disc may disc recruited disc discing motherdiscers, experienced disc discity disc. Second disc disced and discing, Discheads and Disc-iples, disc discerty doo.
Our disc: Discheads by 3.

Plastic Scourgery vs QUTies - UQ 7B
Let’s finish this week’s preview with a couple of songs:

Plastic Scourgery, belted by gamma rays,
Dropped to Div 2, aint that unglamorous,
Runnin’ up and down with the power of a Dusty,
When you look at him, you’ll feel all lusty.

QUTies goin’ ta Halibut, Halibut Halibut,
QUTies goin’ ta Halibut, my you’ve got a big butt.

Our tip: Plastic Scourgery by 2.