Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr President ...

Happy birthday BUDA President (and many other things), Mat Ryan.

That is all.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Women's Ultimate Frisbee League Returns

Mark the time and place - Tuesday, May 29th at Oakman Park, Toowong.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cheese and Simmo Take the Nats Baton

So yes, its Nationals from this Sunday, but we here in the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion are unusually distracted at present. Thankfully Cheeseburger has emailed all and sundry with some of the essentials, and we cut and paste that below.

We should also point to Simmo over at Forcesideline, who's doing a fantastic job at the event previewing that we used to make a half-arsed attempt at. We don't think he's calling us in particular about when he references "journalists" in inverted commas at all.

Anyway, best of luck to all Queenslanders!

Hey everyone,

The Australian Ultimate Championships will be held from Sunday 22nd to
Wednesday 25th in Newcastle, NSW.

A bunch of your team mates/opponents/coaches will be heading down to
represent Queensland and their club.

Brisbane's Firestorm is sending two teams, Firestorm (seeded 6th) and
Firestorm Ignition (seeded 15th). The Gold Coast is sending the Slamtown
Flatball Club, seeded 12th.

Brisbane's Black Betty are the sole Qld representative, going in seeded

There's going to be various ways to keep up to date with what's happening
if you're interested.
>Nationals website:
>Nationals Facebook page:
>A page with a compilation of Twitter feeds:
>There'll be footage going up soon after the tournament at if you're
keen to check it out.

Cheers all.
Firestorm #10

BUML2012-1 Catchup Round A Preview: Buckle Me Britches!

So Monday 23 April – a bunch of very important people (or at least, people who can take Monday and Tuesday off work) are off at Nationals in Newcastle and can’t make it back to hit the field for BUML, which means we’re into catch-up week (at least for Divisions 2 and 3 we guess). Fortunately for the casual follower of BUML, this is going to be an awesome night of disc!

>>Division 2 – Baby Chimis vs Agent Orange – Easts 2
Well, this should be an absolute cracker. Both these teams have proud histories but have fallen on hard times this season, with one win between them over 10 games. Expect the battle to include both tooth AND nail. It’ll be scrappy.
>Our tip: 9-9 draw

>>Division 2 – Bermuda Triangle vs Discheads – Easts 3
Meanwhile, this game should also be an absolute cracker, showcasing a massive contrast between steady consistency and wild inconsistency. BT remain undefeated and want to see this continue. Discheads are probably the most all-over-the-shop team in the league at the moment, handing out and receiving pastings at any particular moment. Probably the loss of some greyshirt players to Nats will be the difference though, while BT will keep rolling on.
>Our tip: Bermuda Triangle by 7.

>>Division 3 – Slipped Discs vs Yeast – Easts 1
This game features the Yeast who were slightly late at getting onto the draw, and the Slipped Discs who landed the opening week bye. But what a match-up – this game should also be an absolute cracker. Having played both teams, it’s the apprentice Yeast who have a massive workrate even if they’re still working out this Frisbee thing, up against the journeymen and women Slippers who have worked out what this Frisbee thing is about, but are still working on execution. Expect big games from Brendan for the Slippers and Brendan for the Yeast. Ryan vs Wes should also be an interesting head to head.
>Our tip: Yeast by 3.

>>Bonus – Schtick Battle – Griffith University vs The World – Griffith 1 and 2
As the Archangel Michael said while facing Lucifer, “BATTLE!” And that’s what we should see out at Griffith Nathan on Monday night, as the red-garbed students invite all and sundry to teach and then be schooled on the University’s Schtick field. Keep an eye on Jordiii as he likes the old ‘is that a disc in your pants or are you just happy to see me?’ trick, and remember that Casey is responsible for most of the edits on Wikipedia’s Schtick page – so if you see him on the smartphone, he may be changing the rules on you during the game (cheeky bugger!). Its Schtick ON from about 7.40pm.
>Our tip: Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth (that’s no lie).

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The new BPL blog is doing a great job in the day to day of BPL action ACTion ACTION, but occasionally we here at the stately mansion feel the need to return to our roots too and talk BPL.

So the latest wizz-bang-for-fun idea over at BPL HQ is that it needs a logo and is running a sweet competition to harness the creative energy flowing around out there! Closing on 17 May.

Our main tip is to ensure the logo has 'Ultimate' and possibly 'Ultimate Frisbee' on it (either in words, or visuals of people with discs on it). BPL means something to you and us, certainly ... maybe a couple of hundred people. But to anyone outside the immediate Brisbane Ultimate playing community, there needs to be some explanation. So think about the audience, and think BIG.

Meanwhile, those with pointy heads are also starting to put on their thinking caps with regards BPL's future.

