Thursday, August 30, 2007

And now it is time for a break

Dear Readers,

I am going on holiday overseas for the first half of September. So I won't be updating the blog (although someone else might).

Hope you've enjoyed it and have been checking regularly!

If you're wondering what's happening in Brisbane Ultimate, I suggest checking out the yahoogroup (link down on the bottom left there).

But to summarise:
- Monday Night there is YUFL a Mixed League, which is doing Finals in early September
- Tuesday Night is WUFL a Women's League which has just started a new season and new ladies are very very welcome (beginners included).
- Tuesday Night also features Firestorm training, where A-Grade men are also welcome. Firestorm is Brisbane's team in the National League.
- Wednesday Night has just kicked off a new casual League at UQ.
- Wednesday Night also has a recently established pickup night at Griffith Uni Nathan campus.
- Thursday Night is BPL the Open A-Grade Leage starting a new season on September 6.
- There is also some pickup on Fridays and Sundays.

Join the buda yahoogroup or look through the archives and you'll get all the recent notifications.

See you soon.


ps Given the overnight effort of Newcastle NRL star Joey Johns, will Pie Wagon change its name to Pill Wagon?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'll do a separate post to make it clear to the casual reader, but I'm going overseas for a couple of weeks and won't be putting any posts on Brisbane Ultimate Blog again until mid-September (hopefully though one of the other contributors (like Wonderful-Rubes, even though he lives in Melbourne now, or aL the Dishwasher) will take over for a bit.)

But this brings me to a point that has pained me for some time. People in Ultimate who get websites going (good stuff), set them up to be updated (challenging but rewarding), and then when they stop doing it (which is always fair enough), don't put a 'capstone' on them (which is the sin I'm most annoyed by).

Capstoning is putting something on your blog or website to say "This website won't be updated with up-to-date info (like you've seen below) for a while. However, here's the 'eternal' information you might want, which can stay here until the site starts to get updated again or it gets taken down."

If you don't have a capstone, then your online presence looks really disorganised and just plain awful.

Remember, your website is what people find when they search to find out about Ultimate in your neighbourhood.

Lets look at a few sinners, drawn from this blog's link list down on the bottom left there:

Townsville's JCU Tossers website – hasn't been updated since November 2006. This thing at least needs a "Sorry, we're not updating this at the moment – for the latest info in Townsville Ultimate, contact [email] or join our mailing list as

UQ Lover Blog – hasn't been updated since August 2006, although at least it finishes with "we got back from Uni Games". But the UQ Lovers are such a strong group, I'm surprised they can't do better.

NUFL – disappointingly out of date. Perhaps it was too ambitious to start with?

Since I'm commenting on the sinners, lets also mention some better sites:

QUTies – its just the basic info, but that's all you need! Contact details, bit of history. Simple.

Griffith Gold Coast – even more basic, but does the job in providing contact details.

Bugger Blog – is maintaining its momentum and purpose – a posting every once in a while, mostly from Mike, with a bit of Mat.

QUDA - hums along quite nicely, under I think Tim's watchful eye.

I should get around to adding the link to O-Shep's excellent site. Any other recommendations for sites with a vague connection to Brisbane Ultimate?

Now to take my own advice on improving this web-presence. After my holiday, I'll be adding a link at the top of the blog that gives key bits of info about Brisbane Ultimate. Just for anyone who doesn't want to dig.

Monday, August 27, 2007

You've Gotta Be Kiddin' Me

Yeronga AFL have closed their fields, due to the rain that finished Sunday morning.

No YUFL tonight, for the second week in a row.

No frisbee for me until I get back from my holiday :(


Friday, August 24, 2007

Rules of Ultimate - with John Greenfield

Click on the picture to embiggen.

This could become a series of rules photos!

One of Jonno's photos from NUFL1 again.

ps How disturbing is it to see Greenie in a Chilly uniform? Cats and dogs living together f**ked up, that's what it is! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Notty Goes to NUFL

Thanks to Jonno Jonas for sharing his photos from NUFL1.

Of course, we had to do a bit of quick loldiscing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Next Season of BPL

Rego for the next season of BPL is now open at

One of this blog's fine commenters posted this:
blog me your feelings about how BPL now has 2 buggers teams!
with hammers and layouts.

