Monday, October 24, 2011

Johnny Mac Does Our Work for Us

Johnny Mac recently emailed everyone he could with useful information, kind of what this blog tries to do sometimes. Good work John!


Guys and girls,

This email is all about what's happening in Ultimate! It's going out to those playing in current Brisbane leagues; these are ending soon, and tourneys are coming up over summer, so it's a good time! The first half is about knowing how to get information, and the second half is just a quick list of things coming up (summarising some other info flying around).


In general, Ultimate players live on the internet; pretty much everything happens on email groups and/or websites. To stay informed, you'll need to join some email groups.
For those concerned about copping an email barrage if they sign up to more groups, you can set them to "daily digest", where it's only 1 email per group per day :-)

TO JOIN A YAHOOGROUP: Add "-subscribe" to the email address and just send it a blank email, e.g. email
Alternately, if you've got a Yahoo ID, go to and join from there, e.g.

- The Brisbane Ultimate announcement group:
- The Queensland Ultimate announcement group:
- The Brisbane Ultimate Blog:
These will give you information on local events and things happening nearby.

- The Australian Flying Disc Association website (especially the tournament calendar):
- The Australian Ultimate announcement group:
For news on events and happenings across the country, check these out. Interstate tournaments are a great way to see Australia and meet a bunch of people.

There's obviously all sort of local competitions going on, both in Brisbane and elsewhere. Contact info for these (as far as I can find):
- BUML (Monday nights) announcement group:
- BUML website:
- UQ (Wednesday nights):
- BPL (Thursday nights):
- WUFL (Thursday nights):
- Email the guys at
- Check out the blog:
- Check out the blog:
If you're playing in a comp, getting on the list is generally a good thing, especially for things like field closures (though note this isn't effective if you're on daily digest).


Various emails have been going around, so I just want to quickly summarise these, while I'm doing an information-type email.
Get involved! Tournaments are the best way to experience Ultimate, hands down, and are also a great way to meet other people that also play this crazy sport :-)


FINALS TIME (various dates/venues)
All the leagues are coming up to finals soon, which means there'll be some great Ultimate for spectators. Unfortunately, I don't know exact dates... but if you're on the buda-ultimate announcement group (as above), you'll probably find out!

ACE RACE (Sun 30 Oct, Bray Park)
A disc golf event for anyone keen to try something different:

BIG SKY (Sat 5 Nov, The Gap Soccer Club)
There are two things that I think make this tournament stand out: 1) the purpose of the day, acting as a fundraiser; 2) the consistently high standard of organisation.
But hey, that's just me. Come play, and make up your own mind! Rego is filling up fast:
Tournament website:

CAIRNS HAT (Sat 5 - Sun 6 Nov, Cairns)
Fresh off the press, Cairns will be holding their first tournament. For those up north and not attending Big Sky/development clinics, this is the place to be. I don't have contact details handy; try the Cairns Ultimate blog?

DEVELOPMENT CLINICS (Sun 6 Nov, The Gap Soccer Club)
Firestorm and Black Betty, the Brisbane men's and women's clubs, are running a development day.
Not sure about the women's plans; more info on the Firestarter is at:

QUEENSLAND HAT (Sat 26 - Sun 27 Nov, Annerley Junior Soccer Club)
Though rumours and rego pages have been around for a while, the official announcement is still fresh and warm. For the first time, you can get your hat on right here in Brissy in November for two days.
Get your rego on at:
The tournament site can be found at:


HEROES & VILLAINS HAT (Sat 19 - Sun 20 Nov, Sydney)
This follows on from last year's Harry Potter Hat, and with this name, it's like it was made for Queenslanders...
Choose your allegiance at:

THE MELBOURNE HAT (Sat 10 - Sun 11 Dec, Melbourne)
What more can be said about this tournament? It's a stalwart of Australian Ultimate, which deserves a pilgrimage at least once in your frisbee life.
Rego hasn't opened yet, but keep an eye on the email groups, as it tends to fill up fast, and you don't want to miss that cut-off...

THE LONGEST DAY/WEEKEND (Sat 17 - Sun 18 Dec, Sydney)
The Melbourne Hat of beach Ultimate (except that it's teams... and in Sydney). Another regular fixture on the tournament calendar which really blends all the ideal elements of Australia, summer and frisbee...
Team registration opens on Thursday 17 November at 8:30am (Sydney time). You'd want to make some kind of plan by then.
Check the website for info:

Ladies and gents, I hope this has been a useful email.
If not, the delete button is a wonderful thing...


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