Our suggestion here is that the 'mid year between seasons season' that has evolved in recent years needs to move beyond 'a thing to fill in the gap while the LD recharges his batteries' to being a massive thing on its own. The mid-year season is the MAJOR opportunity to recruit new players and expose them to Ultimate that's different to mixed and muckaround.

The start of the normal seasons actually sees relatively little recruitment of new players as teams (quite reasonably) invest heavily in winning the immediate season rather than developing players for the future or recruiting newbies.

So, why not a vision of the Winter Brisbane Premier Hat League, aiming at 6+ teams, running for 6-9 weeks, using Annerley 3A,3B,5A,5B, team shirts using the new BPL logo, involving a big effort at recruiting players from BUML and the Universities as well as rank newbies?

A lot of work, yes. But if the goal is to grow BPL, then you need to grow men's Thursday Ultimate to get the pool of elite players.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Midline Bisects the Globe (i.e. the Earth) Into Two Territories

So most of you are aware that just as you can play lots of different sports with balls, you can play lots of different sports with discs (not just Ultimate or even Disc Golf).

Take it from us, its worth refreshing your knowledge of Schtick. Just don't try one-on-one Schtick against Reece - its flipping exhausting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BUML Team of the Week - The Apostles

One of the brand new teams in the BUML this season, the Ultimate Apostles are currently smashing all before them in Division 3, terrifying opponents into submission with their extensive team warmups and pink headbands. So it seemed appropriate to send them a special golden ticket invitation to join us in the diary room at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, and see what they have to say. So welcome to team Captain Marcus, and his sidekick Kaitlan.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks so much for coming in. Its great to see a brand new team in the BUML, full of spanky new players. So we have to ask, what’s the secret origin of the Apostles?

Marcus: *opens old book blows off the dust* it all began on a playing field in a suburb far far away. A mythical player, no! legend, who goes by then name VINKO began the team ‘Goodtimes’. This time was known as the creation. Struck by an expired student life VINKO relinquished his throne to the warlord know as DR RYAN EVANS and myself. Together we formed a team known as the brutal ‘Hammer-time’. These dark ages brought in the point known as the hammer point, where players from Hammer-time were only permitted to throw hammers on the field. On the move to Monday nights BUML an alliance was formed with the COOTE clan to create the ‘Disc-iples’ powerhouse. As numbers swelled at the beginning of 2012, a sister/brother team was formed. The Disc-iples had given birth to the team ‘Ultimate Apostles’. Our friends call us ‘Apostles’

BUB: And, how did you originally get into Ultimate yourself?

Marcus: I original joined Ultimate for reasons many young men join Ultimate, “the money, the power and …. The Wommmannnnn,” (in an Italian accent). As I am yet to see any money from Ultimate or power for that matter, you could at least say a girl did talk me into coming along and she is closer then you may know.

Kaitlan: We both started playing Wednesday night league as shy undergraduates at UQ and now we are playing our seventh season! Can't believe how fast it has gone, but we have had the best time and met great people.

BUB: And are you happy with how things have gone so far this season for the Apostles?

Marcus: As our parent team/brother team/ sister team/ the ‘Disc-iples’ know how difficult a team can be to pull together at the beginning of the season. But with lots of constructive criticism, “YELLING HAMMER” at first comers, they have really come along in the past five weeks. With a loss to begin - which was a little damaging mentally, the “Go Go’s’ really welcomed us to a tough competition - the weeks since have delivered good play and close games.
Kaitlan: The team is going from strength to strength, especially now everyone has gotten to know each other- and have learnt that "chilli" means slow down, not HOT HOT PASS IT NOW!!!

BUB: As the team has coallesed, aave you started to envisage team shirts? Perhaps some brown robes?

Marcus: The Force (away) is strong in this idea however I do believe that the robes will restrict our uncanny ability to throw a hammer during any regular calm passage of play. The design of the shirt will be a surprise for all to see as soon as my workers in the Philippines are able to produce them. See below for team logo. And I must say the team has also pulled together quite strongly since the pink headband were introduced by Elliot and Kaitlan.

BUB: Nice logo. But yes, the pink headbank is quite ... disturbing to see on an opponent. Hope you keep that in there.

Kaitlan: The shirt designs look awesome thanks to our chief logo designer (Marcus), although some of our team members are disappointed the uniform is not black morph suits- I think they were thinking as soon as they put them on that we would all be transformed into ninjas.

BUB: What’s your take on the rest of Division 3? Who looks good and who looks like they'll be doing it tough?

Marcus: This is going to be a tough season, no stand out dominating team, no weaklings to be crushed on a week to week basis. Cannot wait to see what happens at finals.

Kaitlan: I am excited about our game against Mellow Yellow- always on the opposite field to us I have observed some very good and classy flow going on ... plus something about the bright shirts just makes me mesmerised!!!

BUB: Do you have any special techniques for bringing your new players up to speed, on the field and off?

