Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bpl Round 5

Premier field #1: Dojo vs Slamtown

Field #2: Heroes vs Cobras

Shit light #3: Bugs vs Bandidos

Bye: Blitz


dstrel said...


Heroes (hopefully not by forfeit)


Starky said...

Bandidos (Rolo notwithstanding)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for someone to leave a comment each week listing the outcomes of the games? Just scores would be fine?

The BPL loving public

Anonymous said...

it seems this blog doesn't cover BPL anymore. even though the poll would suggest it to be a major interest.

Starky said...

Mmm, more fearless complainers posting anonymously...

Regardless, I kinda agree with Anon #1. Results would be great - even just as a comment under the original posts.

In that spirit, I happen to know that the Heroes came back for a victory over the Cobras.

Anonymous said...

Heroes def Cobras 15-11
Dojo drew with Slamtown (11-11 I think) - Dojo were up 11-10 at the last point, got a D right on Slamtowns endzone line, moved it around, then threw it to a wide open receiver (who shall remain nameless) who got 2 hands to the disc, but dropped it (presumably in excitement?). Slamtown then worked it down the field to score.

Not sure about the other game

adam said...

previous comments were not accurate of the Dojo/Slamtown finish. A fair bit more controversy than that, but finished very well spirited at 13-13.

whats with all of the anon. postings?


JdR said...

If anyone wishes to become our special BPL correspondent, please step forward.