Well, I've seen mention of new teams on the rego site, but I haven't seen 10 players registered on those teams as yet . . .

But having six teams in the BPL would be great. No more byes – although it was great how everyone used the time to train last season. And having six teams makes the season even less predictable (as five has) – there is more scope for upsets. Six also makes for a good finals series – week 1 of Semi 1v4, Semi 2v3 and Playoff 5v6, followed by a final of Semi winners. Six is in my view, "about right" – if we ever grow the numbers of players in Brisbane to support more than 8 teams of players in an Open A-Grade League, I'd be leaning us towards two Open grades – but of course that's still a couple of years away.

Its at that point though that I'd rather be seeing teams 'amoeba' themselves into two squads, as UQ did last season, and my anonymous commenter reckons the Buggers will this season. My preference is for teams to find new identities. But that said, if groups want to feel the comfort of 'still being part of UQ' or 'still being a Bugger' then that's ok by me. And really, anything that facilitates the new teams is better (its always a big step for organiser-types to step up and try to organise!).

Spring is the right time to be expanding any League too - in my experience new players and old hands are at their keenest and most reliable when the weather isn't cool or hot. Advice: if people ever talk about growing a League in Autumn, tell them not to do it – people disappear as it gets cooler!

Six teams in BPL will be a challenge regarding field space. Jon (and Malloy over in YUFL) are LDs who're suffering for their success. They get their leagues humming along, everyone loves it and more people come, you run out of space, and you've got the question of shaking everything up to add more teams and find more fields or playing with multiple time slots.

I understand Annerley Juniors has just opened its new clubhouse, so it'll be interesting to see if we are able to or want to access it in some way. One of the sad parts of BPL remains that everyone clears out almost immediately after the games – there's very little reflecting on matches or general socialising. Having a "place" for this would make it more likely to happen – even if it's on some benches under a clubhouse's porch light. However, part of this is because we play fairly late and we're stuck with that while we're at Annerley – if games were finishing between 8pm and 9pm rather than after 9pm then people would be more able to hang around.

Thinking about it, at the moment most of our 'catching up' happens before games when we're supposed to be warming up. I wonder when those interested at the macro-level of advancing the elite level of Ultimate via BPL will realise that getting socialising happening after the game will mean more focus on the game before it!

Of course, socialising will also improve the overall spirit of the League. Bad calls are less common where there are friendship networks - that is, there are stronger connections of respect and channels for discussion of basic clumsiness and errors. And any off-field talk of this is more easily done with a beer in hand.

It has also been good to see the level of organisation getting to the point where teams are getting great shirts, and I hope we can keep this up (particularly as new teams and new players arrive). There are enough people now who've got the experience of organising shirts that I think we'll keep looking better. It is going to be tough for new Rawhide players to get a sprout shirt, for example, but we'll be trying to get 'loaners' out of the guys who leave, or get them to sell-on. Now, if only I could get everyone in Australian Ultimate to agree to wear black shorts and black socks . . .:) If the Passion and the Lovers continue this season, hope there is talk amongst the UQers of buying something like 50 UQ shirts (and flipping a disc to see who wears white whenever they play each other).

Regarding layouts - yes I have tagged Tony and J-Ray as the Hammer Kings, but who are the BPL Lords of Layout? Brett Matzuka is the obvious one coming to mind – that guy is like a fish through the air – the barracuda of boing, the halibut of horizontal, the flounder of flight. Anyone else?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain!?! YUFL and NUFL

Rain! Remember that?

We've had so little rain disruption to Ultimate in Brisbane over the last 18 months that when it does now rain, I expect chaos. So people, for YUFL tonight - Ultimate is ON unless you get email from Malloy telling you it is off. If you don't trust Malloy, you can always phone Yeronga AFL to ask if their lights will be on tonight. The good thing about YUFL is that if you turn up and the lights are off, you can still grab your team and go in for a couple of beers before you go home.

UPDATE at 10.45 - Malloy has emailed all saying its off. Nice to get the note early in the day, although I suspects its because Yeronga AFL can't remember what its like to have rain, and hence defaulted to "We're closed@. ;)

Meanwhile, those interested in NUFL who weren't in Sydney on the weekend are waiting patiently for the results to come over the interweb. But here's an early email from Adam Mortimer down in Canberra:

For those who were interested, according to BoM, syd has had just shy of 120mm of rain since Saturday evening.