Kaitlan: Marcus has taught us to read the Brisbane Ultimate Blog daily. Also we had a team day at the beach recently which was a good lesson on trying to get discs to fly straight in strong winds.

Marcus: Although I do vote on regular occasions the BUB blog, (we did win that vote fair and square) it is not the only thing that keeps the Apostles fresh. Updating the team midweek with inspiration quotes form Einstein, Newton, Bob Katter and Ron Burgundy really helps build confidence. I also enforce the slogan for our team, as the Russians say, “Боль слабость покидает тело” (pain is just weakness leaving the body).

BUB: Since nobody else knows any of you, perhaps you can give us a few tips on your team-mates?

Marcus: Without giving too much away, here is a quick rundown on the team.
- Dan Lau: Danger man, or danger DAN as some call him, quick off the mark and hungry for the disc.
- Mark Chan: The Giant of the team, poor spacial awareness allows mark to be strong in defence and safe as houses under the high disc.
- Alex Leask: Ultimate blood runs in his veins, possesses the secret weapon.
- Elliot Cook: The cook, doesn’t mind eating a mouthful of grass or wearing a pink cape for that matter.
- Meg Ryan: Yes the actor! After the rough and tumble of an all girls school, she doesn’t stuff around, give her an inch and she will take a mile.
- Kaitlan Laurie: The lion, the experience of her years is apparent with the disc in hand. Huck, hammer or hail Mary it will finish in the end zone.
- Annie Laurie: Keeping it in the family, the spirit of Ultimate is strong in this one, the youngest known in the league and looking at making ultimate a full time profession.
- Lyle Mitrovich: Hailing from the desert planes of South Africa this native beast brings the anger of a star fish and the control of a mollusc.
- Ben Dawson: Hand baller! Bring those big air times and is tough to match under a huck!
- Liam Grimmond: Quiet, cool, calm, well that is what he wants you to think when you try to put one past him.
- Olivia Heckenberg: changing a netball for a Frisbee has never been so easy, strong defence and mark, make Olivia a difficult opponent.
- Lyneta Darlington: Living in the former room of an Ultimate great (RYAN EVANS) the game just comes naturally.
- Julia Roddock: It was only a matter of time before the ultimate spirit surrounding this one consumed her. Girls watch out!

BUB: This sounds like a very cohesive line-up!

Kaitlan: The team is a mixture of family, uni friends and past friends from Frisbee so there is always plenty of laughs and crude jokes pulled out on and off the field.

BUB: Anything else you’ve got for us?

Kaitlan: Watch out for Marcus's hammer throws- thrown with wild abandonment, they always seem to hit true to the Mark (pun intended Mark Chan).

Marcus: Be ready for the first pull… we are going to come out flying.

BUB: Well, best of luck for the second half of the season.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Queensland(er) Wins Division 2 Nationals!

Division 2 Nationals 2012 it sounds like it went very well over the weekend, despite the lack of a fully-fledged Queensland team (bonks Townsville on the head) which means that there will forever be an asterisk* against the winners ... except we'll stake a claim to the 2012 trophy, as the captain of the winning team, HoS Black, was none-other than proper-Queenslander-slumming-it-down-south Andy McLean. Well done Andy, TDs and disc-boys.

*Just kidding of course - well done to all. 10 teams!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink or Stink?

Here's the Pink Q-Hat team for 2011. The lad on the right seems to the more worried about stink than pink. Who will think pink this year? It's less than 7 months to Q-Hat 2012!

Friday, April 13, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 7 Preview: I’ll Get My Camera!

So, our regular readers will have noticed that our friendly competition over at the BPL Blog have been trying to up their game in terms of posting and commenting. But we know you all prefer the wonderous longevity, dashing good looks and cheeky humour of the original and best, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog - 1406 posts and counting!

**Division 3 –Id**

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
The rivalry between the QUTies and the three Griffith teams in Division 3 reaches its climax this week. The ‘Ultimate Players for the Real World’ have lost very tight games against the Yee Hars and the Go-Go’s so far this season, and won’t want to be 0/3 against the “Know More …. Frisbee” crew. But, this time around, the QUTies are facing the reds away from their Nathan bunker. Advantage to the blue and oranges? Form-wise, both of these teams come into this match up following holiday-related losses on Easter Monday. Should be close.
>Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 1.

