Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Queensland Open Championships Cleanup

We just thought we'd best pop our heads up from the Multi-Screen Operations Centre and Post-Nuclear Vault, where we've been crunching the results and numbers from the weekend's Queensland Open Ultimate Championships to give a quick report.

Several people haven't paid (we think). If you know this is you, please email JdR to arrange electronic payment. We may know who you are, and its never fair that everyone else gets around to paying and you don't. We're sorry we weren't more focused on this during the day, but we decided its better to run the tournament! ;)

Lost Property
Here's a photo of the lost property that made it back to the stately mansion (click to embiggen). Email JdR if you see something that's yours. If you've lost something else, take it to the comments or the email lists.

A few people saw WhattheTim taking some pix - he's stuck them up over here http://www.flickr.com/photos/75735894@N07/

Final Results
1. Firestorm (automatic qualification for Nationals)
2. Slamtown Flatball Club (99% certain to get Wildcard 1 to Nationals)
3. Firestorm Ignition (95% certain to get Wildcard 2 to Nationals)
4. Gympie G-Force
5, Griffith Heroes
6. Towns Villains

Spirit of the Game
1. Griffith Heroes 8.5
=2. Towns Villains 8
=2. Gympie G-Force 8
=4. Slamtown Flatball Club 7.6
=4. Firestorm Ignition 7.6
6. Firestorm 7.5

Most Valuable Player
7 points - Dan Cohen (Griffith)
6 points - Matt Finn (Villains)
4 points -Chris Brown (Ignition), Trevor Lovering (Firestorm), Sean Beveridge (Villains)
3 points - Dan Mammel (Firestorm), Jordan Stone (Slamtown)
44 of 84 players received MVP points - well done!


Goose said...

Great tournament everyone (especially those who helped run and volunteered their time to make everything go smoothly)

Some awesome photos in there too. I think there should be some from Jess going up somewhere soon, look out for those aswell.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the photos, I think the lost property hat belongs to Timocles


Anonymous said...

cheers JDR and griffith... I'm pretty sure we"re all paid up... Rob Weins was a no show. Those snappy orange socks belong to me.