For those not at nufl on the weekend, it was a washout on Sunday.
Results were
- fakulti 3 wins (v sublime by 1pt, chilly (fak only one turnover or something equally silly) and v firestorm by 2??)
- sublime 2 wins (v chilly and Heads of State) 1 loss (v fak)
- firestorm 2 wins (v barefoot by 2 and HoS) 1 loss (v fak)
- barefoot 1 win (v HoS by 10) 2 loss (firestorm by 2, chilly by 2)
- chilly 1 win, 2 losses
- HoS 3 losses

Sounds like Firestorm did pretty well! Hopefully we'll have the official results including scores and such available soon.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ask J-Ray and Tone

We now hand you over to our advice specialists, J-Ray and Tone.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
My O-Team has some solid handlers and we don't have any trouble working the disc down the field, but when we get near the endzone, nothing happens, and we eventually turn over the disc. What should be do?
-Antigua Square

J-Ray: Throw a hammer.
Tone: Yep, hammer.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
Because of a recent job promotion, I've had to work nights and have joined a new Ultimate league where I don't know a soul. I don't want to stuff around my career, but I miss my old pal in BPL. Any advice?

J-Ray: Hammer.
Tone: Yep, hammer.

Dear Fellas,
I have had it up to here with my new washing machine! I paid top dollar for it, and it's under warranty, but every time the repairman fixed it, within days its broken again. It never worked right, and they can never figure out what the problem is. I want my money back. Am I being unfair?
-Irritated of Indooroopilly

J-Ray: Tough one. What do you think, Tone?
Tone: Hammer.
J-Ray: I agree. Hammer.

Dear J-Ray and Tone,
Do you have any advice for a 33 year old woman looking to meet interesting single men? My friends at work have set me up on several dates, but they've all been duds. Am I just too picky?
-Stumped of Stretton

J-Ray: Get Mike to go long, and hammer.
Tone: Definitely take the hammer option.

J-Ray and Tone are nationally syndicated advice columnists who's weekly column, Ask J-Ray and Tone is featured here on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog. Both have awesome hammers and a willingness to use them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Any Old Comment Will Do

Can't think of anything that's particularly enthusing to blog about today.

Write me a comment about anything you want instead.

For no reason, here's a great photo of a squid inking a fisherman.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Ultimate Than You Can Shake a Disc At - on the Gold Coast

You might remember a while back I lamented the state of Gold Coast Ultimate.

Well, it seems that things have changed.

Stef from Gold Coast Griffith Uni (you probably met him at Halibut if not before - and by the way, how good was it to see G-Unit at Halibut, especially at the party) has got three regular sessions of Ultimate happening:

- Wednesday 7pm-8.30pm at the Broadbeach Soccer Club. Pickup for all and sundry, boasting 25 people the first week. And to make this the best Ultimate in Queensland, the Soccer Club opens it's bar until midnight with $2 VBs and a balcony that overlooks the fields. I think the hope is that eventually this will turn into the Gold Coast League or something?

- Thursday 7pm-8.30pm is the Griffith Uni training at the Musgrave Road Hockey Fields (I'm not sure how much past Uni Games this will happen).

- Sunday 3pm onward also has pickup at Owen Park, Southport.

This is of course on top of the upcoming Australian University Games

And Mr Brett Matzuka recently announced another of his fab beach tournaments down at Coolangatta - rego and stuff is here. I'm expecting one of these a month through to the end of the year?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yeah Firestorm!

So Firestorm enter their last week before their "debut" (as Firestorm in NUFL at least - they were Firestorm at Nationals earlier this year, and the Moreton Bay Buggers in NUFL last year) at NUFL1 this weekend in Sydney.

NUFL (or the National Ultimate Frisbee League) is pretty cool. There's plenty written about it here and there, but I like the idea of getting the 100 or so top Open players and the 70 or so top female players around the country together for an absolute peak end tournament. These players seem to like it too, as you may guess.

A key part of the concept that makes it distinct from other events is that EVERY GAME IS TOUGH. There are no soft games against weak opponents. These players love that. They have been training hard for it, dreaming about it, and are now going to get down there and DO IT!

