Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Retract the Call

So yesterday we were getting excited about the BPL training night this week.

Of course, the BPL training night isn't until NEXT week, 25/2.

Hundreds of posts, occasionally we get something wrong.

BUML out at Griffith last night was great though. So many new faces running around. Its rained.

One question is how the Brisbane Ultimate scene will deal with the return of 'normal Brisbane weather'? With the drought we've had a dream run really, in terms of not having many nights rained out. But now we're heading back to weather patterns last seen around 2005 or so. Wise TD's will have either 2-3 catchup/replay nights included in their draws, or a flat 'if its rained out, then that's that, the seasons are long enough as it is' policy.

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