Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Frisbee, Fatboy, Frisbee!

Ok everyone - there was some recent action in the stately mansion, which has resulted in the Brisbane Ultimate Blog's own JdR deciding to take on the challenge of the Clem7 Tunnel Charity Run.

The charity bit for the run supports the Royal Children's Hospital - yep, its for sick kids (not "fully sick" like Trevor or Paige, we mean "really ill").

To spice things up, for every $20 donated, JdR will carry a frisbee on the run. So if say he gets $200, he'll be carrying 10 frisbees (1.175kg of plastic), jovially waving them around to the other runners and such, (depending on his fatigue levels of course). [Edit - yes, you can just donate $5 - the $20 bit is the added up thing]

Yep, make a donation and you get to help kids, encourage JdR doing something silly, and promote flying disc sports, all in one go! Now, there's VALUE FOR MONEY.


Anonymous said...

Will you be wearing these frisbees as a 'beergut' under your shirt?

aL said...

lets get him up to the 50 frisbee mark

Anonymous said...

ah 175g x 10 = 1.75kg

Anonymous said...

You could shave 32.86% off each disc and you'd have 1.175kg of plastic? It would make it easier for shiz