Firestorm is our local team, which for most people who follow Ultimate, makes them the default team to follow (just like the Brisbane Lions or the Roar or the Broncos).

I hope you can get along to see them at their training on Tuesday night in Toowong, or at their practice game at Annerley on Thursday.

Firestorm this weekend are: Al Don , Chris 'Buzz' Burwell, Chris, Piers Truter, Robbie, John 'Cheese' McNaughton, Adam 'Jangles' Beu, Liam 'Wet Nose', Pottsy, Jason Ray, Mat Ryan, Quinn, Pete 'Mad Dog' , Mike Neild, Shawn Robb, James Larkin and Brett M.

Good luck guys!

I for one would also like to see the Firestorming flow down more into BPL. Near as I can tell, BPL is the only local A-Grade men's league in Australia, and it provides a great patch for Firestorm to draw from (other NUFL teams I think tend to be have large club trainings of 20-30 guys to draw from). Not everyone in BPL wants to play NUFL or at the peak-end of Nationals (I say peak-end, because I think all BPLers should try to get themselves to Nationals for the experience, even if you're not there to win it), but getting some streamlining from BPL through to Firestorm would be good. One thing I've always wanted to see though was a uniform "Brisbane Warmup Regime", that everyone knows automatically. But I guess these ideas are a post for another day.

ps - congratulations to Mike on his engagement! And on getting in that MX newspaper last week.

pps - I would love to mention Sultry heading to Women's NUFL1, but I haven't had the chance to ask . . .

Monday, August 13, 2007

BPL Winter League 2007 Results

Jon "Mr Fantastic" Good recently summed up the end of season info for the Brisbane Premier League via email:

Hey Gang,

Congratulations to MBB who took out a very close final against UQ Lovers 11-10.

MVP for the season was Stephen Hjelm from Dojo with an average of 1.3 votes per game.

Season spirit winners were Rawhide with an average of 9.0 out of 10 per game.

Next week there is an exhibition game between Firestorm and the BPL allstar team.

The following players were selected for the BPL Allstars:
Jon Good (Rawhide), Andy Lankowski (Dojo), Stephen Cameron (Dojo), Stephen Hjelm (Dojo), Russell Johnson (Dojo), Andy McLean (Dojo), Lee O'Dwyer (Dojo), Luke Allen-Ankins (Dojo), Matt Eastburn (Passion), Manuel The Columbian (Dojo), Julian Sacre, Donny Moss (Passion), James Gransaul (Rawhide), Pete Allen, Sam Challis (Rawhide) and
Carlos Sanchez (Lovers).

The game will be at 19:30 this comming Thursday at the BPL fields.

Next season starts on Thursday 6/9/07, there is no warm up week.

Thanks to everyone for a great season, in particular Mat Ryan, Al Don, Tony Ross, John Mc, and the team captains and vice captains for all of their help and donkey work.


Yeah Jon!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adelaide and Ethics

Just two links today because I'm kinda busy!

How the Adelaide teams went at Halibut
Yes, I know I have only done a quarter of my Halibut reviewing, but you can keep blaming Dusty for not sending me the stuff (although perhaps I have set myself up for it by raising expectations after being so successful in getting all the previews done).

I should also add that the SAFDA website is pretty cool. One little feature I like (one that's shared with Ulti-talk) is that once logged in you can get a rough idea of who else has logged in recently or is just browsing.

Interesting Research on Ethics and Sport
This link was posted over at, and while there's always limits to what you can extrapolate research out too (and I should add the research in my mind isn't presented terribly clearly on the website) it highlights something that I think we feel intuitively about traditional sport in general, but is useful for Ultimate players in thinking about why we play the game we play.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jonathan Potts is F**king Awesome

Happy Birthday Pottsy!

We don't do much hero worship in Australian Ultimate, but I'm sure that somewhere in the multi-verse there's an alternate reality containing a Cult of Potts.

The Cult of Potts would meet after games of Ultimate, to drink and trade stories. The Cult would wear black robes, but underneath would be the finestly hair-legged cross-dressing possible. There would be some chanting, such as:

Leader: When its getting close against [insert team here]
And you're losing it in the air
For scoring points and tricky things
Who will always, always be there?


Leader: When you're sitting home and blue
And you need something to do
Who will e-mail out about bushwalking,
Or invite you to the zoo?


