Thursday, March 22, 2012

BUML Team of the Week: Dyspnoeics Are GO!

So, since all our BPL traffic will no doubt follow LDadsB's demand that they migrate from your beloved Brisbane Ultimate Blog (now in its 7th year of BPL reporting!), we're just going to have to up the focus on BUML to something like 11! Yeah, man. And what better way to do it than get back to our old favourites - interviews with real life people! And few are more 'real' than Mansauce (his real name) and Andy 'Online' L. So here we gooooooo!

One of the ‘foundation’ teams of the Brisbane Mixed Monday night scene, the Dyspnoeics are also one of the highest profile, thanks in part to their perennial placing in the Finals series at the end of most seasons, although some would argue it’s the relentless self-promotion, now into an incredible 17th season.

Still, the trophy cabinet in the ‘Sauce’s boudoir is a little bare, with two championships in 2009 and a third back in 2006. But things are looking very good at the start of 2012, with two wins on the trot and a lack of a stacked super-team in Division 1, so we invited the bluest of the Blue D’s, Mansauce and Coops to the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, to talk up their chances.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks for coming in guys. You can put the top hats over here, no need for formality. Let’s get straight to it – are we right to think you’re looking the goods this season?

Mansauce: Thanks for having us BUB, I must say the water feature is looking particularly majestic today. Regardless of what the polls may say, this season is very much a wide open affair. We have started the season well and I put that down to our team having one of the most stable line-ups in the comp. Plus we recruited Chris Brown; and he plays for Firestorm A.

Coops: Cheers BUB, it’s always a pleasure to converse in intellectual diatribe with the likes of yourself, but I’m very honoured to be seated around the BUB drawing room coffee table with yourself and Sauce. To answer your question, yes, we are indeed looking pretty hot this season. With regards to talent on the field however, I’d say we’re pretty much on par with the majority of Div1 teams.

BUB: The D's roster looks like an interesting mix of old and new ...

Mansauce: I’m really excited by the new Blues taking the field this season. Molly, Kirstin, Cola, George, Notty and Chris will hopefully add the depth and experience we need to make a strong title challenge. Did I mention Chris Brown plays for Firestorm A?

Coops: As Sauce has indicated we’ve certainly recruited some useful skillsets to our roster this season. Whilst we have certainly lost some talented Dyspnoeics faithfuls to injury-repair and work commitments (Suze, Jimmy, Bec) I was conscious of not stacking our line-up, however Sauce was adamant that we should try to win at all costs, and told me to STFU and get as many ‘guns’ on board as possible.

BUB: Still, Division 1 is looking pretty tight this season – just the six teams, smaller than the eight last year. What do you think, and who will you be watching?

Mansauce: I think any team can get a win on any given week. UQ & Peta’s team/PUD/whatever their name is this week have enough game winners on their rosters to be thereabouts come week 14. My tip for a darkhorse is White Lantern. I like what I’ve seen so far from that group and I expect them to be serious contenders if they can keep Craig Behrendorff fit.

Coops: I don’t disagree with Sauce’s tip re White Lantern, however if you’ve seen the better looking Behrendorff brother with his shirt off you’ll know that him getting unfit isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Personally however, I’ll be keeping my eye on Poachers, who may have lost their star quarterback Mr Henbest, but have now picked up a relatively unknown, but very talented, rookie, by the name of John McNaughton. On second thoughts, he’ll no doubt roll his ankle at a frisbee party soon, so the team I’ll be watching closely will be UQ Lovers.

BUB: You’ve both played for the Dyspnoeics for a long time – what’s been your greatest Blue D moments?

Mansauce: My top moments are: Winning two trophies in 2009, winning a semi final with only six players back in 2008, recruiting Chris Brown who plays for Firestorm A, Aurelie’s cupcakes and being interviewed by the BUB - I can finally cross that off the bucket list.