>>Apostles vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Yeast continue their ‘newbies get 50% better every week’ surge and gave Mellow Yellow a big scare last week, only losing by a couple of points. Meanwhile, the Apostles took advantage of the University holidays and spanked the QUTies, while still having time to drop into the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion for a little tete a tete that will see publication very soon. The Apostles are as close to dominators as Division 3 has at the moment, but they may also get a surprise from the unconventional Yeast rising style, which defies description or submission. Still, form counts.
>Our tip: Apostles by 2.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Griffith Yee Hars – Griffith 1
Our well dressed spy who occasionally drops by the Mellow Yellow Speakeasy has noted that Fluxie and DaveC are now joining Rolo in discretely putting on the plastic macs and slipping out the back door each Thursday night, before returning dishevelled but smiling later in the evening for more pale ales and fine cheese. We await more reports of what this means to Monday nights. Meanwhile, the Yee Hars hope to recover from eating way to much frickin’ chocolate over Easter, by running the heck out of their yellower and greyer opponents.
>Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 3.

>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs Slipped Discs – Griffith 2
The Slipped Discs have spent the season so far flying under the radar … at least until last week when the carpet bombed the Oh Yeahs’ endzone into submission in a massive pyrotechnical display. Many of the Go-Go’s will have their new shirts, but will be wary that from a distance their logo looks quite like a target. They just need to remember that the target is attracting for Casey’s unnecessary hammers. The Go-Go’s have been putting together several new connections so far this season, and this game might be the one where they unleash.
>Our tip: Go-Go’s by 4.

** Division 2 –Ego**
Division 2 continues it's electric boogaloo.

>>Tsunami vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
It’s like the One Direction vs Slipknot.
>Our tip: Tsunami by 3.

>>What the Huck? vs Disc-Iples – Easts 2
WTH clearly don’t go away over Easter, while the Disciples sadly had to forfeit. The momentum seems to be with the Huckers, although the Iples have been known to stage some big comebacks.
>Our tip: WTH? by 2.

>>Baby Chimis vs Discheads – Easts 3
The Chimis haven’t been winning many lately, but thankfully are sensible enough to know that in Ultimate, style counts – at least that’s our interpretation of their plans for a new run of Chimis shorts (get your orders in now). Discheads seem full of nationals-bound players who don’t want to be injured.
>Our tip: Discheads by 5.

>> Bermuda Triangle vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
We recently asked one of the younger BT players what they thought on the season, and their answer was something like “Yes, we’re liking this winning thing.” And we think that’s going to continue against Agent Orange, despite half the Triangle having to make their way across the Saragasso from Moorooka to the Gap. The orange ones are statistically and unfortunately the lowest scoring team in the BUML (partly due to that missed game) – so expect to see Gav get out the big stick and wave it at his team in an effort to be calmer on offence. Tipping-wise though, its undefeated vs all-defeated so far this season.
>Our tip: Bermuda Triangle by 7.

** Division 1 – Superego**
A look at the table after everyone’s played everyone (aside from the missed Gap game between the UQ Lovers and the Ghost Who Walks – which many would suggest is straight forward to tip the winner of) and its relatively close, in particular due to a good win by the Drop Bears last week, and White Lantern getting a tie against the Poachers (who’d previously tied with the UQ Lovers – watch that clock more closely, Poachers!)

>>The Ghost Who Walks vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
As mentioned, the Poachers had high scoring draw last week against White Lantern – indeed, going on the stats, the Poachers are the highest scoring team in the entire BUML. Maybe its just that they don’t faff around between points? Or it could just be that they’re very very good. TGWW meanwhile continue to build their class from week to week. We here are waiting for them to slay a giant … is this the week? Probably not. Can someone send us a photo of the littlest Ghost (no doubt now getting quite big), in purple preferably?
>Our tip: Poachers by 6.

>>Dyspnoeics vs Drop Bears – Easts 1
Drop Bears entered the winners circle last week and have basked in the glory for seven days. But now comes the wake up call, as the Blue Ds are no doubt angry and confused about not being top of the table, like in that movie, Spaceballs. Let’s hope the other part of the double bill isn’t The Bad News Bears. It was apparently noted that there were a few too many photos of the self-promoting Dyspnoeics in the recently published History of BUML. Perhaps we can correct this with a photo of the Drop Bears next week?
>Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 4.

>>UQ Lovers vs White Lantern – Gap 2
Both of these teams have had a lot of tight games this season, but our expectation is the trip to The Gap should loosen them up a lot, leading to plenty of white hot loving! Can someone send us a photo of the White Lantern and UQ Lover strips for this season?
>Our tip: White Lantern by 1.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go Read This

If you've been vaguely reading about the upcoming American Ultimate Disc League (with its emphasis within the Ulti-community of "it's a professional League!), then this Slate article is a good read.

Poll Thursday - Best of BUML, and Showing Your Appreciation

So here we are on Poll Thursday again (for the first time?).

Poll slightly serious is challenging, particularly for those who don't wish to take the obvious 'personal interest' approach. Which BUML Division is the best Division? Of course, once you get over the answer of "my division of course!", the question then becomes "Well, what makes a good division?". The closeness of the competition? The comradery between teams? The coordinated diversity - eg different coloured shirts? The sense of being in a division together?