Leader: When your spirit has been sinkin'
Or you need some AFDA policy thinkin'
Or there's a real need for some drinkin'
In a black dress, who will be slinkin'?


Leader: Let us mention nudity!


Leader: Let us mention Captaining Australia!


Leader: Let us mention running so many tournaments and leagues and teams and meetings and all that stuff.



Happy birthday Pottsy, and many more.

Readers are welcome to share their Pottsy stories in the comments here, or over at Ulti-Talk.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Halibut Roundup, BPL Final, Safe Play and Policy

ITEM: For those waiting for further Halibut round-ups, I've been pestering Dusty for the official results (so that I don't get it wrong), but he's been too busy recovering some semblance of normal life to get them to me. Next week I hope.

ITEM: Tonight it’s the final of BPL – I am predicting a titanic struggle that'll be well worth getting down there for. The UQ Lovers and the Moreton Bay Buggers have been the powerhouses of Brisbane Open Ultimate the last twelve months or so (since the decline of Whippet Good really, and the longer but slower decline of Dojo Mojo). I missed the semi's last week but understand they were pretty close too, so perhaps this might be the last season of MBB/UQL Finals?

ITEM: Meanwhile, I've been busy on some AFDA stuff. We've been engaging in getting all our various policy out of the cupboard, dusting it off and deciding whether it’s being a) donated to the Salvos, b) taken to the tailors for some repair and adjustment or c) getting a quick iron and going back in the cupboard.
So I've been working on the 'Safe Play' policies like pregnancy, lightning, hot weather, sun protection and the like. I'm pleased to report that there's practically no change to these policies, which are all about 2-5 years old. Looks like the AFDA got them right the first time!

One area that I think we'll be developing something new will be in relation to 'blood rules' – while the WFDF2007 rule have a one-liner about this (which is fantastic imho), it looks like we need to go further for juniors and to fulfil requirements for ensuring our coaching programme remains accredited. I'm also looking at the idea developed via the thread at Ulti-talk (kicked off by Matt A I think), that we should make a more formal standard about keeping 'hard' things further away from sidelines – gear, chairs, scoreboards, prams and even personal water-bottles (they hurt to land on). We'll also be tidying up how we determine results for games that are cancelled – we've got that all in place for lightning affected games, but need to extend it generally I think.

ITEM: What's policy for anyway? Well some people view it as 'ass-covering', and it certainly has that benefit. We also typically do it to formalise our sport administration and bring it into line with wider Australian sport. But these kind of answers relate to things well away from the field, and its wrong to think that's the focus. Policy is really about what happens close to games – only one step aside from the rules. I think the main uses of policy are a) to save people having to think too much and b) to give some force to our sports' received wisdom.

Policy saves you from having to think too much (that is, use precious time and energy resources) because someone's already done the thinking (particularly in terms of adapting more general knowledge to our sport). So if you're organising a tournament and you foresee a particular problem (for example, bloody hot weather), you might find your answer in AFDA policy.

Which brings me to the second benefit of policy – legitimacy. AFDA policy has been drawn up by some pretty bright sparks, then run through the mill by some more bright sparks, and typically tried and tested in the time since then. So its probably pretty good quality stuff, and well adapted for our sport (as opposed to more general stuff you might find on the web, for example). Just as importantly perhaps, particularly in dealing with people who might disagree with your decisions as an administrator, is that AFDA policy has the force that comes from being approved by the democratically elected representatives of the Australian Ultimate community, that is, the AFDA Board. If someone wants to complain to you about how you've done something, if you can tie it to AFDA policy, then you can tell them to hassle the Board, and get back to work.

Friday, August 03, 2007

BPL Semi Finals

BPL Winter 2007 semi-finals were last night. I missed it, but here's the report from Wonder-LD Jon:

The semi-finals were both of very high intensity and full of some
beautiful hucks and throw-aways. True to seeding, Lovers defeated Dojo (for
the first time this season), and MBB grafted out a victory in a close
game with Passion.

So next week please come along and see the pinicle game of the season
when Lovers defend their BPL title against MBB. I am flat out at work
but will do what I can to organise a crowd, there will be FREE BEER/VODKA
MIX on the sidelines for spectators. Please bring along anyone you
think would be interested.