Coops: There really are too many to list out during this interview, however one that’s certainly up there for me would have to be the season I decided to hand the captaincy to Sauce, thereby ensuring he did all of the administration and legwork, while remaining the spiritual leader of Dyspnoeics, and so still getting all of the glory. However I’d have to say that the entire journey with Dyspnoeics has been great! Being able to perform a slightly more mentor type role on the team for the rookies amongst our ranks has been very satisfying.

BUB: Who are the players who’ve left Dyspnoeics over the many years that you’d most like to have back one day?

Mansauce: We’ve had a lot of great players don the Blue over the years, it’s really hard to single people out. The first names that spring to mind are Andy & Leticia. Quality on and off the field.

Coops: Yes I agree with Sauce, it was a sad day for Dyspnoeics when Melbourne swallowed up Andy & Leticia. Now that we have Notty (one of the Dyspnoeics originals!) back on the roster, I’ll be focussing my recruiting efforts on trying to rip Blackie away from Poachers, and bring him back home to the land of blue.

BUB: And now many know that Coops has stepped up to join the BUML Organising Committee this season (no hint of impropriety here of course) – but what’s your take on the League and where it’s going Mansauce?

Mansauce: I’m really impressed with direction the league is taking. BUML has really gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years. A few years ago I never would have imagined having 2 divisions, let alone 3. Coops joining the Organising Committee is another step in the right direction. I especially appreciate the way he engineers favourable draws for teams he likes. You’re not gonna print that last bit are you?

BUB: And Coops – what’s the latest out of the BUML OC Deathstar? Where will BUML be by say the end of 2013?

Coops: Before joining the BUML OC it was very easy to bunker down in my own little corner of whatever division I was playing in at the time, and not pay a whole lot of attention to the growth of the league surrounding me. It’s very clear to me now just how much growth the BUML has felt over the last couple of years, and no doubt will continue to feel as we move forward. With the emails that are still trickling through to the OC requesting new additions to the league, I’d suggest that in 2013 we’ll have at least 25 teams!

BUB: Is it true what they (and you) say about Chris Brown?

Mansauce: Everything you’ve heard about Chris Brown is a slanderous lie propagated by the nefarious machinations of sources yet to be determined. He is an upstanding character of the highest order. I can personally confirm he has never even been to Coast City nor does he know Maxwell Lord. As for the rumour concerning the goat, I won’t even bother to dignify it with a response.

Coops: Well I’m not sure what your readers have heard about Chris, but most of what Sauce has said is accurate …. By the way, I believe the goat’s name is Gruffy, and rumour has it, he likes tall men with moustaches.

BUB: Gruffy, or Chris? No, don't answer that. Anything else you’ve got for us?

Mansauce: I’m more excited for this season than redheads at a sunscreen sale. I won’t go into clich├ęs, but needless to say we are taking it one game at a time and I’m sure Ultimate will be the real winner. Also Trevor Lovering.

Coops: Thanks for the tea and scones, it’s been lovely catching up here in the BUB mansion. I’m also very excited, but that’s mainly because I’ve just heard word of a sale on sunscreen, WOOT! Apologies for having to dash away, but I’ve got a very important phone call to make to Blackie, regarding Dyspnoeics 2013.

BUB: So there you have it folks – Coops and Mansauce of the Dyspnoeics, talking the talk – will they walk the walk? They’re in the match of the round next Monday, against White Lantern, and good luck to them!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you missed the obvious question, BUB. What is up with those nicknames? Mansauce and Coops?

Mansauce said...

What's up with your nickname Anonymous?

amclean said...

Kudos to Mansause and Coops for taking Dyspnoeics from strength to strength. And more Kudos to Coops and the BUML OC, it sounds like the BUML has really taken off since I left 2 years ago. "I bleed blue" My highlight would be the come from behind win in the Div 1final 2009 (i think).

Goose said...

Top quality blogging from all involved

Coops said...

LOL @ Anonymous, tis a pretty fair comment I think ;)
BUB - perhaps a BUB poll might be in order to answer the question of the hour, how DID I get my nickname??