Poll slightly silly is a big one. Its the end of the Final at Nationals, the biggest game ever. You see an opportunity to score, you throw .... and its a fkn awful piece of swill. "OMG!" your brain says to your hand "WTF are you doing?" Hand just says, "Hey man, I played the option you wanted ... just like last night with that person you picked up at the bar." Groin pipes up, "And it was fabbo ..." Anyway, as that conversation continues in that brief second, your team-mate somehow catches it, scores, and wins Nationals. What do you do next?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Young Fame

What ever happened to these fresh young faces?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

History of BUML - A Long History!

During 2011, while I was Executive Officer of QUDA, I prepared a short history of BUML from 2004-2011. Most people I think have come across the highlights that were posted at Alas, it never seemed finished and so didn't see the light of day. Until now!

Please enjoy a walk down memory lane. There are photos for those that can't be bothered reading.

How many seasons of BUML have YOU played?

Ye Olde Order Changeth!

From the Desk of JdR

Long time readers of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog may remember this post.

And here we are some years later, and I've resigned the job. I flagged the change with the QUDA Executive just after the AGM at the State Championships, and have now emailed all and sundry.

Time for the break that I was originally planning to have when I was finishing up all the AFDA Board stuff way back then!

I should write a big long look at what worked and didn't, who to thank, and all that. But, its time for a break. Maybe it'll all come out in dribs and drabs on your favourite blog. Maybe something else will happen. I must've done a reasonable job, as nobody really called 'check feet' that I can recall!

Anyway, keep on bloggin'.

BUML Team of the Week: The UQ Lovers

A lot could be written about the UQ Lovers. UQ are the oldest continuously existing Ultimate Club in Queensland, and it’s been said that something half of Queensland Ultimate over the last twenty years played for UQ at some time or other. BUML itself really only exists because UQ closed its fields for an extended period over 2003-4, making the scene bite the bullet and expand the places to play. There’s been a UQ team is most of the Monday night Mixed Leagues since early 2006, but the Club has only once held the virtual trophy aloft, winning the BUML11 Grand Final at the end of 2008.

Despite (or as a result of) all this history, UQ Ultimate is a story of change and renewal. Every semester new people arrive at University and decide to give Ultimate a go. But as far as Monday nights go, the current crop of Lovers looks very much like last year’s. So we decided to invite the delightful Megz and the also sort-of-delightful Goosey Jack to wander up from Oval 7 to the stately Brisbane Ultimate Mansion’s science lab to put on the white coats with the grass stains and tell us about their plans for the season.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog (BUB): Thanks for coming in students. Please place your books on the floor and your student identification card on the desk. You may have two sharpened HB pencils and a packet of polos for this session. Now, in 50 words of less, how’s the season looking for the UQ Lovers so far?

Megz: It started off in a bit of turmoil, as usual, it’s kind of a pain to get uni students to commit to anything. That said, despite assertions to the contrary, we have some promising new players, have brought some of our development players into the BUML team at last and as usual we are looking forward to ongoing improvement of our rookies - who are looking particularly athletic this year. A bunch of our girls transitioned to the club system for the first time and are looking fit and strong and confident. We will look to use our fitness and quick movement, learn some zen arts, and earn a place in the top two. (p.s. we have smartphones, tablets and boostjuice these days - pfft).

Jack: Aside from the trouble we had actually organising the team, the season is looking great so far. We have a couple of choice pick ups in the form of exchange students - American Micah and Saskatchewanian Annalise - and we have young Myles entering the fold as well (we saw his potential as the coach of the UQ women’s netball team at AUGs and poached him). On the women’s side we have seen HUGE improvement from everyone on the team as Megz said, all due to hard work over the Christmas break with Black Betty. Sam’s cutting like a machine and Bonnie’s confidence with throwing continues to improve, looking for break throws and hitting under options consistently. BW and Gref are as reliable as ever (i.e: relying on them to huck it to anyone that runs deep and being too lazy to pivot leading to many a turfed forehand)

BUB: Please answer the following multiple choice question. The most disturbing person on our team is: a) BW, b) Gref, c) Tomsteve or d) you.

Jack: I’m not one to cast nasturtiums, but it’s definitely Gref.

Megz: b) Gref - definitely.

BUB: Wow, Tomsteve must be slowing down with age. Ok, for five points - who’s actually been at UQ the longest?

Megz: Hmm... that’s a tough one... it has to be TomSteve or Gref... they were both here at least two years before me - since Gref left and came back though, I am going to say it must be TS.

Jack: Yep, definitely TS. Jmac likes to pretend that he’s still a Lover, but he only comes to hit on the new girls.

BUB: Score for Tomsteve. We know all the readers of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog love a bit of Tomsteve. Anyway, what was the story with no playing at the St Lucia Campus this year?

