Friday, February 05, 2010

Monday Night League Starting Soon

Well, folks have been impatiently (but politely of course) for the return of Leagues. Last Tuesday of course saw the start of WUFL at Toowong, but problems with the lights and bookings at the ARC fields at Greenslopes has led to a few delays for BPL and BUML.

BUML is starting to move though, starting with this update from the new BUMLOC (BUML Organising Committee):

Well, there is some good news and some bad news ... and then some more good news.

Good News : Our new League Director has an even bigger Iron Fist than Notty and looks ready to take us to the next level over the next 12 months.

Bad News : Annerley will not let us use the fields on the 8th and we are not sure about the 15th yet. Jason has been working hard trying to negotiate something for us.

Good News : PICK UP IS ON THIS SUNDAY and every Sunday at Kalinga Park Clayfield 3pm. Bring a white shirt and a black shirt. ALL WELCOME, even beginners. Get your frisbee fix.

More Good News : Jason has just secured some field space at Griffith for Monday nights from the 22nd so keep your eye on the BUDA mail group for news of what will be happening. Nice work Jason !

League Committee
League Director : John Coorey (
League Assistants : Chris Fox ( and Adilia Murabito 0411873743
League/Fields Advisor : Jason deRooy

Rough Plan for BUML 2010 Season 1

2 weeks of Pick-Up and Learn to Play
Once we have secured some fields there will be approximately 2 weeks of Pick-Up and Learn to Play - Date and Location to be advised. ALL WELCOME - Bring your friends First timers are encouraged to come and try it out. This will be a great night to meet people and recruit for your league team, or form a new team.

Field Space
- Field space at Annerley is an issue every year. Jason is working hard to secure some options for us. We will advise when location(s) for the league has been decided.
- The number of fields and locations available affects how many teams we can have and how we structure the league so stay tuned for more details.
- You can help by finding out about any fields you think we could use in the future (on any night).

League Format
- Start date to be confirmed
- 8 - 10 week season
- Div1/Div2 or other format and timeslots to be confirmed

Team Registration
- Given that we have not confirmed the location and format of the league, it is difficult to confirm teams but more information should be available next week. At this stage just use the current Div1/Div2 registration format and we will go from there.

- All players must be registered on AFDA under their team. http://www.afda. com/rego/showcompetition.php?competitioni d=763. If you do not already have a free AFDA number, go to and press 'join'.
- If you do not have a team, please register under "I Need a Team"
- If you are playing in more than one division, register in BOTH divisions and put your alternate team name in the "Team name in other division" field. (The ability to play in two divisions may be subject to change depending on format/location of league.)
- Div 2 teams must have a minimum of 7 "Div 2 only" players (This could change as well)
- All teams must have a minimum of four people of each sex registered. Aim for at least 12 people in total.

Pick-Up Players
- Pick-Up will now be held on weekends thanks to Jangles.
- BUML is not a pick-up league.
- Players who are not registered under a team are considered pick-up players and will not be permitted to play for that team. All Pick-Up players are to report to League Director on the night and may be required to pay a fee.

- Fees will be team based. Total fee to be advised.
- A deposit will be required prior to draw being issued. Cut-off date will be advised.
- Remaining balance will be due by week 3 of the league.

Playing Rules
- Timeouts, points cap, half time, time cap, gender split etc to be advised,
depending on length of time-slots and number of women registered.

After the draw is issued, all communication regarding Monday night league/draw/ results will be via the YUFL_intermediate yahoo mail group.

League Committee


Anonymous said...

I know the committee have gone to the effort to organise and i think that's great, and i am against pick ups in the finals and people not paying and understand the general reasons for the concept of no pick ups ... However, I disagree with the notion that no pick-ups will be allowed (and that you will charge them fees) for several reasons:

1) Particularly in the intermediate and lower intermediate divisions... It is great for recruitment - if you can bring a friend along, maybe they will play and enjoy themselves. Flexibility for newer players is invaluable in adding to our sport. I know there is pick up now, but that doesn't replace being fostered by an actual team, with the opportunity to try it a few times before committing.

2) In Div1 some teams use it to develop their div2 players, who semi-regularly pick up with the higher level team - this is an an invaluable development tool.

3) Sometimes everyone gets injured sick and goes away at the same time.

4) what about rural players that are back in town for a little while... why shouldn't they get a decent game?

4) It is an age-old national and international ultimate tradition to allow inter-state and international visitors to come and have a game, even in a league, one i have been on the receiving end of and one I would like to see continue. Good international visitors are unlikely to wish to play beginners pick up on sunday.

There is obviously some planned flexibility here since pick ups were told to "report", and the ability for them to do this is good, but playing with your mates is the best thing about frisbee.

Related to all of this... if fees are going to be team based, why are we charging people if they do pick up?


Anonymous said...

Megs has just nailed that comment.

I'm in full agreement with everything Megs has said here.

I would be extremely uncomfortable banning pick-ups. If nothing else, do we really want to make it harder to introduce people to the sport?

JdR said...

While we at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog love a good comment, we also encourage people to be respectful of volunteers. A person email along the lines of "Are you sure about the thinking behind this one?" is perhaps kinder to their intentions and feelings than arguing at length in public (in a forum they may well not read) (or indeed emailing other boards, executives or administrators), no matter how respectfully you try to couch that.

Jangles said...

I just wanna get some game time.

julz said...

I agree that banning pickups altogether may be a little extreme and I think those scenarios mentioned above definitely justify allowing a pickup.

However, at the same time, I have been very frustrated in past BUML leagues when local players who are not on a team want to pick up just to have a run around. I feel extremely uncomfortable when an opposing captain asks me if one of their mates - who is a good player - can pickup with them that night because most of the time it is asked in such a way as to be interpreted as a question out of courtesy and that they fully expect you to comply.

As a result you look like a complete bastard if you say no.

If local players want to play - they should get on a team. Not come down to the fields when they feel like it.

My preference would be for BUML Div 1 to adopt the same policies on this as BPL.