Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championship

A message from this year's TD the one the only "Mayor of Slamtown" Stefan Rappazzo

Hello all, 

I've taken the reins of the Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championships (ADBUC)... and tampered with it.

This year.. it will be Surf and Turf..... and it will be in Byron Bay!!!!


8 Teams, suggested rosters of 10
8 powered campsites (all next to one another) at Belongil Fields (one campsite per team)

Sat - played on turf, 7 on 7 mixed ultimate (4:3) round robin action.
Sun - played on sand, 5 on 5 mixed ultimate (3:2) crossovers, semi's and finals.

Sat night - Genda' Blenda' party  -In homage to 'The Last Gender Blender' in Canada, each team will need to have a theme, a blender drink, a game which partiers play to earn the drink, decorations, and music.  Revellers will cruise from one site to the next until they have had their fill, or found a place to stop.

Sun night - (Mon is public holiday) - Sun night will be out in Byron for team trivia, dinner and drinks at the Buddah Bar, and return to the campsites late night for a campfire (as long as there are no fire restrictions at the time)

$110/player includes, 2xlunch, 2x dinner, 1x breakky, 2 nights accom at campsite, 2 days of ultimate.

Rego is first in best dressed.... until Jan 18... at which point your full team fee needs to be received, or 'next in line' will have the option to trump your bid.

What you'll need to bring: tent and sleeping gear, ultimate gear, BLENDER, table, a creative game to play within the confined of your campsite, table, music player..... whatever else you think will be awesome.

Prizes for:  Best Drink, Best Game, Best Theme, Spirit, MVP on field, MVP at party, trivia, ADBUC championship.

Pair up your drink and game to fit your theme.... think big.


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