Jack: During one of the voodoo rituals which they seem to partake in almost weekly, (if the amount of chicken blood and feathers around the offices is any indication), they were compelled to close the fields in order to appease the AFL gods.

Megz: I heard something like “blah blah blah international cricket tournament blah blah blah”

BUB: The shaft, eh? Oh well. Moving on, Division One is full of very very good players. Compare and contrast – who do you expect to be playing in the Final at the end of the season?

Jack: We have yet to see what Drop Bears have to offer, they look like a solid team full of the who’s who of Brisbane Ultimate but I’m sure PAllen is doing them more harm than good. Our game against Poachers was one of the most fiercely fought games I’ve ever seen at BUML, I feel like they’re real contenders come the finals, some really big throwers on their team. White Lantern’s core of the Behrendorff brothers and big Seb Brown are looking good and have great chemistry, though they can sometimes get flustered with one another. In the season opening game against them they showcased some big hucks. They seem to have traded the controversial Chris Brown for Devon, and appear quite happy with the results. Honestly, I think the Ghost are going to have a pretty rough season, but they seem happy to stick it out and learn as much as they can.

Megz: I reckon Poachers are the dark horse this season - totally underrated... and although they generally play an all around game, with the addition of Abra and JMac, they basically have a get out of jail free card with those two and Kailin. They have a strong zone, with Dan Blacklock leading the charge and are a very adaptable team. Dyspnoeics are also a big threat, they have some great players, but are still missing some height and have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot with a fairly predictable playing structure. Their female depth has improved this season with Nott and Kirsten though, so that will be a big advantage - though losing the calm of Suze is a bummer. I would predict one of those two and us (obviously) in the final, but it could really be any of the top 5 teams. I am a big fan of the more condensed 6 team structure for Division 1, and I am very glad that my pleas were heard by the BUML committee.

BUB: Well, yes, the BUMLOC loves a good pestering. You’ve both been with the Club for a long time – how did you originally get into Ultimate?

Megz: Lol. Jack has been at the club for like a year - it just SEEEMS like a long time. I have been at UQ for 3.5 years... fairly standard I guess (maybe even less given the large volume of engineers that play Ulti!). I really got into Ulti when i started playing at JCU, but I was introduced to it by some expats in Tanzania and instantly loved the combination of intensity and non-contact, and also the social aspect that mixed sport offers. When I got to UQ I was still pretty bad, and although my form goes up and down, I would like to think that i have evolved from one of the weakest players on the team, to one of the stronger players in my time at UQ, and there are lot of people from the club and elsewhere I have to thank for that.

Jack: I’ve only really been “with the club” for a year but I started playing at UQ’s beginner league WAAAAAAAAY back in 2010, and indeed played my very first tournament picking up with the mansion’s distinguished owner at Lovefest 2010 and took a huge grab on the last point of the day at timecap. Unfortunately it was the hard cap and I was just outside the endzone so I didn’t get to convert my first big play. It was then that I decided I would never again be contained by arbitary timecap restrictions and my love of Ultimate was born.

BUB: Agreed. Its always been the BUB's mantra to play to points, but if we must hurry up for scheduling purposes, then we at least finish the point we're on. Anyway, rant out. What’s the deal with Uni Games this year?

Jack: We’re actually hosting our own tournament with a much more sensible format (8 team Div1 are you serious AUS?) in order to finance what will be the largest ball pit in the southern hemisphere for myself, Gref and Bonnie’s new house. Sausages can only achieve so much...

After Nationals winds up we’re looking to get the UQ development squad underway, and we’re in the VERY early stages of exploring options for development in association with other Universities in Queensland. We’re about 1.25 Red Room sessions away from starting a google doc. in order to coordinate our efforts.

BUB: That means something, does it?

Jack: Yes. Action ACTion actION, baby.

Megz: As usual with Australian University Sport and Ultimate - who knows. Two Divisions is for sure, but nothing else is. We might have to play regional qualifiers, we might not - we’re hoping not, because we have a more development friendly alternative in the works, but we still prefer a qualification model over the tedious alternatives AUS have offered. There is still no Unis officer for AFDA - so if anyone has mad negotiation skillz, the patience of a saint, can stick to their guns whilst miraculously gaining concessions from an immovable object and a love of Unis ultimate - please volunteer... actually just 1 and 4 are required. Fingers crossed that we will have an official ex-Lover as coach (outcomes of negotiations TBA). We will be getting serious and having more fun with camp and training kicking off early, development squad coming out of the woodwork after nats, and a load of FUN-draiser activities to get new people involved/ make AUG’s more affordable, and a whole womens team again (at last!). Having redeemed ourselves this year, we are looking to field as competitive a team as possible, so IF ANYONE AWESOME IS A STUDENT AT UQ PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED.

