Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poll Thursday - Best of BUML, and Showing Your Appreciation

So here we are on Poll Thursday again (for the first time?).

Poll slightly serious is challenging, particularly for those who don't wish to take the obvious 'personal interest' approach. Which BUML Division is the best Division? Of course, once you get over the answer of "my division of course!", the question then becomes "Well, what makes a good division?". The closeness of the competition? The comradery between teams? The coordinated diversity - eg different coloured shirts? The sense of being in a division together?

Poll slightly silly is a big one. Its the end of the Final at Nationals, the biggest game ever. You see an opportunity to score, you throw .... and its a fkn awful piece of swill. "OMG!" your brain says to your hand "WTF are you doing?" Hand just says, "Hey man, I played the option you wanted ... just like last night with that person you picked up at the bar." Groin pipes up, "And it was fabbo ..." Anyway, as that conversation continues in that brief second, your team-mate somehow catches it, scores, and wins Nationals. What do you do next?

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