Good strategy Jon - vodka mix . . .

ps We're now over 100 posts - yeah Brisbane Ultimate Blog!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Little Black Dress

Halibut – Team Review Part 1

People have been pestering me on how my fab tipping went and how my team reviews were received and whatnot. Now, I was waiting to get or see the final results for Halibut 2007 posted somewhere (along with those cool team photos Peta took), but I'm guessing that the post event hangover that all TDs suffer is biting hard (and its taken me a few days to get my life back into order too), so may as well get started at the top end of the table.

Disclaimer of course – the seeding was tweaked to ensure that there were a spread of SEQ teams (although I suspect they were copying me). And of course the tips on this blog we generated a day at the time, as the publishing deadline grew!

Overall 1st - Newcastle Pie Wagon
Perhaps unexpectedly (by everyone but themselves?), Newcastle had an easy and pleasant Halibut. They pasted my team 15-3 (I think) in the politest manner possible, for example (my lot did do better than everyone else in our pool), and took care of Mind the Gap by something like 15-6 in their semi. The Final was tougher, but they still seemed to have the legs to take it fairly smoothly in the second half. It seemed people like me forgot they're the current National Mixed Champions. So polite, they won spirit too. Nice shirts also.

Partied hard by partying early, near as I can tell (when I got there, it seemed the Pasha Bulker had pulled up and parked itself beside the pool table). I haven't heard any particular tales of debauchery, so I figure that although it caused some offence to the Leaping Toilet Party Animal, my 'middle of the table' pick seemed valid. Feel free to prove me wrong with tales in the comments section.

Seeded 3rd, Blog tip 3rd – going on the tipping judging scheme I've proposed over at,150.msg1871/topicseen.html#msg1871 (three points for tipping winner, two points for accurate tipping of place, one point for tipping within one place) this is zero points for both.

Next Year: I expect to see two Newcastle teams at Halibut next year.

Overall 2nd - A Day at the Races
I think people got excited in thinking the Racers would win, as a similarly highly-classified, last-minute all-star pick-up team won Halibut last year. Like the other top four teams, they had an easy tournament up until the semis, where I think Spare Room gave them a push. In the Final they were at 9-9 at one point, before fading – I'm not sure why as I was on the ginger by then. Kudos to Tim for maintaining his little black number through the event, and Brett looked surprisingly normal with the bow tie on.

Partywise, the Racers had numbers out on Friday night so kudos to them (hi to my new friend Kicka). I didn't see much of them on Saturday night because they came quite late I think.

Seeded 1st, Blog tip 1st – one point each. Seeders 1, JdR 1.

Next Year: A Night at the Opera?

Overall 3rd - Spare Room
Sorry, not much to say here, as I barely saw this lot all weekend, aside from a quick chat to Huybe. Could've been the sunshine. Anyone know the score from the playoff for third?

Seeded 4th, Blog tip 4th – one point each. Seeders 2, JdR 2.

Next Year: Chunky Victorian teams always love Halibut.

Overall 4th - Mind the Gap
Is this the least-successful result at a Halibut in Mind the Gap history? Was it a case of too old, too slow? Too many players? Or was it too much drinking (although my tip that Friend Tony would be drunk by lunchtime was ruined by his antibiotic requirements).

On the other hand, my lot got to play them in the quarter-final on Sunday morning, it was one of those really fun games I think (the Lizards went down 15-6, but felt like we'd given them a decent run, at least when JRay and Tony we'ren't pounding their unmatchable hucks to Beth and Rubes). Like I said after the game, all the Brisbane faces are familiar through BPL and such, but we sure don't play much high level mixed Ultimate here.

Partywise, Mind the Gap seemed a bit light on, although its true they all had west-Brisbane homes and families and such to go too and such. aL was also no doubt distracted by the knowledge he was going to lay some awesome ginger beer on everyone on Sunday afternoon.

Seeded 2nd, Blog tip 2nd – zero points – score remains Seeders 2, JdR 2.

Next Year: Despite the tough result, I think they're having too much fun and have too much history together, so will be back – same Gap time, same Gap channel.

More soon

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mind the Lap

You too can submit your Halibut pics for the loldisc treatment (thanks to LTB for this one).

Proper Halibut debriefing hopefully soon.

Don't forget Griffith Pickup starts tonight.