Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heroes to join John Doe in Melbourne [Dusty now available for pick up]

The unmentionables of ultimate continued their run of dominance today with crushing victories over the green martians and some other people.

The day began in typical late August conditions - shithouse. It was a greasy morning, and it was obvious who was out to play with Heroes fielding a massive squad of 16 and the lean mean pristine John Doe all ready at the get-go. No doubt the sleep--in was attractive to UQ and some Team Brisbane pickups, who were not intending either as a team or personally to go to Melbourne in October.

John Doe threatened Heroes with a pantsing, with an 8-0 first half. The JD zone was successful in containing Heroes to the back quarter, and turnovers abounded in the slimy conditions. Stu had about 5 of John Doe's 8 passes - they didn't need many more to score.

After a cheer of "PANTS ON" at half, Heroes struck back with some long play, finally capitalising on a height advantage. The game finished at something like 17 - 8, but that may be wishful thinking.

Cross-field I saw Megan scrapping for some wayward hucks, and often saw Gref standing in the end zone, ready to pull. UQ had an equally impressive victory over team Brisbane, and I saw some of the young / new players involved in a lot of good play.

The only game of the day that mattered began with 2 quick scores to Team Brisbane. It looked as though Heroes would have to fight to get back in the half. Fortunately for them, this happened early. 2-3-2 zone seemed to work for them, and Brisbane deployed something similar when they had the chance. There were a lot of turn overs, and Heroes made it hard for themselves in front of the end zone. JdR made it hard for Brisbane, as he was heard to say "Don't huck it to James (Heroes), Jason". Realistically though, it was the height advantage that shut down those long options.

It was a hard fought game that was not accurately reflected on the scoreboard, with Heroes taking the game 17-6 or thereabouts.

UQ seemed to give JD more of a run, with the score at one stage being 5-7. It is likely that the BW/Gref/Megz dishy play did some damage to the JD zone. The mysterious ones ran away with it in the end, unsure of the final score, but it must have been close to time cap.

The final matches were abandoned either due to field closure or the call of hot chips, a shower and a nice comfy seat in front of the footy.

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