Friday, August 19, 2011

Spuddies Win Third Annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships!

Well, the third annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships have been run and won, and the only jobs left to do are write the report, get the engraving done and fill out the budget.

Congratulations to the Spuddies for winning the 3rd Annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championship, which this year included the introduction of (yes, as hinted in the paragraph above) a perpetual trophy! Photos to come.

This year we moved to an all-new venue and very swanky it was at the Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre. We will return in 2012 (and maybe before the, if a certain super-secret plan gets traction).

Anyway, after some mucking about during the week and up to the very start time itself, with players stuck in traffic jams or recovering from jetlag and/or hangovers, the tournament solidified into a five team shoot-out, featuring several veterans from all three Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships, as well as a number of 'never-played-indoors-what-a-hoot' types. The draw was a round robin followed by a playoff and a Final.

Round 1

Games started pretty much on time although the TD had to do some hard brain work in sorting out the draw while managing his own excitement at getting to play indoor Ultimate again. Indoor Tsunami had a few players running late to gained the opening bye, while the Pickup team of random Ulti-kids and Dads and mum got their asses quickly onto the court.

As is traditional, the Opening Round involved a lot of folks trying to adapt to the continuous pace of 27 minutes of indoor Ultimate. On the scoreboard, the well-organised Spuddies ironed out the kinks and cleaned up the Pickup team 29-10, while on Court 2 the Patties (aka a big part of the UQ AUGs team) worked over Matilda's Fan Club 24-8.

The Pickup Team give the thumbs up to being picked up.

Round 2

The first round bye allowed Indoor Tsunami to get it together, and coming in fresh against a warmed over Pickup Team, defeating them 20-16 in an entertaining game. The red clad Matilda's Fan Club meanwhile did their best against the increasingly dominant Spuddies, who ended up winning 34-4.

Indoor Tsunami looking a lot like outdoor Tsunami.

Round 3

With fatigue starting to set in for some players, Round 3 became make or break and saw the closest pair of games for the day. The MFC managed to pick themselves up off the timber and rolled the Pickup Team 18-10 in a tight and see-sawing match that saw a number of scoring runs. These two teams were then able to watch the last two minutes of the late-starting Patties/Indoor Tsunami battle which was full of excitement up to and including the final throw, with the game ending in the first draw in Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships history - 15-15!

Matilda's Fan Club - including Matilda's first appearance on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog.

Round 4

After a quick lunch which saw many players eating big time at the well-priced and convenient Metro Centre Canteen (Abra, JdR and Casey battled it out with mega-BLTs), Round 4 saw some big pressure games as the TD had taken a moment to suss out the ladder and started to work out what would happen, finals-time. The Patties had a tough time against the Pickup Team (it could've been Abra's big lunch causing his gut to stick out) before winning 22-14, while the Spuddies kept their momentum up by scoffing jelly snakes and defeated a tiring Indoor Tsunami 29-6.

The Patties looking all ... I dunno. What was that patty stuff about, anyway?

Round 5

Heading into the final round, the Finals looked somewhat settled due to injuries, but that stuff didn't stop Matilda's Fan Club 20 defeating Indoor Tsunami 15, and the Spuddies defeating the Patties 25-10.

B "Selma" W of the Patties is watched closely by a bag of spuds.


After a quick meeting of the brains trust, all the teams that didn't make the Final got it on for one big-arse pickup game, also known as "Why won't you sub, you bastich/Baker/Mailander!" The score at the end of that was something like 67-66, although I can't be too sure.

Which left us with the Grand Final, featuring the all-conquering Spuddies verses the youthful Patties, in the return battle of the -ies. The game was good and hard fought with no holds barred and no quarter taken, but in the end the potatoes got the win by something like 26-10 (corrections welcome in the comments) 21-11.

All that was left was to present the trophy!

A stack of spuds.

Well done all and see you next time.

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BW said...

21-11 in the final, i believe. It was a bit closer, but still a runaway.