Monday, February 01, 2010

Leagues of Justice

All is quiet on the Brisbane Premier League (BPL – aka Men’s Thursdays) and Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (BUML – aka Monday Mixed) while we wait hopefully for good news about the lights from our field providers at Annerley. They’ve booked the repair work to be done on Tuesday, so hopefully we’ll have some news later this week and there’ll be announcements of play starting next week …. but we’ll have to see I guess. BUML also has a new League Director in John C, and there may be some format changes to BUML due to field availability issues, but there's a bit of a wait in solving that.

But meanwhile, tomorrow (Tuesday) night sees the first night of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee League (WUFL) over at Oakman Park, Toowong (corner of Moggill Road and Union St). Weather permitting (it’s looking rainy this week in Brisbane, but Oakman Park drains remarkably well), play will run from 7-9pm. The full season will run for 8 weeks until 23 March (just before Easter) and cost a bargain $30!

Register now at:
(remember – registering helps organisers heaps! Do them a favour and take a few minutes to do it)

And if you aren't already signed up to the WUFL yahoo group, send an email to to keep up to date with the Women's League.

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