Monday, September 24, 2012

BUML Preview Round 8

Div 1 – JT

Bermuda Triangle v Cadillac
Both teams have lost their last 3. A loss here will spell the end of Bermudas title hopes. I’m not sure what’s going on with Cadillac but I expect them to make a statement in this game. Even if it's "No comment".
Cadillac by 7

Drop Bears v UQ AUG
Are the Uni Games team even back from RADelaide? If this game happens I think the Bears will be too strong, even taking into account their best player, Sophie Stewart, is out. The best part of this game will be hearing stories of Goose related debauchery from the City of Churches.
DB by 9

Dyspnoeics v Poachers
If the ladder is anything to go by this should be a top quality match. The only thing separating these teams on the ladder is points difference. Poachers are the scoringest team in the div while Dyspnoeics have the stingiest D. These 2 teams played out a draw last time so I think this one should also come down to the wire. Lankowski v Blacklock will be the match-up the crowd will be most eager to see.
Poachers by 1

Div 2 – Clay

Chimichangas v Ghost Who Walks
Another top of the table clash! This will really be a case of Chimi’s O v Ghost’s D. Expect lots of zone, lots of cross field hammers and plenty of long points. These 2 teams played in round 1 and Chimis stole a 1 point win. Justin v Geoff should be a good match-up.
Ghost by 1

Griffith A-Team v Heroes
This game could go a long way to deciding which of these teams makes the finals. If prized Heroes off-season recruit and BUML mercenary Chris Brown is ever going to make his mark on this team, the time is now. Without a big game from Brisbane’s No. 1 goat aficionado, Heroes will struggle.
Heroes by 3

Agents v Tsunami
Tsunami will be wanting to get some momentum heading into the finals and tonight should be a perfect opportunity. Agents haven’t had the best season and have struggled to score points. I expect Tsunami to throw on some junk and keep up the trend.
Tsunami by 6.

UQ Fluttershy v What The Huck?
Considering how slapdash the team was at the start of the season, I think UQ have performed admirably this season. No doubt Tomsteve is moulding them into a solid table disc unit that will be reaping the rewards of hard work in seasons to come. I’d like to see Trevor dress up like Nicolas Cage at a WTH? end of season fancy dress party.
WTH? by 8

Div 3 – Jax

Mellow Yellow v Slipped Discs
I smell an upset here. It could be my love of puns or my hatred of bananas, but I think the Slippers have a shot. My only suggestion would be to keep the keep the disc away from Rolo. That guy is a hectic beast.
Slipped Discs by 2

Griffith Go Yeahs v Dump and Burn
3 v 4 with a lot to play for entering the run home. The Go Yeahs should have too much firepower with the disc here. Players to watch out for: Tiffany Tang, Ciarron Beggs, Angus McCall, Sally O'Neissy, Daria Joura and Sam Evans.
Go Yeahs by 3

Ultimate Apostles v Griffith Aunties
It’d be hard to tip against Apostles in this game. At least if I don’t want to be flamed in the comments by their tech savvy leader. So I won’t. In Griffiths favour is the fact their defence has been ok this season. Going against them is their offensive record. They haven’t scored more than 11 this season. If UA can score 12 they’ll win.
UA by 5

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MarcusL said...

Although apostles will be playing 6 players down this week i can still see them coming up for a win. With the leadership of Mark Chan, and the handling of Gek, i think we can pull through.

Like the outside tip on Mellow.

D&B will come up with a win tonight is my prediction. Will be a clear third place. (watch their tight zone)

Tristan14 said...

Unigames started this past weekend, and players won't be back til next weekend.
The Griffith A-Team vs Heroes match has been postponed until the 22nd of October, and I am sure the UQ AUG match has been postponed as well.

Mansauce said...

I stand by my tips even if they are a month in advance