Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Days to the Brisbane-Canberra Invitational

The press releases are flying thick and fast from the BCI war-room. Imagine your best Churchillian voice (this one, not that one) and read on

Ladies and gents,

I hear reports that much love was shared on the weekend, and I hope it was enjoyable for all.

This brings us within a fortnight of the BC Invitational, so this is just a little reminder about how to follow the tournament for those who aren't playing.

IF YOU'RE IN BRISBANE - Get on down to the State Hockey Centre on Lytton Rd in Colmslie to watch all the action live. You're welcome at any time. The draw is on the website (link below), if you want to see particular teams or games. This will be, without question, the highest standard of Ultimate played in Brisbane this year.

IF YOU'RE FOLLOWING ONLINE - We intend to update the results page of the website after each round: will also be updating scores and results through Twitter, hopefully live as each round progresses.

They'll be coming out on the Firestorm Ultimate feed, @firestormulti, but you should watch the #bci2010 hashtag, where we'll be encouraging all players and spectators to speak up:

For all those sitting at home, feel free to make comment or ask questions on bci2010 as well.

FOR MORE TOURNAMENT INFORMATION - The tournament website is at: This is where you should be able to find out everything about what's going on, including competing teams and the tournament draw.

Cheers all.
John - BCI TD - Zero411 835 750

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