BUB: Well, the vibes coming out of our sources within the administrative structures is that nobody is going to be playing Ultimate at Northern Uni Games this year, but its definitely there for 2013. On another note, may we inquire vaguely (just to see if we can trick you kinda) if the rumours are true?

Megz: Yes, Jack really does like 300 pound bitches, and that’s what the song is about.

Jack: I neither confirm nor deny my love for big booty bitches.

BUB: Wow. I’d never have guessed you had a thing for St Bernards.

Jack: That’s because you always see my on my best behaviour.

BUB: Now, you're the UQ 'Lovers' as they nicknamed. How about you say something nice about each other?

Jack: You first.

Megz: Jack’s Ultimate ability has increased exponentially since the day he started playing, due mostly to his own desire and commitment and he has been a dedicated club member since about minutes after he arrived. It’s awesome and we are totally proud of him (p.s. the Lovers, being all about love, say nice things about each other all the time, it’s one of the best things about the club).

Jack: Megs is the most enthusiastic Ultimate player and person I’ve ever had the pleasure of associating myself with. She’s always excited to do something cool and new and is always happy to teach the newbies. She also follows through with things, a lot of crazy ideas come out of the club’s late night red room/St Lucia Thai sessions and Megz manages to filter out the crap, identify the good stuff and make it happen. She’s super sick at ultimate too, the other day when we were playing 500 in the Great Court she boxed me out so hard I’m still seeing stars.

BUB: Anything else you’ve got for us?


Megz: To all the ex-Lovers out there, you’re missing out.

BUB: Well, I won't touch either of those suggestions with a bargepoll. Thanks again for coming in. I’ll sign your Jobseeker forms now. You can put the silverware back though.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

BUML2002-1 Round 6 Preview: Jumping Jellyfish!

Easter Monday sees the first of the untippable public holiday jumble sales that the April of BUML is well known for. A bit like State of Origin time in the NRL, this time of year sees previously unstoppable teams seemingly stumble as key players jaunt off to Bluesfest, Uni Holidays or clinics for people who binge way too much on very cheap chocolate, because they have jobs now and can afford to live out the dreams of their childhood (cf that time Megz purchased half her body weight in chocolate, for a laugh). And of course, this sees your weekly preview coming out a bit early too, as your ever-loving blue-eyed blogger high-tails it to a secret location where such magic as the interwebz and time to write rubbish are unknown.

**Division 1 –Superman**

>>White Lantern vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
It has been up and down for White Lantern so far this season – loss, win, loss, win. But perhaps last week’s facial rearrangement of the Ghost Who Walks will prove to be a turning point? Probably not, as the Poachers appear to have coalesced into a solid dark-horse unit – with J-Mac providing the fried spinach that’s always been missing. Now, can they find the hollandaise sauce to be just right? Expect the shabby Heroes Ultimate Blog treehouse, in its continuous attempts to upstage us here with its own previews, to tip wrongly as usual.
>Our Tip: Poachers by 2.

>>Dyspnoeics vs UQ Lovers – Easts 1
Some view this as a possible Division 1 Grand Final preview. Others as an extension of the lengthy and slightly painful teenage blue-light disco flirting experience that you’d have thought they’d have all grown out of by now, but darn it they haven’t and you can’t turn away. Still, this is one of the more anticipated games of the round, you can expect the Mansauce/Goose smack-talk to quadruple the number of comments we usually get her on the previews. “You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.” “You’re bleatin’ for a beatin’.” "You're yankin' for a spankin'". “You’re oblivatin’ for a discombobulatin’.” That kind of stuff. When it comes to tipping though, there’ll likely be a few UQ players who don’t turn up, so we’ll be giving this one to the Blue D’s.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 5.

>>Drop Bears vs The Ghost Who Walks – Gap 2
If you missed it, after this Round everyone in Division 1 will have played each other once. This particular game is going to be a fracking great match, with a level of desperation comparable to being at Fridays when they turn the lights on (the fluros!), put ‘Oh What a Night’ on the jukebox, and tell everyone to go home.
>Our Tip: Drop Bears by 1.

**Division 2 – Batman**

>>Baby Chimis vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
You may have heard of Alan Kohler. He’s the finance guy for the ABC. He’ll be watching this game this week, we reckon. Why? Well, any sensible and close watchers of Ultimate Frisbee finance and the Machiavellian machinations of the Queensland Ultimate Disc Association will be looking for any stray eyebrow twitches or secret plays of “Sell sell sell!” and “Pork Bellies – that’s where the money is!”, as the current QUDA Treasurer’s team takes on the former QUDA Treasurer’s team. Will one reveal which bed the brown paper bags are under? Will the other cut long for a higher risk matrix rate? Who knows what bizarre sources of income and expenditure will be involved? We’re not sure, but we do think this game will reveal who’s Paul Keating, and who’s Peter Costello.
>Our Tip: Heroes by 2 base points.

