Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Cause You Are Too Busy Being Fabulous

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It's heck-busy here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion this week, and all around Brisbane Ultimate as a whole. If you step into the house, you'll be lucky to find a post-it note telling you what's up. But lets have a quick run through.

ITEM: So on Sunday it was lovely and we decided to step from the mansion and take my disc-golf-virgin-ass down to the Yeronga Disc Golf Course for a look-see. Under the careful tutorage of Master Bruce, I can now say my cherry is popped as the plastic hit the chains on the front nine. Entertainingly, we ran into two dudes (hi Luke and Rueben!) who'd seen the course and heard about disc golf and decided to give it a go. It was their lucky day to get the run down from Master Bruce. Disc Golf is on every Sunday from 3pm at the Yeronga Course. Its good stuff. Bring your mini-esky and a hat. Prams are also very useful.

ITEM: BUML started last night, and your blogger was at both Griffith Nathan and AJSC to enjoy some fantastic fields and watch some 'still a little bit rusty' Ultimate. It was great to see so many people back, and of course the lights shining at both venues. The BUML Organising Committee (BUMLOC) have found their feet for this season, but are looking ahead to the next, so if you've got any ideas or preferences, get onto them in the next month or so.

ITEM: It's the O-Week Market Day tomorrow at both UQ St Lucia and Griffith Nathan. Both groups will be armed with the fancy new recruitment postcards that QUDA/ BUDA/ WUFL/ UQ have arrranged. Helpers are still sought for Griffith Nathan, where we hope to establish a Club and get a late team into BUML.

ITEM: Thursday sees the start of this year's Brisbane Premier League, and what better way to start than with the inaugural BPL Launch Lunch in the Valley. Get in touch if you're keen to attend - tickets are selling fast. Meanwhile, IgorWetnose is down in the very bowels of the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, working on this season's draw design and tipping comp rules. Expect to see these up here asap, here at your number one home of BPL coverage (accept no substitutes).

ITEM: Of course, this weekend sees the Brisbane-Canberra Invitational Tournament, featuring the best of the best out at the State Hockey Centre at Lytton. Heaps of people are heading along for a look. Keep checking out the Firestorm website for more updates.

Crikey! We'll be buggered by the end of this!

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Anonymous said...

Hi mate - good blog.

Just wondering if disc golf is still on every Sunday at 3 pm?