Friday, February 26, 2010

Ah Believe Its Gonna Rain (Sometime)

For those who occasionally have a gentle moan about missing their frisbee because the fields getting closed due to rain, AJSC have posted their photos of the flooding last Tuesday, that helped push BPL back a week (a scan of the rest of the AJSC website is well worth it, for those interested in our regular field hosts).

Brisbane Ultimate has had a bit of a golden age over the last few years. Essentially, we've had enough of a drought that there hasn't been any rain to wash out many nights of Ultimate, but (unlike some of our friends down south) we've had enough rain to keep the fields green and open.

We here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog copped a feel of Pallen's gammy twitchy knee and predict a lot of lost nights of Ultimate this year. Has your team got Plan B (eg meet at pub instead) ready to go?

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Anonymous said...

Pfft, portafields can still delineate a sideline in these instances - just need a long enough peg.