>>Tsunami vs Disc-Iples
From what our agents in the field tell us, Tsunami not only swamped the Orange ones last week, they held them underwater until the last bubble of air escaped, before using the corpse as some sort of marine piñata and planktonising it. But if anyone’s going to stand up to that kind of treatment and ask for more, it’s the valiant and badly-named Disc-Iples, who variously claim to ‘cut on water’ and be able to do the ‘fishes and the discs’ trick. Still … it does seem Eric and Co have finally outgrown indoor.
>Our Tip: Tsunami by 6.

>>Bermuda Triangle vs Discheads – Easts 3
BATTLE! Is this going to be the Division 2 Grand Final preview? The Discheads would certainly like to talk it (and their chances) up. They’re kind of like the Oasis of this game, if you know your mid-90’s Brit-pop wars. That would make Bermuda Triangle like Blur, except that they’re more like The Smiths. Frankly Mr Shankley indeed.
>Our Tip: Bermuda Triangle by 2.

>> What the Huck? vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Can someone from the HUC imperial dome drop into the comments and tell us what the huck has happened to Agent Orange? Once they were easy to tip – winners. Now … well, I guess they’re still easy to tip. What the Huck? meanwhile keep on whatting and hucking, with a bit of theeing in between. Bit like that movie. "You're thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith."

**Division 3 – Wonder Woman**

>>Apostles vs QUTies - Annerley 5A
The Apostles have been rampaging across Division 3 like one of them cat-based Game-of-Thrones memes you see on the internet sometimes. With the caps lock on. The QUTies meanwhile remain somewhat ‘under construction’, with varying parts turning up some weeks and not others. Easter will be tough on them. Expect the Apostles to overwhelm with numbers.
>Our Tip: Apostles by 2.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Yeast - Annerley 5B
This should be an amazing and slightly awkward match up. The Yeast are comparable to a force of athletic nature – all big, fit and hard running youth mixed with the near total absence of throwing skills and tactics that new players bring to the pitch. Whereas Mellow Yellow are all throwing skills, tactics and beer drinking that all sensible players bring to the pitch. Hopefully Yeast will remember to bring some money so they can buy a second or possibly even a third disc for the team, and Mellow Yellow Supremo Rob will bring a nice selection with him.
>Our Tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs Griffith Yee Hars - Griffith 1
The second week of Griffith derbies, and while they came second against the Oh Yeahs, the Yee Hars (or is that Haws?) really started to click last Monday night, before going down. The Go-Go’s will be fairly vulnerable this week, as key players go bushwalking, looking for great drugs south of the border, or some other rubbish activity that doesn’t involve playing Ultimate on a Monday night. Still, we slipped Jordiii a dodgy chocolate rabbit, and this might slow his spamburgery ass down a bit.
>Our Tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by 2.

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Slipped Discs - Griffith 2
The Griffith Oh Yeahs have really come of age in their third season, due to some careful recruiting and Brad not turning up so often. On the table, we’re giving them dark horse status, as they’ve now won two in a row, and their other two games were a draw with powerhouse Mellow Yellow, and a one point loss to future kingslayers, the Apostles. Elsewhere, the Slipped Discs have so far stayed well under the radar, which is surprising given the all-seeing eye that we use here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion’s tipping sauna. Maybe they've noticed that our towel has slipped and we've gone Scandanavian.
>Our Tip: Griffith Oh Yeahs by 4.

And that's it for this round of Previews. Best of luck to all teams, and enjoy the long weekend.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Poll Pollery, Poll Pollery, Poll Poll Pollree

Well, we've been focusing a lot on reader-interaction in recent times here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, in a blatently obvious attempt at retaining our numbers in the face of the BPL-Blog onslaught. What next, page 3 girls (guys?). Nah, we're sure you've all seen Nugget with his shirt off before. But let's follow up on some of our recent polls:

Well, the surprise in this one of course is the success of Cider. Cider is enjoying a boom in Australia at present, which makes it surprising it gets even two votes, Ultimate players being traditionally contrarians in all things. The 'tears of Jack Allan' polled well also, and thanks for the comment at the field from someone who shall remain nameless that "they're rather taste Jack's blood". Some sort of Twilight thing, I guess.

Speaking of drinks and moody angst:

Yes, this poll was clearly loaded towards our favourite Cola, Salv.

Jokes aside, let us turn out heads towards some of the serious stuff, like Ultimate, the most deadly serious game of all!

This was our biggest pulling poll of the year so far, and while there were some fans for all teams, its clear the big three this season (in terms of self-promotion, at least) are Bermuda Triangle, the Discheads, and What the Huck?

Several things stunned us about the Division 3 poll. None of the Yeast have found this blog as yet. Stacking the donkey vote with Griffith teams only delivered a few extra votes. And Marcus seems to be able to vote multiple times.