Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ask J-Ray and Tone

We now hand you over to our advice specialists, J-Ray and Tone.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
My O-Team has some solid handlers and we don't have any trouble working the disc down the field, but when we get near the endzone, nothing happens, and we eventually turn over the disc. What should be do?
-Antigua Square

J-Ray: Throw a hammer.
Tone: Yep, hammer.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
Because of a recent job promotion, I've had to work nights and have joined a new Ultimate league where I don't know a soul. I don't want to stuff around my career, but I miss my old pal in BPL. Any advice?

J-Ray: Hammer.
Tone: Yep, hammer.

Dear Fellas,
I have had it up to here with my new washing machine! I paid top dollar for it, and it's under warranty, but every time the repairman fixed it, within days its broken again. It never worked right, and they can never figure out what the problem is. I want my money back. Am I being unfair?
-Irritated of Indooroopilly

J-Ray: Tough one. What do you think, Tone?
Tone: Hammer.
J-Ray: I agree. Hammer.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
Do you have any advice for a 33 year old woman looking to meet interesting single men? My friends at work have set me up on several dates, but they've all been duds. Am I just too picky?
-Stumped of Stretton

J-Ray: Get Mike to go long, and hammer.
Tone: Definitely take the hammer option.

J-Ray and Tone are nationally syndicated advice columnists who's weekly column, Ask J-Ray and Tone is featured here on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog. Both have awesome hammers and a willingness to use them.


Mike Neild said...

Yeah there was a bit of that action going on in Sydney this weekend.

I liked it.


Rueben said...

I especialy liked on the weekend when J-Ray had the disc on the sideline and I knew from years of being on the recieving end that he wanted the hammer. After he heard me yelling "no hammer" repeatedly at the marker J-Ray had no choice but to throw - you guessed it - a hammer.

jdr said...

Throwing a hammer is a reasonable solution to all of life's problems, I reckon!