Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain!?! YUFL and NUFL

Rain! Remember that?

We've had so little rain disruption to Ultimate in Brisbane over the last 18 months that when it does now rain, I expect chaos. So people, for YUFL tonight - Ultimate is ON unless you get email from Malloy telling you it is off. If you don't trust Malloy, you can always phone Yeronga AFL to ask if their lights will be on tonight. The good thing about YUFL is that if you turn up and the lights are off, you can still grab your team and go in for a couple of beers before you go home.

UPDATE at 10.45 - Malloy has emailed all saying its off. Nice to get the note early in the day, although I suspects its because Yeronga AFL can't remember what its like to have rain, and hence defaulted to "We're closed@. ;)

Meanwhile, those interested in NUFL who weren't in Sydney on the weekend are waiting patiently for the results to come over the interweb. But here's an early email from Adam Mortimer down in Canberra:

For those who were interested, according to BoM, syd has had just shy of 120mm of rain since Saturday evening.

For those not at nufl on the weekend, it was a washout on Sunday.
Results were
- fakulti 3 wins (v sublime by 1pt, chilly (fak only one turnover or something equally silly) and v firestorm by 2??)
- sublime 2 wins (v chilly and Heads of State) 1 loss (v fak)
- firestorm 2 wins (v barefoot by 2 and HoS) 1 loss (v fak)
- barefoot 1 win (v HoS by 10) 2 loss (firestorm by 2, chilly by 2)
- chilly 1 win, 2 losses
- HoS 3 losses

Sounds like Firestorm did pretty well! Hopefully we'll have the official results including scores and such available soon.


Anonymous said...


blog me your feelings about how BPL now has 2 buggers teams!

with hammers and layouts.


Jangles said...

It is going to split the talent but have a team for the older players to be put out to stud is a good idea.

Still need more players to make it succesful.