Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedgienals - Wegister Wu Wascally Wabbits!

Aha! Here's the reason Simmo has been so quiet on the blogging front.

Nobody seems to be regoed for Regionals yet! There's nothing for him to do his stock-in-trade analysis from!

Regionals is less than 5 weeks away, after all. 13-14 March ....

Northern Regionals is in Brisbane: As we speak, only three Open teams regoed. Ladies? Slamtown??Firestorm???

Eastern Regionals is in Tarro (near Newcastle): Only four Open and three Women's teams so far.

Southern Regionals is in Narre Warren (west of Melbourne): Only one Open team (yeah Gfuc) and tow Women's regoed so far.

Western Regionals is at Macgilvray in Perth: One Open, two Women's teams so far.

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julz said...

How do you find this stuff?!?