Friday, February 19, 2010

Important Overlooked Statistic

There's been a lot of chat over the years about whether Ultimate is good or bad at keeping statistics, records, results and its general history.

We here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog try to do our little bit, but we're also aware that one day Blogger will go the way of geocities. Ah well.

But anyway, one of our spies noted an interesting statistic in the report on the 2009 WFDF Asia Oceania Ultimate Club Championships. Bear in mind these are the OFFICIAL results and all.

Have a look.

Go right down.

Keep going.


Australia may not have done as well as it might have liked on the fields, but our own Jonathan Potts is the official 2009 WFDF Asia Oceania Ultimate Club Championships Saturday Party Best Male Costume Wearer, for his effort as "Undead Hooker".

Well done Pottsy. Can someone link us to a photo?

Undead hooker ... might be a good name for my next hat team ....

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